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Just because Siberia is a random board doesn't mean right-wingers and liberals in general shouldn't get banned for whatever bullshit they post there.


I agree, also it shouldn't be filled with porn


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting


Nah, the less jannie interference in /siberia/ the better.


You're on leftypol not on yet another "free speech" 8gag clone.


Nah. Fuck jannies.




simping for imageboard moderators is the real cringe, friend


hello newfriend who doesn't know where the board came from, which was literally as the only free speech leftist community on the internet, which is why it grew


While we do endorse free speech to a relative extent on this site, after all, we don't want to be r/socialism, we also understand the need for limits to stop this site becoming some irony poisoned /pol/ colony like so many supposedly left wing fbi.govs, or stupidpol and similar.

t. mod


you ban anyone that badmouths russia
might have a chilling effect on anyone that can see through the most thinly veiled capitalist propaganda but you probably already realize and don’t care


Everyone here is a liberal except me so who cares


US has been meddling in Ukraine since the end of the second world war, and it only got more intense since the 1990s. I don't understand how you could deny this reality if not for NATO apologia.

"NATO creep" as you put it, is also a real thing. NATO expansionism, and specifically, Ukraine joining NATO has been a subject of concern for both the Russian ruling class and many United States officials. Joe Biden himself spoke about how it would be catastrophic to bring in Ukraine into NATO and how it would lead to a war.

This isn't about badmouthing Russia, but about facts, narratives, and particularly NATO narratives, which contradict reality in key issues.

Could you explain how your post is "badmouthing Russia" because I don't see it.

>might have a chilling effect on anyone that can see through the most thinly veiled capitalist propaganda but you probably already realize and don’t care

Could you elaborate on this point?

The ban is short but I will lift it anyways.


>The ban is short but I will lift it anyways.
I like that kind of ban. Stop doing the month long bans unless people are spamming shit IMO. Do an hour long or a day long etc. and if the person doesn't stop doing the stuff you don't like then do the longer bans. It's really annoying when you guys just do a month long ban out of the blue because you disagree with someone who's not even doing idpol stuff.


We try to give shortish bans, but I will bring it up with the team to remind everyone to go easy.

It's really hard to have a consistent gauge of how "severe" an infraction is. Sometimes I let pol idiots go too easy, sometimes I do some harsh friendly fire.

Most of the bans we do are actual /pol/, but for non-/pol/ we do try to go easy.


Retards trying to fit in are so fucking pathetic. Go back!


>the only free speech leftist community on the internet
yeah you definitely come from the 8gag days where bans were even more rampant than today rofl


Reminder that making low lenght ban also makes it more likely that they will not just ban evade and go do something else with their lives for 10 minutes/1 hour instead before it expire,since it's "light",when you ban someone for up to a month,it's basically the same as a perma ban since they will 100% evade it,even weirder if you actually revoke the ban later,when it could've been a one hour ban that you don't even need to revoke since it's so small.


but then how are jannies going to feel powerful? they do it because they can, it gives them a dopamine rush. they don't actually care about "evasion" or "rules". you must be new to the Internet if you think Internet moderators do what they do because they want to help the community. 99% of the time people become Internet mods because their IRL existence is powerless and shit. so after their daily slog of working and lonely living, they get to come on the internet and flex their muscles. for evidence, see: every single forum and online community since the inception of the Internet.


this is complete fiction

look here the mod excepts it to some extent, but then slaps on some shit about irony poisoning like wut. Is irony not allowed now?

All of the places he mentions btw, fbi.gov, stupidpol, etc, are highly moderated and curated.

I have almost definitely been here much longer than you if this is what you think. Ask the mods about my IP if you think I'm /pol/ you know they keep track.

yup, also the consider themselves representative fo a community because they decided that they are, usually despite the protestations of the entire community. See: antiwork on fox fiasco


such a limited range of ideas/"agitprop" in every sense




Irony poisoning is when one's worldview/weltshauung/reality tunnel is so dominated by irony and detachment-based-comedy, that the joke becomes real and you start to do things that are immoral or wrong from a place of deep nihilistic cynicism.
"Why would John do this to me?"
"It's irony poisoning, ma'am. Seen it a million times."


You mean like how mods larp as the central committee purging everyone and then do it


lol this is irrational and loosely defined moralfaggotry


never trust anyone larping as le oldfag like you can actually demonstrate it in any way lmfao


Kek this was literally the reason for being of the board. A good chunk of the community was people getting mass purged from Reddit, like when some subreddit banned cat girls or whatever. Many other such cases.

I know many things about the board you do not know. For instance, could you tell me about the action front?

this is a demonstration that I have been here a while because I know this and you don’t


yeah it’s not even explicitly badmouthing and i still got banned

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