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I'd like to have a better way to report cp or spam.
Is there a public martix room for the .org mods?


Hi I got banned from leftychan.org for asking about what happened in the past few days. Please unban me


You'd need to take it up with them. But why would you want to?



We do not control the other site so there's nothing we can do about that.


>gets banned on leftychan.org.
>goes to complain about it on leftypol.org
top keko.


Our mods are banned there too so I don't think they can help.


You literally split with them?
Now it's split between factions? Interesting.


I made a post on the Anarchist general to see if anyone agreed with a section of Jacques ellul's Anarchy and Christianity and for some reason that was deleted? I don't understand why, it couldn't have been idpol? I can't find the mod logs either.



You probably posted it on the wrong site.


Thank you.
You're right, i posted it on the leftychan, and checked leftypol.org and saw that it wasn't there.


>You literally split with them?
Read the stickies, 3+1 mods couped and purged the ones they didn't like, so the rest joined them and revived leftypol.org.


That seems like an oversimplification.


Literally everything is. But the stickies explain in more and more detail the more you care to read. In the end, it doesn't matter much.


File: 1629484665669.png (308.91 KB, 727x588, mod.PNG)

Dumb mods I'm not leftcom, we probably share ISP and you're banning me for that, do your work.


110% doubt but go off


I'm not him, I'm not gonna dox myself to prove that though.


Use ban appeal button


I already did and it seems it actually worked for once.


Mod pasquale is banning people based on pure dumb assumptions (ISP), I know you want to stop spam but almost rangeban entire countries because of a ISP is a very dumb thing to do.


>You're right, i posted it on the leftychan, and checked leftypol.org and saw that it wasn't there.
One time I was making site changes and was refreshing for about 10 minutes wondering why nothing was changing and all the new stuff was broken until I realized I was visiting leftychan.




trolling, repetitive spam


i'm just commenting on what's wrong with your info graph
In your flow chart or mind map (the thing with boxes connected by arrows) you can get stuck in a loop and the only way out is suicide.
The bigger error this has however is that it is making static comparisons, as in does it fulfill all the criteria of a static definition, or does it tick all the boxes.
The movement to build Socialism (or any political movement) however is a dynamic process, and you ask what direction is a society developing into. So for socialism you look at people within a specific set of material conditions working towards a socialist model. That means that even before they have reached their goal of workers controlling the means of production, it still counts as socialism, because they are developing into that direction.


Hi, I'm the one that starts with 118.137 which is currently at the time of writing banned "for advocating anarcho-capitalism" only for complimenting that a girl in a pic is pretty. I'm not an ancap myself. Why can it be?


PS: I'm definitely not repeating my actions posted before, only 1 time is enough.


The staff on duty have reviewed your appeal and considered you innocent. Sorry for the inconvenience.


File: 1629733475352.jpg (123.51 KB, 1280x692, I-Pardon-You-8.jpg)

The mods truly are merciful!


Oh thanks!


Ban poster of these posts in leftypol


It's ok, we did receive the 14 reports.


Why you would ban someone for simping for some girl? dumb mods.


whys /tech/ still have a broken captcha enabled?


File: 1629869121483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 12.17 KB, 423x300, ancap.jpeg)

the girl in that pic looked about 7


Anchoring these threads on leftypol was the correct decision. Good work.




Site down for anyone else?


We are being raided by /pol/ and mods are nowhere to be found, you people should distribute the moderation duties so there can be at least 1 mod present at all times.


We all have a life, anon. This isn't some paid job where people have a set time they are obligated to moderate for, it's volunteer work. Mods mod when they post, and for many this is a Friday night they spend with people IRL.
There will probably be an effort to recruit more staff once we're satisfied the site is stable again and the rules are improved a bit, but there aren't too many people who want to become moderators .Would you?


>I've now been schizo-banned twice only to have it revoked
What bans are you referring to?


you've been /marked/


I'm here to dispute my ban for 1 week on being "anti-vaxx" when I literally did nothing of the sort. My post, which was subsequently deleted by Comet, contained no anti-vaxx material and was on the topic of Ivermectin and how it's being attacked by the CAPITALIST Status Quo.

The responses have been spamming the same "horse anti-parasite" meme and "muh Dore" with blatantly liberalist talking points to boot. All this even though within my post I explicitly state
"Not saying Dore isn't being retarded here, but anyone caught saying "horse dewormer" is being played as much as the antivaxxers and the gullible overdosing who are going to suffer just so the US government can justify more overt integration with silicon valley."

Literally everything about the drug that I posted is based on accepted mainstream medical sites such as Mayo Clinic OR are based on public media reports and scientific studies.
I literally greentexted the main points of these links and added argumentation and explanations, and get literal glowing responses about "muh contrarianism" when disagreeing with porky's status quo and/or criticizing it is not "contrarianism".


I'm here to dispute my ban for 1 week on being "anti-vaxx" when I literally did nothing of the sort. My post, which was subsequently deleted by Comet, contained no anti-vaxx material and was on the topic of Ivermectin and how it's being attacked by the CAPITALIST Status Quo.

The responses have been spamming the same "horse anti-parasite" meme and "muh Dore" with blatantly liberalist talking points to boot. Not a single source contradicting the drugs use as a human medication, nor a single argument as to why the drug is "bad". The only thing approaching an argument was posting dubious screenshots of Milo Yiannopolis's tweets (which are likely a Grift) and reddit-spaced strawman greentext.
All this even though within my post I explicitly state.
>"Not saying Dore isn't being retarded here, but anyone caught saying "horse dewormer" is being played as much as the antivaxxers and the gullible overdosing who are going to suffer just so the US government can justify more overt integration with silicon valley."
Literally everything about the drug that I posted is based on accepted mainstream medical sites such as Mayo Clinic OR are based on public media reports and scientific studies.
I literally greentexted the main points of these links and added argumentation and explanations, and get literal glowing responses about "muh contrarianism" when disagreeing with porky's status quo and/or criticizing it is not "contrarianism".


File: 1630261151578.png (52.03 KB, 1339x368, antinous.PNG)

Why is the mod antinous modding erratically? funposting using mod powers and "muh pronouns xDD" should be unacceptable, and those are some weird bans too.
This is childish behavior, and I'm not even the one who was banned.


They seem fine to me.


back to leftcel.net


I support these bans.


there is unironically nothing wrong with getting rid of incels



File: 1630272137383.png (7.02 KB, 332x136, ClipboardImage.png)

schizo, you should be permabanned


The stated ban reason was misleading and we've discussed it in the staff room. The offense was 'COVID denialism outside COVID-19 general', which is stated in the COVID-19 general OP. I'll admit it's not a well-advertised rule but it's been there for months.

The ban has been reduced to 24hrs.


>24 hour reduction
Ok, I can accept that. I'll admit I was not aware of the C-19 general OP rules, since I haven't checked on the thread for over half a year (or even looked it up in catalog, mostly because it's such a toxic place most of the time. Honestly I just got caught up in an argument I wasn't intending to get into. I merely used this alt to post here for an appeal, since the appeal system for bans has an EXTREMELY limited character limit and didn't allow for a decent appeal. I wasn't posting in anything else.

Thanks for the fair review.


Can you please stop ban TOR adresses and do your job? A lot of this website function because people can post in anonymity, so it really sucks when someones post cp because we have to see naked children AND we can't post anymore. Just delete the stuff as you go without preventing us to post.


If you have a tor address then don't block it.


What does "board is locked" mean? Did i get banned? it comes up every time i post on /b/


It needed to be banned temporarily due to an ongoing spam wave


Yes. There is a Tor address and cytube should work with it too.
/b/ moved to /Siberia/


Holy fucking shit all my posts have been deleted see who the mod was replying to here:


Real transparent when you have it plastered on your site mod team. Again, winning two fucking appeals while posting on the same IP is not ban evasion - you can not chalk that up to a mod 'accidentally' unbanning me and then saying I'm ban evading because 'I should have known better.'

And I am only using Tor to dispute the fact that I haven't broken a single rule, and have now been wrongfully rebanned for the third time.

I will screencap this in case my posts are once again cowardly deleted. The mod team is bananas.


You were permabanned for advocating child molestation. You are ban evading with this post.


Include me in the screencap.


File: 1630307582385.png (73.82 KB, 1011x505, lemysogynyposter.png)

That's actually completely false, I was banned on a 24 hour notice for mysogny which I appealed and won, I was then permabanned for ban evasion which I appealed and won and posted in this thread about, I have now been once again banned for ban evasion.

This is why I'm pissed, don't make up nonsense.


I have the posts in question and permabans for child molestation advocation. I can post them if you give me explicit permission to do so. Yes you originally recieved 1 day for a few posts with the reason "misogyny".


Then why the fuck were my subsequent bans for 'ban evasion' when I did no such thing, don't retroactively change your judgment because you have a vendetta. And I never once encouraged rape of any kind that is an outright lie.


why are pedos so cringe?


File: 1630308052257.jpg (556.12 KB, 1080x2160, lyingmod.jpg)

Here's my proof that is was for ban evasion and the cowardly nonsense excuse that I shouldn't have posted after having my ban lifted.


>why the fuck were my subsequent bans for 'ban evasion'
Because you were ban evading, you are permanently banned so your posts will be delete on site. Otherwise you are not banned


How can I be ban invading when posting on the same IP which is what the original post this mod replied to was about:


All subsequent 'ban evasions' have been to DISPUTE THIS on the thread literalyl dedicated to disputing bans. Also I was banned after an appeal twice not once using the same ip (because i kept winning my appeals by another mod)


>How can I be ban invading when posting on the same IP
You personally as a user are banned. What do you think ban evasion entails?

>because i kept winning my appeals by another

You didn't "win" anything. The mod that unbanned you was not aware of the original permaban you received, and upon learning of this agreed with the decision to keep the ban in place.


Then why did it happen twice this is the actual order of events:

> was banned on a 24 hour notice for mysogny which I appealed and won
> I was then permabanned for ban evasion which I appealed and won and posted in this thread about
>I have now been once again banned for ban evasion.

How can I be permabanned for winning an appeal and thenr etroactively punished for it TWICE with evidence in the thread about it. That's insane. And then you make up some crap that the ban is for something else.


>You personally as a user are banned. What do you think ban evasion entails?
What the fuck does that even mean, if I can continue posting after banning WITH THE SAME PREVIOUSLY BANNED IP obviously I'm going to think the ban was lifted because how the FUCK ELSE am I being allowed to post.



The order of events was
>banned for 1 day with reason "misogyny"
>older thread reviewed
>banned permanently for ban evasion
>identities connected and confirmed same user, previously instated permaban carried over to new IPs.
>mistakenly unbanned temporarily


>>banned permanently for ban evasion
Typo change this to
>permanently banned for advocating child molestation


The order of events was
>banned for 1 day with reason "misogyny"
< Appealed and won and continued posting
>older thread reviewed
>banned permanently for ban evasion
< After winning a previous appeal
>identities connected and confirmed same user, previously instated permaban carried over to new IPs.
< You mean because I posted in this thread saying I was the same user, real detective work poirot
>mistakenly unbanned temporarily

From my order of events:

> Banned for misogyny

> Appealed
> Next morning can post and continue to do so
> Banned for evasion
> Appealed and unbanned
> Banned again and told the prior ban was 'accidental' but not the first appeal won.


It's clear you have no indication of lifting this, but you are completely incorrect and this shows a lack of any transparency by the mod in question


Yes as I explained your order of events was wrong, you did not see the permanent ban for advocating child molestation. Which is the reason you are permanently banned.




I am clear on what happened. Unless you have anything else to add to the verdict I would ask you to leave leftypol.


It's clear youre a dishonest liar and I will screencap and post this at a later date.


Oh please do.


>identities connected and confirmed same user
are you keeping fucking files on users? wtf?


Hi, nice site. Hope you don't mind if I stay here.


Yes, nonces get their special notes on the mod team's Death Note.


oh no


Why was my thread removed?


It was merged into the Covid thread not removed, that's all I know.


They do it to everyone. Site glows like the sun


File: 1630380665138-0.png (135.37 KB, 717x957, 1629068699847-0.png)

File: 1630380665138-1.png (111.58 KB, 672x850, 1629068699847-1.png)

Here's another where they claim attaching cookies is actually good because of dialectics I shit you not.


Can >>>/anime/2912 have "Dragon Ball Super" added to the OP so it comes up in Catalog search? Thanks



it's illegal to put cookies on users' computers without notifying them and/or giving them a way to opt out


It's not really 'illegal', but this was just an idea, which was never carried out.




File: 1630386573818.png (398.73 KB, 2039x887, psychomods.png)

> It's not illegal
Actually it is. A general rule is any cookies used to track users require a public facing privacy policy (will hold up for EU and US laws). That one of the mods wanted to institute this as a way to trick users 'easy to evade but only if you're aware' the intention of subterfuge is clear.

Here's another screenshot from leftychan pointing out these mods are creating dossiers of all the users no different than your power tripping boss or landlord does. It's basically a bourgeois dictatorship run by power-tripping duplicitous psychos.

and tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is down


What was post >>>/anime/9614 If anyone does not mind me asking? I just wanted to know the gist of what was deleted from the board's threads.


It's not a crime, it's a civil offense. And it also doesn't apply in all circumstances, these are not marketing cookies. But once again it never even happened anyway. Sometimes we joke about stuff that we don't actually do, shocking I know.


>Actually it is.
It's not, you stupid fuck. Post the relevant law or shut the fuck up with your wrecker FUD.
And you're bitching about a hypothetical. Where's this cookie you're bitching about? Show it or shut the fuck up.

Pure wrecker shit, go wreck the coupers site. Go vote about banning transhumanists or whatever you guys do over there.


> simping for stalker mods.


A duplicate post that had been reported as such.


File: 1630398653855.png (288.78 KB, 474x582, ClipboardImage.png)

>A general rule
As someone who formally studied international cyber law, I feel obligated to say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Might as well say there's a general rule that words begin with a vowel.

but that line aside:
- GDPR explicitly notes you don't need to get consent for 'strictly necessary cookies', which such a hypothetical cookie would be as it's storing the state of a ban to prevent site abuse, just like a login cookie but far less information and nothing personal nor identifying.
- leftychan.org servers store a cookie on your browser without consent or explanation every time you post, and have since at least December, so even if your legal claim was true, it would still be hypocritical.
- You're discussing law on a site hosting literally thousands of copyright-protected images, and hosting socialist symbols explicitly illegal to depict to some regular users. You're being an idiot.


Lmao good take down. Salty dramafags gonna dramafag.




So you can only call people and Anglo if you are pro China now I see.. that China thread is full of people calling me an Anglo but if I say it back ironically that’s a ban, you mods truly disgust me


It's actual spam if you repeat the same post five times+
that's it


It wasn’t the same post though, it is however always the same thing said to me. Be consistent, ban the poster on that thread who calls me Anglo like 5 times


Yes, it was. I really couldn't give less of a fuck. Stop spamming.


So you are going to ban the other poster for calling me an Anglo over and over then


a) it's not spam
b) I don't think that is one other poster




There is one other poster who called me an Anglo more than 5 times would you like me to go back and count the posts and link them? It’s probably you


I just hit the brakes when I see spam, I don't care what you get up to.


Obviously not because there was spam before that and you haven’t banned them because they are still posting


No, spam is easy to see, there is no spam.


Spam in your view is repeatedly posting the word Anglo even ironically yes?


Inside two minutes, for sure. Ironically or not I could not care less.


Ok having looked through a ton of threads and boards I've realized that a shitton of threads that were relatively active are just fucking gone. WTH happened?! The Joker thread was on Pag 5 or 6 so it didn't get bumped off the board. Numerous threads are also missing posts. My enormous Lysenko effort post is fucking gone from the Permaculture thread I only located it after scraping through the archives of Bunkerchan.


Did you know there's a search function on the site? Not the catalog, a proper search function.
Not sure what happened to the threads you mention. If they were on bunkerchan then they probably dropped off the board at this point….


Ys I know there is a search function
A) it has bugs
B) I used it as well
>dropped off
No, Joker as a thread was on Page 5 o 6 right before the recent leftychan/leftypol split, and it just disappeared into thin air. The Permaculture thread is still up, but it's just missing random posts for no reason.


With those posts you reported with the missing line breaks that messed up the formatting, that appears to have been caused by posting issues back in December last year, as the posts look the same on leftychan.
Since literally hundreds of posts are like this, it will take a long time to fix.


Am I correct in assuming these threads are only on /edu/, /hobby/ and /tech/? A bump ordering issue may have placed popular posts at the end of the catalog where they were pruned when a new thread was made.
I will try and recover them today.


And /anime/ I've been spending the past day and a half recovering what content I can, but I'm not a mod, so, if you can help, that would be appreciated.


This should be a complete list of the missing threads. Please let me know if there are any exceptions (like a thread you can find on .net that isn't in this list)
Keep in mind that the lastest ones (like the 2nd and 3rd in /anime/) were made post-split.

I have no idea why there are so many missing in /games/, maybe the migration silently failed there.

anime. =========
edu =========
games =========
hobby =========
music =========
tech =========


The anime threads aren't worth restoring (they're low-effort stuff), there were some others not on leftychan either but I found their archives and they're either not worth restoring or I transferred some posts to relevant threads that already exist.

For /edu/ Everything except 6864 is worth restoring due to individual posts or content in those threads, 6864 is just /dead/ content

For /hobby/ The Joker thread (No.2) should be restored, the /freedu/ thread has an equivalent on /tech/.

for /music/ none of those threads are worth restoring, they're either duplicates or are just low effort.

For /games/ Imma have to come back to you on that one (there's too many to go though right now). I think the migration failed because of a shit-ton of spammers from /b/ creating garbage low effort threads in the board during the split.

Will we have to manually restore these missing threads or can you draw on the data from leftychan to restore them?


I think the Hide Post function isn't quite working, might just be me, but still letting you guys know if it isn't


its been broken for a while


>Will we have to manually restore these missing threads or can you draw on the data from leftychan to restore them?
Data. We have a snapshot or can transfer them live. We don't have the time to recreate threads by hand ;)

I've restored the /edu/ ones and Joker thread, they're sitting at the bottom of the catalog. As you can see many (not all!) fell off naturally due to old age.


why has the BBC Kino thread been locked? It was a comfy thread, what rules did it violate?


>BBC thread

>have the time to recreate threads by hand ;)
I mean I probably could, but it would a real pain.
That's probably because of the error that got them deleted in the first place, the threads that were in the top 5 or so pages got nuked into the bottom, and some bumped off. Regardless, thanks for the restoration.


Ban NameCom, RWCom, FakeCom and anyone replying to their posts. They are spamming and derailing the prc thread. Their posts have been reported.


Can someone urgently ban Leftcom? He's in China thread rn and has been derailing our threads ever since.


It's a parody


Don't care, they're all derailing and spamming.


There's another leftcom poster that goes under "anonymous" and both of them have took control of the China thread discussion. Smh, and fuck leftcoms.


>BBC Kino thread been locked


why was >>>/siberia/143537 bumplocked?


I'm deleting it actually. Since they condone raids and spam of our site, we shouldn't allow any trace of them to exist here.



still waiting for an answer to this….
you can't randomly lock threads without explanation


someone reported it as a carryover from the other site. You can recreate it or report it to ask a mod to unlock


I had already spoken with a mod about that thread, they said it was kosher as long as there was no racism (which there hasn't been). Can't you just unlock it?


so you can use the word "uyghur" on this board, left and right. uyghur this uyghur that, jewish nigger etc. but use the word CUMSKIN and that's a ban? you've revealed yourself you mayoboy /pol/faggots with a red coat


you were only banned for 3 hours, fucking chillax


why did you delete the thread in which anon asks why people in post-communist countries hate communism? he was getting good answers. you need to stop being over-zealous. I think you have too many young people on your mod team who are just itching to flex some power. it's concerning.


doesn't seem like anyone brought it up in the mod chat so its probably someone who made that thread to troll, went and starting spamming or shitposting, and got all their posts deleted by IP to clean up the board.



this feels like a unworthy ban. Like seriously we're banning people because they have the wrong opinion about marxism now? As a side question do people get a chance to appeal these bans, or are they temporary or is just permanent for all time?

What is the deal with tiny left groups doing this to themselves to further reduce their membership? Saying "Marx predicted the communist revolution would happen in industrial countries but it didn't" is not a bannable offense just cause some dude in the matrix said it was.

Also, I joined the Element Matrix channel recently and I can see that this ban was a direct result of someone in that chat room calling for the ban. I don't think that should be allowed because it ends


*because it ends up with mod actions being very cliquish and the same condititons that lead to board splits


This is a straight up anti-communist post.


>or are they temporary or is just permanent for all time?
three hours in this case


When you filter a user does it filter all his future replies? Even if he is on Tor?


you can't filter anon


File: 1630864941113.png (7.82 KB, 318x94, question mark.png)


Why the fuck do you faggots feel the need to delete any mention of the other board what so ever? Can't allow people to formulate their own opinions on things? This place, really, is reddit you know.


Seems you already formed your opinion. So what's the use?


yes, cause they raid and spam, now fuck off, you pathetic existence.


You obviously have learned fuck all from the last year.


Ok so because they raid and spam good faith posters should take the brunt of the abuse? Try being less retarded in your moderation style, how about that?


Learn to post better.


Your development is so stunted. You think you can do whatever you want and no one should have a response to it.


>Asking what site something is and not even saying the site name is against the rules.

t. reddit the board.


get a fucking hobby


srsly coma get literally any hobby


have you thought about making pottery? They do it in nuthouses.


maybe fingerpainting


File: 1630872887136.jpg (39.55 KB, 800x450, 1618981661500.jpg)


>Coma is literally the boogy man of leftypol.org


I'm just a normal fucking poster you lunatics. This is exactly how you are gonna fuck it up. Your paranoia is gonna fuck it all up.


There are better alternatives to this board


you have a very distinct posting style, coma.
such as?




Nice try shill


Can we contain all dramafagging in the regards to the split to /meta/?

It's getting really tiresome to have some retards bargaining in a conversation in /siberia/ or /leftypol/ and have them start crying about 'CABALLO CABAL' or muh Troons Jannies dial 8-927432-248 hehe xd. Just delete and ban that shit outside of here.


yeah the chodes periodically shit up /b/ seething about the split weeks after anyone ceased to give shit. Not sure what to do about it though, maybe jannies should vote on this


I was thinking the same thing. There is something to be said about not tolerating the intolerable. I wanna see how long they can embarrass themselves for but if they carry on I will move all meta to /meta/.


Meanwhile, just collect stock photos of crying babies and reply with them. No text needed.


File: 1630953661689.png (62.68 KB, 936x506, leftychan pasta.png)

beware of spam from the containment site.


Thread 479842 was deleted. Why?


What is wrong with them?
What was the thread about. Who deleted it. How long ago?


It was integrated into leftypol.org/leftypol/res/370215.html#q479842


Sticking it into ITG was a mistake because
1) The YT video was only part of the post, which was about interpassivity
2) ITG is easily the worst thread on leftypol, it's not going to generate good discussion


>Sticking it into ITG was a mistake because
>1) The YT video was only part of the post, which was about interpassivity
>2) ITG is easily the worst thread on leftypol, it's not going to generate good discussion
You're right. Would you mind reposting on /leftypol/?


File: 1631138025101.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1080, i (4).png)

Why does the mod called 'pasquale' keep deleting posts in my thread (the one titled 'no bueno')? Even when the anons spoilered the images in their posts this specific mod deleted them within seconds. Some of the anons could soon become paranoid that this 'pasquale' is targeting them and watching them. Can I please have an explanation for these actions.


Are you posting gore? or what are you posting that needs to be spoilered?


File: 1631138956445.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1080, i (5).png)

Individuals in my thread were posting media which could be considered "gore", but it was consistently accompanied by relevant messages. What I think this 'pasquale' needs to understand is that gore is just a part of life and is something one needs to get used to. We should not be so skittish about such acts of defiance.


You think watching gore is good for you?


File: 1631139666918.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1080, i (6).png)

Yes, it can be for some. I find it helpful to watch that genre sometimes, it is very good for relieving anger.
Other benefits include a heightened awareness to the dangers of everyday life, an appreciation for the dangers of industrial work and a greater understanding of the human body.


It was probably because gore in the middle of a spam raid where they were also posting gore as shock images.
I think gore that isn't signposted and spoilered should be removed. There are other dedicated places for that form of content and its highly revolting to most people.


File: 1631142164184.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1080, i (7).png)

I can assure you the anons in my thread were not part of the spam raid, they were genuine posters with no ill intentions.
I could ask them all to spoiler their "gore" in the future, that could be a workable compromise. Are you a moderator or in contact with the moderators?
I would like to speak to this 'pasquale' and explain to him personally the situation, as he was the one who removed all of the posts. Additionally, I would appreciate assurances that if all future "gore" in my thread is spoilered we will not continue to be harassed by the moderators.


Mods I assume you are going to ban the person who spams "STFU wrecker cuck" in every thread.. right.. you wouldn't just.. idk let that obvious spam slide for personal reasons… would you? Oh wait, you definitely would


Given that most of the responses are directed towards you and are, in essence, correct… Imma wager no, stay mad.


stfu wrecker cuck


Name one thing I wrecked Lmao, jannies confirmed for retarded little clique clubhouse and counter revolutionary


(Apart from every jannoid all of whom are retarded)


Wrecker cuck and unable to deal with pushback
If you can repeat your nonsense deranged shit all day, why shouldn't the opposing view?


The difference is I get banned for spam. In fact I am perfectly capable of dealing with push back, it is the mods who cannot. They recently deleted a thread on /b/ pushing back on the “wrecker cuck” poster. And also the thread about “do you think you will live under socialism in your life time” presumably because China boo mod lost an argument the the millionth time. You are deranged


You people have gone rapidly from petty retards to laughable narcissists in the space of like two weeks. Literally not one of you is a real communist.


>china boo
ok peruaboo


You literally delete history because it doesn’t fit with your Internet personality. You’re a physco there is nothing else to it


>Yes, it can be for some
Sounds to me like you are a freak with some kind of cluster b personality disorder tbh


File: 1631215259548.jpg (129.67 KB, 640x640, 671984512083971.jpg)

Being a freak is subjective. In many cultures homosexuals and black people are considered "freaks" for no other reason than them being slightly different than the majority population.
Neither do I have a cluster B personality disorder, as I do not feel strong emotions or have trouble regulating my moods. Quite the opposite in fact, I often feel emotionless. And before you say it I'm not a sociopath either, I know that for certain.
Please address the points I made in that post, rather than resorting to calling me childish names and armchair psychology.


No, being a freak isn't subjective, it's when a person goes against a general cultural norm that is present among the majority of people.
Homosexuals have been fairly universally considered freaks in many cultures at many points in history.
>I am often emotionless
<I am not a sociopath
Then you're probably psychotic, or lying.


>de jannies
Nice boogieman LOL
>name one thing
This site for starters, given howw much you keep bringing up random and utterly nonsensical complaints and trying to rile posters up with non-existent e-drama.


File: 1631226439863.png (907.02 KB, 1080x1080, i (10) (1).png)

By imageboard standards I am not a freak. I don't post
or create gore videos, I only view them. I have explained to you why this can be good for some people yet you have failed to address any of my points.
And I'm not psychotic. I feel emotion just not very strongly, that's partly why I like viewing gore, it helps me feel stronger emotions.
Stop with your attempts at discrediting what I say and diagnosing me with mental disorders. I have reached an agreement with the mods, if you would like to continue this conversation please make a post in my thread in /b/, so we can stop filling this thread posts unrelated to moderation issues.


I wrecked this site? But I thought this site was good kek

>non existent drama

Friends from everywhere, in leftypol there was no drama

Morherfucker shut up. It is mods and only mods who bring drama(sage)


No offense, I'd prefer if you take it elsewhere.
No one is riled up anyway it's all Coma and barely a handful other retards banging pots, pretending to be several people lel.


Just permaban the dramafags already, it's really tiresome.


I sympathize but that isn't really possible, it is very doubtful that it's true but they already claim they are being hindered from posting.


to clarify, it's like saying ban /pol/ spammers. Yes, they are but since have nothing but free time on their hands things get ugly.


jannies wont ban themselves so it cant happen(sage)


put on the trip back on cowardly anglo faggot


>take the trip off tripfag
i take it off
>put it back on
jannoids and jannoid simps will never be happy, all they want to do is seethe. Anyway why would I bother typing it when they do it free now


>it's all Coma and barely a handful other retards banging pots, pretending to be several people lel


>seething so hard that you prop up the website you hate
Based anglo retard


Keep this out of the moderation thread. Use >>11484 for e-celeb bullshit.


File: 1631326924719.png (6.95 KB, 645x138, ClipboardImage.png)

You are such petty little tyrants since you got your carte blanche to do whatever the fuck you please with the split, why did you delete the Fuentes thread?


File: 1631327565668.png (38.9 KB, 858x276, ClipboardImage.png)

You are even acting without the oversight of the moderation logs, why are you doing this?


Merges don't show up in the moderation logs, that thread was merged into ITG.


Theres 2 reddit screencap threads made by a schizo polack up on leftypol pls delete them


Appears to now be resolved.


But I don't belong in the mayo thread.
Merges do show up, this is the wrong log.


Anyone derailing or taking derail bait belongs in the mayo thread!
Even I belong in the mayo thread!


Mods make a general to contain 911 threads


It's only for one day, chill


Is it possible for one of the mods to access a 404'd thread from a month ago and archive it somewhere so I can read it again? Would appreciate it.
This was the thread, "God and thd Austrians"


>Is it possible […] to access a 404'd thread
No, I am pretty sure it is not.


It's not, but it was worth it to ask. Since you have the thread id you can try archive.is?


Did we just get psyop'd can mods explain?


Assuming you mean that one thread,
I'd prefer the term "spammed", psyop sounds way too serious. Don't believe anything you read on the internet.


it's the same modus operandi as that 'MACRON HAS LOST CONTROL OF THE STATE' thread, i guess some people like to fuck around


The front of the catalog has obvious polfaggotry on it. Thread starts with "man if I was a socialist" something. Delete pls


use the fucking report button


Mods sagethe thread about why race is such an important part of american politics please its diversity leftypols user base away from actual nonid/pol/ subjects


Also move the biden thread on the front page to usa /pol/


race thread was merged to usapol


other thread also merged


Merge the new "what went wrong" thread to usa/pol/ pls

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