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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


Old Moderation Thread:
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so they deleted the post mentioning the post but couldnt even respond to the guy lol


What bans are you referring to?


I got like a 13-week ban for "ban evasion" even though I literally didn't evade any ban, I got a 3-day leftypol ban for my thread about the PRC, then appealed that ban, got the ban removed, then fucking w00bly banned me right the fuck out of nowhere wtf


are these two separate bans or the same ban?


You said you waited a week for your ban to expire. What one was that?
Where is the year long ban? I don't see it in the modlog. Could you please tell us approximately what date you were banned on or make an appeal from that IP?


Fell asleep
Previously I had a month long ban for evasion I had, funny enough, not committed, but choose to just wait it out instead of making things worse
Then I more or less randomly got a several month ban for "evasion" I again wasn't even doing from this mod "m00dy" who seems to be the one tossing out arbitrary long bans
The ban wasn't on this IP since the several month long ban was on all boards of course so I couldn't even have a shot at arguing my case against an entirely arbitrary ban


I already made an appeal from that IP but haven't bothered looking to see if it went through because the last time I argued i was never doing any evading the mod that issued the ban just rejected my appeal
I waited a literal month for a nonsense unfair ban to lift, this isn't fair
Pretty sure I got attacked for the most bullshit reason too, literally for posting a PRC and dengist thread outside of the big PRC general even though America isn't held to that standard


I've legit posted on leftypol for 3 years at this point and haven't had major issues until recently, I'm so fucking baffled


Just evade it, he will keep banning you for stupid reasons and keep it off the logs


just to be clear this is the IP that "has not had issues"? >>20520

I think there has been a lot of issues.
Remember quantitiy has a quality all its own.


This thread?
This thread was created only 2 days ago, and looking back in the ban log it says you only got a 3-day ban for posting a general-relevant thread as its own thread. It was filed at 13:38, appealed, and the appeal was accepted at 14:07 and the ban lifted. Then, a day later, you were banned as you continued a conversation you got banned for under another IP as the IP in question.

In short, the two bans are unrelated, and the procedure of administrating these bans follows the general procedures laid out by the moderation team.
"No major issues" lmao on that IP alone you have been banned 24 times for various things under a number of different names you posted under, and by basically every single mod at one point or another.


There really hasn't been issues, no
I've made plenty of posts people have asked to be put in Multitude, I post a lot so obviously some are shitty
And at any rate, this is literally an imageboard, not a fucking political party, why do you people treat leftypol like srs bznz?>>20550
What other conversation, I'm so fucking confused


What other conversation?
And at any rate mods here are extremely ban happy and also extremely dishonest, I've been banned "24 times" over the course of literally 2 years for usually about an hour or a day, so that would be, what, causing a problem 24 times over the course of nearly 700 days with ban happy mods? And that's a serious issue? Nonsense


And note these are mods that play obvious favorites considering no issue with someone who is a zionist, /pol/ user, and TERF who's basically never caught a ban ever


This would normally be a week ban, which to the more number oriented thinkers is longer than 24 single hour bans


but they did
lying won't get you anywhere
I've seen enough, thanks for your non-cooperation


I don't know offhand, but its not the first ban on that IP for ban evading (in fact its like the 3rd) so I'm willing to take the other mod's word on it. And thats before counting the rest of the IPs you like to get banned on, as well.
Not sure what you are huffing, I banned junko just 2 or 3 days ago for Zionism. Generally they just have the wherewithal to keep their dick in their pants so they don't invite much need for action to be taken upon them.


>heh they did
>after two threads over the course of a month, one of which was deleted by jannies
Why write such a smug post when everyone imagines you as four eyed nerd upon reading it


more lying


More gas lighting from the paranoiac log fiddler


Like I said before, I have gotten other bans for ban evasion, which was bullshit then and is bullshit now
Considering I have an actual job and don't spend every hour of the day posting on leftypol I more or less use my ipad and my phone out of necessity, a lot of the time if I do get a ban I don't know because I don't spend my entire day in my house
How tf is "you've had a relatively small number of bans from an easily triggered mod team over the course of 2 years" even an argument?
You people have dished out bans for being criticized sometimes, I've seen it, it is incredibly easy to get a petty ban on this site
There's another guy in this specific board who has a constantly cycling ban he can't do anything about

How tf does "ban evasion" even make sense when I have just 2 IPs (why would I ban evade on known IPs?) and you still won't tell me what the "continued conversation" even was?
Cool so now you're going to say some other poster is me also nice


>There's another guy in this specific board who has a constantly cycling ban he can't do anything about
first off what is that even supposed to mean
you can't just say things


"Relatively small" number of bans in terms of the total aggregate of /leftypol/'s users is near zero, for the vast majority of users bans are never needed. There are only handfuls of users who rack up loads of bans and use a multitude of IPs to evade them. The "just phone posting" line is also BS cause you would purposefully cycle your phone's IP to evade bans - I would know, cause I am one of the guys that made a rangeban just for you lmao. As far as I'm concerned the case is pretty much closed and the ban is legitimate.


You don't know because mods hardly even check out this board
And I know you like playing anonymous in the general boards but can you people at least have your specific mod tag here so actual users don't have to play "guess who"?

Again, I'm asking what "banned conversation" I continued having and how that isn't extremely nonsensical reasoning as well

An example of the infinite wisdom of the mods here
Wtf does cycling an IP even mean? I've literally never gotten a range ban on my phone are you just making things up now?


you will believe anything
if it suits you I suppose
it should be obvious that something like that isn't possible (and what would be the point, like think man)
Ok I am out for real now


Something like what wouldn't be possible? Range banning a phone? Or that guy constantly getting banned?


Range banning is possible. It is possible your and their IP is caught in an abusive IP range that gets reapplied.

It is hard to track down bans, we need a lot of info, unless you post with the IP.


Could you tell me all the details you know about your ban, I will look for it after work. Because I also have a job.


I think I legitimately got the 3-day ban
I'm confused about the 13-week ban because the mod hasn't even told me what conversations he thinks I was ban-evading to participate in
At least for me the course of events is
>3-day ban
>Successfully appeal it
>Talk a bit in Ukraine general yesterday morning
>Talk a bit in Internet general I think
>Talk in some thread about why Russia and NATO hate each other while I'm at work
>Come home to see I somehow got a 13-week ban right tf out of nowhere and assume it's because I got my previous ban appealed
>Try to discuss the issue here only to be told by some mod that because I got banned in the past clearly I deserve this one (?) with no further explanation or investigation needed (which is this morning)


In all honesty I don't actually know why I got the 13-week ban
If you look here I came in assuming it's because my 3-day ban was successfully appealed and the other mod didn't know that
Idk if it's the same or some other mod but they told me it's due to participating in a banned conversation later on but they aren't linking the conversation and I haven't used the board extensively since appealing the 3-day ban
Just now I explained everything I did on this ip and the banned ip in the last day and a half
And to make matters stranger I had literally no reason to be "ban evading" when I wasn't banned on either my iPad or phone when I got this message
It's why I am so fucking confused
And i don't think "you've been banned before so we don't need to investigate or even explain this current one" makes any sense


Idk if this mod believes I'm some other user because I wasn't even banned on any device I use when I got the hammer for evasion


Well I can't find your ban. Your current IP has no bans.


Because I've been using my phone to communicate with the mods


NTA but who the fuck phoneposts to leftypol? You're mentally ill.


These guys are retarded. They will ban you for evading previous expired bans on your IP, then when trying to remove the ban search the IP you're posting on. I don't think they know how IPs or bans work.


1. I'm at work
2. I got banned on my normal IP
At this point I legit can't comprehend why I'm even banned, like, apparently I got this new ban for participating in a discussion I don't even remember that the mod never linked and I was also evading…somehow and I don't deserve a reasonable explanation or consideration because I got banned in the past


Could you tell me your banned ip whenever you can?
Use this tool to encrypt your IP:

Use this public key:


Well well well mods. Another pickle you’ve gotten yourself into isn’t it. Just a poaster trying to post and haven’t you made a right dogs breakfast of it my little moddywinkles. Tsk tsk. Not a very nice way to play


Legit none of this makes sense for me, still nobody tells me the specific comment chain I was supposedly banned over, the justification is unironically "You've been banned before", I was probably "evading" by my ban having expired, and my appeal was denied. If I actually was ban evading, why would I even bother prostrating before a mod team that's usually not reasonable or open to dialogue anyway?
It's not like I post on leftypol to troll, and given how mercurial mods here can be I've been banned for contracting certain narratives in the Ukraine thread before


I see now.
Well, I'm already late for bed, so I'll have to handle this tomorrow. You'll have to wait.
>It's not like I post on leftypol to troll
😒 no further comment.


Who doesn't shitpost on an imageboard, Sage is here shitposting right now, most of the discussion I have is serious anyway since this imageboard must be treated as "very serious business"


>Who doesn't shitpost on an imageboard
i do not "shitpost" nor say "shitpost"


>I don't troll
>actually I do but who doesn't
Here's the thing, independent of anything, I just don't think we need more compulsive liars on this site


Look mate, I am morally conflicted because I've banned you before for promoting highly objectionable narratives, which for your benefit, I will not go into. And other mods have banned you on multiple occasions for other reasons. You have an extensive ban history.

I personally think you suffer from confident arrogance, severe burger brain (no offense to american comrades), and in general, lack intimacy with philosophy.

If you were banned due to ban evasion, I have to give the mod the benefit of the doubt that you were either ban evading or arguing in the same line as the banned person.

I will put out my neck for you and unban you.

But I ask in return that you engage with people in good faith, fraternal respect, and I ask you to engage with leftist philosophy earnestly. Don't let me down.

Philosophy is not something you read and recite like magic spells or scripture. Read authors like Marx assuming he is absolutely wrong, and try to dismantle his argument. If you read something and can't come up with an objection, think harder until you do.

To put it simply, you're a very bad poster. Please try to improve the quality of your engagements. Don't get banned again.


Alright, I appreciate it, and I apologize for my past behavior


>actually waiting for bans to expire
exactly what level of faggotry is this?


why was my thread against liberal democracy removed? I wasnt making fun of democracy as a group, i was only specifically making fun of "liberal democracy"


uh so no response was it because my thread was low effort, and would it be acceptable if i put in more effort

or is it because the mods thought i was the nazi poster when im not?


We delete a simply insane amount of low-effort threads made by IPs with no post history, some of which are also /pol/, so you will have to be far more specific. I know I did not delete that thread at least, but I'd imagine being generally low-effort and from an IP with no post history got it qualified as spam and deleted. There has been either one or a handful of guys constantly trying to slide the catalog with handfuls of bait topics for the past few months done by constantly changing IPs and posting new threads, so any thread made by IPs with no post history tend to get a lot of scrutiny.


k understood

Unique IPs: 17

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