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>Inb4 go to >>>/meta/
I already did for the last month. However for one, basically no one uses /meta/ unless they also get complaints about moderation. And secondly, the administration has completely dropped the ball when it comes to feedback, thus /meta/ is practically useless at this point.

And as dumb as it is knowing the contents of the thread, I also appeal to the janitors to not forcibly migrate the thread, or just to delete it entirely.

Ever since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the janitor staff has went berserk with its moderation policy towards the discourse surrounding this topic. Any opinion veering towards supporting Ukraine, calling out Russian crimes, doubting certain enforced naratives that originate from Russian state media or daring to commit the ultimate sin of suggesting that perhaps this time NATO is the lesser evil, is subject to bannings.

First of all, not one of the positions I described above violate any leftypol rules (which so ironically get linked every time you see the ban notification). Not only rules are not linked, the ban "reasons" half the time state non-reasons that just boil down to "I don't like what you said", or vague "glow" responses. If, say, the rules were updated, like with the Covid denial rule, then at least it would be understandable - "alright, guess we aren't a non-sectarian leftist board for all denominations anymore", I'd say, "but at least the staff has the curtesy to say it out loud that we are all now expected to be putinbots".

Secondly, not once have I received proper feedback in /meta/, the board for giving moderation feedback, over the nature of these bans. And not just me, but other anons who got similar treatment over the pro-Russia frenzy of the administration. In other words - janitors literally aren't doing their job, refusing to elaborate their bans on posts that don't violate any rules and are intent to keep silent pretending like Brezhnev just died and we all are now supposed to listen to Swan Lake on loop.

And finally, out of the five or four bans I have received over the past month, all of which were for posts that are practically identical, at least 2 of them were overturned on appeal. No explanation was given once I asked why these were overturned but not others, or why is nothing being done about powerabuse. So we can only guess that the moderation team doesn't it self know what is supposed to be done about the Ukraine moderation policy, they also are completely fine with bogus bans remaining half the time.

I realize I might be quite unpopular for my anti-Russian position now, however this problem is wider than Ukraine war question. I am not even debating what should be the correct position on it, actually I even encourage the moderation team to openly endorse Putin so that some clarity about moderation could be found. No, the problem here is that janitors have openly shown how little they care about their own rules, how they don't care about their duty to give feedback and to be open to the users. Its only a matter of time until some other issue, one where perhaps I'll even be on the same side as the moderation team, arises, and they will decide to keep the same sort of arbitrary moderation style as now to police away wrongthink from "THEIR" board.

Thus I openly propose these ideas:
1) Mandate moderators to state in every ban which rule was broken
2) Update the rules accordingly whenever a new ban-worthy position that is not accounted for by the current rules is found
3) Temporarily revoke moderation privilages on repeated successful appeals to their issued




Cry more redditroon, our Holy jannies are infallible


Based except for
>NATO is the lesser evil
This should always be a bannable offence until america is dead. Death to NATO.


>daring to commit the ultimate sin of suggesting that perhaps this time NATO is the lesser evil
If anything, the moderation has been too lax on people pushing this line. It should get a permaban.



free him up

Grill pill skitzo is correct. Moderation has got out of hand and is begging to look like when OLD BO trashed the board before. It must be stopped.

Reddit is where the mods enforce a line and it is shit. Gensmalldong got purged by the ultimate mods, the corporate Reddit team. This is the jannies squad goals

Old BO ruined the board. He is a retard ever since his autismo actions quality has gone from bad to worse.


Then make that a rule and issue a permaban for me instead. The point is that literally all of this powerabuse tries to hide itself behind spam preventiom or whatever else.

Old BO was way better in this regard because he actually was clear about purging anarchists. As retarded as it was, at least it was there on the paper for all to know.

Also I could argue with you about your position but I won't, because this thread isn't about that


Oh and before you all start freaking out, I disagree with GPS on basically most things. However, he should still be allowed to have opinions. Ask him, we have had long arguments on many topics. That is why I come here. To talk to people I don’t agree with and learn stuff. Not to jerk myself off with my circle jerking gang


Well, let's see, most of these sound somewhat reasona-
>daring to commit the ultimate sin of suggesting that perhaps this time NATO is the lesser evil
Welp, way to out yourself. Get fucked NAT*id


Congrats on killing the thread and shutting down the discussion, jannies! Don't pretend we all don't know that no one gives a shit about what's posted on /meta/


It is a position held by many people. Perhaps it would be better to argue against it, rather than tk shut it down entirely, if you want to appeal to a mass audience.

If you don’t want to appeal to a mass audience, then you are going about communism the wrong way


Probaly deserves its own discussion, but yes, this. Even if I was pro-Russia, its undeniable that, at least in most western countries (and probably in a lot of third world once Putin-caused mass starvation due to food supply lines disruption kicks in) everyone and their dog are more or less on Ukraines side, and to try and convince them of the alternate media positions is a Syisyphean task.


get a life
>all of which were for posts that are practically identical
do you know the definition of insanity?

I have as one of the people banning you communicated to the mod team about your case which is already an inordinate amount of taking this serious.
However, as I can see you are getting worse by the day, there is no more need for such.




all of them


Ah, of course, I should no by now modern jannies are incapable of communicating their moderation decisions in anything else than idiotic self-righteus sarcasm of a twitter liberal


>or daring to commit the ultimate sin of suggesting that perhaps this time NATO is the lesser evil
Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you shouldn't be allowed to push this insane line?
You've received plenty of push back but still insist in derailing the thread with your headstrong position. You are at this point just very disruptive and extremely repetitive.

The Ukraine thread is not for you to engage in the same arguments over and over and over again. If you want a thread where you push your NATO shilling, maybe I'll support it and advocate on your behalf with the other mods. As it stands, the Ukraine thread is not for that, so stop posting this shit there.


I am serious. That said you are a madperson, what is the appropriate way of communicating, the possibility of normal communication is a priori closed.


I actually agree with GPS's proposals, but I want to add one modification:

4) Make openly shilling for NATO and the USA bannable offences by adding adherence to an anti-imperialist line to the rules.

Shilling for imperialism is on par with shilling for fascism. All of the stuff until suggesting that NATO is the lesser evil I found unobjectionable, even needed for debate on this board.


>Ukraine thread is not for discussion of all that Ukraine war entails
Seems logical
>You are repetative
And the same deluge of "every Russian crime is Ukrop crime" isn't?

Again, just admit you want Ukraine thread to be a Russia hugboxing simulator then. Also I don't even mean that NATO should be critically supported or that it should send guns. Only that sperging about how the war is good because its against NATO is fucking idiotic.

And you base this on what? My on-purpose retarded and idiotic namefag? Literally everything I said about Ukraine was still leaps and bounds more neutral or even pro-Russian than what average person in the west now believes. I agree that I keep spouting the same arguments like the Iraq war comparison or "whataboutism" with Yugowar or Grey Wolves, but that hardly makes me mad. Or are you the same guy from mod feedback who can't accept the basic psychological and honestly common sense fact that most nazies are still human beings?


Sounds perfectly reasonable so long as its a clearly stated rule.


Also my point about lesser evil was not that you should support NATO, but rather that you shouldn't support Russia over NATO, aka enemy of your enemy isn't your friend.


The problem with this is that it is quite difficult to define and sometimes there are grey areas.

China for example, is any anti China talk going to be shilling for Nato now? Even if you are pointing out where they are allied with nato? It’s really not very clear cut


I wouldn't be against this particular point, it should however be already clear to anyone of some minimal sense.
The war is not good. These are again insinuations and just insane assumptions which is the theme of your whole character.
criticism from the left is ok, criticism from the right is not.


> Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you shouldn't be allowed to push this insane line?
According to who?

> The Ukraine thread is not for you to engage in the same arguments over and over and over again. If you want a thread where you push your NATO shilling, maybe I'll support it and advocate on your behalf with the other mods. As it stands, the Ukraine thread is not for that, so stop posting this shit there.

So the Ukraine thread isn’t for discussing Ukraine? It’s literally just for whacking off to Russia?


Yeh and who decides what is and isn’t crit from the left or right, mods are notoriously shit at having any kind of discretion.


i fully and enthusiastically support the janguard against the saboteurs schizo, the anarkiddies, nato apologists, stealth imperial libs, and other ideological brainlets. Happenings always bring a mass amount of libs and pol tourists that should get purged on sight with extreme prejudice.
you should be thankful to not get your name auto banned on sight you retarded fuck

>And finally, out of the five or four bans I have received over the past month, all of which were for posts that are practically identical, at least 2 of them were overturned on appeal.

I have literally never been banned, maybe start questioning what you post moron.

imagine how much of a cunt you have to be to come complain when your bans are actually able to get appeal and overruled and short enough you can come back spout your stupid shit, most internet community are not half as lenient


I think just defining it as "supporting the geopolitical expansion of nato". Although that also leaves some grey areas like Kurdistan. Probably the most sensable one would be "Repeating pro-NATO naratives" or something like that.


this tbh, how is this reactionary still able to shit up my board ?


I've been here since tail end of 8chan. I got more bans in this month than all my time before, and even then my only 2 bans were once for low-effort OP on 8chan and once by a noob jannie who banned my pol immitating shitpost. Also should I remind you that Comatoast? admited me into jannydom once?




Your opinion is a minority opinion and dominates the thread discussion with repetitive arguments. It is disruptive for majority of the people using that thread. As I said, if you want a thread where you push your "NATO is the lesser evil" or "we shouldn't support Russia" line, I'm willing to be your advocate, but as it stands, your participation in the Ukraine thread is disruptive.

I invite you to read this post by an anon >>>/leftypol/903772
I agree with them that you aren't arguing in good faith and assume positions of others that aren't true.

As a personal note, I think your anti-Russian upbringing, assuming you had one, is clouding your judgement of what people are saying and doesn't contribute to the conversation.
>So the Ukraine thread isn’t for discussing Ukraine?
That's a dishonest way to frame it. Discussion is hindered because of NATO apologia, for example. If rightoids were allowed to spam their ukraine nazi shit, surely you'd want them banned because they are disruptive to the conversation.
>According to who?
According to me, of course.
>I think just defining it as "supporting the geopolitical expansion of nato"
>"Repeating pro-NATO naratives" or something like that.
That's what getting you banned…
>Also should I remind you that Comatoast? admited me into jannydom once?
I fail to see how that is relevant.


Well, thanks for actual feedback. I'll just stay away from the Ukraine thread then. Just tell me, why did it took 5 bans, dozens upon dozens of complaint posts and two seperate threads attacking your moderation practices until you finally decided to give a real response?


Well I am very busy and these confrontations are usually emotionally draining and time consuming. Also, speaking as a mod, even if its just a personal opinion always carries with it some sense of "official position". To actually give an "official position" about something requires a lot of work.

I've also not banned you myself, at least not recently, so I'm not exactly aware of the nature of your previous bans, which means I need to investigate to give you a solid answer.

Also I had the impression you had already received an answer before. At least through ban reasons.
>I'll just stay away from the Ukraine thread then.
I would appreciate it. As I said, if you want a thread where you, for example, equate Palestianians with Ukranians and Russia with Israel, as you're doing now in the Ukraine thread, we can discuss it. I'd be willing to advocate on your behalf.

For the record, I usually agree with your posts. At least the ones I remember. I find your positions on the Ukraine conflict to be disappointing and uncharacteristic.




>Discussion is hindered because of NATO apologia, for example.
I don't think it is. A discussion is by nature something with several sides.
>If rightoids were allowed to spam their ukraine nazi shit, surely you'd want them banned because they are disruptive to the conversation.
if it was actually spam, sure. If it was just them having their shit opinion, i don't see why not.
>According to me, of course.
and you are a janny and have a terrible record of judgement therefore.
>For the record, I usually agree with your posts. At least the ones I remember. I find your positions on the Ukraine conflict to be disappointing and uncharacteristic.
could you not give him the benefit of the doubt then, based on the fact you agree with most of the rest of his positions, he is probably therefore arguing in good faith.


>Do you actively participate in the Ukraine thread?
yes, it was me who introduced the topic of Bioweapons, a full week before fake uyghurs was on twitter talking about it

>It is my editorial decision that their participation is disruptive.

a thread is a conversation not a piece of prose. I contend that it is not. I have given my reasons, could you come back on them?

>Whether I agree with their positions or not is besides the point of their posts being disruptive.

i really just don't see how its disruptive unless people are triggered by these opinions in which case they should not be because its an image board


I don't want to get into a back and forth.
As I said, if there is a desire for the discussion of the topic on a separate thread then we can explore it.

Are there any positions you hold that you want to discuss but feel you can't? If so what are they?


all of the pol “tourists” are pro russia


realtalk there are usually like, 5 or so of us on at a time
the more bombastic and provocative people be the less likely we want to engage them cause there is a limited number of us with limited time to be engaged with this stuff, and every moment engaging someone who very well may be acting in bad faith is another moment not moderating the board. We're all volunteers who have actual lives outside of moderation who don't want to waste our time with insane people (no offense but that is how we all saw you).


Why do you not hold another janny recruitment innitiative? I don't know how many stayed after Watermelon meltdown ended as I wasn't on matrix ever since the middle of it, but I swear there were at least a dozen of jannies on the anti-melon side and probably a dozen more neutral or Watermeloned ones. Also I practically know nothing of what is the deal with leftchan, but is no room for reconciliation possible in order to get their mods back to work, or is there just too much bad blood between you?


There should be recruitment soon (tm).
>get their mods back to work
This is the worst idea I've heard in some time. It's not about "bad blood lmao" but that getting someone in that has proven completely undependable (to put it neutrally) is nothing but inviting trouble.


I have no bad blood. I was pretty disappointed with their actions and expected better, as I openly told them multiple times. It would be irresponsible for us to put them in a position where such events can be repeated.


Well we are, we even got a new guy recently-ish
There is a limited pool of people who want to be janitors, though. We get less applications every time that we send out the message that we're recruiting.
>but is no room for reconciliation possible in order to get their mods back to work
Before their entire split nonsense, there was a strong rule in place forbidding internal factionalism in the mod team. They violated that with a secret faction meant to usurp power and selectively purge a handful of mods they had tried and failed to purge in the past through vote, restoring them to any degree of power would be irresponsible and damaging.

Also, just on the logistical side of being a janny, those guys would unironically start multi-hour fights in the moderation room. Some people on the team still joke about how they slightly panic to see 100+ messages in the mod room only to see it was casual conversation rather than endless arguments. Shit was so bad people regularly took long-ass breaks that made us even more unproductive despite our "larger" numbers. I can say for a fact we're far more productive without them, and we work with far less stress too.


It is true. I automatically ignore any namefags and even most flagfags. All of the former are functionally insane and Grillpilled doesn’t show anything to reverse this trend.



the lack of self awareness contained within these posts is frankly astounding

>We get less applications every time that we send out the message that we're recruiting.

maybe.. you should consider why that is. I mean really think critically of how things are not "because we are fucking great and everyone is toxic/lazy/drama fags/leftychanner blah blah"

Either less people are using the board, which means you have failed in your job as janitors. Unless you are seriously going to contend you have presided over an increase in quality, which would be frankly hilarious at this point. More on quality later (x)

or more people are using the board, but they don't want to be a janitor.

In which case they either don't want to be a janitor because you all suck, or because its too much hard work, but why then are this hypothetical new crop of posters who don't want to work, different from the posters of old who did want to be part of it?

A different kind of poster? A new, less engaged poster. Why so? A different culture on the board perhaps? A less engaged culture, a more aggressive and insular culture, a culture less accepting of new ideas at odds with the general hegemon of the board? A healthy debate around Covid, perhaps the defining event of the last idk decade, 50 years? Was stultified by mods adopting and harshly enforcing a completely normie position. Debate on the Ukrainian conflict, biggest thing to happen in geopolitics for a while, again, is stultified, and insularity and monoculturalism has been encouraged.

Now back to quality (x) You really think if generally posters are putting less effort into the board, i.e. because less people want to be jannies, that is reflective of an increase in the engagement of posters, posting high quality posts, etc?

In this one sentence "we get less applications every time" you have clearly shown a gaping hole in your entire thesis of board management, and proved it failure.

A board in decline, a board with less input from the userbase, unengaged, having the same arguments, rarely engage in anything besides sharing dodgy twitter links from whatever conflict and then shoehorning in pure ideology takes onto whichever sports team side you support.

Just think for one tiny second. People have a huge variety of opinions, generally, people who post here probably agree with you jannies on 90% of shit, then they have that weird 10% of strange beliefs.

Why do you focus on squashing that 10%, rather than proliferating the 90%?

The 10% of where we will find the dynamism of thought, truly interesting and new perspectives, rather than just all saying "yes capitalism v bad imperialism v bad yes" round and round with each other over and over.

Compounded is the concept in your last paragraph, yes, there is less conflict in your matrix chat. It is so much easier for you now… and yet… the above mentioned decline.

Have you considered that, quite contrary to liberal dogma, and, perfectly in line with marxist theories of the world, conflict is actually good a progressive.

It is through conflict that all good things happen. Conflict is the engine of dialectics. So you had to argue with people, well, maybe you should have found better ways to systematise the arguments so they didn't go on forever.

By very nature of them going on forever also, must have been a back and forth, so have the self awareness to see that perhaps you may have had something to do with that, instead of childishly blaming the other side 100%

What I see from the mod team is late 80's social democracy. Degeneration with no will to go above and beyond, merely to tread water and not to swim, ideas wildly above station, but lacking any imagination or radical push. The end of history, exemplified in fucking image board politics.

please please consider. Thrive or die.


>We get less applications every time that we send out the message that we're recruiting
This hasn't been put to the test. The last recruitment was months ago. So this may not be a strictly wrong statement but neither is it true if with amusing results.


There was no 'dynamism of thought' to be found in schizo vaccine denial


oh please.
>ooh i'm a communist but we definitely should not question at all the actions of large pharmaceuticals responsible for all manner of heinous things, most recently the opioid crisis
>you must be a skitzo to do so
Labelling everything as skitzo is precisely the boring, normie pilled shit that has lead to this stagnation. Questioning the Covid narrative is hugely prevalent amongst all sections of the population. While I am 1) Vaccinated 2) in favour of lockdowns and such, the liberal tendency to shame everyone into agreeing with such things proved, again, an abject failure, and the blocking of conversations around it and labelling everyone as skitzo is precisely part of this liberal shaming.

Among other things, its peak reddit. Hilarious how we are willing (correctly) to fly in the face of like 70% of popular opinion when it comes to Ukraine, but with with vaccines we must 100% accept the most mainstream of narratives to the point we don't even allow discussion of them.

You wouldn't know, if there was dynamism of thought, because you won't even allow the space for the thoughts to grow.

By the way, you might have inadvertently learned something about vaccines, vaccine production, their history, if some anon had decided to take a "vaccine skitzo" to task and produce counter effort posts. Which is what I mean, by dialectics, conflict being good, etc

But it doesn't get to that stage.

The fact that you've summed the whole thing up as 1 line:

>vaccine denial skitzo

as if that is all there is to it is completely indicative of the narrow mind set which has closed off discourse and lead to said stagnation. I don't expect you to understand, because you are exemplary of said closed minded, group think, heard mentality person


It's almost like our beliefs are based on facts rather than how popular or edgy they are


1) if you aren’t at least sceptical of mass vaccinations and the narratives around them, you’re not.
2) your “facts” on vaccines probably come from the same places now telling you that Ukraine doesn’t have a Nazi problem.
3) since when was it the mods job to impose their beliefs on the board. Telling on yourself here in a big way


The main point being, you yourself hold no doubt many fringe beliefs, but you are willing to shut others out for having fringe beliefs, and you have seemingly no awareness of how ridiculous that is.



Sage, you are insane, and I've called you an insane loser weirdo since the entire incel general shit. People don't want to moderate because it is time-consuming and most people here are working class, with jobs and lives. Any time doing moderation necessarily eats into posting time, or even into your other recreational time during big events like the Ukraine thread or, god help us, the coming midterms.

This is why people are "inactive" or whatever, because not everyone has the time to be as hyper-engaged as your crazy ass. Even a lot of our moderation is not as engaged as you. That is why we had to deem projects of user democracy impossible, because the engagement necessary would mean that most users would be practically barred from participation while a hyperminority would rule, which you and a gagglefuck of others have managed to do on something as inconsequential as /meta/ as well, only proving us right. Whatever aesthetic you like to wear as the people of the poster or whatever insane self-aggrandizement you chose to put on today is just a front for someone who camps on a board nobody uses partly because of you and we usually do not respond to cause it is overwhelmed by schizophrenics which don't represent the majority of users, not even close.

For reference, it is fucking fine for people to not be engaged with the inane politics of internet imageboards. Most people want to rightly just post, and so llong as the means of posting are available they will do so. We curb the excesses of select giga-retards for a variety of reasons, but the prime reason is because this is a leftist chan primarily. If you want to see the fate of "free speech" altchans, look into the graveyard of them. Moderation trimming away the fat of ultra-schizos that make everything about their bugbears is simply part of the work necessary needed to keep things running smoothly, keeping posters engaged to the site. Hell, most complaints are that we under-moderate, not over-moderate, aside from the aforementioned insane bubble here on /meta/.


Yeh heard all of this deflection before. I could dissect point by point but we’ve been down that road. In there here and now: None of this answers the key fundamental point. People did used to engage. Enough to be mods. But now they don’t. So it’s not an impossibility, it just doesn’t happen now, but it did in the past.

It has always been time consuming, it has always eaten into free time, and everything else you say, but people used to do it and now they don’t. So, why is that?


>So, why is that?
Cause we're all adults now lmao
A large chunk of /leftypol/ was older teens/young adults back in the day, most of us are fucking workers now.


The average age of a lefty pol user has gone down since 8chan days by all the polls you yourself may be older, the general use of the board is younger.


Also I’ve been a worker the entire time I have used the board and have been since I was a teen/ young adult. So..


Imageboards in general have gentrified after the 2016 elections.


% of posters responding to polls goes down with age cause awareness of data harvesting rises lel
just by how people talk about their lives its evident that most people are either in college, have a job, or both.
Yes but most other people have robust non-internet lives.


The absolute fanfic here. If anything people on 8chan were more concerned with such things. There are less posters in general. Older posters used to respond to polls, then the results started turning up younger. That is how we know the general age got younger. That was always the funny thing, leftypol was older and whiter than /pol/. All of this is just you pretending the board hasn’t declined. The post quality has also gone down dramatically, with less effort posts, and less people posting about books they read, more people posting Twitter caps etc. Which makes sense, because an admitted Twitter head old BO was the one who pushed everyone out, with all the book heads leaving.

By how people talk it is actually evident that most posters now are in university or just after university. There is much less diversity, people used to have more life experience, particularly more working class life experience. Used to be more posters with a military background, more posters who has been in prison, more posters with actual stories to tell.

The board has undoubtedly become more middle class and student orientated.

You posted about mid terms 2 posts ago.


I also have a robust non internet life, more so than most posters by all considerations.


(You all simped Haz and spent hours watching his shitty streams. Proof of 1) young, 2) not a worker 3) not a reader 4) opinions not based in facts 5) a mentality of doubling down rather admitting fault

Shut your hole liar


>Haz was leftychan s fault
Kek. Deluded


sage you're literally the most boring person I've ever known


>Also, just on the logistical side of being a janny, those guys would unironically start multi-hour fights in the moderation room. Some people on the team still joke about how they slightly panic to see 100+ messages in the mod room only to see it was casual conversation rather than endless arguments.
It's not a joke. Its better now for me, but it took a while. That shit burnt me out like nothing else.


How the fuck can anyone with a modicum of political awareness be pro nato in this conflict? How can anyone who traverses the discourse of geopolitics not see NATO has forced this war on us, not Russia?
Hang Putin and every other capitalist piece of shit, but holy fuck, you have to be a retard or a literal paid shill.
Either way, keep this faggot banned, mods. Good job.


Yes adult working life can be quite mundane sometimes. A kid like you wouldn’t know that


> How the fuck can anyone with a modicum of political awareness be pro nato in this conflict? How can anyone who traverses the discourse of geopolitics not see NATO has forced this war on us, not Russia?

A long term media narrative carefully curated. Maybe you should try talking to people (which includes most people) about it


You ever at your work and somebody is having a conversation that makes you uncomfortable so you just like… report them to the manager to have the convo shut down?

Oh wait, no no normal working person does that, only a little tell tale, and all of them have heard worse


Don't just put your random thoughts here.


There is no serious polling done. This is an anonymous website. Do you know what polling is? Basically, you are working from completely unfounded assumptions.
We came to an understanding apparently.


you see sage, this is why nobody responds to you. you just circle the wagons with the same insane shit literally any time anyone attempts a dialog, and you blame everyone but yourself for these discussions breaking down. when even is the last time you were able to hold together a dialog with anyone?


There has been polling done regularly on these boards about age, class background, tendency etc. It has been equal in seriousness across time and shown clear trends.

>it’s your fault that the dialog breaks down when we continually lie and make shit up and every opportunity instead of admitting fault ever

Except there has been clear admitted evidence of the boards decline, I.e, less engagement which came out of a mods mouth first, and instead of considering the implications, you’ve made up a bunch of excuses which have no baring on reality.

Suddenly everyone is an old ass authentic worker when you know it’s simply just not the case.

The facts are there is less posters than there used to be, less engagement and therefore less people applying to be mods. Couldn’t be more simple


When was the last time you held a dialogue without deleting the other half lmao


There has been polling done on dick size and I.Q on 4chan.
Also show it.


Real takeaway from the polling discussion is you don't understand the medium. D*scord would be more your speed.


>he says posting daily in matrix
fbi.gov is no longer allowed here because it under minded the mods gatekeeping grip on the place so I wouldn’t know soz


The polling on 4chan shows they are a bunch of teen Mexicans and hapas, that has been the meme forever, obviously you are new


I don't chat, I could not give a shit about the plight of the d*scord user.




Actually the board is thriving, more posters than ever from all around the world, all authentic working class revolutionary leaders, all down to the excellent work of our moderators

Yes I am the one living outside of reality


>asked to show "proofs", this is the result


What you want me to dig up random polls from 8chan done 8 years ago and compare them to now?

Everybody knows it, it’s been commented on multiple times by various posters. You equally have no proof that everyone is older and more working class these days.

So less work with what we do have proof of, there are less posters, engaging less. I asked why, the response was everyone is older, no proof given.I wasn’t the one who brought age etc into this, that was you mods.


Keep in mind I never took a side as I have no interest in baseless speculation (from where I am sitting it looks like several people have engaged in such, the fact they are on different sides is altogether meaningless, as is the discussion itself, I am only interested in the assumptions).
It's normal to show "data" and acting indignant about being asked to do so does not inspire confidence. That's all, you can continue with your regular discussion.


I wasn’t the first to claim such things, merely denied it.

I would like to focus on the info we do have, which like I said is the low engagement, which the mod admitted to originally


Eminent physicist Wolfgang Pauli is said to have coined the expression "Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig; es ist nicht einmal falsch!" (This is not just incorrect, it is not even wrong).
I think about that a lot.


I am feeling a certain level of comfort that comes from not knowing what you're even referring to, pic related.


I have talked to "most people" about it, and they're all cucks for nato. I'm concerned about supposed communists being cucks for nato.


listen listen how about this for dialogue.

I will stop complaining entirely, for 6 whole months, if each mod, with their trip on, simply admits these two things.

1) I, sage, was right about Haz
2) Mods, all mods, .org mods included, were wrong about haz, and they gave him preferential treatment and banned posters calling them wreckers and feds for oppossing haz.
3) this had a detrimental effect on the board and the leftosphere at large.

If you can all admit these things, which are objectively correct, without blaming somebody else, minimising, or otherwise deflecting or being insincere, I won't post in meta for 6 whole months.

How is that.

All you have to do is tell the objective truth one time, each of you.


This uygha doesn't know about epistemology.


I am trying to learn people things, I am not part of the discussion as such.


we dont negotiate with terrorists


>I don't care what the facts are, I will never apologise for America

>burger clapping sounds


Here's a counterproposal: go choke on a bucket of pig cum.


you seem to have confused me with Caballo


hey if you wanna ERP then buy me dinner first


>lie to inflate my ego


where is the lie?


>it was all mean leftychans fault


>actually haz is cool

either way, you fucking suck and you know it


What if [false dichotomy]?
What then, leftists, huh?


Where is the lie jannoid.

Was it all leftychans fault? Or is Haz actually sthuper cool?

Which jannies up in here pretending they weren’t pro haz lmao. Bet you feel fucking foolish. Bet it was pasquale, given his is a fanatical weeb dengoid


>untrue thing
>debate this jannies
<random user on overboard replies
You are arguing with random users once again sage. You are just acting schizo to feed your need for attention and ego maintenance. Not to mention if you actually had contention with 'mods treating infrared too well' or something you wouldn't be letting them live rent free in your head all this time when most people have forgotten about them by now. And of course there was mods opposed to infrared starting drama here, in fact none of the current mods here supported letting them make a bunch of threads to spam the site or whatever your stated point of contention is. The people that actually simped for infrared for a while, mainly zer0 and comatoast have self exiled. This is pretty dumb and kind of sad.


A majority vote by janitors created those threads lmao.

The absolute cope


>Your opinion is a minority opinion and dominates the thread discussion with repetitive arguments.

Get fucked retard. That thread is just filled with the most fucking insane goalpost moving of vatnik retards high on fucking pro-Putin cope it's outstanding. You idiots are literally beyond fucking InfoWars Sandy Hook shit here.
Also how are us Antiwar people "Repetitive" while none of you vatnik United Russia retards can explain how making NATO the most popular it's ever been, having Finland and Sweden join, and Europe rearming, is somehow better for "anti-imperialism", oh wait, it isn't so you just ban instead.
>That's a dishonest way to frame it. Discussion is hindered because of NATO apologia, for example. If rightoids were allowed to spam their ukraine nazi shit, surely you'd want them banned because they are disruptive to the conversation.
Yeah those of us trying to discuss things neutrally are those ruining the discussion, not the fucking constant goalpost moving and "GLOW GLOW GLOW" of vatnik chauvanists like yourself.
>That's what getting you banned…
And yet, it's not actually in the rules fuckhead.
Face it, you're just a think skinned Putin cocksucker who has incredible thin skin and can't stand anyone disagreeing with you like the old transhumanist BO's retarded reactionary Rojava position.


>us anti-war pro-NATO uyghas


"If you're anti war, then you're pro NATO!"
Point made, you people are literally temporarily embarrassed Neocons.


And once again, the Janitors ban anyone who criticises the Russian invasion.
This is becoming fucking ridiculous, why in fuck do all of us on the left have to be fucking Russian cocksucking chauvinists? Where is the fucking BO? These bans are for things that are literally not against the rules.


Are you that glowing bitch that made the anti-russian ukraine thread with a marx flag? Just checking here to see if you posted any cope and seethe. Your seethe is juicy and delicious


>posts reuters and rfe/rl links
>gets banned


You fucking retard. The link was PRO your pro-russian fucking cocksucking position you dumb fucking piece of shit.
Oh my seeth for being a fucking Socialist and not some fucking bloodthirsty Russian vatnik Neocon fuckhead like you pro-capitalist imperialist psychopaths are?


Also this just touches on my point, my thread was completely neutral, if anything, the header actually sided with a more pro-Russian position than 99% of people in the West atm. I had links on NATO expansionism, leaked NATO documents showing NATO did know it's expansionism was a thread, tonnes of links on Ukrainian Neo Nazism, war crimes against donbass, as well as only 3 fucking links discussing the rise of Russian right wing chauvnism in it's foreign policy.
Yet I get banned for fucking "glowing", because dumb fucking retards like this shithead couldn't even be bothered to click a link that war reporting on the UKRAINIAN FAR RIGHT RAPING AND MURDERING CHILDREN IN DONBASS. Oh no, it was Reuters and RFE, it has to be glowing.
Meanwhile, these cocksuckers in the "Ukraine thread" (sucking more Russian cock than a conscript in a hazing thread) can post all their bullshit clearly FSB rightoid Russian chauvinist propaganda, MoA, RWA, RT and it's perfectly fine!
The fact you faggots never even bothered to click on the link that showed THE UKRAINIAN FAR RIGHT MILITIAS RAPING AND KILLING CHILDREN IN DONBASS, shows that you faggots are knowingly completely acting in bad faith.


Mods, you have in posts still on the board said, "if you want a pro ukraine thread make one of those but that is not what the ukraine thread is for"

Now he makes one and you delete it.

Come the fuck on. As you know, as all post history suggests, I am by no means pro Azov. Again, it was me who first dropped the bioweapons news here. However, as you also know, stunting discussion like this is dumb

This isn't genzedong, this is leftypol. Its supposed to be none sectarian, this is straight sectarian moderation


My thread wasn't even Pro-Ukraine, at no point am I supporting fucking retard Zelensky and his corrupt ass joke puppet Government, hell I even support Russia moving into the DPR/LPR since you had groups there like Tornado making literal sex snuff films with children.
My position has, and always will be anti-war between Capitalist powers and this conflict has been a disaster for the left, as it's essentially erased the past 20 years of US/NATO fuckups and has countries like fucking Finland joining NATO when arguably, NATO probably wouldn't have existed in 20 years if this didn't happen. (France was already pretty NATO weary)


Average decelerationist


Seethe more ukrop, all your threads are shit and hope you are too retarded to evade your ban


These same autistic retards who scream the loudest about muh vatniks and muh russia are just a vapid minority of 2-3 ultraleftists, instead of writing anything of substance about Ukraine, their OPs are always full of links to bourgeois outlets and links to RFE/RL.


Lmao, you Vatniks are so thin skinned you literally can't take any criticism of Russia nor accept any Leftist being anti-war, because again, you're temporally embarrissed Neocons.
>And you’re there, in hostile territory, stuck in your armored vehicle, unable to tell civilians from the enemy, an easy target to anyone with an RPG or Javalin. Yeah, you sure are gonna be rational about things, aren’t you? And you’re not gonna be jumpy and unload your massive caliber machine gun on some poor sap riding a bike in your direction.
>There is a sad kind of predictability to people on this staunch denialist side. They’re basically the exact inverse of the rabid neocons running America’s foreign policy and media machine. To the neocons, Russians are savages and barbarians, no matter what. They’re always to blame. To the denialists, the Russian side is always telling the truth and Russian solders never do harm because to they’re liberators and on the right side of history.

Even Yasha, one of the most Pro-Russian/Russian sympathetic commentators out there finds you Self hating Neocons cringe as fuck.
Again, I used RFE because it was reporting on Ukrainian far right militias raping and murdering children in the Donbass and telling Zelensky to go fuck himself. Something the rest of the MSM was completely ignoring. No-one who isn't a delusional Vatnik could have thought my thread was pro Ukrainian dipshit, I was literally posting internal NATO documents showing they absolutely knew that their expansion into Ukraine was going to cause a war and I provided like 10 different links on Ukrainian war crimes and how NATO lured Russia into this war.
But oh no, I'm not a Vatnik Neocon who thinks Putin is some holy saviour of communism so I'm 100% a fucking "glowie" while you cunts aren't totally just assmad Russians.


File: 1649710659657.png (325.65 KB, 828x469, 510.png)

Also "ultraleft" lmao, not even China is supporting this. The most advanced Socialist project today.
I'm the fringe Leftist for siding with the position of the CCP and numerous Socialist and Communist orgs the world over. While you, the guy defending a far-right mafioso who launches a war with a speech shitting relentlessly on the great and kind Lenin and the CPSU are the true leftist!


kill yourself


Love how not a one of you Vatniks have a single coherent point aside from screaming insults and "glowie".


no both of you kill yourselves


Still no proof that Russia is "imperialist", just more sloganeering and russophobia. Yawn


there is you just ignore it because you are circlejerking about the Russian state for some reason


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