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Continuing the discussion we started in >>>/leftypol/598121

[mod edit:] This thread is discussing the idea of using post reactions (such as up/down reactions, "based/cringe" reactions) to reduce the amount of low-effort shitposts like "this", "based", "cringe" filling threads.


you might want to remake the thread so that the topic is clear without clicking on a different thread and finding where it went off topic


I'll copypasta the discussion in images:




File: 1636939393719-0.png (79.78 KB, 935x401, 1.png)

File: 1636939393719-1.png (85.6 KB, 974x680, 2.png)

File: 1636939393719-2.png (85.86 KB, 963x680, 3.png)

The story so far…


If a emote/react option was implemented, you could also include an option to disable it in your browser so you don't have to see them.


I'll try and break it down into some possible reasons for and against to help me make and informed viewpoint:


1) Imageboard culture against emojis. Imageboard culture has typically seen use of emojis as a faux pas.
2) Voting creates an illusion of validity or correctness. A controversial take can often be correct.
3) [minor] vote fraud/raid spam. A lesser issue as it's pretty inconsequential and the same effect can be achieved with shitposts instead of votes.
4) [irrelevant] voting creating and systematic echo-chamber (votes don't affect the content you see, unless someone chose to filter by score)


1) Reduces bloat of "this", "based", "cringe" shitposts
2) Creates a way to express disapproval for bait and shitposting without replying.


EMOJI REACTION ARE CRINGE AND AGAINST CHAN CULTURE. Emoji reactions are just a more extended form of like/dislike which will turn chans into twatter


Something to note is that if the feature's unpopular there could be an option to disable it, and presumably the feature could be disabled site-wide if enough people didn't want it. Might be worth a shot, maybe even using /roulette/.

Imageboard culture is whatever we want it to be.
Consensus cracking already happens here with regular posts. Who has more time to spam reacts? the userbase or some outsiders?
This is more complicated but there are probably ways around it anyway, like limiting the reacts from an IP based on the number of posts they have made (although this removes the option of lurking and vooting without posting, and there are always more lurkers than actual posters)
reactions don't stop people from posting so IDK how it promotes an echo chamber, you could just keep posting despite the cringe reactions


Also you can make common meme replies like "this is bait" or "glow" or whatever else into reacts
An important point about this one is that reacts shouldn't bump a thread and if someone makes a shit OP it's better to get swamped with the "bait" react than people posting "bait" replies, some of which won't be using the sage feature and will keep the thread bumping.

There's no algorithm feeding you posts here. All we have is the bump order or other options if you choose them manually. An option to sort posts by reactions could be added, but it obviously should be optional.


If this idea is to be taken seriously, it should be tested on a /roulette/ board first.
I guess just slap this traditional forum feature on whatever happens to be the next board topic and see how it plays out.


Voting is reddit


File: 1636945056997.png (14.14 KB, 645x770, dfc.png)

faggot jannoids are turning this place into their old home r/chapotraphouse


Voting is socialism

Is the jannoid here in the room with us now?



File: 1636945264996.png (280.97 KB, 1215x890, 1631896947981.png)

uyghur probably a janitor too pic related


Do it just to watch these chinlets whine.


File: 1636945680955.jpg (73.39 KB, 800x800, 1626960113891.jpg)

samefag. doesn't matter though. jannoids will do what they want and when all the old userbase is gone replaced by pennyposters, they will proclaim that making the site into reddit was a popular decision.


If there was a way to get reactions or ratings to bump high-quality posts that would be awesome. People write up big efforposts like >>>/leftypol/609898 and then nobody replies becuse they have nothing to say/add either because it says what needs to be said or it's a topic that most users don't have knowledge of. If there was a way to incentivize effortposts that might work, like maybe having an option where instead of bump order you can see threads sorted by total number of "effortpost" reactions given to posts in the thread.


shut the fuck up reddit and/or janny necrofag


You know what maybe we should just have an upvote system. Why not? And why not let people support the site buy purchasing /leftypol/ Gold to award effortposts?


File: 1637670868363.jpg (176.69 KB, 1482x2048, 1635815395806.jpg)

Leftypol should just merge with /r/communism at this point. Fuck these mods.


you had me in the first half,not gonna lie.


Jannies: We should get rid of (You)s because it encourages farming them and is all round unproductive
Also Jannies:


adding negative feedback in the forms of "angry emojis" and "cringe" reactions is fucking retarded yes.
I still like the idea of giving positive feedback to posts that don't need a reply tho. (but it's probably going to be given to bait too,"ironically")


Are there any imageboards with upvotes or similar?
But I think it would be better for the jannies to just delete excess single-word reaction posts in big threads (specifically on /leftypol/, it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem on the alt boards and /siberia/ is shitposting central anyway), or ban users who post such things too often on /leftypol/

What I think would be hilarious, though, is filtering those posts to the first page of Capitalor other text of your choice


Something like fbi.gov where people show their reactions to a post, without fundamentally changing it.

I don't even think it is necessarily a good, but it's one.


>implying jannies



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