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So, a few days ago I posted in >>>/siberia/287571.
Reacting upon the OP lumping together feminists with "loudmouth conservative boomers" and "alt right manchildren", I wrote a friendly remainder that you can't really be a socialist without being a feminist as well. I later noticed that my post was silently removed. The OP remains.
That this can be an inflammatory issue on this site does not elude me, but here's the rub: on any other socialist space that I know of, my statement would have been uncontroversial to the point of being meaningless. Feminism is literally the stance that genders should be equal, and that some amount of struggle towards that goal is warranted. Now, far be it from me to demand that leftypol conform to the standards of other socialist forums! However, I think that clear and articulated rules and policies are always serviceable – if nothing else than to elucidate what audience is welcome, or not – so with that in mind I kindly ask our mods to clarify the following: is leftypol an anti-feminist site, or is it not?
Thank you for your time.


Feminism isn't synonymous with women's lib. Gender equality was always a part of socialism, but feminism is mostly a liberal movement. Different people have different attitudes toward the relationship between feminism per se and socialism, but you'd have a hard time finding a remotely serious socialist who isn't for gender equality, whatever term they use for it. Asserting that you can't be socialist without being feminist is going to ruffle feathers for the reason that what the word even means is pretty contentious.
>Feminism is literally the stance that genders should be equal
Except it's a lot more complicated than that. Feminism is a (series of) actually existing movements and bodies of theory with IRL baggage and a lot of conflicts. There is a concerted effort by different strains of feminism to assert that the one term or definition of gender equality is feminism and that "real" feminism is their interpretation of feminism, the intent being to assert a very particular theory as hegemonic (or to be portrayed as such).


If it was for gender equality it wouldn't be called 'feminism'


not anti-feminist, in fact we *are* feminist, but we're also very aware of how idpol is weaponized to create divisions in the left as well as to alienate the proles. If USA had a gommunist revolution tomorrow you bet you're ass that women would be a lot better off but that doesnt mean we agree with lib framing of things
very pre trump anti-sjw vibes coming off this. uhm ackshually im not a feminist, Im an egalitarian wojack.png


NTA but vibes aren't an argument.


>anti-sjw vibes
that is honestly hilarious
like one of the most hilarious statements on this board, easy.
I have nothing to say about this queerness except purely instinctually I had the same reaction as the poster you are replying to.
Semantically, categorically, it makes sense.

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