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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

Mod Logs: https://leftypol.org/log.php?board=leftypol

You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat

Technical suggestions or feedback should be posted for the time being in >>>/tech/6724


Do feature suggestions go here?
Linking >>>/leftypol/32162 , please delete post if this suggestion is enacted.


The technical suggestions should be posted in priority in >>>/leftypol/30303 for the time being.


Can the current threads in /anime/ /hobby/ are still being posted in, is it possible for this site to mirror posts from bunkerchan, whenever people post there?


Or should we manually repost?


Manually repost please, the bot being used to transfer posts wasn't made to work alongside the live site and the tech team is busy on other things at the moment


Please add a FAQ.


will come along with the new homepage we're working on

What would you suggest as FAQ?


Are you blocking VPN ?


No, at least we shouldn't be


Where do you want small tests performed if you deleted the test >>1 thread?


don't believe it was delete on purpose. But you can use /b/ as well


So does /dead/ have any jannies right now? we need to pin some threads back




Looks like OP deleted their own thread


File: 1609841471418-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.62 KB, 450x600, lusciousnet_lusciousnet_02….jpg)

File: 1609841471418-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.28 KB, 450x600, lusciousnet_lusciousnet_02….jpg)

Was that the thread about someone feeling oppressed by socially necessary labour time?
A shame if the OP did delete it, as there were some good posts and effort posts made. Maybe they felt unfairly got at because of the terminology they used to describe their situation was criticised for being a bit loose? It did sound like a horrible work situation they were in.
well, my observations on
>bar hostesses SNLT in persuading bar patrons to buy overpriced drinks
>if she does it quicker than the average (i.e. the SNLT) extra surplus value is created for the bar owner
>how this is part of reproduction of labour power (workers needing entertainment, R+R, to go back to work, like machines need oiling)
have been lost to posterity


Thread was salvaged here >>>/leftypol/35938


Great!!! Thank you anon.


>get b&
>only gives reason
>doesn't provide the post
No fucking clue what the libs on here consider "idpol" anymore. Posting about anything but burger politics maybe?


I'll take a look


It's that genocidal screeching about germans.


File: 1610867985125.png (148.91 KB, 650x400, Chiana-Gigi-Edgley.png)

what a happening with a bots?
is this the power of market socialism?


Idk, we've been getting raided. It's the second time today. Unfortunately, the mobile app doesn't work properly with strict cloudflare's DDOS protection. We'll have to find a good middle ground.


File: 1610868585109.jpeg (57.65 KB, 800x450, beyond.jpeg)

the 5 character hash bot posts are concerning.


File: 1610868893073.png (187.74 KB, 388x500, superiority.png)

>this is flunkers best shot


please put in video embedding thank you


PLEASE address rampant anorectal violence spam outside of /b/!

I will write a filter personally if you devs are too damn lazy.


why would a user be permabanned from meta but not the rest of the boards

not saying this happened on this site
but if it did
what is the message being sent to the user in such a case?


I don't get it. I don't know how to respond.
could you rephrase the question?
I don't see why that would happen. Maybe spam? If mods wanted to silence someone, why not just ban them entirely?


Holy fucking SHIT JANNIES
I’m trying to post a fucking normal ass leftypol thread about history but your stupid fucking automod keeps saying “your request looks automated, post discarded”

Wasn’t your fucking website supposed to work BETTER than Bunkerchan, tf is this bullshit?


sorry, we were being spammed. shit's fixed now.


how the fuck do we end up locking boards during raid ? just make me jump through hoops (multiple captcha, whatever) but at least let me fucking post


Mind if I ask the purpose of porting over all posts from Bunkerchan onto this site? I feel like letting threads naturally spring up would have been a better course to do.


I think it was sound decision in optics perspective. Gesture to allure posters by offering sense of continuity.

Good thing fresh threads are springing up




Way late now, but: the issue isn't the content, but the post itself being invisible. It was a different node that got the b&, I just want to know what they're banned for so I can gauge what the liberal morons that make up the moderation now consider over the line.


Can admins mirror thumbnails so lurkers don't get their IP leaked to youtube thumbnail hosters everytime some glowie embeds a vid from there?
Better yet, don't do embeds at all so YT has a hard time detecting referral data.
Keeping this anti-feature is almost as bad as putting analytics on here.
Having cloudflare babycrush the site is bad already, especially when you let them handle https (since they now also have data on which threads people are looking at) but this is just gross


>Philippines’ Duterte plans to take anti-communist campaign global
>In July 2020, the government passed the Anti-Terrorism Act, which extended the power of the task force to include warrantless wiretapping, surveillance, and arrest without warrant for up to 24 days of anyone accused of terrorism. This act goes into full effect this year, and it appears that part of the implementation will be expanding Duterte’s campaign of violence to solidarity activists and movements around the world.
Mods, take note.
<Makes firewall profile for Philippine IPs






Jimmy Dore's criticism/attack of WSWS gets to hit bump limit/full. >>>/leftypol/56681
WSWS's response that just dropped gets insta-saged >>>/leftypol/61293


>Please unlock. I also think, this deserved a thread


>Ah, so Jimmy Dore the youtuber attacking a socialist org (SEP) deserves a full thread [that hits bump limit/full] but the SEP defending itself doesn't? And the thread should be insta-saged? Sounds like you just don't want others to hear the other side of this story. Isn't Jimmy Dore always going on about how Anti-Censorship he is and how important it is for the Left to fight Censorship?


what if /IG/ but on /b/


I'm starting to agree. Youtube truly dumbs down discussion.


Coming directly from >>>/b/10141 it seems there are a few of us who think anorectal anon should be allowed a (cyclical) thread purely for the considerable amusement value.




given the "muh trannies" shit that was just on there, agree

also thanks to mods for deleting the posts (including some of mine telling people to stop) to get rid of that shit


Furthermore, I personally would like to propose a filter be made redirecting them to their dedicated /b/ thread whenever they try to post.
I can write it up if the devs are too lazy busy.


Are there plans to have a cooler spoiler thumbnail? The "? Spoiler" looks quite ugly


uploading images on mobile is broken, on an iphone at least


Ban lolicon and shotacon, kek
they already have bunkerchan to post that shit, and we already voted to ban that in the first leftypol.org


This place has nothing to do with the old leftypol.org.


Not my post but why was this thread nuked?


what was it?


ok, lolicon still should be banned.
they banned that shit for a reason, i didn't want bunkers shitting up the site


>banned for racism

Where did I post racism exactly? You better add a link to the post that gets you banned otherwise this is confusing as fuck


looks like it expired, but I agree the post you were banned for wasn't ban worthy. Someone mistook anti-third worldism with racism.


Can someone explain to me what is this infrared shit I've been seeing on /leftypol/ for the past weeks? Why isn't it being contained in the eceleb general?


they were spamming /IG/ real bad so we let them have their own thread for a bit
now that the fever is dying down it'll probably be merged back into /IG/


don't mind me just testing


Are you guys gonna get rid of the schizo spam?


I would also appreciate moderation team's stance on science denialists. Is that lenin hat faggot still banned?



Requesting for mods to un-Sage and re-Cycle this thread: >>>/leftypol/34805

And replace the mod-added bold message that says:
>Update: Potential "Million Militia March" on Jan 19/20th 2021 as part of continuing Trump coup plots.

with mod-added bold message that says:
<Update: Senate Impeachment Trial Edition

I realize I posted gravure pics without spoiler in that thread, which I was not aware was against board rules. Mods can go ahead and spoiler all those gravure posts. I'm not posting anymore gravure in that thread anyway, I was just temporarily humoring that one anon that requested gravure: >>>/leftypol/45949 and also I thought it was fucking hilarious.

I am NOT Ushijima gravure poster >>>/leftypol/59627 >>>/leftypol/62250 btw, that's a different anon. But he is baste and has good taste


What's the point of having a thread where all the posts are just links to wsws and no discussion on them?


>all the posts are just links to wsws
False. The following are all links to non-WSWS analyses/commentary on the January 6th Capitol storming, posted by anons on that very same thread:

>no discussion on them

False. The following are some examples of lively discussion on that very same thread:

>What's the point

The U.S. Senate impeachment trial over the January 6th 2021 Trump-backed storming of the Capitol in Washington D.C. is still ongoing, this thread >>>/leftypol/34805 is the most directly on-topic thread in the catalog to contain discussion over that event and the impeachment trial, and since that thread was Saged and un-Cycled, many new details of the January 6th event, ongoing political maneuvers among both factions of the ruling class (Republicans and Democrats) and new analyses and commentary on the political implications of the January 6th Capitol assault for the working class vis a vis both the pro-capitalist Trump/MAGA far-right and the pro-capitalist Democrats (and the ruling class as a whole) have been written; with all of this happening in the context of a raging, deadly global Covid pandemic that's becoming even more dangerous with new variants and an economic crash that is the biggest in modern history since the Great Depression of the 1930's. And, concurrently, this all is happening amid rising working-class opposition (not just in USA but worldwide) to both the staggering social/economic inequality and the homicidal capitalist oligarchs' "herd immunity/let the virus spread" response to that same Pandemic.

As just one example of the worldwide implications, the Spanish far-right (which has deep tentacles in the military) has been emboldened by the January 6th putsch attempt to intensify its conspiracy to carry out a fascist coup and mass murder "26 million leftists" in Spain, just as Spain's Constitutional Court has recently ruled at the end of this past January 2021 that the 1939-1978 fascist dictatorship of Francisco Franco "did not commit crimes against humanity", which "constitutes an endorsement by a top European Union court for a four-decade fascist regime and its policy of mass murder and repression."

>all the posts are just links to wsws

Already addressed, but moreover, nothing is now or was ever stopping anons from posting links to analyses/commentary by other socialist orgs that aren't WSWS/SEP on the January 6th Capitol assault.

For example, analysis/commentary by Party for Socialism and Liberation:

Or by Workers World Party:

In fact, should mods un-Sage and re-Cycle this thread: >>>/leftypol/34805
I will post them on that thread myself since they are pretty good, decent analyses, particularly the one by PSL for its thoroughness.


>As just one example of the worldwide implications…
Forgot to add another illustrative example:
President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has been very publicly supportive of the Trump-backed January 6th 2021 Capitol storming and has even suggested doing something similar to attempt to remain in power past his term limits in a self-coup in Brazil. This is the same Bolsonaro who glorifies the U.S.-backed fascist military dictatorship of Brazil (1964-1985) btw.

And his son Eduardo Bolsonaro is confirmed to have been visiting the White House in Washington DC (by invitation of Ivanka Trump) on January 6th 2021 (the day of the Capitol storming) having meetings/consultations with not only Ivanka Trump but also, among others, Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO who was trying to push former President Trump to impose martial law in the USA.


>>3536 >>3537
Is there some reason you're using assault, putsch, self-coup but avoiding insurrection?


No. It can also be called an insurrection (by the supporters of one faction of the capitalist ruling class against the other).


Bruh, the U.S. Senate just subpoenaed to call forth witnesses (possibly even Trump himself) to testify for the 2nd Trump impeachment trial on the January 6th Capitol storming. This means the trial will probably last at least another week and it's about to get spicy (hopefully):

Mods, please un-sage and re-cyclical this thread: >>>/leftypol/34805


Why are there three threads about how the stupidpol subreddit sucks in the catalogue and why is it mostly just posters making up shit in order to get mad at?


what is the official position of the moderators on infrared? why was the channel taken down?




Don't know or care who this haz is just like the thread unanchor plz?




Yeah, embeds don't play for me, i just get nothingness.


Can the mods answer what is the deal with their blatent fucking favoritism over one particular e-celeb, and why that e-celeb gets their own repeating general thread?


This, came here looking for an answer to this.


yo can someone check if this retard >>>/b/12767 is ban evading? something tells me it's same polack who made similar larp thread about working in PRC few days ago


I concur, thread that that should be deleted not moved, the op should be banned.


threads like that should be deleted*



he's not even trying at this point + he is showing the exact same formatting habit. I'll try to find archived thread to prove my point but he already crossed the line so he should be banned IMHO


And Mods still won't respond, go figures.


The interest in infrared is much much greater than things that are happening with shoe-on-head's boyfriend on twitter. /ig/ is for e-celeb gossip, twitter screenshots, and random internet shit that doesn't deserve it's own thread.

the mod team is very torn about this, both sides feel strongly about keeping it in /ig/ or not. The side that wants to keep it (me included), is fine to contain it once hype has died down (if it ever dies down).


>The interest in infrared is much much greater than things that are happening with shoe-on-head's boyfriend on twitter. /ig/ is for e-celeb gossip, twitter screenshots, and random internet shit that doesn't deserve it's own thread.
This is completely manufactured bullshit. The "interest" is greater because the threads exist, which causes the people who are already involved in watching it to use said threads. This argument is completely self-fufilling, you could literally generate the same number of posts with any other e-celeb when worded properly. /IG/ has always been for podcasts and streams, period, and this coping by saying that "No wait guys, this is different!" has never once been afforded to anyone else. It's a straight up manipulation of the rules up until now, and it's dishonest to imply that what is being permitted is some kind of healthy compromise.
>the mod team is very torn about this, both sides feel strongly about keeping it in /ig/ or not. The side that wants to keep it (me included), is fine to contain it once hype has died down (if it ever dies down).
And this is why I'm even more suspect, because this "guarantee" is a false one. Thread content can always be kept up, fans can always continue posting, and no specific metric upon which you could state that the thread is dead or the thread is alive can be made. The side stating "We'll just put it back once it's over" is making no real concession, because the "concession" is one based on a thing which they never have to allow for. It's like saying "we're not allowed to have this space, but once we're done using it frequently or on occasion, we'll leave". There's no actual guarantee you ever actually have to stop the threads, because creating the threads guarantees and justifies the continuation of them. How can you not see this? The "hype" right now is barely even existent, but the continuation of the threads are justified because of the disagreement about the threads or the content, or the fans generating posts about it over time. It's literally maybe 5 to 7 posters, maybe not even, who have legitimate interest in the channel itself, not counting people tuning in now for bloodsport debates, which have always only existed to flood threads with people just looking for a cheap thrill or laugh. Be fucking honest, this never had to leave the /IG/, and your justification for it being seperate is entirely built on it already being made separate.


But what's the harm in having the thread?


I've already explained this multiple times, but the biggest one is that it opens the door to other threads like it, and sets a terrible precedent. At best, it's hypocritical. At worst, it's hypocritical and sets us up for further "concessions" on the matter, as well as a board culture of e-celebs and bloodsports. And absolutely fuck that shit.


You don't have a guarantee but we, the mod team will reassess the threads if they keep going. And I believe making a distinction is necessary, if you make something yourself and want a thread it isn't the same as internet trash.


>if you make something yourself and want a thread it isn't the same as internet trash.
I don't see any interaction with Infrared in those threads, they don't appear to be anon at all.


I don't see how it should be a condition.


>And I believe making a distinction is necessary, if you make something yourself and want a thread it isn't the same as internet trash.
This isn't an introduction, a "now we're done answering questions, check us out when you can!". This is five threads in a row, regarding discussion about an outside e-celeb. This is by definition what went in the /IG/. You're acting like I'm being overly harsh, but this is literally the same standard and expectation I would apply to anyone else, and any giving e-celeb thread.
He has a point, in that this isn't some anon making his own channel, and then introducing himself to people once. It's an outside channel that was introduced from the outside, and has continued on from introduction to trying to establish itself as an ongoing presence through a general thread. Again, this would never be tolerated for anyone else.


Another e-celeb thread accidentally made outside of the internet general:
Thought you guys might want a heads-up, in case you missed it. Thanks for the hard work!


A person is constantly spamming (and I mean that word literally) wsws.org articles across /leftypol/. These posts clearly aren't organic, disrupt discussion and create a precident of commercial shilling which should not be tolerated in /leftypol/ of all places.
Please consider a solution, such as
>public warning then ban if continued
>containment thread like infrared
>ban filter (their posting style is unique enough that this should cause no adverse affects if done properly)
>word filter on wsws (fun, but might screw over based news anon)


I don't mind wooswoos links when they're actually relevant to news or discussion, but the spam has really gotten out of hand lately. Whoever it is used to be more restrained but seems to have gotten carried away since that embarrassing Jimmy Dore fiasco.


Might be worth allowing more infrared threads since if we troll their community hard enough we get links from their discord per >>>/leftypol/95624
which means more eyeballs


The mods current emphasis on cultural preservation at this point in time is fucking dismal. Do not even think of 'more eyeballs' until we get some basic boundaries set, or this place WILL turn into another generic left-themed shithole. I've watched image boards die from culture shock and I don't want to see it happen here.
You were there at the start of the split. You can see we've descended. And I don't need to tell you how far down we can go if things don't improve.




I wouldn't say 'HAS' just yet, give it a couple of months.


>Might be worth allowing more infrared threads
what the fuck is there to talk about that you can't use the thread you have?


Someone made a comment directed at youse >>>/leftypol/97111


Proposal for vote: Temporarily (5 minute) auto-ban any post made on /leftypol/ less than 140 characters in length from 00:00 UTC April 1 2021 until 12:00 UTC April 2 2021.
Attempts to artificially pad posts will result in a 24-hour ban and post deletion.


what do you hope to achieve? and pray tell how you plan to factor in image or pdf dumps into such a scheme
(126 with padding!)


Evasion? What did I evade? I wasn't the Lenin Cap poster I was just impersonating him lmao


Counterpoint: Pleroma is better.


A short-lived experiment to see if:
- a lower-bound character limit encourages people to explain their topic opener statements and replies beyond simple accusations, denials or unjustified statements, hypothetically leading to increased post-quality.
- such encouragement prevents bloat from posts asking for clarification or justification which should have been provided in the first place (e.g. 'No, that's fascist.', 'How?', this is just wasting space and time!)
- the lower-bound limit discourages low-effort shitposting and rule violations
- whether, if successful in achieving these goals, the community perceives this as a good thing; different but comparable automated quality regulators have not always been appreciated (such as prolikewoah's (iirc) harsh grammar-checker bot on their /a/ board, or various ROBOT9001 boards)

In the worst case, it should be some harmless fun for the traditional April Fool's Day.


This. You can even use the Mastodon front-end on it.
However do make sure to publicly weigh up the pros and cons properly before implementing.


>(126 with padding!)
140 was chosen on a whim based on twitter's maximum limit. Maybe something more like 64 (ignoring greentext) is more appropriate.
It is also possible to disable it on certain image-focused threads like the OC thread, if that's considered necessary. I don't understand why other cases would need an exception when images and other attachments are involved, they can usually benefit from explanation unless someone is asking 'does anyone have this picture?' or similar.


File: 1614510430762-0.jpg (59.85 KB, 740x958, 122838847_1301662253540580….jpg)

File: 1614510430762-1.png (700 B, 23x16, 1611163853579-0.png)

File: 1614510430762-2.png (863 B, 24x16, 1611163853579-1.png)

File: 1614510430762-3.png (821 B, 23x16, 1611163853579-2.png)

Hello mods, friends, comrades, ladies and gentlemen;

I come here asking one question:

Where are the flags?

Most notably the ones linked

Many thanks.


oh shit lmao, sorry about that


nah you're good. It was pretty fucking stupid of me to impersonate someone who kept evading bans though, so I can understand the mistake


Raid going on


If this site wants to allow tor posting (which it should) it needs to implement a block bypass like bunkerchan and other tor accessible imageboards have.


I think non-botnet captcha on standby is a better anti-bot solution, or people will just do the same with VPNs.
tbqh make a custom propaganda captcha where users are forced to demonstrate understanding of leftist ideologies to post during a raid.


Pedo spam




been here for months and still do not know how to change theme without adding custom css or how to spoiler images. oh god i am not good with computer pls to help


File: 1614617531173.png (31.05 KB, 974x387, ClipboardImage.png)



oh. thank u . how to spoiler? i dont see the options


File: 1614618130353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.01 KB, 500x623, 10d67edf8c89f28c35ca2cd66e….jpg)

Not available on quick reply, gotta use the one at the top.


ok that sucks but thankm you u


>>3797 >>3798
The spoiler checkbox is present in quick reply before file-selector.js breaks it. You can fix it from Options -> User JS with >>>/tech/6974

Backend fix: >>>/leftypol_archive/1801


File: 1614689564233.png (37.19 KB, 1000x667, Distributist flag.png)

This, there should be a flag request thread. I want the staff to add a Distributist flag.


Mods are getting too emotional about the superiority of Dengism and China. They are now locking perfectly good discussions.


We have no position over whether China is or isn't socialist/imperialist, however we do have a postition against utter repetition and having the same thread multiple times a day




Welp, Arabic test doesn't show up at all for some reason.


Explanation and solution: >>>/leftypol_archive/1517


Honestly, mods have been doing a great job. :D


I was trying to see if I could post gore in /b/ but https://leftypol.org/rules.html gives me 404.
Can i see the rules somewhere?




Although I can't recall any specific instances myself, I've seen posts alluding to mods or janitors outing the post history of anons recently that has me concerned. Do you realize this is a bad thing? Do you realize why it's bad? When you post history you undermine one of the core merits of anonymous discussion: that an argument can be made without the baggage of past actions of the person making it weighing it down, that discourse can focus on the merit of logic and evidence behind arguments rather than the people making them. When you post history it creates a chilling effect that is likely to reduce the degree to which anon freely speak their minds.


we don't usually do it, only when someone's maliciously samefagging or a reactionary falseflagging as leftist.
Some mods have done it in the past but we are against doing so more generally and the mods that did it were called out for it and haven't done it since.

People think the leftcom flag was "outed" by jannies, but the poster was using relatively fresh IPs. They were identified by making similar posts using the same flag.

As a mod, I understand very well this chilling effect you are talking about. I know other mods can see my post history and know who I am when I post as a mod. And I can see my own cringe post history. So yes, at least I do get it in a very visceral manner.


We need to prevent this community from becoming 100% shitposts. Previously /edu/ was that function. Now that all the altboards are dead, but still there; as ghost towns (due partially to our decreased numbers to before) I'm not sure what we could do next. I'm one of the advocates of /edu/ becoming a board originally btw so I guess this is extra painful.


Merge the Haz spectacle to /ITG/ please. It died down after the Destiny "debate" anyway.




What are your thoughts on this, mods?


Thanks for adding the new flags


Thinking about shitposting, the problem is /leftypol/, the other boards have no shitposting problem. If you are talking about "re-integration", I don't believe the other boards have any bearing on /leftypol/.
I don't think slow boards are a problem. I've still found better stuff on /anime/, /hobby/ and /edu/ than /leftypol/.


Required knowledge captchas for starting new threads could be fun (maybe 'pick all the leftists' image captcha and selecting Obama or Harris bans you for two hours)


>please select all socialist states
<bans you for picking any option as states cannot coexist with socialism


Not gonna lie, the reason you deleted the Infrared thread seemed less of a decision to benefit this community, but rather felt like you finally folded under the massive pressure of one to three really psychotic Infrared haters of whom one is a known namefag on this board that astroturfs entire platforms obsessively.


Belongs in the e-celeb containment thread like all the other trash, mods finally grew a spine and decided to consistently apply the rules.


>muh rules
Folding under the pressure of one to two obsessive trolls is not "growing a spine"


File: 1615241201996.png (410.61 KB, 460x458, 1553819339294.png)

Look, from all that we can tell, there were a lot more people annoyed about the Infra threads than actually liked them, and that includes a majority of the mods too. They have their own discord if you want to have a Infrared community, this site is not it I'm afraid.


don't come back


do we have an archive for good posts or is leftybooru used for that purpose ?


I agree with this person: >>3873
I don't think the problem is shitposting per se but the comparative slowness of leftypol plus the usual periodic ups and downs of the interesting conversations. I think we need to spice things up a little, not sure with what. I guess that kind of needs to be decided organically since people will post things that interest them.
Indeed. There is some partial work done on captchas. Someone could use it to write something like what you're saying.
Some mods were very against it from day 1. I can only speak for myself, the bantz alone were good enough reason to have it. While sage is anti-infrared, he evidently derives enormous enjoyment from trolling infrared. I would guess he's pro-infrared-thread.
>and that includes a majority of the mods too
You make it sound like it's a large majority, when it's probably closer to half.
We don't. Booru is a good place for that.
We can archive threads (upon request). And you can get to the archive boards via >>>/leftypol_archive/ etc


Someone ban leftcom poster jfc


Wth why can't one zalgotext on here? Please make some change so that I can fuggin zalgotext sometimes, at least on /b/.


I sometimes get the "Flood detected" message without apparent reason why could that be?
And how exactly does this system work?
I donkt know if this is the right thread for this but the technical thread doesnt seem to exist anymore


Text is heavily sanitized for some reason. Probably paranoia to avoid code injection.
It's per IP. There's a cool down between posting.


>Text is heavily sanitized for some reason. Probably paranoia to avoid code injection.
Oh okay that makes sense. Didn't think Zalgo text needed proprietary fonts or whatever this means.
Also somewhat related, this is in the news: A Microsoft Exchange Server breach
Suspects are allegedly Chinese "state-sponsored" hackers Hafnium, who are also listed as "advanced persistent threat". Pretty interesting stuff:


>>>/leftypol/123206 was bumplocked (at only 19 replies)

Mod who locked gave this reason: >>>/leftypol/123240

Responses to the lock from posters in the thread on why that's not a good reason:


unlocked at users request


Good job mods, keep up the good work


File: 1616041841553.png (48.05 KB, 144x180, CoolStalin.png)

all in a days work
just report any more /pol/ kulaks that come to spam if you see them


Thanks! :)


> >>>/leftypol/30303 is gone
Where do I suggest a feature then?






Be on your tows jannies. The retard that has been shitting up Bunkerchan seems to have finally found this place. He's going to need all of your efforts to put down.


If you want the WSWS botposts gone, I can write a reliable filter to block them.


(C)ommunist (P)ropaganda on front page


cleaned thanks.
There's a lot of work to be done that is higher priority!


There's a porfkyflag derailing the DPRK thread with anti-communist bait. He has no intention of good faith debate. I don't give a fuck if it's le hilarious ironic anti-communism, it's retarded bait. Delete his shit and warn him to stop, if he continues ban him.


Like flies to shit, the plebbit pedo thread is teeming with /pol/ish transphobes.


yea this is fucked and the black thread here >>>/leftypol/136089


Turns out thats real


The OP is real but all the so called 'marxists' being > haha blacks are just dumb lumpen in america is veiled white supremacy and complete bullshit


Probably should anchor that "Is it wrong that I hate being black thread" now


And while they're at it they should anchor this one too >>>/leftypol/132103


Does it seem like we're getting a few too many X Country General threads lately? What, if anything, should be done about this?


Delete the pedo shit on /b/ and /r/anime.


File: 1616910890488.png (96.42 KB, 732x1194, 1616907878836.png)



(pic related), aka, replies splitting off from each other when makes a replies. 8chan had this and it was great, it can be optional if needed.

Post A
Post B
Post D (Refers to B and C, but B is listed first)
Post C


This is why I'm not using /GET/


I admit I really like this feature when I visit GETchan, and when I come back here I find myself thinking it works the same way as it does there.

Perhaps as an option that's turned off by default?


>>4018 (me)
Sorry, it seems I misunderstood. I thought anon was talking about seeing nested replies in a thread when clicking on a post link instead of being taken to the linked post.


>I thought anon was talking about seeing nested replies in a thread when clicking on a post link instead of being taken to the linked post.
I think that's what the anon is saying. 4chan-X has had it for a long time. Maybe an anon could write a userscript that does it.


Brainlet moment: Is there a way i could read this board using TOR?


I don't know try it.


Why are you proposing making a /mu/ board without fixing youtube embeds first??


Making a music board doesn't require coding, and there are more important things to code anyway, like scaling up the site.


Idpol thread, lock or anchor should be enough


Ty mods, unless the op deleted his own thread lmao


It does not work


File: 1617227415606.png (5.35 KB, 152x211, Capture.PNG)

The readability of greentext on the site is near impossible with the blue highlight


the system to delete your own posts is absolutely awful

it fails so bad


why is càpitalism filtered to Crony Capitalism


Everyone keeps criticizing crony capitaIism but only typing capitaIism. This avoids the confusion and stops unjust criticism of the utopia that is real capitaIism. We're sick of the hyper reality, everyone criticizing capitaIism when real capitaIism has never been tried.


Found one of the more obscure word filters because it kept fucking up a quote lol


mods, you're fucking moronic bitches
shitting up all legit and serious discussions with filters for 1st of april is fucking stupid
you suck at being funny


File: 1617282335444.png (73.09 KB, 660x384, stirner.png)

Stay mad.


you need to go back


Why dont OP Posts have yous?


You awake mods? There's a raid going on.


Maybe lock posting new threads for a bit to force the newfag sperg to interact with threads


Only allow new posts "if they type the communist manifesto in the password field."
Filters are set up ready for it.


File: 1617686833420.jpg (75.22 KB, 750x1000, jannies.jpg)

Locking a thread before anyone can reply to the horrifically bad takes


some /pol/tard is spamming leftypol


File: 1617802715154.png (435.63 KB, 720x805, b3db2e398b7cafb89503bacd61….png)

/pol/ raid


/pol/ falseflag, please lock or anchor before hundreds of idiots take the bait.


>Technical suggestions or feedback should be posted for the time being in >>>/leftypol/30303

why mod logs link hidden in a meta thread ? add a link on frontpage in the meta section


Now you can’t scroll down in mobile. What the fuck is going on?


Can you tell me what operating system/browser/board theme you're using? Thanks.


Why the hell was the disillusioned thread made by a Leninhat poster deleted?


File: 1618188495723.gif (758.38 KB, 400x240, 2f2.gif)

Second this query
Also >>>/leftypol/164014


File: 1618192204185.png (33.62 KB, 608x270, logs.png)

Not a staff but check the log page in OP.
The ban message is vague and a bit unclear, but it's a joke way of calling them out for ban evasion. See first and last of pic related.


Thank you for responding to our concerns, do you also happen to know about the thread allegedly deleted?


We don't need mods acting jokey.


Why not?


If leftypol is anti-sectarian then why is one of the banners Trotsky about to get ice pick'd?


>>>/leftypol/166218 either /pol/ falseflag or very unsubtle bait, lock or anchor should be fine


thanks for reporting.
despite being non-sectarian, sectarian in-fighting is also the spirit of leftypol. banners don't necessarily mean something specific, nor do they mean endorsement. It's just for fun.


Unsubtle /pol/ bait


>>>/leftypol/169844 /pol/ bait


Even more /pol/ bait. Please remove that shit.


Why was my /b thread removed and the incel shit stays up/is saged? Why not just sage my thread like the incel stuff, seems kind of unequal jannies


I am waiting for a confirmation from another mod before removing the incel thread. I don't know about your thread, however, I wasn't there when it was deleted.


Come here if you need to vent, comrade: https://getchan.net/GET/res/17433.html


Was the latest incel thread not only moved to /b/, but deleted entirely? There were a lot of effortposts there.


From Tor and through Meek Azure, I set it to the "Safest" setting.
I don't see the reply indicator on posts. Was that a result of NoScripts, or another setting?


A lot of the bells and whistles such as highlighting and such are done through JS.


Yes. Moving to another Tor setting will show them, if you really need it.


crypto /pol/ thread


Last night I was briefly banned for calling someone an anglo (ban reason was "idpol"). I have to remind jannies that Anti-anglo gang was already a thing on old /leftypol/, and it's just banter. I also don't follow haz and I don't know for what purpose he uses it.


anti-anglo gang was
a) a meme, especially since even the song made for it was done by and for anglos
b) like, during 2016-17
the current revival of "anglo" is some dumb idpol manifestation of some e-celeb drama


can we please get a coomer flag


Ok, thanks


I do expect an explanation for why the incel thread was deleted. There was some legit theory discussion later on about historic leftist texts like Mary Marcy's Women as Sex Vendors - the core argument being that socialist parties are overwhelmingly male because women's control of the "means of reproduction" gives them something to sell in addition to their labor power. I was looking forward to reading further responses but alas I came back too late.

I see nothing in the leftypol Manifesto or Constitution banning discussion of incel "blackpill" ideology or similar topics, unless you're claiming that it is an "inherently reactionary topic where no reasonable debate is possible" and therefore too politically incorrect even for /b/.


I looked around the chatlogs and there isn't any mention of specifically deleting that thread, more likely than not the OP was probably some one who ended up spamming or was ban evading and got their posts deleted by IP, which took the thread down with it.




No, that one was quite a bit older.


is spam


/pol/ slide thread


Request for fixing the date in the title of newsanons post in aisle 3


Mods, please un-sage this thread: >>>/leftypol/187124
Here's the reasoning: >>>/leftypol/187608


Idpol bait


Use the report feature for simply reporting posts with a reason.


Deletion request in aisle 4


What happened to the merger thread?


Theres never been a thread like that.


File: 1619392336619.png (689.41 KB, 1368x1041, Event.png)

then why did i have the bowl, bart?
why did i have the bowl?


Went to 750 posts so it's now here



>Noooo! Insta-lock the thread before it gets even a single reply! You must use the Covid general where this news will get buried under a pile of Covid denialist shit posts by far-right /pol/ schizos like >>>/leftypol/192613, >>>/leftypol/192619, >>>/leftypol/192635, >>>/leftypol/192390


>A Fukuyama photo a day? Ah yes, this clearly merits a thread.

Excellent priorities, mod.


Did you try reporting the Fukuyama thread? It is indeed /b/ material and has been moved. This will happen more quickly when they are reported using the report feature.
>Noooo! Insta-lock the thread before it gets even a single reply! You must use the Covid general where this news will get buried under a pile of Covid denialist shit posts by far-right /pol/ schizos like >>>/leftypol/192613, >>>/leftypol/192619, >>>/leftypol/192635, >>>/leftypol/192390
Yes. People disagreeing with you is not a rule violation.
If you consider a post to be reactionary, however, please report it as such using the report feature.


>People disagreeing with you is not a rule violation.
It's not that they're "just disagreeing with you", it's that they're shitting up the board with anti-scientific, anti-vaxxer, Covid denialist, schizo-tier nonsense.


Insane schizo defending the Taliban as "anti-imperialist", not sure if trolling but seems unironic


Question, if a thread is full, it is necesary to create another? To not let the thread become cyclical.


If there's content for a new thread, yeah sure.


That's the problem, better just let it sink


File: 1619908838034.jpg (25.52 KB, 300x334, gandalf.jpg)

There's a shitstorm coming over this site


This is what the mods wanted and they're going to have to take it like good little boys.


>bunkerchan foreign policy article will lead libs and anticommunists to the site
>plus all of /pol/'s faggotry will be redirected to this site along 90% of 4chan who thought bunkerchan was the secret leftist club
Really hope the mods were prepared for this one


Why do people insist on attracting the dumbest, most reactionary retards imaginable by constantly drawing attention this website? I wouldn't even mind if jannies were faster about just deleting threads from them, or didn't allow "/pol/ here ama" one liner threads from obvious reactionaries


article wasn't our idea, we were like 100% sure it wasn't going to drop and it fucking did lmao
we're trying our best with spam but if anything last more than 5 minutes then report it, we probably missed it.


File: 1619938263893.jpg (834.34 KB, 1438x1431, 1619646946419.jpg)

The vaunted new "guests" have shit up the board and trashed the quality of discussion with race bullshit and A*glo bullshit.

Disable the redirect until it abates or actually do the moderation work and purge those posts.

This is precisely what people had warned to be cautious about on the proposal thread.


Make it so the pdfs we save have the original filenames of the book instead of unix timecodes like images and stuff


Moderation will probably return to normal strength tomorrow, they're letting the tards and tard-watchers have some shitposting fun. It will die down within a day or two. Just use /edu/ if you care about quality.


But you can already save them like that by clicking on the original filename. If you're on mobile get the app which saves all files with the original name as well.


File: 1619942250142.jpg (49.05 KB, 1024x918, monster.jpg)

I assume the mods are seeing the big PPh and cooming themselves


I am requesting we get back an 8chan-style board list with PPH and Unique IPs, and graphs like those on Bunkerchan. Thanks.


why are people so obsessed with this crap


File: 1619980287736.jpeg (45.6 KB, 371x509, catfish.jpeg)

> wakes up to the state of this board
fuck d0llars


B-But the SEL! Think of the PPH!


because watching line go up is nice anon


Jannies, for the incoming /pol/


File: 1620000512430.jpg (58.27 KB, 800x450, joker.jpg)

Main board is starting to resemble bunkerchan


Attention all jannies, there is a /pol/ spergout on aisle 3.


The China and DPRK generals are apparently gone. Get those backups out, boys.


File: 1620023336720.jpg (83.02 KB, 415x451, what.jpg)

My masterful satire of /pol/tard conspiracies (posted on /b/!) got me banned from all boards for "low effort idpol". It doesn't even show up on the logs so I don't know who to shake my fist at.
Also it's hard to discuss bans when you're banned.


I guess it means you won. I forget the post but it was definitely me during a sudden rush of shitposters. I'm sorry.


I'll never forget your name, Anonymous ## Mod. Be careful when you sleep.


I told you lot to just rangeban the USA back in the day


>Also it's hard to discuss bans when you're banned.
cant the dev make it so banned users can post on /meta/ unless they have a single board ban here too? i know some other board scripts do this and add a character to their ids, i guess you can add a ## Banned or something instead


That's already how it does work, but it appears some mods are overzealous and ban on all boards

give your IP and I will unban


I was too lazy to ban evade so I waited it out like a good little boy. Thanks, anyway.


nobody is going to explain what happened?
did the OP delete his own post?


There was no response because until a few minutes ago we were uncertain of what caused it, but it seems the initial suspicion was right.
A mod mistakenly deleted all posts on a shared IP address used by a rai­der, as well as by legitimate posters, but quickly aborted the deletion part way through, so only the oldest posts on it were affected (such as those cyclic threads).




Holy fuck jannies, you brought in all these retard posters on main. Get rid of them so we can go back to quality discussion. Not enough people post on /edu/ for it to be a viable alternative.




Anybody wanna do anything about the guy repeatedly bumping threads with soyjacks?


hey mods, can you let us delete and report posts? it would make life easier for the both of us


You should have applied for mod earlier


Report them if you want mods to see it on-time. They don't live on /meta/.


Make 200 characters a minimum not maximum size of OPs


Stop confusing people


This post it autofilled some stuff I didn't want can you delete it SOON for me please.


Its in the USA general I will start spamming or something please help.


File: 1620143148490.jpg (131.99 KB, 2208x1242, pepe-bateman-makes-fun-of-….jpg)



Not a vol but I think you can delete your own posts by marking the checkbox for it then scrolling down and hitting the delete post button at the bottom of the page?

If it's really freaking you out report it


It only shows I deleted the picture on my side so I reported.




I'm a phone fag Luddite why is it auto filling in my info… Wtf.


You're probably using chrome which is eager to fill your info everywhere. There's probably a setting somewhere to define your "auto-fill" preferences.

If you have an android, consider getting the app for this website.


I yeah its chrome based. Being a lack memory Luddite I sometimes use it to quick fill things I need.
I'll find the setting tell me more about the app?



tl;dr download the app here: https://github.com/PietroCarrara/Clover/releases/tag/leftypol-v0.0.18

This is done by a based anon and not the mods. That thread serves for feedback too.


I'm seeing posts and threads being deleted or bumplocked on si/b/eria and was wondering what's mods' plan with the board.

I always assumed /b/ is well /b/, where everything is allowed as long as global rules are observed meaning any kind of ranting, larping, porn posting, avatar fagging or any other shitpostings are allowed even semi-serious discussions if one cannot come up with well formed OP for >>>/leftypol/ .

Do you want people to make more effort? Do you want people to tone down on their cheeky or not reactionary shitposts?


Dear jannies, there is a bot going around posting old shit. Mostly using the Albania flag.


I was thinking the exact same thing just today. Maybe we need more boards? Let /b/ b /b/ I say, no lower limit as far as quality goes.


As mods are not responding I'm just going to hazard guess that at least one mod have strong opinion about misogyny or abuse against woman not 'quality' per se they didn't do jack shit when half the threads on /b/ was wojck script spam and I don't remember pol bait thread anchored on /b/.

I can respect their opinion and I agree any serious leftist place needs to take this problem seriously but anchoring or deleting satirical posts on /b/ AND YES EVERYTHING ON THE FUCKING INTERNET SHOULD BE CONSIDERED SATIRE UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE ESPECIALLY ON FUCKING RANDOM BOARD MAYBE ONE EXCEPTION BEING EXPLICIT CALL FOR VIOLENCE WHICH NEVER HAPPENED IN B SO FAR needs bit more scrutiny IMHO. Like, where else on the internet can I talk shit about sexual repression or compromised situation young people experience on dating market / relationship department without devolving into yet another reactionary banter?

like what boards? should we ask them to start roulette again?


Ah, the RapeApe approach. It worked so well for 4chan.


do you want people to unironically use sarcasm tag when posting?


File: 1620193096613.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 1618310624919.png)



It might have been poor timing, there's been a little bit of collateral damage during the /pol/ raid.


I don't think so. Bumplocking happened during slower time frame by single mod and I have a strong suspicion they replied to the thread before bumplocking it. this is just speculation but I remember this happening rather often back when we were on fullchan.

To clarify again, I am not trying to stir up yet another drama or ranting spree. I just hope mods can make up their mind about what they want to do with /b/ and other alt boards with influx of new users and also people leaving


did you get rid of the 500 error banner or am i just getting paranoid


File: 1620233547747.png (10.35 KB, 300x100, ClipboardImage.png)

Nah it's still there, took me a shitload of refreshes to get it though.


Why was this thread saged/anchored? It's an important topic.


its unlocked but there are far too many threads that are simply wsws reposts and could be instead posted inside either the USA or Covid threads


File: 1620314647735.png (10.66 KB, 625x118, ClipboardImage.png)

Deleted post was something like:
>Based Black Hammer discrediting this retarded tendency
Retard janny who struggles reading somehow thinks this is an endorsement of Black Hammer or decolonisation, possibly because he is a low functioning autistic who is stretching "you can't tell intent via text" to a litigious degree


File: 1620324383183.jpg (144.04 KB, 1320x1218, dab.jpg)

ty sweaty


I was promised deradicalization of my NatSoc beliefs, and was instead banned. Ok the ban was only for 2 days. That seemed ok. But upon my second venture into this commie playground, I was again banned for 2 days. While I appreciate that bans aren't permanent or excessive in length, I don't understand what the point of this site is. No one seems to want to deradicalize me, much less talk to me as a human being. The leftypol forum is more finicky and douchey than the real /pol/ is. banning people for not being left wingers? Are you serious guys. How are you going to win people to your side if you immediately take a massive dump on new visitors, and then ban them for being politically to the right of communism? I often am frustrated by the lack of intelligence and acceptance within my ranks in National Socialism, but this appears to be an even greater problem here with red boys and girls. Nothing about that trolly shit show called leftypol would ever make me reconsider my NatSoc beliefs. So anyway. I'll probably be banned for this too. Censorship is for genetic mistakes who need a safe space to keep from wilting anytime they're presented with stimuli they can't handle.


Ignoring the nonsense at the bottom, you misunderstand your situation. D0llars isn't here to protect you vermin.


Protection ≠ being banned the moment you voice a dissenting view from leftism. I hope you overcome your stupidity komrade.


I hope you die a gruesome death.


Nope. Still not deradicalized.


You were promised radicalization by a different website. That person was an seeking attention faggot doing it as an attempt to negotiate a merger with the staff of this site. That domain now redirects here, and due to a 5 day long raid by /pol/ users consisting (for some odd reason) of gay porn, furry porn, gore, off-topic threads, automated bot spam and generally trolls with no interest in political discussion and hold a hyperreality of the left that is so absurd that they are closed to debate and purely shitposting in bad faith.
So naturally, tolerance of reactionary politics is at an all time low and bad faith was generally assumed due to the raids.

If you have understandable annoyance with the shallowness of 4chan's /pol/, you can do better than be here, you can read a book. It's not just a meme, gaining a worldview through the echo-chamber of an imageboard (yes, any imageboard) is toxic to the brain. If you hang on /pol/ where they obsess about every time a black person is violent, you'll be exposed to a hyperreality of acute overrepresentation of blacks assaulting whites and your brain can start building an unrealistic pattern of them as all being obsessed about destroying whites. If you hang on /r9k/ where they obsess about women fucking dogs instead of them, it will fuck with your brain. If you hang in radlib forums and don't read a book, you'll start thinking conservatives are fascists.
An ideology made by memes is a literal bluepill.

This thread could be interesting to you, since you've hung around long enough (Naturally it got raided part way through). >>>/leftypol/176932

As for censorship, we need to be able to have threads clean enough from bait to hold actual discussions. It's literally the same reason we delete spam. If every thread gets derailed by someone bringing up idpol that we've argued a hundred times before or pretend that we're SJW transtesticle antifa black, we'd just be masturbating like /pol/ instead of learning something relevant. We've got other boards for shitposting.
We've actually had long, uncensored discussions with blackshirts who properly understand their ideology and some of ours', enough to hold a civil discussion, and were arguing in good faith. If someone just comes here to post infographics and respond that every argument is too long and doesn't address them, they're going to be b&.

Honestly, you may have a hard time engaging people if you start with typical NatSoc arguments like race and hibernians. Maybe try and learn about the economic topics first, since that's what leftism actually is; anti-capitalism. Learn our goals for different types of leftism.


This, mostly. The reading-list thread is being re-written but it should be easy to get suggestions for any topic and ask questions about details.
If it sounds like you have a closed mind (such as assuming jews are evil or assuming race and genetics unaimously conquers culture and socioeconomic factors) then half the users will just call you an idiot instead of wasting time arguing to what they see is someone with their mind set up.

Are there any /pol/ idea's you're on the fence about or see holes in? Those would be better than arguing something you're already convinced of.



Needless secretarianism ITT.


Request at counter 3


Thanks for this post anon. I was afk all day Saturday, and just saw your post. I'll look into your recs and try to keep an open mind. Although I do identify as NatSoc, I feel like it's holding me back lately. I'm also disillusioned by perhaps the majority of dumb asses who call themselves NatSoc since I began visiting imageboard/chans 8 months ago. I didn't come to my beliefs by reading /pol/, but rather through my own journey that included reading Spengler, becoming disgusted with mainstream political parties, and also feeling there's no place for me on the left because I'm a hated, inherently 'evil' person in their eyes by virtue of my race, sex, and sexual preference.
Thanks again for being real and actually caring. Take care.


File: 1620569492734.jpg (2.3 MB, 1500x3400, socialism vs liberalism vs….jpg)

>also feeling there's no place for me on the left because I'm a hated, inherently 'evil' person in their eyes by virtue of my race, sex, and sexual preference

Don't let corporate SJWs and Democrats fool you into thinking they're the real left, they want nothing other than to divide the working classes.


>Don't let corporate SJWs and Democrats fool you into thinking they're the real left, they want nothing other than to divide the working classes.
Nobody really believes this, retard. It is just another tool to beat the left with.


I've noticed I get "flood detected" a lot now and I have no idea what triggers it.
It seems to be related to expletives, but I really doubt the staff would censor that unless they're looking to make the site more ad-friendly which is a stupid concept to even consider.


the cooldown timer between posts is shared among all tor posters. If you use Tor that could be it


ah that's it


>inherently 'evil' person in their eyes by virtue of my race, sex, and sexual preference.
fucking ultrawokie radlibs are not leftist


Being banned every time you speak induces Stockholm syndrome!
- d011ars and Foreign Policy, probably


How long has this image existed and why haven't I seen it posted before? It's a perfect introduction for newfags who honestly think left=lib. Better than a simple "read a book fuckwit".


since the old days. and it still has the same typos at bottom


Move >>>/b/42203 to >>>/tech/ foar teh lelz plox


why was my thread about rising antiwork views removed


Shouldn't have happened


File: 1620679664641-0.png (40.5 KB, 523x305, Screenshot.png)

File: 1620679664641-1.png (43.7 KB, 1274x258, Screenshot 2 .png)

Hello mods, it's come to my attention that one of the links to a article has been unintentionally tampered with due to the ;N; world Uyghurs filter. I was wondering if the filter could be re-worked to prevent this from happening again.


Hi, I'm the one who made the filter and it was my mistake to let it match that link. I know why it happened and am fixing it.


File: 1620685565501.png (8.72 KB, 886x181, idpol.png)

this isn't leftypol


Not a mod but idpol derailing has always been against the rules here. It's off-topic. Read the stickied Manifesto, page 3.


I mention a trans once in passing because it's relevant to what I was replying to, a transhumanist responds complaining about it, I make fun of them only after they reply to me, and I'm the one derailing?
I wouldn't complain if they got banned too, but of course they didn't.


I'll take a look. Was your post deleted or is it still there? What about the post complaining about it?


is my original post
is what was deleted


completely fabricated story
But why do you think you only got banned for an hour? It was cause you had until that point of posting /pol/ spam managed to interact like a normal person. This really was just an invitation to get your shit together.


What part of my story was fabricated? I literally just mentioned offhand that the twitter user was using a cringe trans flag, and I get some moron getting up in my face about it. They are the ones that hyperfocused on the trans shit, I just returned a shitpost to their nonsense. I fail to see how it's /pol/ spam to simply reply when they're the ones starting shit.
Seems laughably tilted in favor of one side.


Big flags are ugly as fuck, is there any way i can turn them off my end?


I mean, just turn flags of generally, sorry. None is better than these ugly ones.


In the [Options] box, you can probably add user CSS to resize them down to what they were before (width: 16px) or make them hidden.


File: 1620780815751.png (77.42 KB, 544x572, 1d44cd0b3d5a2d9d1e4d42366d….png)

embeded youtube videos don't play for Tor users.


>js based video player
pick one


There is a rogue janny abusing his modpowers to make an ideological point.



Thank you. There is an ongoing discussion in the public senate (users and mods) about this.
The discussion currently appears to agree that it was an idpol-based argument (and therefore technically a bannable offense) but there is disagreement over whether it deserved moderator action or not, and like you said it does feel like abuse of powers when the mod is arguing in the thread and failed to consult other moderators.


Can mods wake up? There's a zionist in the Intifada thread, I've reported like 5 of his posts now



This ban is bullshit. You fuckers let poltards run rampant and I catch a ban because you don't like what I have to say? Fuck you.


>multiple threads on the topic
>no! the happening thread has to put up with my naval gazing


What the fuck are you mods doing?
It's 12 fucking hours that the Intifada thread has gone to shit due to derailers pol tards and assorted retards, could you please start doing your fucking job and start deleting shit/banning people?


File: 1621034501058.png (184.79 KB, 1272x281, ClipboardImage.png)

They had one of their faggy little meetings and concluded that shitting up the thread was good actually, you shouldn't be able to discuss current events like OP intended; everyone has to put up with the retards that only want to talk about stupid meta shit about the event, like the meaning of the word "settler", despite a separate thread being made to contain their autism.
A new intifada is totally uninteresting to the autistic goblins inhabiting a sizeable portion of the board obsessed with inane semantic aspects of politics and not the actual politics unfolding before them.
Then again this was their retarded explanation so any wonder they're happy to let the thread be shit up.
Apparently constantly asking anarchists about their sewer systems because they won't give you an answer is not allowed, but deliberately derailing threads being a Zionist shill is allowed because we don't have any Arab mods, just retarded anarchist ones that incidentally post embarrassing shit about voting for Israel's greatest ally, Joe Biden.
At least rather than being remotely informed on what's happening on the ground we all got to have a good discussion with one disingenuous retard and got to lean in and start a conversation about the word settlers and idpol. And by that I mean what was established within five minutes of the discussion was continued to be established over and over hours later to noone's benefit but the Hasbara retard getting paid per (You).


>Apparently constantly asking anarchists about their sewer systems because they won't give you an answer is not allowed,
you had your answer multiple times and would not accept over pedantic nonsense


Wasn't me, just noting the hypocrisy. Pedantic nonsense isn't a bannable offence, the jannies just said as much. Apparently nonsense is only bannable when it bores them, not everyone else.
I don't care that they banned him, obviously I'm currently calling them out for not banning someone doing the same thing. Why is there no appreciation for the national conversation about anarchist sewer systems? We should have it the next time anarchists have something important happen, even if it's to the detriment of the discussion of everything else. It's very important stuff we have to present to the masses, not derailment at all.


File: 1621042536668.jpg (284.4 KB, 1809x718, Explination mod.jpg)


Yo I don't like "explination" mod. He's making the whole site look retarded. For one he needs to learn how to spell. For two he shouldn't moderate his own threads so heavy-handedly. Total clown show. Also I'm not feeling this blue text shit. When did you guys add it?


Also please no /pol/ slang in the mod comments. It makes the whole website look retarded. "pozzed?" Seriously?




The absolute state.


I'm gonna post here to stop any more attempts at derailing the Intifada thread but why is this such a difficult position for mods to have a consistent line on? >>>/leftypol/252711
At the very least please let there be more mods that hold this line than mods like the fag in pic related >>6866


>Give a materialist explination
Gave me a good laugh.


File: 1621101353629.gif (Spoiler Image, 567.69 KB, 160x160, 1612338303376.gif)

merge games, anime and music to /hobby/?




Could we have an NSFW board? It's the only thing that's missing from my authentic leftist imageboard experience.


How would that be different from /b/? You mean without spoilers?


Wait, /b/ allows NSFW? It seems like the board is limited to one page of threads though.


Use the catalog. The page selector doesn't seem to show up on some boards.


>The page selector doesn't seem to show up on some boards.
That sounds like a very serious bug. Can you give more details? Is it consistent? What browser etc..


He must be talking about the overboard.


Sorry, I'm actually retarded, I just forgot the page selector was on the bottom bar instead of at the bottom of the page.


Useless fucking jannies can you do your fucking jobs?? Zionist fucking up the intifada thread, how many jannies do we have? How is it possible that all of you are leaving the most active thread in the catalog unmoderated?


jannys are busy deleting soyjacks on /b/


People who care enough to become jannies usually aren't NEETs who spend 4+ hours a day on an imageboard monitoring your favorite thread. How about you report them and ignore like an adult?

If they actually deleted soyjaks, /b/ wouldn't be filled with them. I asked about it in the chat a few weeks ago and they said they don't get deleted unless there's an ongoing raid by non-users or unless they are used as a major derail.


You think I didn't report them dumbass? It took the jannies way too much time to delete the zionist shit, and besides that's why we have multiple jannies, so it's not one guy in charge of the whole site. Obviously I'd expect the jannies to have the initiative to know that the currently most active thread requires moderation, even moreso when it's that topic.


>Soijaks aren't an ongoing raid


Sometimes but not inherently.


Is there any way to spoiler all images from /b/ on the overboard? It's annoying scrolling and then just WHAM furry porn


Do dead threads just vanish? Is there an archive we can use? I forgot to screencap a big effortpost some weeks ago and now it's gone.


you can request it and we can move it to archive boards, eg:
you can also use archive.org, archive.is etc.


File: 1621554689411.jpg (39.08 KB, 600x631, a1a.jpg)

It was a thread that started with pic related. It was an effortpost about propaganda and debates.


File: 1621559841700.png (290.1 KB, 1873x665, weird sex website.png)

Can we have a weird sex website general so they don't have to fill up the whole catalogue?


why not filter it?


Maybe they should merge it with Newsanon's thread


File: 1621644287366.png (3.2 KB, 1299x33, class based idpol.png)

Someone explain what "class based idpol" is.


Where is this?


<my bad.
I dunno how to crossboard link properly:






File: 1621741865442.png (4.87 KB, 502x67, ClipboardImage.png)

>deletes the post
>doesn't ban
>doesn't check post history
y tho


deleting that shit was the number one priority. The ip can be found later if it wasn't TOR


Starting to think it would be a good idea to just have a blanket ban on all soyjak images. Everywhere I go it's soyjak this, soyjak that, every time someone posts something someone else doesn't like an entire thread can be derailed because said offended person can just unload their soyjak folder while quoting the other guy. It's fucking madness.


On /b/ is a debatable situation but on any other board they are almost always ban-worthy as defined in the manifesto.
>Rule 3: Posts should, overall, be conducive to an informed and productive discussion. /leftypol/ is not an academic journal, but it also should not be a cesspit of back and forth bickering and pointless insults. […]
>Rule 5.3: To ensure a basic level of quality, topics or posts will not be tolerated when contributions are not conductive to well-intentioned discussion. Therefore, posts or topics are likely to be removed at the discretion of moderation staff if they; are of an overly derisive and mocking nature
My personal opinion is soyjakposting (as in, the posting style) should be banned in any thread where actual discussion is taking place. It's literally against the rules and an invasive anti-culture.


File: 1621796707549.jpg (107.51 KB, 1876x236, someone wrote this.jpg)

this is the mentality of your average soijak poster.


File: 1621883826183.png (44.07 KB, 792x296, ClipboardImage.png)

These flags look ridiculous in this size, please reduce their size back to the original. This is not a complaint against things like the leftcom/leninhat/accel "flags" being bigger, just specifically the traditional rectangle ones.


Got banned from /b/ for 2 days for posting a 13/50 meme about pitbulls. Obviously a ridiculous comparison, didn't think anyone would take it seriously. In the same thread there's drama about a "rogue mod" doing shit. Was I banned by that guy or someone else?


not a mod but thats a very common /pol/yp meme, and isn't very funny anyways


Shouldn't have been banned off that




The ban has been lifted.
The mod who gave them ban was responding to a report on that post and believed it to be part of a /pol/ infographic raid taking place around the same time.


What evidence is there that haz posted CP? Number 1 suspect should be recent /pol/yp influx.


Those details are besides the point. It literally doesn't matter who posted it, an image on this website was reported to our host as CP, and the complaint closely resembled the one that Haz's Discord screencaps encouraged rather than a generic CP complaint (for example, same organizations mentioned, use of "we").
Whether it was a user from their side, a /pol/ user among the chaos, or anyone else, the critical point is that the mods didn't warn users invading and creating the Haz drama early, and let it continue on to the point that it started raids, dox and CP takedown attempts. The thread was creating drama that threatened the entire site.


What happened to the "tomboy summer" thread? Why was it deleted entirely instead of being moved to /b/?

I saw it on the catalog and was hoping to see some cute tomboy pics but it's gone now :(




does anyone feel like post and discussion quality has gone down on /leftypol/ lately?

Most threads are like 70% shitposting now.


that sucks


I think it's a combo of the FP article and the Bunkerchan redirect

shit was dumb yo


The last two times I've checked, the most bumped threads have been two different theory effortposts with almost only well-thought out replies. "Boring" threads aren't fun for shitposters who don't read books and they are harder for antagonists to derail with cheap bait.


Much appreciated


I have no mouth and I must scream ( ° ʖ °)


rightoid spammy making a flood of new low-effort bait threads on aisle 4


While I actively oppose it, since there is no real stance on it by the board, why do I have to see posts about pedos and age of consent literally daily recently? I understand the problems the [REDACTED] incident has caused, this to me speaks to more of a reason to blanket ban age of consent discussion, revleft had a similar rule (yup). More work needs to be done on the loli question and it's adjacency to this problem however, I would probably say ban it in general, since if posters really need to loli post they got GET


Loli porn won't put the domain in jeopardy, but constant pedo talk IS tiring and reeks of post-2016 tourism.


It could be classified as an idpol issue


agreed. I mean I don't think either of them will cause literal danger to be honest, but the [REDACTED] accusations did cause a response from the mods. I think likewise we don't want any reputation of being a pedo discussion board, and it's consistent to ban the topic as a whole since it is only:
>Some ex poltard spouting some vaush shit
>Dudes being like "fuck off"


Clean the welcome thread jannies


is it possible to add reply links to OPs the way that they're added to replies?
if OP posts some obviously fake bait you can wind up with more and more people rising to bait that was refuted at post 10 since most people will miss the refutation because they read posts 1, 2, 3, and then skip down to the current ~300th post. equally, if you want to check someone has already made the point you want to make, you'd have to skimread the entire thread, something that takes about as much effort as just typing the point out and inserting a long-winded point already made at post 200 into post 400, while discussion in the thread itself has already moved on.


because having different boards is stupid when you have a user base under 100. merge /tech/ in it too and /edu/ to /leftypol, keep /b/


File: 1622403032238.jpg (227.48 KB, 1389x1060, croc.jpg)

Stop caring so much about numbers.


Unbumplock plox


with the overboard this is a non issue.
there is no need to add more boards, but equally there is no need to remove any.


If I don't refresh every 5 seconds and see at least one new reply like in my social media then the board needs to be deleted.


This thread is glowie central. Is such an obvious trap tolerated on leftypol?


There is a CLEAR Fed entrapment thread being posted on this fucking board. What the fuck are jannies waiting for to nuke it off existence?


The fact that the thread is STILL up is disgusting and speaks either to the jannies complicity or, more likely, pure incompetence. I'm ready to leave this site for good if the moderation isn't able to deal with the most obvious glow shit imaginable. It seriously isn't safe if this sort of thing is tolerated.


this is what happens when you target "converted" "ex"-/pol/acks as a userbase


How does that connect at all with the topic of laser weapons discussion?


>what does discussion of terrorism have to do with /pol/ (a board that serves as an online nexus for far-right terrorist groups) ?


>Literally promoting illegal shit on the open
<How is that bad?




There's only one solution I think: Range ban American IPs from viewing the site.


Ban the laserfag and every child encouraging him, this nonsense should be a lesson in how easy it is now to steer discussion on this site to glowie ends.


File: 1622567702037.jpg (64.85 KB, 750x702, n word.jpg)

>advocate for violent overthrow of the government
>totally fine dude
>hey use lasers

do you have a learning disability or something ? also fed infiltration hysteria was silly on /pol/ believing JIDF was populating the site and its even sillier here especially since site traffic is going down




>The fact that the thread is STILL up is disgusting and speaks either to the jannies complicity or, more likely, pure incompetence.
The longer they do nothing about it, the more likely it becomes that it's complicity and not incompetence.


You're correct. 48 hours and not a word from moderation? Suspicious.


Take your meds skitzo.


D&C samefag


File: 1622643008860.pdf (3.73 MB, 67x118, luty_9mmsmg.pdf)



>>7280 (me)
Since that remains bumplocked
This and other storeshittistahni threads should be bumplocked tnx


Can we have an official rule banning avatarfags and namefags?


This but soyjacks count as avatars


What is the motivation for this proposal?


Some new shitposter has already posted like 8 threads about "anti-trust laws" and most of them with coom bait. Why do we always get the worst schizos?


why can't we see post content in mod logs ?


Soyjaks are an inherent part of board culture, so no. I’m willing to compromise and let namefags stick around though if it means the cartoon shills get the can.


It was never coded in the board software.
If you would like, I can add a Github issue for this but the devs have a lot of priorities in the queue so I suspect it won't happen soon.

Imageboards attract 'schizos' who get b& from more mainstream sites plus sites with persistent identity. Multiply it by politics.

…actually, let me fix that:

That thing is cute.


Lying about what? Saying that avatarfags are a blight on this board isn’t a lie


I actually like penny poster


File: 1623217971362.png (216.74 KB, 660x753, 4797003-hueyfreeman.png)

Gore is currently being autisticly spammed in that buck breaking thread on /b/.


on it thanks


thanks for permabanning me with no specified reason, which was probably for spamming mutilated penises in the buck breaking threads on lefty/b/
yup, that one's me
you could do your job immediately instead of taking your sweet time to do so


have i been unbanned?


why doesnt embed work


What have you tried?
Post the link you put in the embeds section.




Can we get embed and spoilers in the quick reply box please? Spoilers actually doesn't even work if you check it at the top and then accidentally scroll down to activate the quick reply windows before submitting post.

>Technical suggestions or feedback should be posted for the time being in >>>/leftypol/30303

this link 404s


raid going on. take care of it mods and don't sleep on the fucking job


I don't see any raids



can mods move this to /b/ please?


I was banned on leftypol for "posting /pol/ infographics" . But I haven't posted anything like that. Mods, pls unban me, pls


You are free to go, Comrade.


What's with all the "I want to kill myself" threads on /b/ lately? I feel like it's board tourists making these threads.


It really does. I mean, the one who said they'd kill themselves "tomorrow" is still posting a month later. I assumed it's all attentionposting or falseflagging.


Why do non-spam threads keep getting deleted from /b/?


Do you have any examples?


I tried deleting threads that looked like spam, posts made by /pol/ ips, Ancap threads, "debunk this" threads (we had many duplicate threads), low quality bait.
can't please everyone, god damn. Someone was complaining of spam on /b/ so I took a look and tried to clean it up a bit.


I posted a Milton friedman b8 thread (on /b/ mind you, where there are were still idpol threads up). And we were finally getting to the bottom of his ideological deception


There was a thread on the US military that got deleted and another on idpol. There's also a thread which has been bumplocked.


can you stop arbitrarily permasaging threads on /b/? thank you


which one. and how do you suggest I don't do it arbitrarily?


Can you retarded jannies stop deleting and bumplocking threads with interesting conversations lol. I don't even know what rule they're breaking.


Which one


>bunkerchan operation happens
>a bunch of obnoxious avatarfags, namefags and coomers immediately show up on the site
Was there a single decent poster left on Bunkerchan? lmao.


I support.


Honestly since this is a slow imageboard the less boards the better and if deriatives can be merged into more generalised categories the better.




How about we stop treating imageboards like social media where if there's no instant gratification a board must be deleted or merged or whatever


Do mods even exist in this site?


Why was this thread anchored? >>>/leftypol/319890


Can you useless groids respond?


the person who posted the #1 of that thread was a pol spammer
and they were posting all 'whoa look at blm burning down america' type shit
So I assume you're the same person and anchored accordingly.


I'm not the op, I was just asking why the original thread was bump locked, since people were asking questions related to the thread topic and there was potential to form a nice discussion.


Can one of you archive the previous /leftypol/ Russian general? I forgot to archive it.


File: 1624190655120.jpg (586.9 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20210620-050036….jpg)

Is there any possibility of making inciting raids/trying to "convert" people from known shitholes a bannable offense? Perhaps I'm overreacting (and this thread is likely a /pol/yp in hiding) but inviting people here from reactionary forums is a terrible idea. There is an almost constant deluge of these weird threads/blatant trolls everyday.


It is already a de-facto offense and the user has been banned. It should have been removed sooner.


Threads don't get bumped anymore. Pls fix it


thank you based hacker mans (tech team)


Overboard is bugged for me. Neither the catalog nor the main board are up to date. Anyone else having this problem?


Well just saw the post saying none of the catalogs are working so my bad, but the overboard list view is outdated too.


It still doesn't work


It should be fixed right now. Are you sure? Details?


I went online this morning and there were a couple of new threads, so I thought it was fine. But this hasn't changed, whenever I try to refresh it. It shows the same threads with the exact replies from this morning. Whenever I refresh it, I can only see for a glimpse the new threads, but then they revert back. Also a couple of generals are missing like the german one


>>7648 (me)
It's back to normal on mobile, but on my laptop it still is the same crap from yesterday


Ok nvm its working again




ban all the janny threads to meta
i'm sick of this lame 4chan culture shit clogging up b

nothing but posts crying about le janitor crap with vulgar posts


it breaks rule 5.5 (no bullshit)


i have no idea why i was banned lmao


Give some details of what your post was or your IP.


Can the admin or the mods see everyone's IP? or are IP set to hashes?


We can see user's IP, however as you are using the TOR node it will show up as the same IP as the dedicated TOR IP


File: 1624719916872.mp4 (9.83 MB, 640x360, Jew pizza.mp4)

Why was this webm deleted from this thread https://leftypol.org/b/res/83778.html it was posted to show how ridiculous the right is. Is it actually because of legality?


Probably a false positive. I found it absurd funny.


Can we have a Libyan Jamahiriya flag?


File: 1625191017203.png (448.43 KB, 767x665, ClipboardImage.png)

Jannoids, you have banned me for "ban evasion" although I have never been banned and I have never broken the rules. Double-check the IPv6 address please and unban me


Is uyghur pass an actual thing?


to get the uyghur pass you have to donate to the janitors.


File: 1625255248588-0.png (311.44 KB, 1242x951, elon8.2.png)

File: 1625255248588-1.png (659.12 KB, 1242x906, elon8.1.png)

You're always free to make the flag and post it in the embellishment thread.


No. That's a little silly!.They're using a Cyrillic і instead of a Roman i. Highlight that first one and do a search with it, you'll see it's different.
This issue was known and a patch approved, but other priorities have caused it to not yet be implemented.


You know, for a board that claims not to allow reactionary bullshit, you guys sure do love to let reactionary bullshit hang around for hours at a time.


This is lulzy, but he left South Africa in 1988 FWIW.


>You know, for a board that claims not to allow reactionary bullshit
What leads you to assume this?

>Reactionism and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned per se, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through /leftypol/ so long as they follow the rules contained herein. However, non-leftist users are ultimately to be considered ‘guests’ and thus will be removed if they prove a nuisance or disrupt the normal functioning of the site.



>will be removed if they prove a nuisance
Which they invariably do, usually in the first damn post.
The moderation here is sluggish at BEST.


Yes, /leftypol/ is signed up to the SkyCorp N-word pass system, please mail us your registration information or a picture of your BIPOC hand in order to be verified.


Thanks for ruining the website for me in the name of "modernization". leftypol.org is the only website on the entire web that I've encountered so far that can be described as non-functional because of its reliance on WebP support to produce a functional user experience. There's some other asinine webzones (wikia pages come to mind) that have been adopting it but in those instances it doesn't completely cripple the user experience. I'll probably be posting and surfing a lot less from now on.


Well guys there's a happening on 4chan, expect new tourists and lots of bait these weeks.


what a shame, it's been so quiet


Tbh I don't know how mods can tolerate these kind of garbage threads


Maybe by ignoring threads they dont like :0

What happening? New captcha puzzle, or something else?


You can probably just patch it with custom JS in the Options menu. For all thumbnails, replace link with the file address.


If you don't want to or can't fix the webp thumbnails, go to Options (top right) and add this script to User JS to replace the thumbnails with the source image.


So the moderator's job is to….not moderate?


What about that thread isn't moderate enough? Was discussion impossible?


The moderator's job is to read the rules.


we have moderators?


File: 1625693213396.jpg (54 KB, 800x600, stalin rabbit.jpg)

Hi, I don't know how it works, but the computer at work classify /leftypol/ as a games website, and won't allow me getting into it. would it be possible to change that ?

posting pic for attention


I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that determination is made by the blocking software itself based on a keyword search of the website. I'll pass it on though.


File: 1625720846432.png (300.1 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

>browsing anti-capitalist material on the work network
it's like you're asking to be fired

It's nothing to do with us, your work chose to block it. We can't change it.
Do you have a mobile you can use instead?


File: 1625740177145.jpg (8.84 KB, 254x198, 1625584964580.jpg)

I don't care, I'll be only there for two months now, and I've been on /vst/ since the beggining. Seems like IT doesn't give a damn.
Thanks for looking it up tho


So, the jannies and mods have finally given up huh?


Read the manifesto, and make a proper proposal or gtfo of leftypol.org.


Shitting up and derailing threads is now "discussing"?


File: 1625792885482.jpg (42.62 KB, 446x427, image0.jpg)



>treating Lenin's word as dogma
Leninism really is a religion


testing chud filter


There isn't one yet.


/leftypol/ is getting raided. Get on it jannies.


>this sheer overreaction to a meme
your autism is showing


Anything >50 chars must be overreaction to you; learn to read more


On /leftypol/ I can't see replies to posts, when hovering over the reply


Thanks for reporting. We have solved this issue, and should be deploying the fix soon.




Unban me I’m innocent




Thanks janniebro




What about it?


As of now we haven't gotten any actual gusanos in the Cuba thread, thankfully because as far as I'm aware no vols speak spanish so it would be difficult for them to know who to ban if multiple people arguing in spanish pop up (anti-gusano spanish speaking anons vs gusanos).

However there have been a shitton of anti-Cuba posters either way, people itt agree that they should not be allowed to spread their retardation. Going from dumb shit like crying about authoritarianism in this site of all places and unironically saying the government paid or forced counterprotesters to go out in the streets, these anti-communists shouldn't be allowed in that thread. Not saying that you should ban them all necessarily, just delete their shit. They're derailing and spreading retarded myths not even worth debunking, they're not acting in good faith. Considering the happening, keep that thread monitored heavily, don't be restrained. Delete their posts immediately.


There is a fucking shitton of glow shit happening with Cuba threads, where the fuck are you jannies?


The China general gets derailed for hours in the last days by obvious trolls, mods are nowhere to be seen.


Could you disable Chrome auto-fill for the email section?


Why is there a captcha now?


Stop bot spam


It's temporary until we implement Leftypol Pass

Ahem I mean, until the raiders are gone




File: 1626487534207.png (457.25 KB, 571x621, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1626492269667.png (43.38 KB, 1301x574, 1626418337380.png)

What the fuck mods


I'm guessing these weren't all You? We had this bug on a larger scale some time ago but I haven't seen it since, can you give more details about OS/browser/etc or join the Matrix chat?


No, it wasn't me. I meant to say there was someone massively samefagging and trolling in the Cuba general. Mods should warn us about this or something.


File: 1626857754544.jpg (14.46 KB, 858x121, unspecified.jpg)

Rules? What rules?


Assuming you are talking about the most recent one.
If it makes you feel better I have some notes here that say: insane, [redacted]
maybe that helps you in terms of feedback, I dunno


It's a VPN you retarded jannie.




So on a rating of 10-10 how absolutely buttblasted are you right now? What's "redacted" something top secret?


It's a joke


What's a joke?


the [redacted]
So what's up with you, how are things otherwise?


I'm good. Why do you have a stick up your ass?


loaded question


>loaded question
You take this way too serious. This is why you're not funny.


ok get the last word in then, if it means so much to you


>ok get the last word in then, if it means so much to you
It's all yours jannie.


Thank you, very considerate.


>Use Leftypol for about two years
<Make shitpost thread
<Get ban for falseflag
What does this even mean?


I'm getting worried, We het more and more /pol/ posters here than ever before, we get literal nazis making threads and they don't even try to hide their political views (they all use the swastika) I'm worried that they're trying to divide and later conquer this place, and a lot of posters here are way more reactionary and racist than what you would expect from a leftist site. The /pol/acks know this and are trying to incite and encourage such attitudes.

The mods need to be more aggresive with moderation, some discussion from the other side may be right, but they should ban straight racism or eugenics or white nationalism or all that shit, this is a site that is open to debate nazism and it's consequences, not to be a breeding place for nazism, unironic "nazbol anticapitalists" and reactionary/racist ideas.


Just make it like stupidpol where you can get banned for posting shit like Holocaust denial or huwhite genocide without a Nazi flag. That, or you somehow reinstate the divide and force them all to migrate back to bunkerchan. Most of these guys were pulled in by the last months of bunkerchan's existence where most of the remaining posters were rightoid schizos.


Which thread is that? >>3973?




File: 1627136133550.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1079, dd934b29b1bfa5b807807e42b9….png)

Some mod feedback might be nice. My request is >>8080.


It's hard to detect pol tards sometimes.
shit happens. Appeal plz.


Yo mods, jannies, fags, I think it’s best y’all implement that captcha again cuz y’all are being raided.


Ayo jannies can you please stop this retard spamming threads


File: 1627263543354.jpg (70.2 KB, 1033x465, Screenshot_20210725-202558….jpg)

I just post atheist memes bro


I also cannot find the ban in the mod logs, if I could have a name and badge number I'll be on my way


Should now be fixed. A rangeban was too wide, my mistake.


'preciate it


File: 1627286624012.jpeg (544.17 KB, 1995x1290, 69125B3A-29F6-4108-993D-A….jpeg)

Hey how do I appeal a ban?
It’s only stuck for about two or three more days I think, but still
I was the first guy that mentioned getting banned for “false flagging”


File: 1627389103994.png (15.42 KB, 941x181, ClipboardImage.png)

Did the tor endpoint get banned?


It did temporarily. There has been a couple of persistent low-effort spammers this week.


You cannot ban a user over 1 (one) shitty racist joke posted on /b/, seriously. Delete it if you find it unfunny or give me a warning but a ban it's way too much and shows how much of a pussy janny is.
5 years between hotweels chan, bunker and this shithole right now i may have made 3 jokes totally 2 of which false flagging shitpost.
And don't give me shit about "muh idpol" because you faggots don't ban it on the main board and it increased exponentially since the og /leftypol/ days.
If you ban racist stuff you ban it all and if you ban idpol jokes or not you ban it all.
Not ban shit when ameriuyghs are involved but unironic "ur white" "small dick chink" "pajeet shit on street lol" are allowed.
On old /leftypol/ some of the more memey shit was allowed if not serious these days everything is allowed except if it involve african americans.
There's unironic yakub posters and muh reparations crowd who on og leftypol would be banned on sight.
Not to mention on og /leftypol/ we had afroplasm and another shitposter and that was it.
You faggot are way too lenient on the actual idpol/glowie and racist shit (because calling asian inerenthly class collaborationist on the korea thread couple of months ago is way more racist than calling an african american baboon on the shitpost board) and way too trigger easy on the shitposts.


It's one day
Also do you know how much rightoid spam we get recently? No you don't.
You don't need to contribute to rightoids trying to astroturf their (mental) issues here.
>ameriuyghs are involved
Yes, I am quite tired of mericans and their pathology
and it was quite unfunny


One day is a long time, don't say it as if it's nothing. And they have a point.
Rightoid spam is different, that's not a rebuttal. There is inconsistency, for example there's BBC threads which really are /pol/ spam, and lots of ironic racism elsewhere such as Yakub poster. Everything at the moment is a judgement call due to /b/ being largely undefined and different mods having different opinions, and it doesn't help that some obvious shitposts/jokes are being collateral'd while trolling racism is present on /leftypol/.


Is it me or the fucking site is flooded with /pol/yps lately? There's people with nazi flags on every thread. Are the mods getting sloppy or what?


There are several persistent spammers active recently.


I don't follow. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a fucking duck.
>trolling racism is present on /leftypol/
/leftypol/ is a higher value target for attackers, such as they are.


There are certainly more Nazi flags. Being a non-leftist isn't and never has been against the rules (see https://leftypol.org/rules.html ) although there are rules they may be breaking. Report them as you see them, if reasonable add a word or two explaining what rule they broke beyond a non-offense like "/pol/" (e.g. reactionary trolling, derailing, etc.)
The complicating factor is that a minority of the Nazi flag users can actually comment constructively in a thread, so it's not like we'll ever just ban the flag on sight.

There are. It's strange, with some luck they will lose interest. Although we don't do this, I wouldn't be against 15 minute bans to people responding. Why can't people just not respond to threads they don't want to see? Saging doesn't sage the reply.
There is an upcoming filter change that might help, but the dev schedule may delay it going live.


>with some luck they will lose interest

or regular users will first


i post with a nazi flag just because its edgy and funny


File: 1627506183122.png (97.14 KB, 916x308, Untitled.png)

Why was my thread deleted?


Also why wasn't it just moved to /b/?


Cause its idpol and youre obviously new here and should lurk before posting


Mods need to do their job and enforce anti-idpol properly and impartially. As it stands, mods and jannies are turning a blind eye to the social reactionaries whining en masse about "fags and transhumanists" and derailing threads. Will mods continue to remain partial about what idpol they combat, or will they finally start purging all of it?


I've noticed an increase in idpol derailing too, I'll put this question to the open congress chatroom.
Obligatory question: have you tried reporting it for 'reactionary' or 'idpol'? There are times of the day when we get many posts every second on /leftypol/ alone and mods (or mod) aren't looking at all the threads you use, they usually browse and post like other people when the report queue is empty.
(general reminder to anons: "pol" and "bait" aren't useful report reasons, since those aren't rules)


>"pol" and "bait" aren't useful report reasons
They are good enough or definitely better than nothing. The most important thing is to see rulebreaking posts at all.


Not saying youre wrong but its hard to read the validitiy of any complaint without an example of what exactly youre talking about. Link she examples


Love how this board stands for "open debate" yet I get banned for talking about the only ongoing event which matters.


"Open debate"? Where? Tell me so I can spray bullets in their general direction.


File: 1627595119351.jpg (98.12 KB, 939x462, rule 24.jpg)

according to this mod post there are at least 24 rules, but https://leftypol.org/rules.html only shows 6 rules?


It appears to be a joke ban. You are right, and there is no rule against criticism as far as I know.


No-one knows what you are complaining about, so no-one can help you.


starting to feel like theres a dedicated group trying to derail discussion and force an idpol split. last week 5 different threads on incels this week 5 different threads on trans


Can you see my post history even with Tor?


Which board? /leftypol/ or /b/?
I mean, at the end of the day all that can be done is harder moderation as a coping mechanism, or improving user culture to not reward them.
>>>/b/117242 might be a bit pseude-y or parodic but their advice is absolutely right. The people who engage with text, even mockingly, are the ones rewarding trolls and/or troll groups the most.


Coronafascism debate.


File: 1627652939115.png (45.52 KB, 540x195, ClipboardImage.png)

>Coronafascism debate.


He's been right about most things going on.
Also it's funny how there's a 200 post thread about vaccines on leftypol right now, yet I can guarantee if I made a single post in it I would be banned. Funny.


banlist is empty (like 6 bans in 8 hours) yet, nobody bans threads that serve 0 purpose to the board

literally why do we need mods at all? i don't get it
this shit is moderated less than 4chan and that says alot lmao


Oh my god fuck off.

This board is so pathetic its unreal. Loads of petit bourgeois fucks with NO IDEA of proletarian life, no fucking connection to reality, no critical thinking. It's also hilarious how I get called a nazi when I'm the one exposing that nazis are already IN POWER and have the boot on our necks.

Can't even discuss how dozens of people at my workplace got fired thanks to lockdowns because WAHHHHH THAT'S BEING AN ANTIVAXXER.

One thing is for sure. There will never be a communist revolution again until every leftypol type is removed from the movement. Nobody here is willing to die for communism. Well I am.


>only bugchasers are real proles


That what you do for fun? What a disgusting term. Do you fear getting a cold from your fellow man?
Kill yourself nietzschean cretin.


>worship pestilence
>disgusted at speech


I don't worship pestilence, weirdo. All the little freaks who love being locked up do.


>I don't worship pestilence
>NOOOOOOOOOO! you can't take any public health measures, you are hurting my god!


There's no public health measures, just a class war waged against the proletariat. Amazing how you think billionaires who poison us with chemicals in the food and water care about our health.
There's no pandemic, no coronavirus.


The fact is anyone that knows anyone has some first hand experience of the virus. It's absurd and pointless to discuss.


Do they now? It's just the flu. People get ill all the time, every winter, some die. It's part of life.
It's not absurd at all. This is the problem. People cannot see what's in front of them because of what, cos China supposedly did a lockdown and that makes it OK lmao. Reflects their own bourgeois comfort. China's ruled by billionaires


Vile bugchaser


Kill yourself you fascist wretch.


Ah ja, the old accuse the enemy of your crimes, only a nazi trivializes the Holocaust like you. Normal people have a natural aversion against that.


I'm a communist, you're the nazi.
Communists ended the holocaust.


Repeating a lie doesn't make it true, Nazi.


The Red Army liberated the death camps, that's a fact you little Goebbelsian cunt.


You are no communist, you vile piece of trash.


I'm more a communist than almost anyone else on here, I expose fascism in all its forms, I defend socialist realism against all the little bourgeois ideologues who wank to mastubate over superhero films, I defend everything the Communist movement stands for, I'd happily die defending the USSR and Lenin and Stalin, and I'd happily die fighting against lockdowns.


You are all talk and no action. In addition to being a bug chasing Nazi. Enough.


I've got plans. What are you going? Bending over and taking your raping like a good slave. Also you're one disgusting little nazi cunt talking about "bug chasing". Probably some bourgeois spy who deserves a gunshot.



Not a communist position. It's the worldview of nietzsche.


Shut the fuck up. You both derailed the thread. This is /meta/.


you can delete it
I don't know what I expected of course his brain is not gonna get unfucked


Stop banning me for pathetic reasons then.


File: 1627781506443.png (771.25 KB, 568x683, 1626752865191.png)

I got no reply, so i'll ask again. Can you see my post history as a Tor user?


The answer is effectively 'no'. You are not uniquely identified as a certain Tor user, and unless abuse gets really bad that capability won't be enabled. There's mods on Tor and known users claiming to post from socialist-hostile nations, so it's within our own interest to allow proper anonymity.


>this shit is moderated less than 4chan and that says alot lmao
As someone who was over-moderated on 4chan for legitimate, well-received posts: success!


I got banned from all boards on Sunday 1 August for eternity for "ban evasion", but was not aware I was banned. I think my last post was in /leftydeutschpol/ AND YOU NUKED THE ENTIRE THREAD (WTF). Before that I had posted in the theads about joint production and the lack of rigor in supply/demand models, and no-one called me a troll in any of those threads.


Thank you.


Thank you for bringing this up.
The moderator responsible is now suspended and we are attempting to restore the /leftydeutschpol/ thread.


Was there a coup attempt? More details?


Nah, a moderator was moderating /leftypol/ while not responding to or reading mod updates or congress discussion. In the weeks before this incident, they had made some controversial, unexplained deletions leading to multiple user complaints, and yesterday was found to be continuing to use a powerful anti-spam feature against legitimate users they had falsely identified as ban evaders, leading to the accidental deletion of /leftydeutschpol/.
Three days ago a proposal was suggested for their removal as they had not responded despite evidently being online. Their moderation powers have now been stripped as an emergency measure due to their recklessness.


>bunkerchan redirect stops working
<posting quality automatically improves
surprised but not shocked, the last few months of bunkerchan were fucking insane


File: 1627977482874.png (30.42 KB, 749x269, sectarian.janny.png)

The mod in this thread http://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/413815.html is publicly lying and conflating me with other anons and deleting my posts. I am not a /pol/ack, and neither am I the other leftcom poster (who is also not a /pol/ack) and this person is being dishonest and sectarian.


You said there was another leftcom in that thread, can you point out their posts?


I could only point out the posts with that flag that weren't mine, which is more than half


Jannies must be more active, such as immediately deleting and banning any posters promoting antivax rhetoric and pseudoleftists that are actually /pol/sters.


Your conflation of vaccine criticism with the right wing of capital and "antivax" is dishonest and infantile. It's important to have honest, critical and profound discussion about all aspects of the serious materialist issues affecting the worldwide proletariat that are the ensemble of the current "COVID Crisis" debacle and this cannot be reduced to the binary caricature that you and others try to make it out to be. There is a substantial portion of the revolutionary communist left with valid critiques of the bourgeois State's COVID measures and it is shameful that these views would be ignored, censored, or mockingly discarted as if they could only come from the enemy camp.

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