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By reading the headline already you have knew that the main topic of this thread revolves around several reasons on the question of "why is Nazbolism good (and sometimes a solution) for Leftypol"

1) It's a hearts-and-minds strategy. This is the main reason. By being Nazbol, we can win the support of other channers (including 16chan, Endchan, etc., even /pol/). Just like how South Korea won its support by exporting K-pop and dramas (including Squid Game) globally and how Japan achieves the same thing by internationalizing anime, so can this site achieve popularity by going full Nazbol and winning their (other channers') support. This is part of basic diplomacy, known to analysts as soft power. Soft power is a strategy all countries use to achieve their support through non-forcible means, such as exporting its values into a target demographic/country. This is true for the two aforementioned countries, which have garnered massive support through the spread of their cultural aspects in a global scale. It is different from hard power, in which a country forces its target country to accept and support their values (often through economic, political, and military means); the same analogy for us is when we coerce a site into supporting (or becoming like) us by raiding them in a set basis (like what /pol/ does). So, with that in mind, being Nazbol means a lot for us, for we can attract more people into leftism by aligning our values to theirs while keeping core socialist values (of Marx and Lenin) within us. This can win more hearts and minds from those other channers, which are mostly (in normie vocabulary) "right-wing".
2) National Bolshevism is a form of red-brownism, which combines fascist thought and communist ideals. So, we can LARP as fashoids to win their support only, while remaining true as communists. Therefore we can win their support without overtly going full fascist like them.
3) Lastly, their values are similar to us (such as anti-elitism and populism). So, by being Nazbol, we can therefore synthesize their rhetoric with communist thought. One example would be the anti-vaccine rhetoric. By portraying that the vaccines are made by the Jewish 1% and should firmly be rejected by the common people, we can bring them closer into communism by pushing left populist rhetoric onto them.


some useful pics


No, stupid faggot.

Nazbols are reactionary edgy retards who know Marxist language but don't understand shit.

We already have enough people obsessed with smearing trans people, gays, women. These people are beyond repair. They are incapable of understanding leftist ideas because they will forever live in liberalism and cannot escape it.

Don't bring retards here. Leftypol invented Nazbol meme as the most retarded possible concept that implied purely aesthetic reactionary """socialism""". It's still a wonder how inbred troglodites took it seriously and rolled with it.


So that regardless how good we convince them to join Leftypol (by being Nazbol ofc), it would still be a bad idea?

Also how should we grow our userbase?


>Also how should we grow our userbase?
By not recruiting fascists, as a start.


we don't want them



also for some reason many of them are pedos




>National Bolshevism is a form of red-brownism, which combines fascist thought and communist ideals.
Meanwhile in real life:
>[Nazbol] is anti-fascist because fascism, aside from its racially-alien characteristics [fremdvölkischen Zügen], does not understand how to incorporate the leadership of the proletariat; in its economic order is only a reform of capitalism; and in its corporatist state-form is a camouflaged dictatorship over the working Volk which thereby perpetuates the division of the nation into ruler and ruled.


If nazoids like our economics then they can be attracted on that basis. Pandering to their bigotry is just going to encourage more of it. We don't want bigots swarming the place. Let leftychan play that game if they want to.


how about you livestream yourself drinking molten candlewax on cytube, that'd surely drive up engagement


>We already have enough people obsessed with smearing trans people, gays, women
We literally don't you fucking faggot stop lying


we did this like 2 years ago and it was a fucking disaster, the best thing we got out of it was a nazbol flag on /pol/ which is admittedly pretty funny


That's like 4 years ago lol, feel old yet?


File: 1635194557327.png (879.78 KB, 900x789, ClipboardImage.png)

>That's like 4 years ago lol
I saved pic related almost exactly 4 years ago


Maybe we could have a thread where everyone finds something from 4 years ago to make everyone feel old


I remember this one.


Look for my thread on /leftypol/ for digging in our old Internet Archive preserved threads.


Oh wait it got archived I guess, ironically enough


>we should reduce the quality of the site even more by courting idiots
why is it always fashoids with you people, OP? why not advertise the site in literally any other space?


>Oh wait it got archived I guess, ironically enough





Is there any more practical way of searching for archived pages on archive.today other than slowly going from page to page?


Not that I know of. There's some kind of search function for the Internet Archive, but I never quite figured it out.


no that is not "soft power", it's called pandering and the worst kind of pandering. You look confused, boy, ready to join the army, uygha?


https://leftypol.org/[whatever board]/res/*
shows every archived thread on that board


yeah we do you repressed hetero in denial, do you go on this fucking site at all
this is the fucking norm or else you are a rAdLiBruL rEddItOr tWitTeR tRooN
uyghur go hang yourself


>we can start shit but you can't
fuck these 'people'


File: 1637488582286.jpg (212.43 KB, 590x322, patrick-bateman-cheers.jpg)

Yeah, we won't fall for it you stupid faggot lol

t. /pol/

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