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Oldfag here, it's been a while since I've used leftypol but it genuinely seems like the site has improved. Whatever happened to bunkerchan anyway? Maybe my memory of the 8gag days are fuzzy but the current leftypol seems like less of a neckbeard echochamber. Don't get me wrong, it's still an anonymous imageboard and with that comes a certain amount of toxicity, but now idpol threads seem rarer or at least there is definitely a certain amount of pushback when people use being "anti-idpol" as cover for being reactionary. I'm also glad users seem to have outgrown Muke and co.

Btw, I still remember that one time leftypol had a massive hardon for Jeremy Corbyn, there were so many memes and they're all saved on my phone.


Do you actually believe this shit? If anything leftypol only became more and more reactionary.


>Whatever happened to bunkerchan anyway
The site split apart because of mod drama


File: 1659334806503.jpeg (9.93 KB, 300x180, iu.jpeg)

I missed the corbyn posting, I lost many of my memes and reaction images, there was hope in the air, even burgers were enquiring on how to move to move to Britain in the event of a corbyn government. now we've an eternal tory reich


Certainly not. 2016 leftypol was way more reactionary. Don't you remember the incel threads? The anti-sjw threads? There was a time when it was up to debate whether BPP was idpol or not. Way crazier times, to be fair.


>I still remember that one time leftypol had a massive hardon for Jeremy Corbyn
I'll praise this place once it stops having a hard on for commodity production


File: 1659335853945.jpg (29.51 KB, 411x411, o shi-.jpg)

>Whatever happened to bunkerchan anyway?
Admin was lazy and didn't let the staff or devs improve the site as it kept breaking, so he got coup'd almost unanimously.
There was also a failed coup afterwards on leftypol.org about a year ago

Mods had a crackdown on idpol stuff and most reactionaries and incels stuck to the failed spinoff boards, and the death of 8chan probably isolated us from a lot of the unironic NAZBOL PARTY kiddos, but that did come at the cost of free attention.

>I'm also glad users seem to have outgrown Muke and co.

Tell us a story.


File: 1659336489249.jpg (19.06 KB, 300x283, shrek.jpg)

>sockpuppet thread about how great this board is and about *slurp* how great *slurp* admins are right after the embarrassment in the mod recruitment thread


>board literally has a hard on for Pootin and "anti-imperialist" war over gas pipelines and is full of dengoids preaching about how it's china century now!
<but at least there are no incel threads and ch*nners get banned for "toxicity" or whatever the fuck
hello reddit, you would feel right at home here..


Don't get it twisted the mods here are still absolute faggots.

There was two splits. Now there is .org and the other board leftychan (dot) net


so who runs leftychan now? space?


Nah, the mods two tried the last coup, then most of them left. It's basically a dead wasteland of people who get banned from here.


so what was the last coup about?
and what happened to space?


Anti-dengists are the same people who are pro-NATO. It's nothing more than imperial chauvinism disguised as leftism. Anti-imperialism is necessary but not sufficient for being a leftist.


dude I don't care about dengists, china general does not exist for me anymore
I just pointed out the absurdity in idpolled OP faggot post how this place is less reactionary just because less ableist slurs or something


this guy, most likely -> >>21906 ­ >>21908
space and based Dollars probably got a life after bunkerchan went down, we don't see them anymore.

The last coup was over a few different things at once, one of the mods (Zul) invited the tripfag sage and another non-mod into the staff chat (which included user IPs and dev details) without warning to be overseers or something, leading to the mod team to vote to suspend him, which was a catalyst for the sysadmin Zer0 and junta-fantasy man Watermelon to seize the site and kick half the mods who they thought were clamping down on reactionaries and drama-lovers too much, or something. 80% of the mod team were kicked or left and started this current domain, while .net shill for attention in meta threads, as you can see.


Space fucked off. The last coup was done by 2 inactive mods, one of which was an admin, and a problematic mod at the center of significant drama, daily since the exodus from bunkerchan. They kicked everyone out to "protect the site" or some shit. Then comatoast joined them. After weeks of trying to reason with them, the majority mod team counter-couped the junta and got control back. There's been virtually no drama since then, if it makes you feel better.

I think you're missing one coup, the dollars dictatorship.

Here's the article: https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki/The_Second_Exodus_of_Leftypol


>just because less ableist slurs or something
I don't think they were implying that.



Some one really needs to update this with the second split.


File: 1659338853569.png (6.8 KB, 200x200, comfy.png)

Yo OP, tell us a damn story! We've got some people from after 2020 in this board.


man, I don't understand anything
so admin was not the owner of the domain? and owner of the domain fucked off? I thought space was still the owner as bunkerchan.org redirects to leftypol.org

what a clusterfuck you have lol


Admin owns the server, domain owner owns the site domain (so in this case leftypol.org)
They can be the same or different people depending on the situation, in this case it was 2 different people.

Last time the domain and server was owned by the same people was bunkerchan - ergo, why the positions were separated.


there's not many chronists


File: 1659340516235.jpg (82.96 KB, 1200x799, put shoe on head.jpg)

>what a clusterfuck you have lol
Well, the shilling ITT doesn't help lmao. Like someone said earlier, the drama is basically non-existent for the past year but before then was an double clusterfuck.

I can't say that there isn't irony in the revolutionaries holding an annual revolution… very Trotskyite of us.


why leftychan tho? why not just leftypol.net?


It doesn't coincide with the year anniversary of the splitters trying to split. It coincides with recruitment.



Because the jannies here bought it preemptively because they are literally snakes, lol


they wanted to be more "broad tent" and have a wider range of posters and boards

for the most part its just resulted in loads of dead boards and all the worst people banned from here just filtering over to there, so its a sea of incels and social reactionaries.


leftychan shut down leftypol.org as a domain and moved to leftychan before the jannies even took the domain back lmao, leftychan was deliberately what they chose





You fags literally bought leftypol.net after the split. Why must you lie so fucking much? Seriously. Literal glow uyghurs. Everyone fucking hates you. I hear about it constantly, kek.



This isn't true though. We wanted users to have democratic input about the desicions being made and the people making them who rule over the users. This is just revisionist bullshit.
Boards have actually shrank on leftychan. Get your lore right jannies.


>leftypol and leftychan mods derailing again
lol no-one cares any more lmao just stop replying



People can't have opinions other than the state sponsored opinion of course.


you are so crazy, brudda
Consider what is fundamentally the difference between you and the common /pol/tard at this stage? You both follow the tactic of "if I repeat it enough, my bullshit will become the accepted truth", you little goebbelsian fucko.



This is why you will never achieve anything of even remote importance in society and the left will forever remain irrelevant. This attitude is a prime example: "Lol who cares about truth and facts bro just let's consume" OP you should leave this place and never return for your own well being. It's not what it was like in 2016


then leave
you've never been communist



It's literally fact and you are trying to gas light me, lol.
You know it is fact you retard. You are trying to justify your actions to yourself more than you are to me. Can't you ever just give me a straight answer?

Fact: One of the admins quit specifically because of the inability to hold any mods accountable for their fuck ups at all.

Fact: One admin asked that admin to stay

Fact: The owner of the server put every one in time out.

Fact: The other of the domain literally high jacked the board and counter couped the site.

These are facts dude. You cannot change history.
You faggots do the same shit to sage I have seen it.


let me tell you about self selection bias


alright moving this, rules are rules



Do you deny these are facts? Look why don't you give me your spin on things again. Top it off with a PNG of judge dread while you're at it. A literal fascist dictator, lol.


of course all is denied.
I have no inclination to talk to you.



Spoken like a true cowardly faggot.


>Fact: One of the admins quit specifically because of the inability to hold any mods accountable for their fuck ups at all.
Look at /assembly/, multiple mods including vwobbly and zul were temporarily suspended successfully. There was a process and you and Zer0 didn't even attempt it.

So, if that is indeed true (and I honestly don't know because Zer0 didn't explain shit to me) then it's still fucking stupid to seize a site over.


You genuinely disgust me.



Yeah Zero pretty much was trying to keep everything from melting down because you guys banned zul in reaction to him inviting sage, again, trying to keep things from melting down. It was a kangaroo court on this is such a lame and pathetic defense behind your secret chats and cliquing.

The process wasn't working which is exactly why Comatoast quit

>Everyone I hate is comatoast



Who cares what you think?


File: 1659345209835-0.png (435.7 KB, 643x500, 1657260862937.png)

File: 1659345209835-1.jpg (95.42 KB, 960x783, 1656621321036.jpg)

File: 1659345209835-2.jpg (26.54 KB, 600x315, 1656616646604-4.jpg)

That more people have become multipolarpilled, productiveforcespilled, and wary of bourgeois institutions whether of the left or right is quite good improvement from before, and perhaps in the future as people become more mature they'll also become more receptive to the arguments of those that back patriotism of the internationalist, proletarian variety.


>lots of criticism of moderation and state of site since mods posted a recruiting post
>criticism gets nuked
>thread praising the website and sucking mods' dicks appears
Wow, very cool post OP (not a janny). You have definitely changed my mind with your organic compliments and even-handed praise of the site


File: 1659364208964.jpeg (228.2 KB, 1152x2048, DEpilLGXgAA10VF.jpeg)

I do not care about your faggoty mod drama, but I guess that's part for the course for an imageboard lol. Now get off my dick.

I fell asleep!
Anyway, muke is better known as xexizy, a popular left anti-idpol youtuber who used to lurk leftypol. There's not much wrong with him imo but his political level isn't too high. Here's a photo of him with Sarcuck of Akkad (aka carl) after debating him.


>Less reactionary
<Literally simping for Russia and a popular view is currently that Third World/non-Western bourgeoisie = good ackshually is accepted by 1/3 to half of posters
<Anons ideologically identical to fucking Haz with just a personalist feud separating them
Yea okay


>Literally simping for Russia
<being Anti-NATO is being pro russia

every time

<Third World/non-Western bourgeoisie = good ackshually

this is more of a stageist thing. people aren't saying the 3rd world bourgeoisie is good, but that their formation is necessary to heighten the contradictios. The 1st world has to reach developmental parity with the 3rd world to end the possibility of unequal exchange and accelerate the TRPF and emergence of socialism.


>The 1st world has to reach developmental parity with the 3rd world

meant to say the 3rd has to reach parity with the 1st but hopefully you get my point


You guys do realize dengoids are a problem on reddit and Twitter too right? In fact, I'd say dengoids are an even bigger problem on Twitter.


File: 1659476289611.jpg (85.23 KB, 750x560, bender.jpg)

>The last coup was over a few different things at once, one of the mods (Zul) invited the tripfag sage and another non-mod into the staff chat (which included user IPs and dev details) without warning to be overseers or something,

it was to prove a point in some retarded argument, the mods really liked getting into weird petty arguments over running the site. also nobody could see the dev details or the IP addresses since matrix doesn't show you older messages, all i and sage saw were people soying out over each other and certain .org mods calling for eachother's purging, zer0 should've just given the main people involved in whatever the fuck the fight was about a timeout to cool their heads.


also never found out why the mods got into the fight in the first place, kinda wish i did it was probably really stupid.


Zul and co were resistant to any attempts to improve board quality (for example the Haz ban), they persistently were claiming we had to allow shitty behaviour on the site because of 'muh Chan culture', and generally they were constantly causing drama, unnecessary 100+ message arguments, and huge stress. Zul also unbanned idpol trolls and other siteshitters without consultation with the rest of the mods even though that was made explicitly against the mod rules. Overall, their faction was usually in the minority yet couldn't deal with that fact so tried to browbeat everyone else into going along with them by causing drama and tantrums and refusing to adhere to the majority decisions. Worst of all, Zul and friends were running a seperate group chat (also made explicitly against mod rules) with the intent to get the mods they didn't like purged. Which in the end is what led to him being votekicked (he was the ringleader of all this). This is something we mods had the right to do according to the constitution which we all agreed to and Zer0 had no right to interfere (by the rules which we all agreed). That is why the coup happened when Zer0 (one of the Zul crew) removed all the mods outside of their clique and stole the site.

Moderation has been 100x easier and less stressful since Zul, Coma, and friends self-purged.


It was a pretty big shitshow before the tards left, 'tis true.
>all i and sage saw
bad enough
information control
This is the fundamental problem I've been having, how did these fags get into leftism? Cause they've demonstrated they're both assholes and quite dumb. Usually you can be one of those things but not both to be any flavor of socialist. Best guess is they are "unorthodox".
Ideologically, personally and tactically totally fucked. "I love friction, it's so cool". I watched House MD at 18 too, grow the fuck up.
Bad theory, bad outcome.


File: 1659529620534.png (73.43 KB, 427x400, 1637677710005.png)

THE IPs AREN'T HASHED????????????????????????????


but for real though
If it's that easy for randos to infiltrate the modteam, then how about glowies?
Can the modfolks be sufficiently competent to defeat and gulag attempts of glowies at infiltration and takeover?


Well, you decide for yourself. There hasn't been a infiltration so much as a chain of unfortunate events that escalated into retardation.
As long as I'm here It'll be alright I feel.


This is not a mod astroturf thread. Nobody thinks this is fake


Honestly effective moderation with how targeted this site is by people with nothing to do all day and spammers would be impossible without being able to see IPs or significantly raising the requirements for posting. We always recommend everyone use the tor node or a vpn. Glowies could probably piece together your posting even if we hashed IPs.


File: 1659765279612.jpg (187.68 KB, 1280x720, love a parade.jpg)

Yup and it is unreasonable to expect literal who hedoesitforfrees to clean shit every day and listen to criticism and try and take into account everyone's varying opinions about how moderation and site admin should work while also having to appease and clean up after dramafagging man toddlers that don't know how to follow rules or play nice with other people (let alone fulfill wny of their actual duties) while all around doing their best to make a toxic moderation environment that saps everyone's energy and willingness to volunteer under the pretense of being "anti-janny" (but more like drama-seeking antisocial behaviour). You can't make retarded impulsive fags with no team skills and several personality disorders moderators of any site and expect good results. It's frankly mind boggling to me that they managed to get selected to mod or last as long as they did, but this comes down to the immature former site admin pandering to them for the feeling of being in a highschool clique. I get the sense some of the users that initially played along with the shenanigans weren't necessarily the incel spammers and "nazbols" that were constantly getting banned, but rather saw the actions of this clique as giving the jannies some commupance for their obnoxious actions. Keep in mind however that these people are the same people getting in constant fights with the userbase and making dumb impulsive decisions that piss people off, like all the stupid bannings in the congress room and trying to interfere with banning literal spammers, while actually avoiding any of the tedious daily janny activities of cleaning poo and banning ban evaders etc, that the rest of us carried. It should come as no surpise then that the second they got their way they put the site through an asinine larp of their manic inner delusions, covering the site in stickies and banning dozens of random people they suspected of being former mods or gave them any criticism. When their plan immediately fell apart, instead of taking it as a learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth, they instead organized a dedicated thread and chat rooms to try and spam this site with all manner of gore and shock images as well as other things. Having achieved nothing they still spend every day coping and malding and seething at our every success. It's pitiful. I would just ask them, why bother? Just go do your own thing and get a life lmao.


lol brutal


But also consider how the second "split" was a result of the first (space had his tantrum, we had to get a server quick snap, zero had one, who was not properly vetted, to this day I don't know what the hell his politics was)
So yeah, we did fuck up but we were also a victim of circumstance.



its hilarious how shameless they are.

This is false. I am more anti NATO than any dengist. Most of them are pro Fujimori, Mujihadeen and Marcos via duterte.

i would like it noted that I was asking both sets of mods to do something entirely different to this, ( a union with me and another anon co-opted onto the mod team to oversee its fair treatment) and was randomly added to the mod chat without prior warning or consent, (although I can't say I didn't appreciate it) then left on request after just a lil trolling around for fun, ( a light bit of fun I may add, considering the years of shit the mods have done to myself and others)

its nice of you to acknowledge this. The .org gas lighting is off the charts insane. I can't decide if its very calculated or they are actually really really ill people and don't realise it.

sup g

as far as I remember there was heaps of very petty bullshit resulting in a lot of panty sand.

>other side was bad
>we were only good
Its insane that you can write things like this you know that right. Literally only nut jobs think like this.

I'm sure things have been easier if its literally just your clique with no opposition at all.

its almost certain its already happened.

>and listen to criticism
you don't do this
>and try and take into account everyone's varying opinions about how moderation and site admin should work
you don't do this
> while also having to appease and clean up after dramafagging man toddlers that don't know how to follow rules or play nice with other people
this is who you are
>(let alone fulfill wny of their actual duties)
the less a janny does, the better.
>while all around doing their best to make a toxic moderation environment that saps everyone's energy
you do this
>You can't make retarded impulsive fags with no team skills and several personality disorders moderators of any site and expect good results.
which is why the results of this site have been on a downward spiral for years.
>It's frankly mind boggling to me that they managed to get selected to mod or last as long as they did,
they got selected in THE SAME WAY YOU DID LMAO


Except for the last line this is utter drivel
you are such a victim, it's funny as shit


oh and coma didn't get selected, he was one of space_'s boys but who cares at this point. This is only interesting if your hobby is investigating plane crashes. On the contrary most people here want to ownzone libs in debate. These people are essentially useless to anyone who wants to do things.


Every part of it is true jannoid you are pathetic


It doesn't matter, you are aggressively retarded. If you ever wonder about why things don't go your way.


It does matter that you are deeply corrupt and that is why things go your way and are shit


lmao, at least this had a bit of rhetorical flourish
bet this took a long time to come up with


Nope it is basically intuitive to push back on your weird child like thinking


this is also part of the problem
you are not really thinking but acting instinctively
have you ever thought through a problem, like beginning to end?


You’ve literally admitted you were selected by self selection, selected by other retarded mods. You’ve never had a leg to stand on which is why all you can do is sink deeper and deeper into smug denial.

A joke.


ok, let's say there may be retards but have you considered there is always someone more retarded?


I laid out an entire plan to democratise the board. You mods deleted it, then blamed me for you guys having deleted it. Again, don’t bother to deny it, the screen shots have been posted over and over. You mods on the other hand act extremely reactively and regularly steamroll your own rules because a post hurts your sensibilities.

I can see I’ve rattled a nerve because you are doing the spiralling into smug abandon thing you guys tend to do


Bruh your response was slower than normal for you

Not taking sides just calling score


I have suggested a way in which the problem of mod retardation could be altered, start to finish. Several times. You deleted it as discussed. Go back to simping Haz… oh right.. yeh that was all leftychan apparently ahahahah. Delete this post now I have spoken the forbidden truth


No, I was legit interested for a second
or I wouldn't ask questions
Again, I ain't a debatelord
trying to own people, over and over again
just repeating the same inane shit, I don't understand how someone can live like this
we aren't in the same league


>it wouldn’t be representative enough which is why we should have zero representation and only mods should make decisions

And then
>it would be subverted, I know it because I tried to subvert it
Mods, incurably insane


Nothing of substance in this post as standard


Imma not a vol or mod sage


oh btw fuck you, again
have a nice day


Mods displaying again their infinite capacity to come across like a child denied a new Xbox


Sage m8 I'm not even liked by some of the vols and I got what I wanted this weekend by asking in advance politely

Moderating may be white collar work but it's real work, a major risk factor for moderators is PTSD and the janguard do it for free

You don't have to agree with them just listen to what they say, They're human beings volunteering their time for some hard work

He'll apply to be a vol if you want to fix policy so much they're organized in Democratic centralism so you get in do your job and get to give some input as a comrade at the coal face

How about it? → >>>/leftypol/>>21964


I mean → /leftypol/21964




booh you suck


>Moderating may be white collar work but it's real work
JWERFs in shambles
bruh how do you not understand how this works lmao


Sage → >>>/leftypol/21964/


420 bruh you do the link


how? just how?


oh btw I still have no clue what that means lol


>im retarded



File: 1660204394233.png (476.23 KB, 800x445, 1645780589662.png)

OP you are the redditor, you are the twittertard, and now your kind has hijacked leftypol congratulations.

It's like that meme about California. It's shit because of the people living in it, because it's shit they flee someplace else, doing it all over again.

In our case it's actually the case that fags like you have hijacked every cool place and subculture on the internet left because your own places, cultural products and memes leave much to be desired.

>b-b-but I was the oldfag!

And where pray tell were you during your absence? I think it's very clear from your derision of "neckbeards". That you did not acquire from leftypol, to be sure.

What can I say: congratulations! My alienation process is complete thanks to fags like you. The cool internet is on its way out, the only remnants being the friends I've made over the years. I pity the zoomers, I really do. They will never experience the joys of a bunch of humorous, ingenious and strange autists getting together and propelling shitposts to the heavens.


nico nico neck yourself, neckbeard


File: 1660204960254.jpg (78.58 KB, 772x525, 1660127828691003.jpg)

You will never be cool, faggot.




I'm so fucking cool, your mom gets frostbite

Unique IPs: 25

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