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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

Mod Logs: https://leftypol.org/log.php?board=leftypol

You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat

Technical suggestions or feedback should be posted for the time being in >>>/tech/6724
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Not saying youre wrong but its hard to read the validitiy of any complaint without an example of what exactly youre talking about. Link she examples


Love how this board stands for "open debate" yet I get banned for talking about the only ongoing event which matters.


"Open debate"? Where? Tell me so I can spray bullets in their general direction.


File: 1627595119351.jpg (98.12 KB, 939x462, rule 24.jpg)

according to this mod post there are at least 24 rules, but https://leftypol.org/rules.html only shows 6 rules?


It appears to be a joke ban. You are right, and there is no rule against criticism as far as I know.


No-one knows what you are complaining about, so no-one can help you.


starting to feel like theres a dedicated group trying to derail discussion and force an idpol split. last week 5 different threads on incels this week 5 different threads on trans


Can you see my post history even with Tor?


Which board? /leftypol/ or /b/?
I mean, at the end of the day all that can be done is harder moderation as a coping mechanism, or improving user culture to not reward them.
>>>/b/117242 might be a bit pseude-y or parodic but their advice is absolutely right. The people who engage with text, even mockingly, are the ones rewarding trolls and/or troll groups the most.


Coronafascism debate.


File: 1627652939115.png (45.52 KB, 540x195, ClipboardImage.png)

>Coronafascism debate.


He's been right about most things going on.
Also it's funny how there's a 200 post thread about vaccines on leftypol right now, yet I can guarantee if I made a single post in it I would be banned. Funny.


banlist is empty (like 6 bans in 8 hours) yet, nobody bans threads that serve 0 purpose to the board

literally why do we need mods at all? i don't get it
this shit is moderated less than 4chan and that says alot lmao


Oh my god fuck off.

This board is so pathetic its unreal. Loads of petit bourgeois fucks with NO IDEA of proletarian life, no fucking connection to reality, no critical thinking. It's also hilarious how I get called a nazi when I'm the one exposing that nazis are already IN POWER and have the boot on our necks.

Can't even discuss how dozens of people at my workplace got fired thanks to lockdowns because WAHHHHH THAT'S BEING AN ANTIVAXXER.

One thing is for sure. There will never be a communist revolution again until every leftypol type is removed from the movement. Nobody here is willing to die for communism. Well I am.


>only bugchasers are real proles


That what you do for fun? What a disgusting term. Do you fear getting a cold from your fellow man?
Kill yourself nietzschean cretin.


>worship pestilence
>disgusted at speech


I don't worship pestilence, weirdo. All the little freaks who love being locked up do.


>I don't worship pestilence
>NOOOOOOOOOO! you can't take any public health measures, you are hurting my god!


There's no public health measures, just a class war waged against the proletariat. Amazing how you think billionaires who poison us with chemicals in the food and water care about our health.
There's no pandemic, no coronavirus.


The fact is anyone that knows anyone has some first hand experience of the virus. It's absurd and pointless to discuss.


Do they now? It's just the flu. People get ill all the time, every winter, some die. It's part of life.
It's not absurd at all. This is the problem. People cannot see what's in front of them because of what, cos China supposedly did a lockdown and that makes it OK lmao. Reflects their own bourgeois comfort. China's ruled by billionaires


Vile bugchaser


Kill yourself you fascist wretch.


Ah ja, the old accuse the enemy of your crimes, only a nazi trivializes the Holocaust like you. Normal people have a natural aversion against that.


I'm a communist, you're the nazi.
Communists ended the holocaust.


Repeating a lie doesn't make it true, Nazi.


The Red Army liberated the death camps, that's a fact you little Goebbelsian cunt.


You are no communist, you vile piece of trash.


I'm more a communist than almost anyone else on here, I expose fascism in all its forms, I defend socialist realism against all the little bourgeois ideologues who wank to mastubate over superhero films, I defend everything the Communist movement stands for, I'd happily die defending the USSR and Lenin and Stalin, and I'd happily die fighting against lockdowns.


You are all talk and no action. In addition to being a bug chasing Nazi. Enough.


I've got plans. What are you going? Bending over and taking your raping like a good slave. Also you're one disgusting little nazi cunt talking about "bug chasing". Probably some bourgeois spy who deserves a gunshot.



Not a communist position. It's the worldview of nietzsche.


Shut the fuck up. You both derailed the thread. This is /meta/.


you can delete it
I don't know what I expected of course his brain is not gonna get unfucked


Stop banning me for pathetic reasons then.


File: 1627781506443.png (771.25 KB, 568x683, 1626752865191.png)

I got no reply, so i'll ask again. Can you see my post history as a Tor user?


The answer is effectively 'no'. You are not uniquely identified as a certain Tor user, and unless abuse gets really bad that capability won't be enabled. There's mods on Tor and known users claiming to post from socialist-hostile nations, so it's within our own interest to allow proper anonymity.


>this shit is moderated less than 4chan and that says alot lmao
As someone who was over-moderated on 4chan for legitimate, well-received posts: success!


I got banned from all boards on Sunday 1 August for eternity for "ban evasion", but was not aware I was banned. I think my last post was in /leftydeutschpol/ AND YOU NUKED THE ENTIRE THREAD (WTF). Before that I had posted in the theads about joint production and the lack of rigor in supply/demand models, and no-one called me a troll in any of those threads.


Thank you.


Thank you for bringing this up.
The moderator responsible is now suspended and we are attempting to restore the /leftydeutschpol/ thread.


Was there a coup attempt? More details?


Nah, a moderator was moderating /leftypol/ while not responding to or reading mod updates or congress discussion. In the weeks before this incident, they had made some controversial, unexplained deletions leading to multiple user complaints, and yesterday was found to be continuing to use a powerful anti-spam feature against legitimate users they had falsely identified as ban evaders, leading to the accidental deletion of /leftydeutschpol/.
Three days ago a proposal was suggested for their removal as they had not responded despite evidently being online. Their moderation powers have now been stripped as an emergency measure due to their recklessness.


>bunkerchan redirect stops working
<posting quality automatically improves
surprised but not shocked, the last few months of bunkerchan were fucking insane


File: 1627977482874.png (30.42 KB, 749x269, sectarian.janny.png)

The mod in this thread http://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/413815.html is publicly lying and conflating me with other anons and deleting my posts. I am not a /pol/ack, and neither am I the other leftcom poster (who is also not a /pol/ack) and this person is being dishonest and sectarian.


You said there was another leftcom in that thread, can you point out their posts?


I could only point out the posts with that flag that weren't mine, which is more than half


Jannies must be more active, such as immediately deleting and banning any posters promoting antivax rhetoric and pseudoleftists that are actually /pol/sters.


Your conflation of vaccine criticism with the right wing of capital and "antivax" is dishonest and infantile. It's important to have honest, critical and profound discussion about all aspects of the serious materialist issues affecting the worldwide proletariat that are the ensemble of the current "COVID Crisis" debacle and this cannot be reduced to the binary caricature that you and others try to make it out to be. There is a substantial portion of the revolutionary communist left with valid critiques of the bourgeois State's COVID measures and it is shameful that these views would be ignored, censored, or mockingly discarted as if they could only come from the enemy camp.

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