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It's discussing immigration from an actual left wing standpoint not any stupidpol reactionary bullshit.


I don't get it


Why didn't you show the post you were responding to but instead showed the same post from matrix three times?


its not hard to figure out the post was some shitty take about klanadian trukkkers anyway


Thread is still up
>>>/leftypol/746954 you can go see the posts for yourself. Mind you, my last post in the thread was deleted.
doesn't really matter what the subject matter is, the point is jannies can't be in a discussion and then delete + ban posts they don't agree with. it's not like it was porn, or CP, or Nazi propaganda, literally just a conversation that triggered the janny because the only contribution he could make was WrItInG StUpID sHiT LiKe ThIs.


>Thread is still up
I don't care anymore sorry, post your shitty photo on the .net if you're really that desperate to shill for kkklanadian truckers


hahahah you dishonest fuck. I'm not "shilling for truckers", I'm saying that giving the liberal, imperialist, Canadian government power to disperse non-violent protests by invoking the Emergency Powers Act sets a bad precedent for when it is a protest we DO support. If you think these powers will be used only against le evil Conservative right-wing, you're sorely mistaken. Libs are our enemies as much as conservatives are, or have you forgotten that?

And I never called the truckers an "International workers movement", like the leftcom flag anon, who was not banned for his comments IN ACTUAL SUPPORT of the truckers.


Who cares about KKKlanadians or Amerikkkans?


nobody. what I care about is mods deleting posts and banning people who disagree with them. I wasn't banned for "supporting truckers", I was banned for contradicting a mod posting as anon. today me, tomorrow you.


I don't care about reactionaries either kek


anyone who disagrees with a mod is a reactionary? nice logic, twerp.


I can't be arsed to go into this but you in particular are, pathologically so.
Get better.


>ur a reactionary! there, I said it again!
I'm not sure you even know what a reactionary is, just a word you learned while lurking leftist social media. I'm guessing you're a recent convert to leftism, I suggest you learn the meaning of words before you start using them, it's painfully obvious when they're used incorrectly.


Get a hobby or some shit


>says the guy wearing out his F5 button


We have a recent posts screen that auto updates
you spammy faggot
tell your friends


also I am doing theory right now


no longer anchored


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