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Given that most of the responses are directed towards you and are, in essence, correct… Imma wager no, stay mad.


stfu wrecker cuck


Name one thing I wrecked Lmao, jannies confirmed for retarded little clique clubhouse and counter revolutionary


(Apart from every jannoid all of whom are retarded)


Wrecker cuck and unable to deal with pushback
If you can repeat your nonsense deranged shit all day, why shouldn't the opposing view?


The difference is I get banned for spam. In fact I am perfectly capable of dealing with push back, it is the mods who cannot. They recently deleted a thread on /b/ pushing back on the “wrecker cuck” poster. And also the thread about “do you think you will live under socialism in your life time” presumably because China boo mod lost an argument the the millionth time. You are deranged


You people have gone rapidly from petty retards to laughable narcissists in the space of like two weeks. Literally not one of you is a real communist.


>china boo
ok peruaboo


You literally delete history because it doesn’t fit with your Internet personality. You’re a physco there is nothing else to it


>Yes, it can be for some
Sounds to me like you are a freak with some kind of cluster b personality disorder tbh


File: 1631215259548.jpg (129.67 KB, 640x640, 671984512083971.jpg)

Being a freak is subjective. In many cultures homosexuals and black people are considered "freaks" for no other reason than them being slightly different than the majority population.
Neither do I have a cluster B personality disorder, as I do not feel strong emotions or have trouble regulating my moods. Quite the opposite in fact, I often feel emotionless. And before you say it I'm not a sociopath either, I know that for certain.
Please address the points I made in that post, rather than resorting to calling me childish names and armchair psychology.


No, being a freak isn't subjective, it's when a person goes against a general cultural norm that is present among the majority of people.
Homosexuals have been fairly universally considered freaks in many cultures at many points in history.
>I am often emotionless
<I am not a sociopath
Then you're probably psychotic, or lying.


>de jannies
Nice boogieman LOL
>name one thing
This site for starters, given howw much you keep bringing up random and utterly nonsensical complaints and trying to rile posters up with non-existent e-drama.


File: 1631226439863.png (907.02 KB, 1080x1080, i (10) (1).png)

By imageboard standards I am not a freak. I don't post
or create gore videos, I only view them. I have explained to you why this can be good for some people yet you have failed to address any of my points.
And I'm not psychotic. I feel emotion just not very strongly, that's partly why I like viewing gore, it helps me feel stronger emotions.
Stop with your attempts at discrediting what I say and diagnosing me with mental disorders. I have reached an agreement with the mods, if you would like to continue this conversation please make a post in my thread in /b/, so we can stop filling this thread posts unrelated to moderation issues.


I wrecked this site? But I thought this site was good kek

>non existent drama

Friends from everywhere, in leftypol there was no drama

Morherfucker shut up. It is mods and only mods who bring drama(sage)


No offense, I'd prefer if you take it elsewhere.
No one is riled up anyway it's all Coma and barely a handful other retards banging pots, pretending to be several people lel.


Just permaban the dramafags already, it's really tiresome.


I sympathize but that isn't really possible, it is very doubtful that it's true but they already claim they are being hindered from posting.


to clarify, it's like saying ban /pol/ spammers. Yes, they are but since have nothing but free time on their hands things get ugly.


jannies wont ban themselves so it cant happen(sage)


put on the trip back on cowardly anglo faggot


>take the trip off tripfag
i take it off
>put it back on
jannoids and jannoid simps will never be happy, all they want to do is seethe. Anyway why would I bother typing it when they do it free now


>it's all Coma and barely a handful other retards banging pots, pretending to be several people lel


>seething so hard that you prop up the website you hate
Based anglo retard


Keep this out of the moderation thread. Use >>11484 for e-celeb bullshit.


File: 1631326924719.png (6.95 KB, 645x138, ClipboardImage.png)

You are such petty little tyrants since you got your carte blanche to do whatever the fuck you please with the split, why did you delete the Fuentes thread?


File: 1631327565668.png (38.9 KB, 858x276, ClipboardImage.png)

You are even acting without the oversight of the moderation logs, why are you doing this?


Merges don't show up in the moderation logs, that thread was merged into ITG.


Theres 2 reddit screencap threads made by a schizo polack up on leftypol pls delete them


Appears to now be resolved.


But I don't belong in the mayo thread.
Merges do show up, this is the wrong log.


Anyone derailing or taking derail bait belongs in the mayo thread!
Even I belong in the mayo thread!


Mods make a general to contain 911 threads


It's only for one day, chill


Is it possible for one of the mods to access a 404'd thread from a month ago and archive it somewhere so I can read it again? Would appreciate it.
This was the thread, "God and thd Austrians"


>Is it possible […] to access a 404'd thread
No, I am pretty sure it is not.


It's not, but it was worth it to ask. Since you have the thread id you can try archive.is?


Did we just get psyop'd can mods explain?


Assuming you mean that one thread,
I'd prefer the term "spammed", psyop sounds way too serious. Don't believe anything you read on the internet.


it's the same modus operandi as that 'MACRON HAS LOST CONTROL OF THE STATE' thread, i guess some people like to fuck around


The front of the catalog has obvious polfaggotry on it. Thread starts with "man if I was a socialist" something. Delete pls


use the fucking report button


Mods sagethe thread about why race is such an important part of american politics please its diversity leftypols user base away from actual nonid/pol/ subjects


Also move the biden thread on the front page to usa /pol/


race thread was merged to usapol


other thread also merged


Merge the new "what went wrong" thread to usa/pol/ pls


Why does the janny keep deleting that anarcho-nihlists thread about economics? What rule does it break?

So reposting every WSWS article even if it's just about US politics or Chinese politics when we have generals for that isn't worthy of a thread merger or deletion but making an article about economics is?


File: 1631998639644.jpg (198.03 KB, 1842x656, WSWS.jpg)


what do you think that thread is about?

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