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I'd like to have a better way to report cp or spam.
Is there a public martix room for the .org mods?


Hi I got banned from leftychan.org for asking about what happened in the past few days. Please unban me


You'd need to take it up with them. But why would you want to?



We do not control the other site so there's nothing we can do about that.


>gets banned on leftychan.org.
>goes to complain about it on leftypol.org
top keko.


Our mods are banned there too so I don't think they can help.


You literally split with them?
Now it's split between factions? Interesting.


I made a post on the Anarchist general to see if anyone agreed with a section of Jacques ellul's Anarchy and Christianity and for some reason that was deleted? I don't understand why, it couldn't have been idpol? I can't find the mod logs either.



You probably posted it on the wrong site.


Thank you.
You're right, i posted it on the leftychan, and checked leftypol.org and saw that it wasn't there.


>You literally split with them?
Read the stickies, 3+1 mods couped and purged the ones they didn't like, so the rest joined them and revived leftypol.org.


That seems like an oversimplification.


Literally everything is. But the stickies explain in more and more detail the more you care to read. In the end, it doesn't matter much.


File: 1629484665669.png (308.91 KB, 727x588, mod.PNG)

Dumb mods I'm not leftcom, we probably share ISP and you're banning me for that, do your work.


110% doubt but go off


I'm not him, I'm not gonna dox myself to prove that though.


Use ban appeal button


I already did and it seems it actually worked for once.


Mod pasquale is banning people based on pure dumb assumptions (ISP), I know you want to stop spam but almost rangeban entire countries because of a ISP is a very dumb thing to do.


>You're right, i posted it on the leftychan, and checked leftypol.org and saw that it wasn't there.
One time I was making site changes and was refreshing for about 10 minutes wondering why nothing was changing and all the new stuff was broken until I realized I was visiting leftychan.




trolling, repetitive spam


i'm just commenting on what's wrong with your info graph
In your flow chart or mind map (the thing with boxes connected by arrows) you can get stuck in a loop and the only way out is suicide.
The bigger error this has however is that it is making static comparisons, as in does it fulfill all the criteria of a static definition, or does it tick all the boxes.
The movement to build Socialism (or any political movement) however is a dynamic process, and you ask what direction is a society developing into. So for socialism you look at people within a specific set of material conditions working towards a socialist model. That means that even before they have reached their goal of workers controlling the means of production, it still counts as socialism, because they are developing into that direction.


Hi, I'm the one that starts with 118.137 which is currently at the time of writing banned "for advocating anarcho-capitalism" only for complimenting that a girl in a pic is pretty. I'm not an ancap myself. Why can it be?


PS: I'm definitely not repeating my actions posted before, only 1 time is enough.


The staff on duty have reviewed your appeal and considered you innocent. Sorry for the inconvenience.


File: 1629733475352.jpg (123.51 KB, 1280x692, I-Pardon-You-8.jpg)

The mods truly are merciful!


Oh thanks!


Ban poster of these posts in leftypol


It's ok, we did receive the 14 reports.


Why you would ban someone for simping for some girl? dumb mods.


whys /tech/ still have a broken captcha enabled?


File: 1629869121483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 12.17 KB, 423x300, ancap.jpeg)

the girl in that pic looked about 7


Anchoring these threads on leftypol was the correct decision. Good work.




Site down for anyone else?


We are being raided by /pol/ and mods are nowhere to be found, you people should distribute the moderation duties so there can be at least 1 mod present at all times.


We all have a life, anon. This isn't some paid job where people have a set time they are obligated to moderate for, it's volunteer work. Mods mod when they post, and for many this is a Friday night they spend with people IRL.
There will probably be an effort to recruit more staff once we're satisfied the site is stable again and the rules are improved a bit, but there aren't too many people who want to become moderators .Would you?


>I've now been schizo-banned twice only to have it revoked
What bans are you referring to?


you've been /marked/


I'm here to dispute my ban for 1 week on being "anti-vaxx" when I literally did nothing of the sort. My post, which was subsequently deleted by Comet, contained no anti-vaxx material and was on the topic of Ivermectin and how it's being attacked by the CAPITALIST Status Quo.

The responses have been spamming the same "horse anti-parasite" meme and "muh Dore" with blatantly liberalist talking points to boot. All this even though within my post I explicitly state
"Not saying Dore isn't being retarded here, but anyone caught saying "horse dewormer" is being played as much as the antivaxxers and the gullible overdosing who are going to suffer just so the US government can justify more overt integration with silicon valley."

Literally everything about the drug that I posted is based on accepted mainstream medical sites such as Mayo Clinic OR are based on public media reports and scientific studies.
I literally greentexted the main points of these links and added argumentation and explanations, and get literal glowing responses about "muh contrarianism" when disagreeing with porky's status quo and/or criticizing it is not "contrarianism".


I'm here to dispute my ban for 1 week on being "anti-vaxx" when I literally did nothing of the sort. My post, which was subsequently deleted by Comet, contained no anti-vaxx material and was on the topic of Ivermectin and how it's being attacked by the CAPITALIST Status Quo.

The responses have been spamming the same "horse anti-parasite" meme and "muh Dore" with blatantly liberalist talking points to boot. Not a single source contradicting the drugs use as a human medication, nor a single argument as to why the drug is "bad". The only thing approaching an argument was posting dubious screenshots of Milo Yiannopolis's tweets (which are likely a Grift) and reddit-spaced strawman greentext.
All this even though within my post I explicitly state.
>"Not saying Dore isn't being retarded here, but anyone caught saying "horse dewormer" is being played as much as the antivaxxers and the gullible overdosing who are going to suffer just so the US government can justify more overt integration with silicon valley."
Literally everything about the drug that I posted is based on accepted mainstream medical sites such as Mayo Clinic OR are based on public media reports and scientific studies.
I literally greentexted the main points of these links and added argumentation and explanations, and get literal glowing responses about "muh contrarianism" when disagreeing with porky's status quo and/or criticizing it is not "contrarianism".


File: 1630261151578.png (52.03 KB, 1339x368, antinous.PNG)

Why is the mod antinous modding erratically? funposting using mod powers and "muh pronouns xDD" should be unacceptable, and those are some weird bans too.
This is childish behavior, and I'm not even the one who was banned.


They seem fine to me.


back to leftcel.net


I support these bans.


there is unironically nothing wrong with getting rid of incels



File: 1630272137383.png (7.02 KB, 332x136, ClipboardImage.png)

schizo, you should be permabanned


The stated ban reason was misleading and we've discussed it in the staff room. The offense was 'COVID denialism outside COVID-19 general', which is stated in the COVID-19 general OP. I'll admit it's not a well-advertised rule but it's been there for months.

The ban has been reduced to 24hrs.


>24 hour reduction
Ok, I can accept that. I'll admit I was not aware of the C-19 general OP rules, since I haven't checked on the thread for over half a year (or even looked it up in catalog, mostly because it's such a toxic place most of the time. Honestly I just got caught up in an argument I wasn't intending to get into. I merely used this alt to post here for an appeal, since the appeal system for bans has an EXTREMELY limited character limit and didn't allow for a decent appeal. I wasn't posting in anything else.

Thanks for the fair review.


Can you please stop ban TOR adresses and do your job? A lot of this website function because people can post in anonymity, so it really sucks when someones post cp because we have to see naked children AND we can't post anymore. Just delete the stuff as you go without preventing us to post.


If you have a tor address then don't block it.


What does "board is locked" mean? Did i get banned? it comes up every time i post on /b/


It needed to be banned temporarily due to an ongoing spam wave


Yes. There is a Tor address and cytube should work with it too.
/b/ moved to /Siberia/


Holy fucking shit all my posts have been deleted see who the mod was replying to here:


Real transparent when you have it plastered on your site mod team. Again, winning two fucking appeals while posting on the same IP is not ban evasion - you can not chalk that up to a mod 'accidentally' unbanning me and then saying I'm ban evading because 'I should have known better.'

And I am only using Tor to dispute the fact that I haven't broken a single rule, and have now been wrongfully rebanned for the third time.

I will screencap this in case my posts are once again cowardly deleted. The mod team is bananas.


You were permabanned for advocating child molestation. You are ban evading with this post.


Include me in the screencap.


File: 1630307582385.png (73.82 KB, 1011x505, lemysogynyposter.png)

That's actually completely false, I was banned on a 24 hour notice for mysogny which I appealed and won, I was then permabanned for ban evasion which I appealed and won and posted in this thread about, I have now been once again banned for ban evasion.

This is why I'm pissed, don't make up nonsense.


I have the posts in question and permabans for child molestation advocation. I can post them if you give me explicit permission to do so. Yes you originally recieved 1 day for a few posts with the reason "misogyny".


Then why the fuck were my subsequent bans for 'ban evasion' when I did no such thing, don't retroactively change your judgment because you have a vendetta. And I never once encouraged rape of any kind that is an outright lie.


why are pedos so cringe?


File: 1630308052257.jpg (556.12 KB, 1080x2160, lyingmod.jpg)

Here's my proof that is was for ban evasion and the cowardly nonsense excuse that I shouldn't have posted after having my ban lifted.


>why the fuck were my subsequent bans for 'ban evasion'
Because you were ban evading, you are permanently banned so your posts will be delete on site. Otherwise you are not banned


How can I be ban invading when posting on the same IP which is what the original post this mod replied to was about:


All subsequent 'ban evasions' have been to DISPUTE THIS on the thread literalyl dedicated to disputing bans. Also I was banned after an appeal twice not once using the same ip (because i kept winning my appeals by another mod)


>How can I be ban invading when posting on the same IP
You personally as a user are banned. What do you think ban evasion entails?

>because i kept winning my appeals by another

You didn't "win" anything. The mod that unbanned you was not aware of the original permaban you received, and upon learning of this agreed with the decision to keep the ban in place.


Then why did it happen twice this is the actual order of events:

> was banned on a 24 hour notice for mysogny which I appealed and won
> I was then permabanned for ban evasion which I appealed and won and posted in this thread about
>I have now been once again banned for ban evasion.

How can I be permabanned for winning an appeal and thenr etroactively punished for it TWICE with evidence in the thread about it. That's insane. And then you make up some crap that the ban is for something else.


>You personally as a user are banned. What do you think ban evasion entails?
What the fuck does that even mean, if I can continue posting after banning WITH THE SAME PREVIOUSLY BANNED IP obviously I'm going to think the ban was lifted because how the FUCK ELSE am I being allowed to post.



The order of events was
>banned for 1 day with reason "misogyny"
>older thread reviewed
>banned permanently for ban evasion
>identities connected and confirmed same user, previously instated permaban carried over to new IPs.
>mistakenly unbanned temporarily


>>banned permanently for ban evasion
Typo change this to
>permanently banned for advocating child molestation


The order of events was
>banned for 1 day with reason "misogyny"
< Appealed and won and continued posting
>older thread reviewed
>banned permanently for ban evasion
< After winning a previous appeal
>identities connected and confirmed same user, previously instated permaban carried over to new IPs.
< You mean because I posted in this thread saying I was the same user, real detective work poirot
>mistakenly unbanned temporarily

From my order of events:

> Banned for misogyny

> Appealed
> Next morning can post and continue to do so
> Banned for evasion
> Appealed and unbanned
> Banned again and told the prior ban was 'accidental' but not the first appeal won.


It's clear you have no indication of lifting this, but you are completely incorrect and this shows a lack of any transparency by the mod in question


Yes as I explained your order of events was wrong, you did not see the permanent ban for advocating child molestation. Which is the reason you are permanently banned.




I am clear on what happened. Unless you have anything else to add to the verdict I would ask you to leave leftypol.


It's clear youre a dishonest liar and I will screencap and post this at a later date.


Oh please do.


>identities connected and confirmed same user
are you keeping fucking files on users? wtf?


Hi, nice site. Hope you don't mind if I stay here.


Yes, nonces get their special notes on the mod team's Death Note.


oh no


Why was my thread removed?


It was merged into the Covid thread not removed, that's all I know.


They do it to everyone. Site glows like the sun


File: 1630380665138-0.png (135.37 KB, 717x957, 1629068699847-0.png)

File: 1630380665138-1.png (111.58 KB, 672x850, 1629068699847-1.png)

Here's another where they claim attaching cookies is actually good because of dialectics I shit you not.


Can >>>/anime/2912 have "Dragon Ball Super" added to the OP so it comes up in Catalog search? Thanks



it's illegal to put cookies on users' computers without notifying them and/or giving them a way to opt out


It's not really 'illegal', but this was just an idea, which was never carried out.




File: 1630386573818.png (398.73 KB, 2039x887, psychomods.png)

> It's not illegal
Actually it is. A general rule is any cookies used to track users require a public facing privacy policy (will hold up for EU and US laws). That one of the mods wanted to institute this as a way to trick users 'easy to evade but only if you're aware' the intention of subterfuge is clear.

Here's another screenshot from leftychan pointing out these mods are creating dossiers of all the users no different than your power tripping boss or landlord does. It's basically a bourgeois dictatorship run by power-tripping duplicitous psychos.

and tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is downand tor is down


What was post >>>/anime/9614 If anyone does not mind me asking? I just wanted to know the gist of what was deleted from the board's threads.


It's not a crime, it's a civil offense. And it also doesn't apply in all circumstances, these are not marketing cookies. But once again it never even happened anyway. Sometimes we joke about stuff that we don't actually do, shocking I know.


>Actually it is.
It's not, you stupid fuck. Post the relevant law or shut the fuck up with your wrecker FUD.
And you're bitching about a hypothetical. Where's this cookie you're bitching about? Show it or shut the fuck up.

Pure wrecker shit, go wreck the coupers site. Go vote about banning transhumanists or whatever you guys do over there.


> simping for stalker mods.


A duplicate post that had been reported as such.


File: 1630398653855.png (288.78 KB, 474x582, ClipboardImage.png)

>A general rule
As someone who formally studied international cyber law, I feel obligated to say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Might as well say there's a general rule that words begin with a vowel.

but that line aside:
- GDPR explicitly notes you don't need to get consent for 'strictly necessary cookies', which such a hypothetical cookie would be as it's storing the state of a ban to prevent site abuse, just like a login cookie but far less information and nothing personal nor identifying.
- leftychan.org servers store a cookie on your browser without consent or explanation every time you post, and have since at least December, so even if your legal claim was true, it would still be hypocritical.
- You're discussing law on a site hosting literally thousands of copyright-protected images, and hosting socialist symbols explicitly illegal to depict to some regular users. You're being an idiot.


Lmao good take down. Salty dramafags gonna dramafag.




So you can only call people and Anglo if you are pro China now I see.. that China thread is full of people calling me an Anglo but if I say it back ironically that’s a ban, you mods truly disgust me


It's actual spam if you repeat the same post five times+
that's it


It wasn’t the same post though, it is however always the same thing said to me. Be consistent, ban the poster on that thread who calls me Anglo like 5 times


Yes, it was. I really couldn't give less of a fuck. Stop spamming.


So you are going to ban the other poster for calling me an Anglo over and over then


a) it's not spam
b) I don't think that is one other poster




There is one other poster who called me an Anglo more than 5 times would you like me to go back and count the posts and link them? It’s probably you


I just hit the brakes when I see spam, I don't care what you get up to.


Obviously not because there was spam before that and you haven’t banned them because they are still posting


No, spam is easy to see, there is no spam.


Spam in your view is repeatedly posting the word Anglo even ironically yes?


Inside two minutes, for sure. Ironically or not I could not care less.


Ok having looked through a ton of threads and boards I've realized that a shitton of threads that were relatively active are just fucking gone. WTH happened?! The Joker thread was on Pag 5 or 6 so it didn't get bumped off the board. Numerous threads are also missing posts. My enormous Lysenko effort post is fucking gone from the Permaculture thread I only located it after scraping through the archives of Bunkerchan.


Did you know there's a search function on the site? Not the catalog, a proper search function.
Not sure what happened to the threads you mention. If they were on bunkerchan then they probably dropped off the board at this point….


Ys I know there is a search function
A) it has bugs
B) I used it as well
>dropped off
No, Joker as a thread was on Page 5 o 6 right before the recent leftychan/leftypol split, and it just disappeared into thin air. The Permaculture thread is still up, but it's just missing random posts for no reason.


With those posts you reported with the missing line breaks that messed up the formatting, that appears to have been caused by posting issues back in December last year, as the posts look the same on leftychan.
Since literally hundreds of posts are like this, it will take a long time to fix.


Am I correct in assuming these threads are only on /edu/, /hobby/ and /tech/? A bump ordering issue may have placed popular posts at the end of the catalog where they were pruned when a new thread was made.
I will try and recover them today.


And /anime/ I've been spending the past day and a half recovering what content I can, but I'm not a mod, so, if you can help, that would be appreciated.


This should be a complete list of the missing threads. Please let me know if there are any exceptions (like a thread you can find on .net that isn't in this list)
Keep in mind that the lastest ones (like the 2nd and 3rd in /anime/) were made post-split.

I have no idea why there are so many missing in /games/, maybe the migration silently failed there.

anime. =========
edu =========
games =========
hobby =========
music =========
tech =========


The anime threads aren't worth restoring (they're low-effort stuff), there were some others not on leftychan either but I found their archives and they're either not worth restoring or I transferred some posts to relevant threads that already exist.

For /edu/ Everything except 6864 is worth restoring due to individual posts or content in those threads, 6864 is just /dead/ content

For /hobby/ The Joker thread (No.2) should be restored, the /freedu/ thread has an equivalent on /tech/.

for /music/ none of those threads are worth restoring, they're either duplicates or are just low effort.

For /games/ Imma have to come back to you on that one (there's too many to go though right now). I think the migration failed because of a shit-ton of spammers from /b/ creating garbage low effort threads in the board during the split.

Will we have to manually restore these missing threads or can you draw on the data from leftychan to restore them?


I think the Hide Post function isn't quite working, might just be me, but still letting you guys know if it isn't


its been broken for a while


>Will we have to manually restore these missing threads or can you draw on the data from leftychan to restore them?
Data. We have a snapshot or can transfer them live. We don't have the time to recreate threads by hand ;)

I've restored the /edu/ ones and Joker thread, they're sitting at the bottom of the catalog. As you can see many (not all!) fell off naturally due to old age.


why has the BBC Kino thread been locked? It was a comfy thread, what rules did it violate?


>BBC thread

>have the time to recreate threads by hand ;)
I mean I probably could, but it would a real pain.
That's probably because of the error that got them deleted in the first place, the threads that were in the top 5 or so pages got nuked into the bottom, and some bumped off. Regardless, thanks for the restoration.


Ban NameCom, RWCom, FakeCom and anyone replying to their posts. They are spamming and derailing the prc thread. Their posts have been reported.


Can someone urgently ban Leftcom? He's in China thread rn and has been derailing our threads ever since.


It's a parody


Don't care, they're all derailing and spamming.


There's another leftcom poster that goes under "anonymous" and both of them have took control of the China thread discussion. Smh, and fuck leftcoms.


>BBC Kino thread been locked


why was >>>/siberia/143537 bumplocked?


I'm deleting it actually. Since they condone raids and spam of our site, we shouldn't allow any trace of them to exist here.



still waiting for an answer to this….
you can't randomly lock threads without explanation


someone reported it as a carryover from the other site. You can recreate it or report it to ask a mod to unlock


I had already spoken with a mod about that thread, they said it was kosher as long as there was no racism (which there hasn't been). Can't you just unlock it?


so you can use the word "uyghur" on this board, left and right. uyghur this uyghur that, jewish nigger etc. but use the word CUMSKIN and that's a ban? you've revealed yourself you mayoboy /pol/faggots with a red coat


you were only banned for 3 hours, fucking chillax


why did you delete the thread in which anon asks why people in post-communist countries hate communism? he was getting good answers. you need to stop being over-zealous. I think you have too many young people on your mod team who are just itching to flex some power. it's concerning.


doesn't seem like anyone brought it up in the mod chat so its probably someone who made that thread to troll, went and starting spamming or shitposting, and got all their posts deleted by IP to clean up the board.



this feels like a unworthy ban. Like seriously we're banning people because they have the wrong opinion about marxism now? As a side question do people get a chance to appeal these bans, or are they temporary or is just permanent for all time?

What is the deal with tiny left groups doing this to themselves to further reduce their membership? Saying "Marx predicted the communist revolution would happen in industrial countries but it didn't" is not a bannable offense just cause some dude in the matrix said it was.

Also, I joined the Element Matrix channel recently and I can see that this ban was a direct result of someone in that chat room calling for the ban. I don't think that should be allowed because it ends


*because it ends up with mod actions being very cliquish and the same condititons that lead to board splits


This is a straight up anti-communist post.


>or are they temporary or is just permanent for all time?
three hours in this case


When you filter a user does it filter all his future replies? Even if he is on Tor?


you can't filter anon


File: 1630864941113.png (7.82 KB, 318x94, question mark.png)


Why the fuck do you faggots feel the need to delete any mention of the other board what so ever? Can't allow people to formulate their own opinions on things? This place, really, is reddit you know.


Seems you already formed your opinion. So what's the use?


yes, cause they raid and spam, now fuck off, you pathetic existence.


You obviously have learned fuck all from the last year.


Ok so because they raid and spam good faith posters should take the brunt of the abuse? Try being less retarded in your moderation style, how about that?


Learn to post better.


Your development is so stunted. You think you can do whatever you want and no one should have a response to it.


>Asking what site something is and not even saying the site name is against the rules.

t. reddit the board.


get a fucking hobby


srsly coma get literally any hobby


have you thought about making pottery? They do it in nuthouses.


maybe fingerpainting


File: 1630872887136.jpg (39.55 KB, 800x450, 1618981661500.jpg)


>Coma is literally the boogy man of leftypol.org


I'm just a normal fucking poster you lunatics. This is exactly how you are gonna fuck it up. Your paranoia is gonna fuck it all up.


There are better alternatives to this board


you have a very distinct posting style, coma.
such as?




Nice try shill


Can we contain all dramafagging in the regards to the split to /meta/?

It's getting really tiresome to have some retards bargaining in a conversation in /siberia/ or /leftypol/ and have them start crying about 'CABALLO CABAL' or muh Troons Jannies dial 8-927432-248 hehe xd. Just delete and ban that shit outside of here.


yeah the chodes periodically shit up /b/ seething about the split weeks after anyone ceased to give shit. Not sure what to do about it though, maybe jannies should vote on this


I was thinking the same thing. There is something to be said about not tolerating the intolerable. I wanna see how long they can embarrass themselves for but if they carry on I will move all meta to /meta/.


Meanwhile, just collect stock photos of crying babies and reply with them. No text needed.


File: 1630953661689.png (62.68 KB, 936x506, leftychan pasta.png)

beware of spam from the containment site.


Thread 479842 was deleted. Why?


What is wrong with them?
What was the thread about. Who deleted it. How long ago?


It was integrated into leftypol.org/leftypol/res/370215.html#q479842


Sticking it into ITG was a mistake because
1) The YT video was only part of the post, which was about interpassivity
2) ITG is easily the worst thread on leftypol, it's not going to generate good discussion


>Sticking it into ITG was a mistake because
>1) The YT video was only part of the post, which was about interpassivity
>2) ITG is easily the worst thread on leftypol, it's not going to generate good discussion
You're right. Would you mind reposting on /leftypol/?


File: 1631138025101.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1080, i (4).png)

Why does the mod called 'pasquale' keep deleting posts in my thread (the one titled 'no bueno')? Even when the anons spoilered the images in their posts this specific mod deleted them within seconds. Some of the anons could soon become paranoid that this 'pasquale' is targeting them and watching them. Can I please have an explanation for these actions.


Are you posting gore? or what are you posting that needs to be spoilered?


File: 1631138956445.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1080, i (5).png)

Individuals in my thread were posting media which could be considered "gore", but it was consistently accompanied by relevant messages. What I think this 'pasquale' needs to understand is that gore is just a part of life and is something one needs to get used to. We should not be so skittish about such acts of defiance.


You think watching gore is good for you?


File: 1631139666918.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1080, i (6).png)

Yes, it can be for some. I find it helpful to watch that genre sometimes, it is very good for relieving anger.
Other benefits include a heightened awareness to the dangers of everyday life, an appreciation for the dangers of industrial work and a greater understanding of the human body.


It was probably because gore in the middle of a spam raid where they were also posting gore as shock images.
I think gore that isn't signposted and spoilered should be removed. There are other dedicated places for that form of content and its highly revolting to most people.


File: 1631142164184.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1080, i (7).png)

I can assure you the anons in my thread were not part of the spam raid, they were genuine posters with no ill intentions.
I could ask them all to spoiler their "gore" in the future, that could be a workable compromise. Are you a moderator or in contact with the moderators?
I would like to speak to this 'pasquale' and explain to him personally the situation, as he was the one who removed all of the posts. Additionally, I would appreciate assurances that if all future "gore" in my thread is spoilered we will not continue to be harassed by the moderators.


Mods I assume you are going to ban the person who spams "STFU wrecker cuck" in every thread.. right.. you wouldn't just.. idk let that obvious spam slide for personal reasons… would you? Oh wait, you definitely would


Given that most of the responses are directed towards you and are, in essence, correct… Imma wager no, stay mad.


stfu wrecker cuck


Name one thing I wrecked Lmao, jannies confirmed for retarded little clique clubhouse and counter revolutionary


(Apart from every jannoid all of whom are retarded)


Wrecker cuck and unable to deal with pushback
If you can repeat your nonsense deranged shit all day, why shouldn't the opposing view?


The difference is I get banned for spam. In fact I am perfectly capable of dealing with push back, it is the mods who cannot. They recently deleted a thread on /b/ pushing back on the “wrecker cuck” poster. And also the thread about “do you think you will live under socialism in your life time” presumably because China boo mod lost an argument the the millionth time. You are deranged


You people have gone rapidly from petty retards to laughable narcissists in the space of like two weeks. Literally not one of you is a real communist.


>china boo
ok peruaboo


You literally delete history because it doesn’t fit with your Internet personality. You’re a physco there is nothing else to it


>Yes, it can be for some
Sounds to me like you are a freak with some kind of cluster b personality disorder tbh


File: 1631215259548.jpg (129.67 KB, 640x640, 671984512083971.jpg)

Being a freak is subjective. In many cultures homosexuals and black people are considered "freaks" for no other reason than them being slightly different than the majority population.
Neither do I have a cluster B personality disorder, as I do not feel strong emotions or have trouble regulating my moods. Quite the opposite in fact, I often feel emotionless. And before you say it I'm not a sociopath either, I know that for certain.
Please address the points I made in that post, rather than resorting to calling me childish names and armchair psychology.


No, being a freak isn't subjective, it's when a person goes against a general cultural norm that is present among the majority of people.
Homosexuals have been fairly universally considered freaks in many cultures at many points in history.
>I am often emotionless
<I am not a sociopath
Then you're probably psychotic, or lying.


>de jannies
Nice boogieman LOL
>name one thing
This site for starters, given howw much you keep bringing up random and utterly nonsensical complaints and trying to rile posters up with non-existent e-drama.


File: 1631226439863.png (907.02 KB, 1080x1080, i (10) (1).png)

By imageboard standards I am not a freak. I don't post
or create gore videos, I only view them. I have explained to you why this can be good for some people yet you have failed to address any of my points.
And I'm not psychotic. I feel emotion just not very strongly, that's partly why I like viewing gore, it helps me feel stronger emotions.
Stop with your attempts at discrediting what I say and diagnosing me with mental disorders. I have reached an agreement with the mods, if you would like to continue this conversation please make a post in my thread in /b/, so we can stop filling this thread posts unrelated to moderation issues.


I wrecked this site? But I thought this site was good kek

>non existent drama

Friends from everywhere, in leftypol there was no drama

Morherfucker shut up. It is mods and only mods who bring drama(sage)


No offense, I'd prefer if you take it elsewhere.
No one is riled up anyway it's all Coma and barely a handful other retards banging pots, pretending to be several people lel.


Just permaban the dramafags already, it's really tiresome.


I sympathize but that isn't really possible, it is very doubtful that it's true but they already claim they are being hindered from posting.


to clarify, it's like saying ban /pol/ spammers. Yes, they are but since have nothing but free time on their hands things get ugly.


jannies wont ban themselves so it cant happen(sage)


put on the trip back on cowardly anglo faggot


>take the trip off tripfag
i take it off
>put it back on
jannoids and jannoid simps will never be happy, all they want to do is seethe. Anyway why would I bother typing it when they do it free now


>it's all Coma and barely a handful other retards banging pots, pretending to be several people lel


>seething so hard that you prop up the website you hate
Based anglo retard


Keep this out of the moderation thread. Use >>11484 for e-celeb bullshit.


File: 1631326924719.png (6.95 KB, 645x138, ClipboardImage.png)

You are such petty little tyrants since you got your carte blanche to do whatever the fuck you please with the split, why did you delete the Fuentes thread?


File: 1631327565668.png (38.9 KB, 858x276, ClipboardImage.png)

You are even acting without the oversight of the moderation logs, why are you doing this?


Merges don't show up in the moderation logs, that thread was merged into ITG.


Theres 2 reddit screencap threads made by a schizo polack up on leftypol pls delete them


Appears to now be resolved.


But I don't belong in the mayo thread.
Merges do show up, this is the wrong log.


Anyone derailing or taking derail bait belongs in the mayo thread!
Even I belong in the mayo thread!


Mods make a general to contain 911 threads


It's only for one day, chill


Is it possible for one of the mods to access a 404'd thread from a month ago and archive it somewhere so I can read it again? Would appreciate it.
This was the thread, "God and thd Austrians"


>Is it possible […] to access a 404'd thread
No, I am pretty sure it is not.


It's not, but it was worth it to ask. Since you have the thread id you can try archive.is?


Did we just get psyop'd can mods explain?


Assuming you mean that one thread,
I'd prefer the term "spammed", psyop sounds way too serious. Don't believe anything you read on the internet.


it's the same modus operandi as that 'MACRON HAS LOST CONTROL OF THE STATE' thread, i guess some people like to fuck around


The front of the catalog has obvious polfaggotry on it. Thread starts with "man if I was a socialist" something. Delete pls


use the fucking report button


Mods sagethe thread about why race is such an important part of american politics please its diversity leftypols user base away from actual nonid/pol/ subjects


Also move the biden thread on the front page to usa /pol/


race thread was merged to usapol


other thread also merged


Merge the new "what went wrong" thread to usa/pol/ pls


Why does the janny keep deleting that anarcho-nihlists thread about economics? What rule does it break?

So reposting every WSWS article even if it's just about US politics or Chinese politics when we have generals for that isn't worthy of a thread merger or deletion but making an article about economics is?


File: 1631998639644.jpg (198.03 KB, 1842x656, WSWS.jpg)


what do you think that thread is about?


Now we'll never know.


Bruh why is this thread saged >>>/siberia/150751


Not a mod but probably for /meta/ outside of /meta/. Even though the OP isn't explicitly about discussing the site, it's clear the thread will only keep heading that way (and already has crosssiters trying to hijack it).


Minority Report Moderation


Mods some random anon with a chinlet wojak is trying to raid the catalog. Ban him it starts with "why are chinlets like this"


it's that pesky leftychan gang up to no good again!


Been seeing this anon posting:
>Comrades, I need your help
>I have a date tonight and my fronthole smells like poop
>I tried washing it in the shower but it still smells
>What should I do
What is this thing? Who is behind the creation of these spam threads? It seems like he's using Tor, because everytime I try to post here apparently I've got one of his IPs of which was banned prior by the mods. Is he /pol/? Is he patriots dot win?


Most likely either /pol/ or >>13017
Just report and ignore.


Oh. I am concerning over this bcs I am now using Tor because my original IP got banned, and several of them have been ruined by that mf.


Is there a reason you don't use the hidden service?



Please rename >>>/hobby/20's OP into a Homestuck thread, there are already 2 other larger and better /leftyco/ threads and this one is already taken over by Homestuck posters.


fucking site posting


Requesting these threads be moved to /edu/
The discussion has ended and the thread is on page 18. Aa lot of pdfs, pics and discussion is there and since interest has dropped further discussion should be left for the steadier /edu/
>>>/hobby/7136 The Permaculture thread is all /edu/ tier discussion and isn't really a hobby so much as agricultural study and discussion
The Lysenko thread ( >>>/leftypol/478766 ) has been bumped, but I predict that it'll drop back to pg 18 soon so after it stops getting posts again I suggest moving it to /edu/ next week or so


use report button as well jannies see that faster


I just don't want a tired janitor to see a report and delete a thread by accident, I've seen it happen back on bunkerchan


I'm too lazy to use Tor, I just use my IP. This site isn't banned in my area though


File: 1632379778356.png (641.37 KB, 1990x1156, ban.png)

I was never "permabanned for ban evasion". I'm not the notorious "mexican leftcom" who was permabanned and ban-evaded for whatever reason (I never followed that whole episode, just heard of it from other anons tangentially), I just used the leftcom flag in a particular thread (this one >>>/leftypol/507507 ) and someone must have falsely reported me as "the ban-evading mexican leftcom"

Can't you mods, like, instantly tell that I'm obviously not him? By logs or whatever?


Ban has been removed and moderator who gave it has been informed of their mistake, you are free to go comrade. That said, I can understand how the post looked a lot like theirs.
I can post a copy of them here if you want to remake the posts.


Tenk you.
>I can post a copy of them here if you want to remake the posts.
Yeah, thanks, that'd be dope. I'll probably edit them once more and post them with no flag or a different flag in that thread now so as to not confuse anons into thinking I'm *that* leftcom poster


File: 1632380495381.png (429.49 KB, 805x532, ClipboardImage.png)

That's a good idea.
You're going to have to refind the images as they got borked.

ant eggs have a rich, buttery flavor, good breakfast chow

fried grasshoppers with chili, lemon and salt (chapulines) are good party or bar snacks, an alternate or concurrent to a salty peanut bowl, if you will

fried scorpions on a stick from the street markets in china are delicious as fuark

Italian (Sardinian) casu martzu (sheep cheese with live maggots) is very soft, rich and buttery bc of the maggot digestion, a delicacy, have never tried it but I want to. Gives me a good excuse to go to Italy; apart from Italian girls, the most beautiful women in the world, of course.

Grubs ( the larvae of beetles and similar large insects like weevils) are also apparently very rich, buttery and have a flavor similar to bacon. These are eaten in Ecuador I think. Also parts of Africa. Have never tried but also really want to.

The incels who believe "le bourgeoise are gonna force us to eat bugs" conspiracy crap are schizos and Lasalleans

I of course prefer beef, chicken and seafood (and some pork but to lesser extent) for my main protein as a power-lifter, it's much more available but lots of insects have good protein ration pound for pound as well as being flavorful like the ones I just mentioned above. Very good chow for when the craving hits for something different than the ordinary.

Idk, I'm just BUILT DIFFERENT (tm)

>*ant eggs
AKA escamole in mexico


Nice. Got it. Re-found the images too, Thanks again.


FYI you can post this in the cooking thread


Mods will you do something about the American demographics thread it belongs on usa/pol/


Why do the mods allow threads spreading white nationalist schizophrenia to stay but any thread criticizing transhumanists or LGBT in general is killed on sight?


link examples. I don't think the mods allow out and out wn shit


>allow threads spreading white nationalist schizophrenia
LOL where?
>ny thread criticizing transhumanists or LGBT in general is killed on sight
They're moved to /siberia/


they should have been deleted obviously


No, they should not, /siberia/ is the appropriate place for it, given that the idpol cancer keep making it too shit for leftypol/ but the general discussions still provide good arguments and debates for people. Stop turning this place into reddit because a thread has a mean topic.


Thread >>>/anime/10193 is an accidental duplicate pls delete






Requesting http://animeperson.com/ be added into my old OP of questions/answers >>>/anime/4229 as an anime related series and character search site.


I've noticed that the IP count goes up and down now, have you finally implemented real time IP count like 4chan?


Are threads in siberia anchored? If so where?


Meant to say archived, not anchored*


stop merging 100+ reply threads into the generals what the fuck


Any examples?


Why you deleted the fluoride in water thread? It was Pasquale, he makes many mistakes and weird things.


no, I don't lel


there are plenty, actually. Like 7 different threads on burger politics ended up getting merged into usapol


why was my thread removed?


Can you be more specific? Nobody knows what your thread was about if it was removed


it was the one where I posted this .pdf


remove >>>/leftypol/512852 from bumplock


This is literal bourgeois propaganda (the same for the past 20 years) we have many threads about China and one starting with an article from foreign affairs with a click bait tile is not worth having outside the China containment thread.


what about >>>/leftypol/514160 though i don't get it


the OP is shit, but the thread has good discussion, at least merge it with the /prc/ thread


There is no german alt-right, no one ever heard of this guy, etc.


Hey mods, I accidentally made 2 threads of the same topic on tech

>>>/tech/11824 can you delete this one please? The smartphone thread


Hey discomrade, will you please bumplock that natsoc thread?


Cops never admit they're wrong


The "Fronthole smells like poop" dipcunt strikes again. Is he really a frequent user of this site?


Appears to be some foreign spammer who posts for hours. Real rent-free stuff.


He used Tor apparently. Because I encountered lots of banned nodes due to such post


requesting Deletion of
I created a India general education thread so as to combine all related topics, because those threads are too specific and just clutter up the board, despite having a couple good posts. I reposted their content, and did my best in the OP.


Sorry for the late response, done.
Thanks. I wonder if Tor outside of .onion should be blocked. It probably should.


Pls no, I think that temporary blocks of Tor would solve the issue.


Why the fuck is the site text going all-white and making green texts not work? The fuck is this shit?


have you tried turning it off and on again?


Can't relate. Is your internet slow or broken.


this user css script, originally for kurahen works and looks fantastic with the DemainLight theme


Move >>>/hobby/20000
It's just attention bait that belongs on /siberia/


Haha very funny. I fixed the issue, apparently the CSS didn't agree with an extension I had


Baleeted. It's sportschan who use a watcher bot to try and get GETs, but they kind of suck at it and only get them on slow boards no-one gives a shit about GETs on. They keep missing /leftypol/ and /siberia/ digits.


<caring about /GET/s just for the sake of the numbers


Why is >>>/leftypol/503538 anchored? it's a legit thread from the bit I've seen


It was anchored two days ago, looks like it was attracting /pol/yp spammers.
I can ask for it to be raised again, as there was legitimate discussion.


Please do


It was attracting /pol/yps everyday that were then spamming /leftypol/ with shitty bait. Do you want me to send it to siberia?



Why was a banned for >>521326 ? I caught 3 weeks and was called pol for a video about private Christian adoption agencies working with cps to traffick poor people's kids.


Mods have 0 accountability, nor do they care about the userbase


>t. leftychin.let
Me too anon. I will complain to the mods in a few hours.


suck my cock asshole, there's no reason to call people names in this situation


false positive. Coincided with lots of spam. caught in the crossfire. Sorry bout that.


Why was the Sri Lanka maoists thread deleted? It was Pask again, he's by far the worst mod of all, deleting shit for no reason with no explanation because he feels like it, he's a literal wrecker.


you can see in the logs it was merged not deleted
it is in the "defend gonzalo" megathread cause there have been so many identical threads


please look at the logs before coming here


Please merge the animal and alcohold roulette threads with /hobby/ threads on the same topic after October starts? thanks


Just letting moderation knoq that I'm just going to report some low effort pointless threads for deletion in /edu/ to clean up the catalog a bit.


Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for them.

Yeah, I think it would be good to try and save the threads that have a place. The only issue I can see is that if some are moved to siberia but are too old and fall right off the last page.


Clicking overboard/sfw/alt at the top is broken


That was a temporary issue when cleaning up the top-bar code, should be fixed now.


/hobby/ has disappeared from the boards list the fuck?


My bad, fixing now.


File: 1633060359722.jpg (175.85 KB, 1049x759, balladofhob.jpg)

a meme gone to waste


Rather, trips well spent.


Is posting online a sport? Apparently so.


Why is the China is Zionist thread saged? You protecting Haz again mods?


far as I can see it started bad and then it got worse


if you refer to the OP that starts with >B-but


also what a silly loaded question


It started based and continued to be based. Seethe hazbot


why the fuck are you removing every post that has the word "janny" or "mod" in it? how can you be so fucking fragile? just because you're a janny, you don't get to fucking remove posts that might offend you. the posts didn't break any rules.


I checked the logs. Surprise surprise, it's fucking pasquale


literal spam


It's a fucking joke. You don't get to decide what's funny and what isn't. You're not here to moderate content you fucking liberal. You're here to remove posts that break the rules. It's not fucking spam if it got removed as an off topic post in this thread (fair) and then reposted in /SIBERIA/, place for off topic discussion you fucking retard.


siberia is not for moderation discussion for now (because of spam)
I would say you are free to go but you are already posting


It's not a discussion about moderation. It's a fucking JOKE you autist. a post can mention mods or jannies without being a discussion about you. get over yourself.


how about you repost it here? It is way more appropriate here


Not a mod but there recently was a spammer shitting up threads with "muh mods" on /siberia/ and /hobby/ and /leftypol/ and it was just pure bait, and people responded unironically. Thus actual humor is going to get caught up when dealing with this shit. TH mods responded to Reports, they're not patrolling every damn thread.


mods don't care about fun and have very large very petty egos


I have a big ego but I am not petty.
And I only care about slander insofar as it wastes space.



Please delete >>>/hobby/20082 I made it by accident


Does anyone know what Deleted post #10437 and #10434? There's ben a couple accidental deletions so I just wanted to clarify.


>Deleted posts
deleted posts on /anime/ fucking autocorrect


I can confirm #10434, and almost certainly #10437 based on deletions at the exact same minute on /games/, were non-sequitur /pol/ spam OPs from TheThingNoticer.


File: 1633153124123.png (212.27 KB, 1052x940, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah picrel was the attached image, someone reported it with the picture in the congress chat


File: 1633231934673-1.png (21.79 KB, 745x156, 158380.png)

File: 1633231934673-2.png (25.14 KB, 746x190, 158375.png)

The volunteer 'discomrade' has crossed the line and apparently deleted my posts offhand merely because I put on the leftcom flag to clarify my position criticizing so-called AES States. I have not done anything to warrant such abuse. I demand that they be reprimanded for abuse of power. Spräckta Snutskallar!


It's getting out of hand, redditor mods who think they're supposed to curate content, rather than delete spam and rule-breaking posts.


Ok thanks, I just wanted to clarify because I thought maybe some legit posts got nuked by accident.


Requesting >>>/anime/8783 have "and other Roosterteeth productions" added to the OP since the board is too small at the moment for a specific show like this


>>>/anime/4715 requesting /jp/ , Otaku and weeb to the OP text because it got to page 27 for no reason and so there aren't any pointless duplicates in the future.


So I made an /anime/ meta thread (discussing meta anime topics) to replace the nearly 10 different threads on the EXACT SAME topic in the catalog, it's actually kinda retarded.


Needs "Rance, Fire Emblem and anime RPG thread" in the OP so it comes up in Catalog.


Mods add OEKAKI to /draw/ you're killing the board, what's the point of a DRAW board that you can't use to DRAW?

Steal the code from some other Chan if you have to.


>add oekaki
Its in the works. I intended for it to be a surprise. I was very tired yesterday and slept 12 hours.
I'll finish it up on my lunch break.


it has been out of hand for some time. The posters must rise up


you have a big ego and are petty


Yeah, go on rise up out of bed, my obsessed friend


why was >>>/leftypol/532418 anchored? what rule does it break?


It's idpol and anti-worker.


how is it idpol? I guess you felt called out. At least add that hurting janny feelings is against the rules.


Where's the dang catalog?


nevermind, found it. first time on this chan forgive me.


Ok, new rule, hurting janny feelings is against the rules.
You are saying workers aren't really workers, and ascribing essential characteristics to this reified identity. Basically, you're making shit up and attacking groups of workers for no good reason.

No problem. Feel free to ask any questions you like.
We also have an overboard with all the boards:
A sfw one which is all except /siberia/:
And /alt/ which is /sfw/ minus the /leftypol/ board. aka all the "alt" boards:
They also have catalogues.


Literal sectarianism. Read the rules before adding new ones.


>Basically, you're making shit up and attacking groups of workers for no good reason.
good thing you're there to defend them with your downvotes
>Literal sectarianism
look up what sectarianism means.
you allow all kinds of nazi and right-wing threads to stay up, make one against PMCs and labour aristocrats gets anchored immediately. this isn't your personal website


>vwobbly is a literal islamist that censor criticism to the reactionary idology of Islam

Why is this allowed again?


>hurting janny feelings is against the rules.
if a janny doesn't like you talking bad about islam, then DONT TALK BAD ABOUT ISLAM. simple as, chinlet


The Islam "ban" is a literal joke ban on /siberia/ you faggot, in part due to discussing /siberia/ tier topics on /leftypol/.
Hell did you people read the rules?
Rule 5, section 4
>[posts] of a gratuitously offensive or hysterical nature
< e.g. "I hate fucking Mudslimes, we need to hang them all before they rape our children"
>are likely to be removed at the discretion of moderation staff
It's not that fucking hard.


Post >>>/siberia/159862 is anchored unfairly, it's a legit topic and there is no reason for it to be dlted, OP expressed no pro-nationalist or pro-OUN sentiment


I second this. This is some wild trigger happy janitoring


Holy shit jannies how are we supposed to call people retarded for this stuff if they can’t post it. You are going completely insane


Before you accuse me of samefagging this is also me.

Jannies I have to say even by your own low standards it looks like you are spiralling right now. Please consider your actions


Yesterday I was given a 24 hour ban for supporting an internet personality in the internet trash general.
If I continue to post in the itg in support of this person, will I be banned again?


What person? Is it Agent Kochinski?


No, Haz.


Oh, huh


can you guys ban the guy with the black natioanlsit flag, hes shitting up every thread


what prompted you to delete my white women thread on /b/?


Did it have BBC spam shitposting? Because there's already a thread for that.


Requesting >>>/siberia/159538 be merged into the hobby HEMA thread


They're spanning cp in the internet thread


Someone just posted child porn on /leftypol/ while using a leftcom flag.

The left communist flag is officially in ruins


Fucking Hav0c


Pedo shit is getting spammed in ITG.
Someone please remove it.


File: 1633675286158.gif (5.27 MB, 640x480, congratulations.gif)

We love our jannies here at leftypol.org.
They can sometimes ban liberals, never reply in /meta/, and leave CP up on the boards for hours and hours.
Let's have a round of applause, folks!


It's gone now?


File: 1633675707065.png (Spoiler Image, 200.55 KB, 421x519, 1629125605777.png)

Wow, you actually did your job. Amazing.
Do you want a complimentary cookie? Do you want your dick sucked, sir? The keys to the city?


You're replying to a regular user. So your volunteering to clean CP for free at any time of day?


I will gladly volunteer to organize a competent mod team that has 24-hour coverage, sure.
This is fucking amateur hour, >>13632 was posted immediately after the CP and it took how long for something to be done? Come on.


The fuck is your problem lol
What are you waiting for?


I'm waiting on the mods to give me the power to make people mods so I can do their job for them, obviously.


When did you ask them for this power?


I didn't, just volunteering my services in case the mods don't want CP to be left on the board for hours at a time.


Submit an application at the next mod recruitment drive then.


When is that?




There needs to be increased moderation covering all time zones. There is a real effort to bring down this site via cp spam.


Yes absolutely, rest assured that is our main priority right now.


Somebody please clean up /leftypol/.


File: 1633713689692.png (142.4 KB, 1042x639, dojanniesrlly.png)

>calling out poltard falseflaggers is "polshit idpol"
do they rlly?


>there's already a thread for that.


CP on /itg/


I wish we had a mod team.


File: 1633719977814.png (150.5 KB, 896x1569, ryjdkf5927.png)


Maybe instead of jumping at boogeymen we could just have competent jannies that delete CP, like every other legal image board.


Pls remove this ThingNoticer-tier spam


requesting >>>/edu/7239 be merged into >>>/edu/220 and make 220 have "World War 2 General" in the OP


I try to post this morning only to find that I am banned from all boards, for 14 weeks… for "scabposting". Where in the rules is fucking "scabposting" mentioned? I am not going to mark my posts "/s" just so you fucking autistic reddit mods could discern between jokes and serious posts.
>he says unions are a cult
>he must be serious, better ban him from every board!
you're a fucking joke, and this website is a joke. can you at least pretend you're adults and count to 10 before you sperg out?

I accidentally made it a new thread, you can delete the thread.


>posts straight up anti-union propaganda
>wHy WaS i BaNnEd FoR sCaBpOsTiNg?


>straight up anti-union propaganda
>"unions are a cult" is "propaganda"
Even if I was being serious, point to me in the rules where being anti-union is mentioned.


Reads like anti-leftism and excessive sectarianism, no?


You allow libs, fascists, socdems… going so far to fucking recruit on reddit, yet you give a 14 week ban for a post above? Who the fuck is comet anyway and what problem does he have?


14 weeks on all boards is pretty intense. Let me look into it in a bit.


>anti-leftism and excessive sectarianism
Yet I was banned for "scabposting". Looks like you just want to ban whatever you don't like and come up with reasons later.
There are leftists who are against contemporary unions, the fact that you think "socialism is when you have unions" is worrying.
>The transformation of the UAW is part of a universal process. All over the world the trade unions, including those which, like the UAW, were founded through bitter struggles led by socialist-minded workers, now play the leading role in enforcing the dictates of management.
>now play the leading role in enforcing the dictates of management.
I assume the WSWS will be banned now?
>excessive sectarianism
Against whom? Please tell me what sect I am supposed to be and against which sect my post is?


I hope you learned your lesson not to post shit OPs. If you want to discuss the flaws of unions then write it clearly in your post.


>I assume the WSWS will be banned now?


Do you understand the meaning of scab? Strikes are generally organized by Unions and a "cult" is a negative connotation, the obvious understanding from your OP is either
A) to get a rise out of people by attacking Unions and so attack leftist movemnts
B) to try and shake Union support and therefore act like a scab
>you think "socialism is when you have unions"
Said nobody except you. And yes Unions are lefist
>There are leftists who are against contemporary unions
There are "leftists" that think nazis aren't so bad and?
Ironic as fuck, and yeah they haven't been real leftists in years given that they're a bunch of CIA sellouts.


>I hope you learned your lesson
You're not gonna patronise me. I do what I want, if you want to ban me for a bullshit reason (despite seeing my post history and knowing I'm a leftist who also makes "normal" posts) then that's your prerogative. I'm not gonna switch IPs every time I want to make a post in a different tone. This isn't a serious website, I guess you don't remember how it all started.
>shit OPs
Next time I will write how sodomites should be killed: >>>/leftypol/542111 those are the posts with Janny Seal of Approval.
>then write it clearly in your post
No, fuck you. You don't get to dictate the structure and tone of posts, wtf.
>A) to get a rise out of people by attacking Unions and so attack leftist movemnts
that doesn't follow. by triggering anons I am "attacking leftist movements"? How do you make that leap?
>B) to try and shake Union support and therefore act like a scab
Ah yes, because someone might be convinced unions are bad because someone called them a "cult". Since you're an autist, here:
<Surreal humour (alternatively spelled surreal humor; also known as absurdist humour or surreal comedy) is a form of humour predicated on deliberate violations of causal reasoning, producing events and behaviours that are obviously illogical. Constructions of surreal humour tend to involve bizarre juxtapositions, incongruity, non-sequiturs, irrational or absurd situations and expressions of nonsense.[1]
OBVIOUSLY unions aren't cults, this is OBVIOUS to anyone with a functioning brain. What if I called unions armies for interdimensional lizard beings, would you ban be for anti-union propaganda then too?
>Said nobody except you.
>says it in the next sentence


someone call the whaaaambulance


it is idpol to call someone 'the blackest retard gorilla uyghur'

t. that mod


>writes dumb arguments
>gets called out
<"y-you're crying!"
2 hours for racist idpol, 14 weeks for a joke about unions.


The CP spam is also form leftychan


There was a misunderstanding and the post was mistaken for a raid. Sorry about that, your ban has been lifted.


CP in internet thread


File: 1633945682971.jpg (44.64 KB, 499x521, 1625105063273-0.jpg)

it's gone nice


Is that leftychan throwing a tantrum still?


awesome pic thanks


to be clear I mean the mushroom cat, love both cattos and fly agarics, nice combo


Yeah that's from the /i/ thread but there is far worse they did and publically admitted to. These people are severely mentally ill.


>OBVIOUSLY unions aren't cults
Yes that's my point
>ur autistic
I didn't insult you, I merely made an explanation a to the reasons your ban cold be made, no need to be so hostile.
>says it in the next sentence
Leftism =/= socialism bud.


no it isn't there is nothing political about it


File: 1633989935615.png (9.38 KB, 622x138, what is this.png)

what's this?


Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting.


no it isn't there is nothing political about it


File: 1634001433531-1.png (7.59 KB, 987x51, m00dy ban.png)

Please explain why someone got banned for this post
Because it seems to me a christcom mod got mad and decided to ban them because they were interpreting the Bible "incorrectly". There's no evidence that the user in question was a /pol/tard (the excuse used for the ban). The christcom who replied (probably the mod) even called them an atheist, so the ban excuse was an after-the-fact justification.
I'm not the person who was banned, just a concerned observer. Extremely bad development for this website if this sort of thing becomes a trend, so it's best to address it now.


I've notified the moderator for input as I cannot understand the ban reason either, although it may be some time before they're available.


The mod is not the christcom and the ban has been lifted. The original reason for the ban was as stated, however the post was found to be a direct answer to the OPs question and no rule broken.


could you address >>13685 please?


Good job keeping the board clean i just saw a "russian communist party is literally CIA" shilling thread getting deleted. Rightoids have superior numbers not only in users but also shills.


I've had a look at the thread now, it seems like it's a specific topic that fueled a whole thread, rather than something trivial for a general thread.
Why shouldn't the final few off-topic posts be moved into a new purpose-built WWII general thread?


File: 1634072472377-1.jpg (316.97 KB, 750x859, 1634060930416.jpg)


They're already banned (see /leftypol/ meta sticky), use the report buttom to report their posts as 'ban evading pan-african' or something.


>Why shouldn't the final few off-topic posts be moved into a new purpose-built WWII general thread?
Because, as the dude that has mad several general threads for China, India and others prior on /edu/ it's kind of a lot of work. I guess I could do that but later/


Cp in ITG


Delete itg while you're at it


This and https://saucenao.com/ should be added into the mentioned OP


What are the reasons for Luffy-poster's ban? I'm just curious since despite disagreements on some topic, they're not all that overbearing and mostly stay in /siberia/ (the designated shitting board)


they were banned originally for idpol and thread spam


Ah, ok. Too bad.


stop banning for antivax


I cant post anything I keep getting an alert stating
"flood detected post discarded" on every board even if the post is wildly different from one another


Why aren't tor users allowed to post images now?? I want to start a thread


The dev team has since edited a new setting, are you still having the issue anon?
Image posting on tor is temporarily disabled to prevent CP spam.


Requesting >>>/hobby/856 be merged into the active >>>/hobby/18679


Has the idea for countdown timers on posts been floated yet? I'm probably the only uygha who would benefit from it but I thought I should ask


>countdown timers on posts
I'm not sure what you mean. Like the cool-down between posts that 4chann does?



It's possible… it wouldn't work for shared IPs with two users/device posting at the same time but that's a pretty rare case.
Maybe put it in the >>>/tech/ sticky.


Set it to 30 seconds and it'll be better than 4chan's… also this goes in the proposal thread


The ban appeal system is too small so I'm posting here. I request that my ban be lifted, I got the message; stop shitposting, and I already have.

For clarification
>Ban Reason: /pol/ (no, no other details given)
I assume this is based on someone reporting me, since I got banned for a post I made 3 HOURS ago, in a concern-trolling thread. I myself stated clearly several times that I joined the trolling because 2 posters took bait that easily and that none of my posts had been actually totally serious.

In so far as I can recall trolling and shitposting in /siberia/ is not a bannable offense, let alone a 7-day ban. You could post a warning first to not continue, especially since I had already stopped trolling, do not have a long history of shitposting (unlike Luffyposter) and actually sincerely discussed*, using sources from /leftypol/ itself.

Moreover even my troll posts had been based hyperbolized leftypol rhetoric, controversial as it may be; idpol is bad and reeks of bourg politics:
I merely hyperbolized using some historical examples and memes straight from leftypol itself.
Also all my posts had been saged so as to not bump unnecessarily, since I recognized that my posts shouldn't appear on Overboard.

Example of sincere posts by me in the same thread >>>/siberia/164980 >>>/siberia/164949


You've been cleared


File: 1634356062073.png (496.74 KB, 584x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Gracias amigo.


Agree, Lib mods gonna lib tho


Why have you saged the pirate thread you ingrates


It's thematically appropriate.


In what sense


Just got banned for suggesting the primary was rigged against Sanders
Even got banned from /meta/ which suggests the ban is not on the up and up with a ban for "samefagging" which I was not doing
Suggest you purge this vol as they are either an idiot or a saboteur




It’s because you’re a brocialist anon it was her turn


Seriously jannoids how the fuck are you justifying this one


not what happened




Really really.


Then why?
Thanks for the unban anyway


There is let's say some issues with VPN spam


Also there hasn't been an unban


Mods are based for nuking king lear posts. Keep up the good work.


King Lear is based and you are a lib


File: 1634495141852.png (1.6 MB, 1024x662, ClipboardImage.png)

Please merge >>>/edu/776 and >>>/edu/3347 into >>>/edu/4135 as both are about cybersocialism and Cockshott and so should be unified into a single more active thread on the topic.


Merge >>>/anime/3388 into >>>/anime/3969 since they're both Vtuber threads and the latter is more recently active.


You can't merge an older thread into a newer one, it fucks everything up.


Sure you can, a VERY old /draw/ thread on /hobby got merged into a much more active recent one and fit in just fine.

Also the Vtuber threads aren't actually older, they got made on the same day, so the older one isn't going to make a big problem being merged in.


>>>/anime/6102 should be merged into the older but more active NGE General thread >>>/anime/590, since both thread have decent content.


I'm trying to upload a 2.28Mb file and It keeps telling me the file is too big. The limit is roughly 60-80Mb so I don't understand the issue. It's over 11,000 pixels tall of a pic but I've seen comparable or larger uploaded on the site before but attempting to upload those files also fails. Have the image limits been made smaller?


merging threads keeps the relative post ages so the older posts will slot in further back in the thread without much issue
you probably haven't even noticed it, but a lot of alt-board threads are merged


Why did you sage the sexwork threads you boobs


My suspicion is a 10000x10000 limit but I haven't checked. To my knowledge, image limits have not been made smaller since the beginning of the year.


That's really odd because I posted this image (link) on leftypol.org back in spring but it doesn't post anymore






>>>/leftypol/510403 is on Page 15, it's an excellent discussion but too slow and should be moved to >>>/edu/


>>>/leftypol/553042 has good effort posts and should be preserved as well on /edu/


Merge >>>/edu/4202 and >>>/edu/1227 aas both are about physical books (vs ebooks)


>>>/edu/733 is a dialectics and scientific socialism thread that has an excellently proper effort-post for an OP.

I suggest that >>>/edu/906 and >>>/edu/1265 (both about dialectics) be merged into the older and better thread that is >>>/edu/733

The posts on merging or deletions are my attempt to clean up and streamtline the /edu/ catalog, as it is very full and is very disorganized.


>it is very full and is very disorganized.
I mean it's an imageboard catalog, so it would be weird to expect otherwise


mods can you do something about the e celeb thread? it is completely derailed. it is only about Land Back, Sakai and other idpol bullshit now. and it's full of posts like this >>>/leftypol/556651 and this >>>/leftypol/557041


>i must MEEERGE similarly themed threads that trigger my OCD like people care about hundred replies threads
>no bump just MEEEEERGE


mods can you scratch my >>>/asshole/ it itches like hell everytime I take a dump


File: 1634827544757.jpg (12.65 KB, 285x380, 507.jpg)

>saging a pinned thread


mods, check out the /ITG/ thread. it's getting raided


Mods move the Tesla thread to crisis or delete pls


Does anyone else notice a decrease in overall post quality on /leftypol/? Is the board dying?




>be me
>get b& from leftypol
>dae this place is bad noew???



Can this thread be archived? Thx


Looks like it got copied to /edu/, which solves the issue.


why was my thread about this .pdf removed


Not a mod, but COVID-19 outside COVID-19 general.


who are you quoting?


remove the character limit


Remove (you)s


File: 1635369519606.png (70.17 KB, 178x279, ClipboardImage.png)

>no rationale
opinion discarded


There's a character limit? what's the limit?


The current hide-image blurry function is a fucking pain in the ass, please just turn it back to the way it has been.


>>>/anime/11070 should be merged onto >>>/anime/590 The latter thread is the original Evanglion thread and is on Page 2 FFS, it's not that goddamn hard to use catalog.


thread mergers are cringe


That's an unforeseen side effect of a different feature. I'll try to fix that soon.


thank you, it vas just very bothersome to the eyes ya feel me?

People that don't use catalog and make duplicates are infinite cringe.


There's at least 3 general collection threads in /hobby/
please merge >>>/hobby/20519 into >>>/hobby/789


Please merge >>>/hobby/13754 into the general animal thread ( >>>/hobby/15005 ) since it's a good thread but kinda too specific and sinks fast.


>People that don't use catalog and make duplicates are infinite cringe.
thread generals become shitposting centers without any serrious discussion, so why shouldn't new threads be made?


>Generals become shitposting centers
no, they don't
>why shouldn't new threads
>"I'm going to make a thread complaining about a topic outside the thread already discussing the topic"
anti-general fags like you are the kind of cancer that spams soyjak OPs and thinks it's a legit thread. This isn't /b/, so shitting up catalog with 3-4 threads on the same thing is retarded.


>no, they don't
have you looked at any recently?


Yes, I have, unlike you apparently.


>no, they don't
/ITG/ is one of the biggest and most notorious shit threads on the site.
But in defense, that's why they're generals. Containment.


I'm not talking about /leftypol/ I'm clearly referring to topic generals like /evangelion/ or /naruto/ or other /capeshit/

Also /ITG/ is a containment thread and does exactly the thing it needs to, contains the majority of pointless internet cancer
>that's why they're generals. Containment
For shit like China General and ITG, yeah, because a million different thread on the same goddamn topic is dumb. It's even dumber in a slower board like /anime/ or /hobby/ and speaks of laziness and bad faith posting.


/usapol/ is way worse


they're both worse


Why did my thread where I mathematically proved that the Cambodian Genocide was impossible get removed


I don't care if he's a glowie, a troll, or just retarded, it doesn't matter which one of the three; no one should be allowed to shitpost like this on a topic of such importance.



>>>/siberia/149113 send this to /games/ and merge into the chess thread there, since this board is too fast for this slo game and I don't feel like restarting another chess thread.


I just came here to say that the halloween shit yall are doing is fucking gold. Good job guys.


Cope -> I agreeing
Seethe -> yes please


We appreciate it!

The spooks have now gone, here are the instructions to summon them again:
>Select the theme Dark Spooky
>Add the following User JS in the [Options] tab
// Halloween spooks
    if($("#pagewrap").length === 1){
    $("#pagewrap").css('background', `url('/spooks.php?nocache=${Math.random()}') bottom 20px right 20px fixed no-repeat`);$("#pagewrap").css('background-size', '20%');
    $(".intro").each(function() { if($(this).find('img.flag').length === 0){$(this).find('time').prev().append(' <img class="flag" src="/static/flags/egoism.png" style="width:max-content;height:16px;object-fit:none;vertical-align:top;" alt="Egoism" title="Egoism">')}});


File: 1635787288743.png (314.62 KB, 601x450, ClipboardImage.png)

I just now noticed the 'Dark Solarized' theme

The blue looks kino as fuck


This, it's the exact same kind of shit OP so it's not like this new thread is discussing anything that's not already in the older one.

Thank you so much for mentioning it, it's my new mobile theme now.


For >>>/anime/5295 I request the OP have the following added to it, for the sake of making it more locatable in catalog search: (Also) This thread is for all the harem anime, manga, light novels/virtual novels etc. Post your Favorite Anime, Favorite Scenes, What you like about them, memes, discussion, lewds (spoilered) and anything in between.


One of you janny bastards was running amok in the britpol thread last night and should be punished


Why was this deleted? Literally debunking imperialist talking points not allowed any more


>>>/hobby/6485 should be merged into >>>/hobby/3525, to create a unified Self-Help/Self-Improvement thread (as both have good takes but the latter is more extensive).


File: 1635886863251-0.jpg (96.52 KB, 1883x322, IMG_20211102_204622.jpg)

File: 1635886863251-2.jpg (139.78 KB, 1920x833, IMG_20211102_204512.jpg)

File: 1635886863251-4.jpg (170.28 KB, 1874x814, IMG_20211102_170544.jpg)

Hello I would like to report a person impersonating me and being inappropriate and transophobic
I have some images for evidence
I have a lot of evidence I had to change my name to anonymous because for some reason this person was able to trick the system and is no longer says you posted this sometimes can you please do something after some please don't ban me by accident
And I might post more evidence later



I kno that siberia is a shitposting dump of board but can the mods either merge or delete the No Nut November and "I want sex" threads? They're just the same shit and full of incel crap and it's shitting up the board a bit
Example >>>/siberia/171728 and >>>/siberia/171009. It's the same shit and it's just 2 of like 5 threads on this topic, it's not even a proper porn thread or something, just bellyaching about "no-sex" that just attracts /pol/ incel posting.


There are probably more threads of the sort.
"No Nut November" threads:


sorry chief, nothing we can do.


There is someone near round-the-clock spamming the board again
you might run into some issues with VPNs


i wonder how many regular posters are getting banned because some retard mods thinks everything they don't like is spam


I assure you these are very easy to identify


>I assure you these are very easy to identify
>mods delete half of threads and ban 90% of new posts



You have no proof and in my opinion, they don't ban and delete enough.


why not make a cycling incel general and merge all their threads to it


can someone please explain why the fuck one of my devices has a bullshit 7 week ban for spam


>virtual novels

And merge all the "is sex/masturbation bad" threads too while you're at it. Just have a general male sexuality and relationships thread. Although it would be a pain in the ass to merge every single threat of this sort that pops up.
Just kidding, I think all this incel and sex-obsessed shit should be banned.


You guys are deleting posts about voting now?? It's not even right wing lol. Do you just delete everything you disagree with?


<b-b-but it was A REALLY GOOD crypto post that time!


recently we're handing out bans for threads that have no reason to not be contained in a relevant general (in your thread's case, it belongs in /usa/pol) if its notably low-effort


Yes voting for Democrats. Real Crypto


Define low vs high effort please. How are these high effort and a post that goes over voting in the US by bringing up numerous examples of policies to discuss is low effort




first, learn 2 crosslink

second, low effort relative to establishing itself as a topic of discussion that can be meaningfully distinct from being in a general thread. the last thing that we want to do is flood the board with usa and china threads, especially because we've had a lot of problems of current events threads overtaking everything else. some degree of curation is necessary to prevent every political hiccup of the two countries from taking up the front-page, especially because they are most often the targets for spam and flamewars. as such, they are condensed into their relevant generals, where they are easier to moderate and allow other, more niche threads to survive. a thread that does not necessarily have a general to be contained to does not need to have the same degree of effort put into it, because there is no practical reason to try and contain and condense these topics into fewer threads. in exceptional cases, like the US riots last year, there can be effectively a second /usa/pol general to contain the relevant happenings, but they are pretty extreme exceptions to the rule.


Ok sorry I will just post a picture of French politics and go "Mutts explain this???" and it will be okay then thanks.


personally, I'd prefer that we'd reinstate the character prerequisite and had harsher standards of quality for threads, but a mix of the subsequent posts being discussion-provoking and the other mods wanting to experiment with going a bit easier on these kinds of threads stays my hand a lot of the time.


I won't make any American posts but curious if I make the same thread but make it about French or Spanish politics would it stay up?


probably, unless it turned into an unmitigated shitstorm for some reason, in which case we'd probably ban and delete the offenders and maybe sage the thread if it kept happening after that


stray bullet, I guess


File: 1636035676967.png (28.58 KB, 480x489, Yes Bolshevik.png)

>voting for Democrats. Real Crypto


this isn't related to moderation but I don't know where else to ask:
can you make the blinking typing cursor ( | ) appear even when you're at the beginning of a line


have i been unbanned

because my ban appeal was rejected and i was supposedly banned until dec 8

but now i can post for some reason

so i gotta ask was i unbanned?


Yep, you're good to go. Sorry for the wait.


oh its okay, thanks


>>>/hobby/15143 Is kinda redundant given that the original Star Wars thread is still active >>>/hobby/2737 and more recently overall compared to the recently bumped Nuthread. That said the other thread has good posts and it'd be a shame for them to be deleted, so merge the 2 sides of the force Mods.


A lot of child porn in /leftypol/ rn


Deleted. Thanks.


stop deleting posts just because you don't like them.
leftypol needs new mods


You are basically imitating a bot. This is hostile behavior.


Yup. You can't switch IPs a bunch to reply to the same guy's argument. That would fall under false pretenses and similar rules.


actually on second thought I don't see why this should be allowed on /meta/


File: 1636301142293.jpg (149.22 KB, 782x920, 20210213_180946.jpg)

m00by, just tell me what my original ban was for and then I'll be cool
Don't make me come on the matrix and embarrass you again


You are banned and removed for repeated ban evasion. We can discuss further in the matrix if you wish, but do not shit up the board further.


can I have an example of a time I ban evaded?
This is a pretty simple request guys, come on. I made a post, was randomly banned for "ban evasion", despite not having any bans. And then when I ask wtf is happening you repeatedly ban me rather than telling me what's going on. I'm not even spamming, I'm just trying to have a conversation with one of you lot.



>There wasn't any augments in the first place, and the baiter couldn't start one on purpose, so they made a false reports to start shit up
>The mods only did something now and came in from false reports
How about when you see an obvious bait, you do something about it or prevent it. Because the same baiter has been in /anime/ for a while now on the vtuber thread and force topical show bad in the /anime/ threads, just like how the kiwi users keep making threads about chris chan and bring him up in the /itg/ thread for a while. Other then that, nothing was going on and there wasn't any arguing in the first place so far, all you're doing adding fuel for someone trying to stat a fire by editing that to the post when nothing actually happen.
Also the anon is most likely the same baiter from /siberia/ & /hobby/ since they're doing the same false reports like on the /co/ thread that wvobbly dismiss and edited a post for.


What does "bot" mean. I got some glitch ban for 6 weeks that just randomly disappeared. There seems to be some bug with posting. I'm on the same IP i've always been on


Nvm. I was unbanned already. Doesn't matter.


>force topical show bad in the /anime/ threads
Are you talking about High Guardian Spic? bcaus that isn't forced given that its advertised as /anime/ and all the posts on it actually put effort into discussing it unlike the "it's based" spam.


File: 1636388921710.png (18.9 KB, 300x100, pon 1633221875512.png)

>>>/siberia/158790 has kinda run its course, so it might be better to merge into >>>/games/12629 as the pony containment thread.


For that? nah, it called shitposting anon and not forced overlong propaganda telling us topical bad thing is bad like with Chris Chan :^)
It becomes even worse when the anon tries to false report and make bait to start pointless arguments


>topical bad thing is bad like with Chris Chan
nobody even brought that up except you, and the false reports are randomized bot spam.
Also it's an /anime/ board, that is topical in itself you absolute retard.

Also it's extremely obvious you're the retard that got banned for spamming "bait" and making bad faith posts usually using emoji shit too. Your spam of "nah based" is also common.
>inb4 different IPs
you're IP hopping.


>when nothing actually happen
<spamming the same reply over 5 times in the board and 3 times in a row is nothing
There is shitposting and there is spam. The mods dismissing YOUR false reports aren't a problem and honestly they ought to just delete your spam outright.


>nobody even brought that up except you
except "all the posts on it actually put effort" you were referring to including the CR since that one was just talking about HGS

>The mods dismissing YOUR false reports

>you're IP hopping.
Bait lel


But move it to /hobby/ since that would more fitting for a /co/ containment thread then /game/


Hi, can I appeal a ban here?


That is the purpose (in part) of this thread


>"all the posts on it actually put effort" you were referring to including the CR since that one was just talking about HGS
You're a schizophrenic, None of those posts mention Chris-chan and given that the CR one used HGS as an example you're still incorrect, being mad that your shitty ass "totally-an-anime" is being called out is not "topical bad", get over yourself and stop shitting up this site.


>You're a schizophrenic
>get over yourself and stop shitting up this site
>your shitty ass "totally-an-anime"
>The mods dismissing YOUR false reports
>you're IP hopping.
This is the bait i was talking about lel


I was banned for ban evading despite not having a ban. I think there's been some sort of mistake.


It's possible that you are on the same IP as a IP-hopping spammer, Mind posting the post you got a ban for?


>B-bait Bait, everything is bait
Yeah it's definitely you again. Nobody likes you, not on /siberia/, not on /hobby/ not on /anime/


>Nobody likes you
Nah i like me :^)


File: 1636410361465.jpg (15.12 KB, 474x474, Not Beit.jpg)



File: 1636410983803.png (46.77 KB, 255x191, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there any reason image posting isn't functioning at random?
I keep getting shit like {"readyState":0,"status":0,"statusText":"error"} in my posts


After looking at this IP I can safely say there was no mistake


rude owo


what did I do?


>de owo
yet more proof of the spammer having returned.


I'm not aware of that issue, is it still happening? Can anyone else confirm it? The more details, the better chance we have of fixing it.


>de owo




How do i sage threads. Putting it on the email fields seemingly does nothing.


The issue has stopped popping up


That is the sage entry, it's an occasional bug if you sage post too many times in a row

If you're a mod could you do >>14544 and >>14481 ?


That's good, let us know if it returns. It can be a response to a typical connection error.

>If you're a mod could you do >>14544 and >>14481 ?
Haven't checked them yet, but be advised that modifying pre-coup threads is far more difficult that post-coup threads due to mistakes in the hacky post scrapper I wrote and partially tested in literally hours. This is why you see occasionally the threads with raw code (often orange due to < tags) and flag names in the post.
I'll look into it and do tests to make sure it's fine, do feel free to keep reminding me as things are pretty hectic at the moment.


>you see occasionally the threads with raw code (often orange due to < tags) and flag names in the post.
Yeah I'm aware, I've been helping the mods by reporting miscoded stuff for fixing. I'm just trying to streamline alt boards a bit since they're junked up and I feel that discourages people from posting.


File: 1636585065078.jpg (588.77 KB, 1618x911, Cute Robin and book.jpg)

Speaking of excessive posts /edu/ has far too many Reading Generals, it's kind of ridiculous, a lot of these Reading OPs are QTDDTOT material. IDC if you merge or delete this, it's just too much junk in the catalog.

>>>/edu/670 is the currently active Reading General thread that has the most posts and content.


What's leftypol's rules for playing devil's advocate for anti-communists.


In my experience? Make sure to emphasize that you're playing devils advocate and point out naysayers to make legitimate counter-arguments instead of just dismissing concerns.


is copypasta allowed?


Depends on context like everything but it's not verboten per se.


As long as you don't spam it and it's relevant to the thread


Can someone please tell pasquale to ease up on the bans and deletions? It's becoming a bit ridiculous at this point.


I was given a 2 month ban by them for "spam" about a week ago. It was lifted a couple days later but I'd prefer that they just didn't ban and delete shit without providing some actual justification.


as I said above, serious spam issues.


Can someone explain why the post I responded to was deleted just now?
Honestly, this is terrible moderation.((because they have multiple active bans for spam, lying in /meta/, samefagging to incite drama, and raiding with gore))


Let's see if this post gets deleted too.


File: 1636657446548.png (150.47 KB, 950x950, ClipboardImage.png)

I really hope this isn't a sign that emotionally unstable mods will cause yet another split. I'm way too fucking tired of this.


guessing you have seen the spam in the USApol thread.


anyway, this is the explanation


Maybe this is true, but a lot of posts in the USApol thread that were being deleted were not spam, I was watching it myself


Replies have to also be removed at that point or it is just endlessly repeating the 1-2 erroneous points spammed.


How do you define spam


repeating the same post, in this case hundreds of times


Very well then, and I'll assume that >>14649 is a reasonable argument.

I petition that from now on, posts that are being deleted because they are replies to spam require a screenshot of the spam post they are responding to. I want this evidence to exist so that our moderation starr, like pasquale, aren't falsely accused of abusing their power. Is this a fair position?


*moderation staff


he says its only repeating the same post, in this case hundreds of times but its regular comments that he disagrees with thats also deleted and banned as spam.
pasquale deletes half of most threads for no reason and treats any opinion that is a slight deviation from his as rightoid forum sliding


You are free to screenshot whatever, it's all yours


How does this make any sense? From my perspective, all I see is a bunch of normal posts being deleted for no reason. I want the burden of proof to be on the moderator making the deletions.


you can see the whole thread if you don't leave it, which is the issue in the first place, hence so many replies to spam


pasquale disagreed with it so it MUST BE spam or pol infiltrators
also deleting replies to things pasquale doesn't like so its not too obvious like it would be when there are tons of attempts at conversation but loads of green numbers as a clear mod intervention.


Point is, you need to stop replying to the exact same post and f5
Like you wouldn't engage an insane person on a street corner.


but you're the only one who seems to think most of these normal posts are an insane person on a street corner




What if I leave the thread by accident or have to leave for other reasons? Should I preemptively save a copy of every thread I enter just in case a post is deemed to be spam and all the replies are deleted? Have you considered the possibility that those replies might actually be worth keeping in spite of this, or that such discussions can evolve? How can I tell if posts are being deleted due to moderator abuse and not spam?


who knows, I have wanted better logs for a long time. If you can code.


documenting everything that is deleted is not possible manually


>ignores the rest
Fine, whatever. In that case I want pasquale to stop pruning replies until improved logging is implemented.


Oh look everyone hates pasquale wow how strange


I don't hate him, I just want some transparency


based trips
also there isn't much to like about a mod that deletes huge parts of threads and destroys the boards


Not defending him but I think, given the silence from mods for a couple days that he's going over a backlog of reported posts and deleting them in response to reports (some of them being spam reports by a notorious spammer).


Can these be addressed please?


its not really a backlog, he's stilling in threads waiting for things he doesn't like and just deletes them for spam then bans the replies to things he doesn't like. This wasn't even polyp posters

I will say the site has been a lot better in the last 8 hours since pasquale hasn't been around


Ok, then that's just shitty behavior. *shrug*


but that isnt what happens


also see this


again, not gonna happen
I am sure you'll see the content again, if not, all the better


Let me be clear, the spam mainly consists of cycling through three talking points (Rittenhouse dindu nuffin also if he did he won and they deserved it) concerning the trial of a proud soy in the US. Again, spamming them hundreds of times in different threads.


Yes it is. So many people have pointed this out, it is quite clear for anyone to see who is not a modcop turning of their body cam and closing ranks. You people are genuinely disgusting idk how you can consider yourself a leftist when you get this power pozzed over something as petty as a post on an image board it’s a fucking disgrace.


stfu wrecker, stop lying you pathetic homunculus


>spam mainly consists of cycling through three talking points
you're banning a lot more then the same three talking points. You're banning nearly anything that isn't shitposting about the trial.
There hundreds of normal posts discussing law that were deleted because you don't like hearing it.



nope there are quite normal posts all throughout the board that get deleted all for having a slightly differentopinion then you. this goes beyond just polyps you're silencing leftists you don't agree with


you are such a boring tard


As there seems to be some confusion I'd like to clear it up, we don't need to camp on threads to mod them, we do have tools.


honestly if this is no bot it is incredibly sad


any sadder then a mod ruining a site because everything he doesn't like is spam?


why do you feel addressed? lmao


why do you feel I feel addressed? lmao cope


You replied to me



Do you seriously have brain damage?


you're fishing for a win and all thats coming up is Ls


I'm not lying lmao there are loads of posts complaining about pasquale, loads of people complaining about the boards lack of accountability. It is undeniable, and yet you do. Modcop with no bodycam, or simp. Whichever it is, equally disgusting, the online Kyle Rittenhouse.


>writing this in defense of a Rittenhouse simp spamming the board day in day out
You aren't even human


>everyone that complains about pasquale simps rittenhouse

This is why you people are completely disgusting


Did he get muzzled? Holy based if true


Can you not start this shit again, this is /meta/ but this isn't the thread to jump on mods after action has been taking, you're sinking actual complaints at this point.


You vile imitation of a human, you simp Rittenhouse because you defend the constant spam of pro-Rittenhouse posts.


Hey Sage.
Consider the following:
>user spams (as in, flooding off-topic in a bunch of threads) low-effort /pol/ garbage dozens of times
>that user claims that the posts are being deleted because 'pasquale disagrees with me' when it's literally malicious flooding spam and ban evasion that unambiguously violates rules
>that user intentionally evades despite seeing no less than 5 'second chance' warnings saying to wait out a 2 day ban
Explain to me (not pasquale) what we've done wrong here. Banning literally flood spam ( >>14694 ) isn't "waiting for things he doesn't like", it's countering an unambiguous malicious attack on the site.


there have been several people saying that regular posts get deleted for no reason.
if you sit in a thread long even youl'll see what ideas pasquale agrees with and what he doesn't,


don't you think its odd that pasquale and only pasquale is catch 90% of this other "spam"?
Its neither no other mods are doing their job or that the amount of posts that pasquale considers "spam vastly out numbers that of a sane person


>>user spams (as in, flooding off-topic in a bunch of threads) low-effort /pol/ garbage dozens of times
This is unambiguous. I would have removed it too. In fact, you have prior bans from 6 different mods. Are you going to answer the question or just deflect?


then why does one made have so much more bans then others?
Is it that he just finds spam more or that he gets his feelings hurt more


Timezones and availability.


File: 1636815908923.jpg (52.37 KB, 600x908, INF3_0140.jpg)

This is what happens when you give germans unchecked power, they are consistently some of the most pedantic people I've ever met. I shouldn't be having to put up with this shit after brexit smh(samefagging)


the site is a lot better when pasquale isn't around(samefagging)


during his free time, instead of chilling with the gf pasquale sits at his computer, vetting every post made to leftypol.org. Sad!(samefagging)


who am I meant to be samefagging as?
that is my only recent post ITT

if you think >>14640 is me, then it isn't. You jannies sure are getting paranoid lmao


File: 1636844935516.png (168.04 KB, 426x310, ClipboardImage.png)

More respectable use of free time than spending literally hours a day for two months switching VPNs to spam gore, then complaining when it gets removed. Even TheThingNoticer isn't that obsessed.

You forgot to switch IPs a few times lol it's pretty obvious most of the recent 10 posts are you.


sounds like leftychin stirring shit to start shit

jannies still suck and chinlets wouldn't have anything to complain about if they were good


>You forgot to switch IPs a few times lol it's pretty obvious most of the recent 10 posts are you.
I'm being 100% straight with you right now, bro
The propaganda poster one is the only post I made. I only saw that ppl were shitting on pasquale ITT a few hours ago (when I made that post). I was kinda late to the party tbh.
But yeah, not me. You fags just need to start taking genuine criticism seriously, for your own sake.

>jannies still suck and chinlets wouldn't have anything to complain about if they were good


The site software says otherwise.


>The site software says otherwise
well, unless I made posts while asleep then you're reading the software wrong m8


Hell yeah on that one. Themes always welcome.


File: 1636887557156.jpg (96.23 KB, 890x656, so stupid.jpg)

>wouldn't have anything to complain about if they were good
This is such a funny concept I just have to reply. So you will believe just absolutely anything?


File: 1636920681608-0.png (355.11 KB, 864x1424, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1636920681608-1.png (102.06 KB, 1892x579, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1636920681608-2.mp4 (292.39 KB, 426x426, hank sus.mp4)

woah woah woah woah woah
what the fuck is going on pasquale. Explain yourself.


A habitual spammer is doing a funny


if this is pasquale, you've banned me for spam for ridiculous shit in the past. I don't really trust you tbh


see this and this for additional information
but we are doing the perpetual repetition again


File: 1636925463249-0.png (101.43 KB, 1878x850, Capture1.PNG)

File: 1636925463249-1.png (88.78 KB, 1902x674, capture 2.PNG)

File: 1636925463249-2.png (165 KB, 1910x741, ClipboardImage.png)

Posting this here because I'm a stubborn cunt who doesn't like authority.
Also posting greentext because I know you're all lazy fuckers who don't read paragraphs. also attached the screenshots as proof

>be me

>regular poster on leftypol.org
>decide to check out /meta/
>watch about four regular posts get massacred when a refresh happens
>look at the mod logs
>pasquale is on a kill streak, mowing down posts ITT
>ask him wtf is going on
>he says "spam"
>ask for more detail about the "spam" because it seems kinda sus
>get a four week ban for "schizo spam" from pasquale and my posts criticising him deleted
>make a post appealing the ban using a VPN
>another anon comes to my defence asking wtf is happening
>these posts get nuked too
>check mod logs again
>they'd been tampered with so it didn't look like pasquale had nuked them
>he's clearly retarded because he was logged in, so it was obvious what he had done (kek)
>make thread asking for a non-schizo janny to come to my rescue (>>14783)
>this seems to have happened
>ban repealed
>no explanation given

please screenshot this post, it will probably get nuked too


There was a post in leftypol mod thread suggesting a replacement for pasquale
needless to say its not there anymore and was likely given a 4 week ban for suggesting an improvement in moderation in a moderation thread.
spam right?


we should be able to criticise the mods on this board without it being labelled "spam" or "dramafagging" and getting month long bans on our home IP addresses. /meta/ is literally called Ruthless criticism of all that exists (in leftypol.org)


>/meta/ is literally called Ruthless criticism of all that exists (in leftypol.org)

not if pasquale has anything to say about it


Who are you going to believe, the site software or your own lying eyes?


pasquale will ban you for spam even if you disagree with him on some random issue.
I made a post a few days ago discussing the points the Czechoslovakians had against the USSR and I was put on a 2 day ban for spam.

We've all seen very normal posts get deleted because they disagreed with pasquale


File: 1636926525280.png (258.1 KB, 474x370, ClipboardImage.png)

I will apply to be a mod just so I can see this obsessed anglo-brain cry about pasquale every day.


this is another thing which annoys me, the constant gaslighting from the jannies. I understand they can see more than us in regards to posters, but I know for a fact I haven't been spamming. I know for a fact I wasn't banned while using a VPN. It just feels like they're lying to us in order to cover their own asses.


File: 1636926605798.png (202.67 KB, 1054x336, ClipboardImage.png)

>there's only one person who dislikes pasquale
ultimate cope


Better join soon, every time I come back here there are 100 less posters.


Nice try leftychin, but the IP count has remained pretty consistent.


This is really strange TBH because before this pasquale has been moderating fairly and responded to reports and other content that genuinely needed to be removed or edited. Maybe someone hacked the account?


not a mod but scrolling through this thread it looks like some anglo ( >>14732 ) samefag is using a vpn to try and concern troll and flame drama for the past week after their posts got removed


its definitely more then 1 person


This site needs an /r9k/ board


No, go and stay go /pol/


This is exactly what they are doing and have always done


You have to under stand pasquale is a legitimate nut job. He was absolutely no qualms (or is completely unable to stop himself) (or is unaware that he is doing so) lying, making shit up, gaslighting. Also it’s not ideological, it makes not coherent sense. He has a series of personal phobias and manias god knows what they are based on, he takes a disliking to certain things and works backwards from there spiralling angrier and angrier.

It’s wrong to think it’s because he disagrees with you, it’s worse than that, it’s because at some point in time you have personally slighted him, which may indeed come about through a minor political disagreement.

He’s completely insane. An utterly deranged individual and his mental age comes across as either very young or severely mentally ill.


You got it. I like leaving things as exercise to the reader but this is a sustained effort to wreck /leftypol/.


I am not sure what that achieves. The threads with no responses after 21st of December of last year can be archived but I am not sure if they will survive that (there is a problem moving old threads).


Threads which migrated from bunkerchan to /leftypol/ and then were re-migrated because of the retardation of the split are notably volatile, so we prefer not to touch them. All but 1 of those threads are from that category, so we'd much rather leave them alone.


>it’s because at some point in time you have personally slighted him, which may indeed come about through a minor political disagreement.
Fantastic, I'm now on pasquales kill list

If you think there are no genuine critique of the mod team you're either deluded or anon posting as a mod. I'm leaning towards the latter.


I see, it's just that mot of them are kinda redundant and some don't even have any noteworthy content. I could make a Reading General and repost there so the old threads can be eliminated, it's just too cluttered IMO and I think it probably hampers board usability. Would that work for you?


He once banned me for spam for criticizing the USSR's response to the Czechoslovak revolt and ever sense then if I happen to mention eastern Europe I get banned for spam


pasquale is doing more damage tbh


its been almost 24 hours since pasquale has even acted and this place is already better


can mods stop banning things they don't like.
there's no reason to neuter a conservative socialist thread just because wvobbly doesn't like it


You literally posted this 3 times, stop spamming.


File: 1637044206537.png (1.83 KB, 584x24, ClipboardImage.png)

This was at 250 when I posted, it was 400+ a month or so ago.
>wahhh leftchins
Consider suicide.


We changed how we counted IPs


>Consider suicide.
>Mom, I posted it again!!!
Back to your chinletboard


File: 1637085075487.png (66.37 KB, 847x736, Capture.PNG)

pasquale is back and deleting whole threads again,
this time he's not even calling it spam just deleting things he doesn't like with no explanation


Yeah thats how post deletion words retard.
t. anon.cafe janny


how dare you question pasquales judgement?
just trust the mods bro, it's all spam.

seriously, can one of the other mods please stop pasquale, his schizophrenic ban streaks are not sustainable. He's damaging the site's userbase at this point, everybody knows it


Fuck that, I want them crying about me instead.
Mods make me a janny so I can delete all anglo whining for fun, then you can just focus on deleting all the /pol/ shit. Win-win-win.


Merge >>>/anime/7993 into the existing Serial Lain thread >>>/anime/1331

Merge the pointless WOꓕEΓ thread (literally on page 25 until today) >>>/anime/7851 into the Q&A thread >>>/anime/4229


It cleans up the catalog and lets people post on a couple threads for reading instead of remaking the thread ad nauseum.
I've seen them be merged before no problem TBH, and frankly I'm just asking them to be deleted if there isn't anything of value to them. If it bothers you, you cold take one thread, make it the main general, and just repost the content you think is deserving in that thread.


Make >>>/games/11315 a Zelda general and add >>>/games/13634 into it, so that there aren't 2 threads on the topic of Zelda, since they're kind of small threads at the moment.


Edit >>>/anime/6354 OP to be Fujimoto' Fire Punch manga/anime general


Not spoilered, I fucked up the symbols.


File: 1637197042760.png (6.43 MB, 1416x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

Can the following threads be locked as redundant due to the generally larger and more active ANIMETA and /weaboo/ threads? All relevant content in said threads (be it mine or others) has been compiled and reposted into the aforementioned threads so the rest are just pointless duplicates that have been left to rot on this site since bunkerchan.xyz. I'd be happy to let these threads sit there, but people necrobump them (as can be seen in the Orientalism thread) before they can die and then spend time posting a couple times and then it just sinks again.
I've saved all these threads in archive.is and archived board catalog so anyone that'd like to see these threads after they drop off the board can easily locate them.
>inb4 'muh heckin threaderinos'
All of these threads are the SAME DAMN TOPIC of "Muh capitalist anime/is anime capitalist?/muh capitlaist Otaku" and are saved/reposted, so no loss of content exists.

Furthermore I ask that the Mods pin the ANIMETA thread so that further necrobumping is avoided and discussion can be made non redundant.


i got banned on /siberia/ for incessant shitposting on /siberia/
do you suffer from mental retardation


nobody cares, angloid


hey haz-cocksucking faggotuyghur this thread is for disputing bans and im disputing a ban retard
kill all jannies and bring back /b/ bitch boys


Your ban has been successfully appealed in Congress.


I have a question for the janitors over something that has been bugging me. Would you mind answering it without chomping out and banning me?
It's nothing bad, just about the moderation of a certain thread.


Why is this Pol Pot thread gone?


Polyps are on a spergout again on the main board.




The appeal box is like 200 chars btw someone should fix it that shit's tiny


when were you banned?


In the last hour some time. I got unbanned but I was banned from /meta/ too, so that's why I was testposting
Also the post I was banned for didn't appear on the ban screen so I am deprived of my legal right to laugh at whatever dumb shit a janny took seriously.


I keep getting an error when reporting.
Could just be on my end though.


Seems to be working now, thx!


What is this Spam IP shit that keeps banning me and randomly disappearing?


File: 1637443159916.png (203 KB, 774x598, ClipboardImage.png)

>>14792 (me)
Still no response from the mod team regarding this…

What happened to "Designing Transparency by Default"? Was that too difficult for you?


Pasquale is the worst mod by far, once time he pretty much rangebanned an entire country just because they shared ISP with leftcom poster.


File: 1637445583911.png (241.86 KB, 729x410, ClipboardImage.png)

>once time he pretty much rangebanned an entire country just because they shared ISP with leftcom poster.
I'm genuinely sat here giggling at this. pasquale did what trump never could lmao


Ok this is kinda based, if only for the sheer dedication. What country?


Mexico, leftcom used the same ISP as a bunch of people in Mexico and pasquale started banning people just for sharing the ISP thinking that all of them were leftcom evading the bans.


Pasquale is a schizo mod and needs to be demoded


File: 1637463990067.png (1.35 MB, 1200x600, ClipboardImage.png)


Why did you delete the jannie hate general thread? Even the 4chin mods wouldn't do that. Very cringe.


File: 1637543140512.png (129.4 KB, 1171x1263, Capture.PNG)

he's off his meds guys


File: 1637543791222.webm (475.42 KB, 476x360, Monty_Python_s1e9.webm)

>pask's moderation style be like


Pasquale's out here making a General Secretary Beria led USSR look like fucking Makhnovia.



Merge >>>/anime/11539 into the ANIMETA thread ( >>>/anime/10489 ), since it's yet another pointless duplicate of a duplicate squared at this point.


Why was my post about the international Jew in the QTDDTOT deleted? it was answering a question "how does Israel profiting off 911 help the non-rich jews" i was looking to debunk the Jewish conspiracy not to spread it.


Searching is at this point so terrible and useless you could get rid of it as well. Searching for words like 'Poland' used in at least 5 separate threads got me literally 0 results


Use more search terms idiot.


Are we or are we not allowed to post individual articles about politics outside the applicable country/region general thread on /leftypol/? I’ve seen many articles published on wsws.org be posted with their own threads even though they could have fit in the usa general thread. I, however, recently posted an article written by the Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists and my thread was auto saged. What is the rule?


the rule is whatever the mods fancy at the time and generals are generally retarded. The mods hate discussion and only like control


a great example of how pseud mods have ruined the board making it useless for anything but circle jerking


Please transfer >>>/siberia/165188 to /hobby/


Original OP of >>>/anime/71 here Can the OP be changed to include "Anime Music Videos and webms" in the text and link https://www.animemusicvideos.org/home/home.php


Have I really just been banned for arguing about China?

I knew it was a mod I was arguing with lmao


Alright, I guess I'm running out of options, so let me ask here.
On /leftypol/ I can't post anything beyond 150 characters because of the recent /pol/ attack, I'm told I need a password and that I need to send an email with an explanation of LTV to a certain email address. I set up a temporary email address with guerrilla mail (.info) coz I don't want to use my actual email. Can please someone actually reply to my message the next time? I tried a few times a couple of days ago, but I didn't get any reply - and no password, obviously. Just check if it goes in the spam/junk folder please.
Many thanks.


File: 1637959726399.png (384.86 KB, 680x680, ClipboardImage.png)

>On /leftypol/ I can't post anything beyond 150 characters because of the recent /pol/ attack, I'm told I need a password and that I need to send an email with an explanation of LTV to a certain email address.
Lmao what the fuck.


I kid you not…


File: 1637971111549.jpg (36.58 KB, 560x315, what a story marx.jpg)

Turned out I triggered some filter about Rocco Siffredi by naming him. KEK! Now shit has been fixed tho!


This is an ancient filter that is also filtered on .net


Someone asks a question and someone replies, just because the answer has the word Jew in it doesn't mean it should be deleted.

What rule is >>>/leftypol/619276 breaking?




they don't tell you why you're banned lol
just accept it and come back when your ban has ran out


Even better, ban evade. If they don't tell you why you were banned then they don't deserve your respect.


>user who spammed shock, gore and csam on /leftypol/ and concern trolling spam daily in /leftypol/ and /meta/ for 3 entire months complains they don't get told why they were banned
We did put it in your ban reasons at least eleven times according to the ban log, and you saw at least eight of them before you started changing proxies after each post. You've even told people some reasons why you were banned in /i/, leftychan Matrix and leftypol Congress.

I'm unironically concerned that you're wasting your life over causing dumb internet drama instead of actually contributing to a socialist cause. At least Sage has a reason for complaining because they were replying to a meaningful thread (for the record I wasn't online so I don't know exactly what it was for), at least they contribute to their community in real life, at least their fights with the staff are based on a reasonable ideal based on helping people. You're spending hours a day posting shock material to random anons and manufacturing drama cared about by an audience of about five people who already don't like the staff anyway. I don't understand why you ever considered leftypol or leftychan as your community if those are your values. Hell, if you just spent that time posting on leftychan, it would have survived. I have no idea why you think this place is so important to you.
That time should be spent helping yourself get better or helping those around you.


File: 1638118005314.png (1018.94 KB, 1041x2048, Screenshot_20211128-163215.png)

For the record, I have responded to this in the matrix congress. And unsurprisingly it's all schizo bullshit.

From what I can tell the jannies seem to believe that it's only me and sage who have issues with their moderation. This denial of reality is obviously going to cause issues in the future. Not much else to say really…





why the fuck was I banned for arguing about China how is that possible mods you have an rogue dengoid jannoid mods you know it I know it


>At least Sage has a reason for complaining because they were replying to a meaningful thread
>at least their fights with the staff are based on a reasonable ideal based on helping people
sage one of the jannies obviously hates you and the other don't care enough to oppose them. just try to post when they're not online and you'll be good


OK, I will look into this after work today, can you give some more details on the ban? ie. part of the IP or the ban reason etc?


Why thank you jannoid.

Uh, it was in the China thread when we were all arguing about Afghanistan, it was a few days back so may have been slid.

The ban reason was like “this comment alone is reason to ban even without all your other retardation” or something. I appealed it. Appeal wasn’t granted.

The comment in question began something like “well we obviously can’t all agree then”


I asked my fellow mod and he said it was a 4 hour ban. Are you serious with this shit, you complained for like 3 days over that?


Oh right only 4 hours I was banned for…discussing China.

Yes I am complaining obviously. I see you haven't stated a good reason for the ban.



your comment was literally "I am going to stay in this thread until I remove dengoids" and you'd been making the entire thread about your dumb sectarian tendencies for 3 days
if you want a fucking sage general go start one on /siberia/ or something


Requesting >>>/anime/11696 be moved into the existing and relatively posted in Death Note thread, thanks


No it wasn’t lmao.

It said I am going to continue to provide evidence of China providing arms and funding the mujihadeen until the denialism stops.

This state of affairs is literally the case with every subject on this board. Most of the discussions are ones that go back and fourth.

The difference is in that thread both sides actually took pains to give evidence and engage with source material. A good thread by all accounts.

I’m not the sectarian here, I didn’t ban one side of the debate. If you were being honest you would know who the sectarian is.

I am known for my Maoist tendency, I’m talking about a discussion which centres on the late Soviet Union and late China. Yeh, the discussion is if they were Maoist or not, but my line of argument has been that this is immaterial as to whether this was a bad thing that China did.

It isn’t about me at all, it’s about the issue. How would a sage general help that? It wouldn’t at all. All this shows is this is about your personal problems with me, rather than modding a thread in a way which makes sense to bolster rigorous discussion of socialism, which is what was happening.

Another extremely telling example of your priorities and thought process


>This state of affairs is literally the case with every subject on this board. Most of the discussions are ones that go back and fourth.
<Which is why I will continue feeding into that status quo because I cannot realize that there are simply points of ideological contention to which there is no reconciliation and that it is best to just agree to disagree where possible.

A credit to the community as always, retard


Burger politics is leaking out from its containment thread again
Maybe make a /USApol/ board?


shut up cuck


it wasnt the leftcom it was me and he only did it because I kept complaining abt bans despite my posts getting deleted


You act like anybody else ever does this. I know I’m much smarter and more equipped than the average poster, so I can see why you would hold me to a higher standard, but that isn’t the board rules and not a good reason for a ban


you really hate "average" people a lot, huh?


Can /siberia/ have its bumplimit size extended? the Musclegirl thread is at limit and it'd be a shame to lose all that content. Thanks


No just dumb fucks like you who can’t understand a joke Jesus Christ


mods now deleting anti china posts ahahaha

and banned for 6 weeks for "spam" for posting facts. Pathetic


I don't know what makes you think you can spam with impunity but there is a limit to everything


posting facts about China is spam now?

No, its a sectarian ban from a triggered dengoid mod

I don't know what makes you think you have the right to enforce your shit sectarian views on the board


I hope you are just pretending
yes, making the same posts daily for several days uninterrupted is spam


So you can post evidence of me making that post say, yesterday, or the day before? You cannot, because it didn't happen. Classic mod living in a fantasy world


Yeah, not a lot with your name on it
just from ctrl+fing your key words the case is pretty clear tho


kek. I have been on the same one or two ips for days mate. Your skitzo delusions are not proof of anything. Yesterday I posted about trans stuff in the IG trash thread. The day before can't even remeber. Got bored of China after my first sectarian ban.

You have no proof, nothing, you have completely invented this.

Haven't even seen "spam" that fits your description

post evidence you fucking paranoid loon


Just control+f


so every post mentioning israel on the board is actually just me?


you need medication

unban this instant you retard


You know exactly what I mean
I don't mean the board, what could I mean?


No I don't know exactly what you mean.

You've said your evidence of me spamming the board over the last few days is if you ctrl f israel.

Do you mean in the China thread? Yup, there are posts about israel in there sure. Are they mine. Nope.

Could it possibly be that actually, more than just me disagrees with you and thinks what China is doing in israel is bad?

You can't just post your shitty UN meme this time? You really can't handle losing an argument this badly?

Prove it was me bitch, plenty people on this board have that view in relation to israel and china, you are an idiot


I notice you haven't called into question the pro-israel china relationship posts you absolutely glowing fuck. Literally an israeli shill kill yourself


I haven't posted in the china thread in forever
You are incredibly deluded, there is no point trying to communicate with you


Just hang out in it ready to ban people who mention israel. Yeh yeh yeh.

Where is your proof I am the only person posting about israel? doesn't exist, because it didn't happen.


You are the only person spamming shit like
Israel = Saudi Arabia = Chyna
out of nowhere
Which is the problem
How do you not understand this?


kek you even used the same intonation "chyna" lmao. You are the most transparent person in the world.

1 post? 1 post in three days is spamming? To you?

Show me where else this was posted today? Or yesterday? By me?

How can you not understand 1 post is not spam you absolute melt.


Do you really personally geel like you've won an argument when you ban the opposition and then pretend it wasn't even you? lmao


No one mods a discussion they take part in


an obvious lie


Is not


No reply, just deleting without any explanation, fuck you trans coward mods.

……..('(…´…´…. ¯~/'…')
……….''…\………. _.·´


Be thankful this isn't real life and you're not Trotsky.


As if any of you will ever icepick someone. This is the closest you will get to having an impact on the world


The captcha on /music/ is broken for me. Why is this the only board that requires a captcha from me anyways?


damn I really am glad we have so many brave jannoids deffending israel truly what this site needs


This is the result of oldBO ches purge which was was supposed to get rid of imperialist propoganda lmao


Why was my thread in /siberia/ deleten?


I don't know, that's actually weird. I am asking.


It seems to have been some sort of mistake.


File: 1638799785135-0.png (1.8 MB, 988x8833, 1.png)

File: 1638799785135-1.png (1.59 MB, 988x7869, 2.png)

File: 1638799785135-2.png (1.57 MB, 988x7596, 3.png)

File: 1638799785135-3.png (1.19 MB, 988x7693, 4.png)

There shouldn't have been one, maybe I forgot to rebuild some threads last time we enabled it. It should now be fixed.

AFAIK a new janny made a mistake.
I might be able to hack a restoration thread together when I have time in 12-16 hours, but no guarantees I can. Here's a cached version of the thread if there were particular replies you wanted to see:


>It seems to have been some sort of mistake.
Didn't you delete a guys entire post history the other day "by mistake?"


Thanks for looking into this.



>>15108 (me)
(The missing pics in the screenshots are just my slow internet failing to load them, that link has them visible.)


Yes I saw it. I saw Sage respond to it. He can attest it happened. Might want to add a little "are you sure you want to delete?" box to your tools.


There should be some way to undo it.


I saw it. I stand witness to it. Don’t lie mods.


the thread will be cyclical to keep it alive, but it'll erase the last 100 or so posts to cut it down to 500 posts in the thread. If you want any of that content from those 100 posts, best save it soon.


why is this dolphin guy deleting porn and random threads on /siberia/?


What has been deleted? If you give us some specific evidence (like a thread name/number and description of what was deleted) then we can look into it.


>>15121 (cont.)
* look into it a lot more effectively.


Please move >>>/anime/11825 into the existing vangelion thread, it's redundant.


Not sure why that would be deleted either, it sounds like we need to hold a discussion to ensure the new staff are properly aware of the site rules and policies. Thanks for that.


/r/equesting wordfilter for "my dude".



What happened is that for some reason the thread was reported multiple times and dolphin thinking it was some kind of spam and making the mistake of not checking the thread directly, deleted the thread from the report page. He apologizes.


Thus proving report fags are mostly just salty people seething and not people reporting something for good reason. Why wouldn’t you check the thread? Quite naive to just expect it to be a good faith report


I see the moderation here has learned absolutely nothing about what caused the split and continues to drive users away. 1) Thread-nuking driveby moderation that makes entire conversation chains unreadable is terrible moderation and I've been complaining about it for years now. There is no reason you can't simply ban someone who has broken some clear rules but lease their posts up. 2) Deleting posts that have broken no rule and are simply critical of this asinine style of moderation? This I have a much more serious problem with. Fuck you too.


I can't tell at this point if you are pretending to be retarded. Of course normal people get banned and that's it. What do you suggest to do against ban evasion which was very clearly the case in what you are complaining about. Do suggest how to deal with that.
Off-topic is always removable this is also extremely basic.


No don't do that, I like that thread.


They literally do not care about the userbase. Whatever you say they will deflect, lie, gaslight, or make some post facto excuse for either being strangely lazy or actively pruning the board to their own weird opinions nobody else agrees with.


Dolphin is a newly recruited mod from the last recruiting campaign.


>Thread-nuking driveby moderation that makes entire conversation chains unreadable is terrible moderation and I've been complaining about it for years now.
This happened again today with the annoying merging shit and yesterday also with another mod relegating conspiracy talk to siberia yet again.


Still just common sense to look at what you are deleting and not take reports as gospel


[disclaimer: I'm on a non-peak timezone]

>1) Thread-nuking driveby moderation that makes entire conversation chains unreadable is terrible moderation and I've been complaining about it for years now. There is no reason you can't simply ban someone who has broken some clear rules but lease their posts up.

I think this is a good point, I have mixed feelings on the topic, I'd like to hear your thoughts on my defense of deleting chains (and that they should be fully deleted, not swiss-cheesed on once side but also replies to them):
In my experience, this is usually the result of breaking reactionary rules and causing a derail. There is a reason behind the rules, these posts consistently ruin threads (not for my experience; I often find those reactionary posts interesting to explore, but they also do push the thread off-topic and inhibit meaningful discussion). So if the posts stay up, won't it just encourage the same derail to continue as people keep responding to them? Or do you think people will be able to return from a visible prolonged derail?
Additionally, and I'd say less often but still sometimes the cause, ban evasion is a reason for that happening. Deleting ban evasion posts I think is an axiom of website moderation, so I don't see how those deletions can be avoided unless users stop evading bans.

>2) Deleting posts that have broken no rule and are simply critical of this asinine style of moderation?

Are you talking about deleting posts complaining about moderation? I haven't seen this happen (with the exception of deleting posts from a single ban-evading user who knew they were banned and intentionally pretended they weren't to try and claim they were being banned for no reason). What kind of criticisms were they expressing?
As for other posts that don't break rules, yeah, those shouldn't be deleted. Any examples come to mind that you think we should discuss ASAP?


Just merge them, you're losing nothing, and can literally continue the same conversation, you're not even going to lose IP count. The NGE general is literally on Page 2 and had been on Page 1 at the time of the thread's making, post about Evangelion please do, opinions and discussions are good, but don't be fucking lazy and use catalog.


Can someone contact leftybooru Admi ##lefty and get him toclean up the Booru, some rightoid faggot are spamming literal shit and only one of them is an account.


Thread nuking and post deleting is good and I prefer it precisely because the conversation gets destroyed.


Leaving reactionaries' chain of posts up just encourages lurking /pol/yps to keep shitting up the board when they see that someone agrees with them and it's "safe" to post themselves.


File: 1639117673484-0.png (7.69 KB, 312x115, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639117673484-1.png (76.74 KB, 958x615, ClipboardImage.png)

>gingeet spams 20 random threads about a "racist mod calling him a gypsy"
>it was just some random anon
>takes deletion of spam as "proof"
ok this fiasco is fucking hilarious. how long until he sobers up?


when the mod is sus 😳


>how long until he sobers up?
Two months, five days, eight hours. Newfag.


not a mod and it was me
ginjeet is a gypsy drama whore who needs to be permabanned


pasquale once again nuking half of /USApol/ general


File: 1639172886196.png (116.01 KB, 1336x1011, q.PNG)

pasquale deletions per hour are nearing posts per house
pasquale will be the reason for the decline of leftypol


One has to wonder just how dumb manual spammers are


Dumb enough to think people care when they cry about it afterwards.


is there a way to send a message to the mods


File: 1639208200782.png (341.37 KB, 929x525, ClipboardImage.png)



Why is the thread about Indian Maoists locked? It’s an ongoing guerrilla war ffs


on a scale of 1-10 how gullible would you say you are?


So you’ve locked the thread because you believe one side of the argument?


I have not locked anything. But I asked first. Isn't there something off about that thread?


Saged whatever


Why the fuck has this thread been bumplocked? >>>/leftypol/640855 Is that idiot mod completely ignorant to the class warfare presently escalating in India? In what way is this not thread-worthy while irrelevant shit like this >>>/leftypol/633885 gets a pass?


File: 1639255240161.png (361.97 KB, 917x913, Capture.PNG)

wvobbly you're a fucking idiot how is quoting the soivets 'pol" all the sudden


Join the congress chat in the /leftypol/ sticky.

What was the context of that post? I can't see it.


Whatever that thread is, you can be sure of one thing, it is not about class struggle in India.


Who was the genius who made the new board's directory in all caps


I'll "unlock" your fucking spine you janny lib piece of shit STOP LOCKING COMMUNIST THREADS JUST BECAUSE THEY AREN'T REVISIONIST ENOUGH


>class struggle in India is what me, a middle class American jannoid says it is


Do mods care at all about the incel doomer shit and them spamming biological determinism and defeatism all day?


File: 1639347271143.png (142.63 KB, 1230x182, ClipboardImage.png)

All stickies? What did they mean by this?


I have been banned for talking about China again. The excuse given was "pol" lmao, for me simply typing

>china, don't you mean zionist occupied east asia

If they had taken 2 minutes to go through my posts, they would have realised it was me.

I suspect, however, it is the furious dengoid simp janny unable to handle the bants again


It's not against the rules unless it misogynistic, you retard. If you want happy wappy "life is great" posts then scroll through your insta feed.


Reinforcing gender essentialism isn't mysogynistic? Telling everyone that their happiness is determined by their genes isn't spreading debunked race science? Do you think /leftypol/ should be a safe space for propagating suicidal ideation?

Maybe you haven't investigated these things properly so you don't understand the issue. Even poltards can post with the caveat that they argue in good faith. Insisting on defeatism doesn't really fit that, you can post "life is shitty" without saying everything is pointless and we should give up.


>It's not against the rules unless it misogynistic
And it often is


>Reinforcing gender essentialism isn't mysogynistic?
Depends on the exact contents of the post.
>Telling everyone that their happiness is determined by their genes isn't spreading debunked race science?
If there is no mention of race then I'm pretty sure it isn't against the rules.
>Do you think /leftypol/ should be a safe space for propagating suicidal ideation?
Yes, it absolutely should be. And again, it isn't against the rules anyway.
>everything is pointless and we should give up
That's a valid worldview.
And we come back to the same point, it isn't against the rules. If its bothering you that much, them make a proposal to ban doomer/sooner posts. You can't criticise the jannies for not enforcing rules that don't exist.


meant to reply to >>15277


File: 1639395375740.jpg (28.89 KB, 375x305, 1444075937207.jpg)

>me, a middle class American jannoid
2. I wasn't making a comment about class struggle in India, I wrote
>[the thread] is not about class struggle in India
try to comprehend what you are replying to


first, what the heck is a sooner. Second, point them out and there may or may not be action taken (I don't know what you are talking about at this point).


>first, what the heck is a sooner


I wouldn’t have to post a thing more than once if you would stop deleting it.

Tell me how posting

>China, don’t you mean Zionist occupied east Asia?

Is first /pol/ and second spam?

You Israeli shill jannoid scum


Explain to me clearly why you have saged the thread


>you make me spam the same post constantly
It's already pointed out in the thread, you don't even have to do any thinking yourself


>Zionist occupied east Asia
lolwat? Is even /pol/ this crazy?


not a mod but whats the issue? being an idiot isn't against the rules.


lol'd at that post, we're truly living in a ZOB (Zionist Occupied Board)


No, but bad faith arguments outside of /siberia/ are.


>If there is no mention of race then I'm pretty sure it isn't against the rules.
Then the rules should be modified to include misogynism/gender essentialism as a bannable offense and not just racism. It may have not been necessary before, but I do think it's necessary now.


just say misogyny and, I think this is a dumb idea because unlike racism, which is pretty easy to identify, "misogyny" is vague as fuck unless you're talking about blatant shit that "men/women are inferior to men". Not to mention that you're missing Misandry, just say sexism.
>gender essentialism
It is correct in that it considers biological sex the primary factor in determining gender because that is true despite liberal idpol bullshit.
There is a difference between sexism attempting to hide behind real facts and being mad about facts.


requesting that >>>/hobby/4991 OP "Post leftist political cartoons, current or old." gets "caricatures and political posters also welcome" since they are on topic and help people find the thread in catalog search more easily


Thanks to the cool mod who unbanned me. You must however get your house in order to stop the Rogue


made me check


I reported you the second time, mods are based for banning you. Also put your trip on.


You're a hall monitor ass tattle-tale, call the cops on black guys for jogging, karen little bitch. The mods are based for unbanning me, unfortunately some on their team are seething retards you like.

1) It is literally true that China is building Israel, I'm sorry your adopted internet personality literally cannot that FACT that is not debateable

2) Phrased as it is, Its clearly a fucking joking, designed to fuck with people like you, apparently it was super fucking effective but of course, people like you, super fucking cannot handle a joke, and want people to be banned for making shitposts on an image board

I would tell you to go back to reddit but, I'm telling you to kill yourself and I know you will end up back at reddit anyway, because weak ass little cretins like you are going straight to hell which is, conveniently reddit filled with redditoid little pussies such as yourself.

Imagine using the report function, then imagine using it in a sectarian manner, over a joke.

Do you ever look at yourself and think.. wow god I am totally pathetic individual that thinks he is a revolutionary but can't read words on a screen posted anonymously so probably I am not fit for even the most basic of revolutionary task?

Stick to sucking dicks. Only, you're probably the closeted type who doesn't even have the balls to go cruising, so you just fantasise about sucking dicks instead, like a cuck.

Sucking dicks is cool, you're just too pussy. That's what the comment is about, not being homophobic, calling you a pussy. Pussy.

Kill yourself.




I disagree on many things with you Sage, but a ban over a joke truly is retarded


i got banned for polshit but all i said was that western women are hyper individualistic and not interested in collective actions like raising a family

plz unban me dude. i freaking hate siberia theres so many annoying people there


and before you say anything, western men are even MORE hyper individualistic and many of them abandon their children to go run off with other women!

western society is truly fucked up due to american individualism, capitalism and ruthless porky indoctrination. this is not polshit, it is reality!


looks like this thread is fucking abandoned. i am wasting my time


Give it time, the mods lurk mostly on Matrix


Delete /siberia/.


So what exactly is "incel shit" and where is it in the rules?


File: 1639615013347.jpg (98.97 KB, 469x463, mlady.jpg)

LMAO. Fedora Feminist jannie squad is getting out of hand.



lol stay mad bro


>s…s…stay mad or… or ILL REPORT YOU
you the mad 1 bruh


My god it's a massacre on /leftypol/ today. How many posts did you delete and regular posters did you ban today?


Shouldn't >>>/hobby/2042 be transferred to /AKM/?

I hope i tagged the post properly.


>My god it's a massacre on /leftypol/ today. How many posts did you delete and regular posters did you ban today?
The funniest part of it is is they delete the most reasonable posts and leave shit like this up.



Yes, I asked already but the mods are sleeping on it.


kek projection


roundabout 2-3 posters who were changing IPs to ban evade and idpol. Tedious work but it kept the peace.
Really old threads (from the bunkerchan era) have to have a special procedure done on them in order to transfer them, otherwise all the comments break into unreadable messes. We'll get around to it, tech boys just have more pressing issues atm.


Ok then, thanks.


report me bro i know u want 2






Delete /siberia/.


mods u need to unban me. i have things to post on leftypol.


File: 1639684901438.png (11.2 KB, 553x128, Capture.PNG)

why are mods just deleting posts they don't agree with?


>guy gets banned for being /pol/
>suddenly a bunch of successive one-post IPs try to come in saying the exact same thing as the thing he was banned for
in the like 1 in a million chance you are legitimately some fucking rando then we will happily appeal your ban
otherwise scorched-earth deleting all ban evading posts is standard practice no matter the content


sounds like mods are on a power trip and think that any time a new person enters the thread it must be some evil pol spammer


ban evasion despite it having nothing to do with whoever was banned in the last 5 minutes?
pacrel is that you?


mod can you please read my posts?




Probably a huge reason many people are incels.

I agree mods. The incel is asking for help. You should give it to them


Your /leftypol/ ban has been successfully appealed.

>I freaking hate siberia

Then why do you visit it so often? You're allowed to not look at boards you don't like.
If you don't like porn, I would recommend not browsing the single NSFW board on this site.



i am trying to stay away from siberia it is a love hate relationship


>If you don't like porn, I would recommend not browsing the single NSFW board on this site.
NTA but the porn is one of the lesser problems with the board. The main problem is that it's a concession to the reactionary memetic hegemony of 4chan/b/ and, frankly, since you guys have trouble moderating even on the SFW boards like /leftypol/, it effectively makes it so that /siberia/ has become a camp site / breeding ground for reactionary anons subverting our discussions. Only snakes have benefitted from the creation of /siberia/ and it's literally not a coincidence that we've seen a 1:1 decline in quality with its addition.
Delete /siberia/.


shitposting and permitting a place to let out and argue more toxic views contains them from the rest of the site, as the mods have freedom to delete reactionary shite that isn't posted on /siberia/ and o is violating the rules.


>shitposting and permitting a place to let out and argue more toxic views contains them from the rest of the site
clearly false
>as the mods have freedom to delete reactionary shite that isn't posted on /siberia/ and o is violating the rules.
You can do this without /siberia/, dumbass.


File: 1639970185498.png (125.84 KB, 453x360, look a faggot.png)

Opinion discarded
>You can do this without /siberia/, dumbass
Go back to reddit if you can't handle the easy option of just not clicking onto a shitposting board


Some faggot is spamming /siberia/ and shilling for the other dead site.


File: 1639971431505.png (28.07 KB, 825x258, spam.png)

Thanks, I see it.
If they were smart enough to just mention it to their target audience in so-called 'incel threads', I personally would have left it up, but this is just copypasta spam over random threads on multiple boards.
When will they learn that derailing threads with their woes doesn't make people like their site?


China = Israel


>this is not spam
thanks for making my point from weeks ago for me.


>cant handle a joke
thanks for making mine


The content is beside the point.


No its exactly the point. Its an obvious shitpost, and you highly strung retards can't handle it because you have no sense of humour and are control freaks


It's really just the opposite, I don't want to spend my precious time on your particular derangement but I can't allow clear and obvious spam, that would make us look very bad.



> I don't want to spend my precious time

your time isn't precious you're a loser. Despite that, you could simply just not spend it. But then you'd have to let a joke slide and we can't have that can we.

>but I can't allow clear and obvious spam

a joke

> that would make us look very bad.

to who kek one insane dengoid cultist and literally nobody else cares, in fact the majority of posts about it in this thread agree with me.


You are free to believe that.
Let me be more explicit. If you can control your behavior to not make repetitive posts (spam) I couldn't give a damn.


spam isn't just a repetitive post you dickweed otherwise every meme is spam.


This thread exists to showcase how worthless leftypol has become. At this point, any useful leftist that has been in contact with this nightmare realm has either joined or created an IRL organization, or has moved on entirely.
Leftypol is unironically counter-revolutionary because it traps alienated leftists by offering them a community and rots their brains with an endless cycle of trash.
I despise all of you.
>inb4 muh /pol/
>inb4 muh glowuyghur
>inb4 muh anglo
>inb4 muh amerifat
>inb4 muh leftychan
>inb4 muh incels
I am coping, seething and dilating. I am cringe. I do not have sex. Jewish nigger.


I can't even tell if this is serious or not. Take notice, mods.


The point is that someone can post insane bullshit about the mods and I wouldn't be able to tell if they were lying or not because of how shitty the moderation has become.


Different mod here, that IP has three previous bans this week from multiple moderators for "pol", and your current ban appears to be going down a thread posting "uyghur monkey" and "does monky want a banana".
Additionally, the IP still has many posts in its history so I don't believe it's the discrimination you are claiming.

Please explain to me why you feel this is an example of bad moderation.


How can I trust you? Do you have evidence you can show me?
Not like it matters, I'm powerless to do anything if you're lying.


I think that post is spam and it should be deleted. I've reported it as spam btw.


What the hell is this birthday hat bullshit. They block access to critical features, including the catalog button.


Noticed. Hotfix coming in literally seconds.


[data-board] > .files > :nth-child(1):not(.multifile) > a::before, [data-board] > .files > :nth-child(1).multifile > a::before { display: none; }


Alright later losers. Thanks for the ban for saying I don't find CERTAIN women funny. Needed a reminder of how faggoty most people involved in "leftism" are and how it's a lost cause as long as these faggots always become the managers.


For anyone who didn't read the thread. Junko made a thread "why am I not funny" I gave an honest answer. Then she asked the mods to delete it because they all embarrassed the fuck out of themselves in the thread and then they deleted it.


Since we're playing this game. How come this thread isn't "terminal incelism"


Never once have I talked about problems getting laid. Yet you let endless threads about "TFW no femdoml mommie" I don't even mind. But just shut the fuck up with this projection shit.


Literal faggots telling you about your problem with women. The irony is some real advanced shit.


mods are cowards. they would rather let people destroy the board then take a hard position and actually do anything about it.


You literally said most women "never have suffered in their life", how am I supposed to interpret that?


File: 1640212217529.jpg (87.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(25).jpg)

They still think if they ban the entire board junkor or bee will let them smell their pussy.


>You literally said most women "never have suffered in their life", how am I supposed to interpret that?
As my personal opinion you can give counter-evidence too you faggot. I doubt even Junko wanted you to ban me. You are the biggest pussy you balless faggot.


Proletarian women don't suffer from exploitation?


>Proletarian women don't suffer from exploitation?
How come you couldn't have this conversation in that thread you neutered faggot?


I'm a let you think of a response, please don't ban me from /meta/ too while you're at it, by at it, I mean getting BTFO that is.


Read the rules, especially :
<7) Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned in itself, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through /leftypol/ so long as they follow the rules contained herein. However, non-leftist users are ultimately to be considered ‘guests’ and thus will be removed if they prove a nuisance or disrupt the normal functioning of the site. Low-effort raiders will be banned.Opening posts with liberalism or reactionary topics will be treated with far more scrutiny to prevent them filling the catalog.
<14) To ensure a basic level of quality, topics or posts will not be tolerated when contributions are not conductive to well-intentioned discussion. Therefore, posts or topics are likely to be removed at the discretion of moderation staff if they;
<g) are likely to create pointless and unconstructive arguments about ‘idpol’ (as defined in Article 1).


Ok so what's your answer to the femdom thread? How is that not reactionism or liberalism?


File: 1640213058321.webm (3.78 MB, 800x450, 1640145438250.webm)

>Ok so what's your answer to the femdom thread? How is that not reactionism or liberalism?

INB4 femdom is the highest form of leftism. https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/195270.html#q195406


And to be fair, I never once advocated for physically abusing female genitalia in a sadistic way.


If you can genuinely argue for the removal or locking of that thread because it might break the rules, it will be considered by the moderation. You can also ask for it in the /congress/ in the matrix chat : https://matrix.to/#/#gauchepol:matrix.org


>If you can genuinely argue for the removal or locking of that thread because it might break the rules, it will be considered by the moderation. You can also ask for it in the /congress/ in the matrix chat : https://matrix.to/#/#gauchepol:matrix.org

I'm not a bitch. I believe in live and let live. Your answer to every ban can't be "well just report everything!" I don't want to. I just want you to stop being a faggot. Is that really too much to ask?


OK, so your complaint was not a genuine one. I am rather glad that you tacitly admit your post was of reactionary nature.


>OK, so your complaint was not a genuine one. I am rather glad that you tacitly admit your post was of reactionary nature.

Lol. Faggot detected.


File: 1640213964388.jpg (43.97 KB, 600x603, download.jpg)

Question for the mods: Did Junko or Bee touch your pee pee yet?


Your mom did.


>>>/edu/9043 should be merged into the /space/ thread since the subject is too esoteric on its lonesome


>I don't find CERTAIN women
You literally posted the pic stating "MOST', most means the majority you utter faggot. I dislike idpol and feminists that get bitchy about some perceived "misogyny" and a lot of female "comedians" are not funny, but that has fuck-all to do with them being women or suffering and your statement is fucking bad faith bait at best.


When have you ever banned someone for saying uyghur? Even if it's word filtered.



Bro you don't understand. Often when channers say uyghur, they aren't talking about Black people. They are talking about a person of any race who are low IQ with a slur that specifically references Black people and that somehow makes it better.(Samefagging. Forgot to switch your IP.)


>(Samefagging. Forgot to switch your IP.)
Underage and b8.


Y mass delete eugene's posts?


File: 1640261823171.jpg (143.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

LMAO at how many threads end up deleted just because I post in them.


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>When simply banning and deleting all your posts is not enough for the mods to not want to delete someone else's thread that they were fine with before you started posting in it


The thing about the mods is they are insanely petty. It has almost nothing to do with rules or the board, it’s just the personal mood swings of a bunch of bitchy Queen redditors who have some of the thinnest skin known to biology


This is the only smart thing you have ever said on this website.

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