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What actually prompted the soyjak ban? Was it really just the "bussiness proposal" thread? Popular demand? The soy machine from 2020? Or was it just mods powertripping?(Derailed, question answered)


Wojaks are banned, leftypol has fallen.


There's a whole board for this, you know.


I actually had asked for it a few times suggesting these memes stagnate memes and no one really likes them anyway


it's a protectionist measure that aims to create an arms race unique to leftypol for creating our own memes to rival peepee and soyjaks. As a result of this arms race we now have glegle, wawa, poope and blood clot, but we're still pretty much in our rough baroque era in my opinion, we have yet to make a breakthrough in original meme quality


It was just a fun idea to shake things up a little.


i don't care. soyjaks and frogs were attached to the most annoying and inane posts (mine) so i don't mind
really don't see why we need a next big meme in the first place, we can have memes without having one centralized picture to create weird variants of. you'd just be recreating the conditions for making it a soyjak again


>memes didnt exist before soyjak
Ok zoomer


great job reading my post retard


Wojak is a proletarian meme that was corrupted into a petty-bourgeois form (soyjak) by reactionaries.


The boymoder soyjaks were causing one of the trans girls on the mod team (moody) a lot of dysphoria, which triggered a wider discussion about the overall reactionary nature of 'jaks among the moderators. This discussion resulted in a vote to ban soyjaks and other 4chan memes, which obviously passed.


File: 1677366681952.jpg (100.43 KB, 456x366, 1554811650118.jpg)

>soyjaks and frogs were attached to the most annoying and inane posts
Sir, you're posting a fumo.


Anything that becomes repetitive should get banned or deleted. Imageboards used to filter memespeak for this very reason.


Craig of the Creek, a very good cartoon.


it's a drawing not a fumo


a meme which started on 4chan /r9k/
>wawa, poope and blood clot
which all shit and never going to be used outside of this board


Your ceci n'est pas une fumo won't work on me.


>creating our own memes to rival peepee and soyjaks
Kill yourself, please.


File: 1677366860655.png (12 KB, 495x294, wawa angry.png)

> wawa
< shit
Take it back!


never going to catch on sorry.


Memes are shit, the obsession with "OC" (which is most of the time the most derivative garbage you can think of) is shit too. Can't we just, you know, talk?


File: 1677366944481.gif (1.44 MB, 317x444, marisadance.gif)

too bad i don't care


>Sir, you're posting a fumo.
which is a show of high intelligence.


Go back to Twitter.




twitter ruins everything it touches, i agree


i don't use twitter


This. Why do people feel the need to attatch a crude and ugly MS paint drawing to your post?


theyre scared their post wont attract enough attention on its own


This shit is old but suddenly you have thousands of twitter teens posting unfunny fuma related edits with stupid twitter lingo, I HATE IT


File: 1677368524876.png (51.72 KB, 1056x317, ClipboardImage.png)

mods aren't even just banning soyjaks, they're banning le pol face too


>why do we have images on an imageboard?
Why not go to a forum if you're more concerned with text posts?


We don't do proposal stage anymore in a formal way as it's not really necessary due to much less team friction.

Sorry about this, we will self-crit on this issue.


I believe it is for the best after finding out about the soyjak wiki. Soyjaks clearly induce some kind of mental illness onto the people that post them.


Not a mod and I don't care about their reasons but it was still a good idea. Pepe (and also regular Wojak) is an overused meme that killed unique reaction images on IBs. Get something new and by that I don't mean another fucking mascot.

And I don't think soyjaks need any spelled out reason.


tbh le reaction faces are annoying too, but realistically i dont expect them to go away but know that it is on the same level of normalfags using gifs of celebrities or marvel movies


I keep telling you idiots quantity has its own quality. If everything was swamped in fucking minion memes that would have been banned.




blood clot is pretty good, but yes, it doesn't seem like something that can spread outside of leftypol


>something that can spread outside of leftypol
Capitalist logic tbh.


Capitalist logic can still be incidentally correct


File: 1677525117820.jpg (49.16 KB, 660x660, g4mttlzcaf3a1.jpg)

The mods should lift the Pepe/Wojack ban. Almost nobody likes Wawa or any of the other forced memes. They need to quit while they're behind.


>Or was it just mods powertripping?

Check out my reply from when this thread was in /siberia/ for more insight.


Both of you. Say 'trans rights are human rights'. Now.


Fucking obviously it's jannies being gay retards, it is always jannies being gay retards


why not ban both :^)



I replied to this saying I've been on spiro and my reply vanished. Weird.


It was floated by a few anons, put onto a vote by the mod team, passed and was implemented. Of course it would be relatively unenforceable without the work of anons tirelessly reporting them, so there is a degree of popular will behind it (or at least, popular hatred of soy and pepe).


The reason annoying fags get the idea their opinion is part of the majority when it comes to complaining about moderation is that pretty much nobody makes meta threads to say good things.

Anyway, fuck Wojak, fuck Pepe and fuck 4ch*n cultocargoing.


That has no real explanatory power. It's not that they act like that and then say suddenly: Hey I am a lot of people, there's like five of us.
Anyway the reason comes down to they are either stupid or dishonest.


File: 1677613722054.jpg (33.43 KB, 1080x800, (You).jpg)


Trans rights are human rights. Wawa and the other forced memes still suck.


I think human rights are incoherent lib nonsense. As a communist or anyone not a standard-issue lib they can't be taken serious.
I'll still throw out id/pol/yps raging about da transes instead of doing anything productive ever.


Mods getting soyjacked because they are soy that is literally it


t. leftypol's most annoying tripfag


Well he's the only one. But even in terms of namefags he's like way up there. Beaten out maybe by Lear and Felix


T a mod or mod simp, who got soyjacked


>was it just mods powertripping?
do you really need to ask


youre so far up your own ass you believe only those two categories would rightfully dislike you lmao


You are so far up your own ass you are simping for mods


Unironic liberalism
Twitterfags and redditors claimed that soyjaks are somehow fascist because they’re a popular meme on 4chan frequently used to mock liberals, since the mods and plenty of users secretly identify with woke liberals they supported the ban


I don't think your assessment is wrong nevertheless you're very liable to eat a ban for soyjacking in the wrong boards in cuckchan.


The funny thing was their actual rational which they came up with post fact to justify their banning of people who soyjacked them after they posted soy, is that they somehow think getting rid of soyjacks etc is going to lead to the production of other, better memes.

It is just laughably ignorant. "beatings will continue until morale improves"

Imagine being at party, and the host is like "i know what will make things fun, if I kick everybody out who makes cheap jokes, this will certainly lead to a more fun party atmosphere"

They have literally no idea how people work. Not that it matters, because as has been said time and again, they aren't actually interested in creativity, humour, the board developing an organic culture, people having fun, or any of that stuff. They are just interested in wrapping bubble around themselves inside their very insular fiefdom.

Can they point to any improvements in posting quality or meme quality since the bans? Obviously not, no such thing exists.

They have a completely arbitrary idea of what works. Frankly, the only way you can read the current mod team, is that, if they do have any plan or intention to what they are doing, they plan is to drive people away.

There are by the way, several mods who have expressly tried to do this. They tried to deliberately drive away britpol leninhat, for example, along with some other posters.

Britpol leninhat was antivax and other things. According to the mods trying to drive him away, this was "skitzo" despite it being a huge cultural phenomenon, and based fundamentally in a distrust of large pharmaceutical companies.

Scepticism of vaccines is in fact very common in left wing, particularly para political literature. Actually, it is an opinion that is quite keeping with leftist thought in general, despite the fact I am not personally anti vax, although I am very soft sceptic.

When it boils down to it, they generally enforce a moderation policy that appeals only to unread, low info, liberal normies, there is basically nothing radical or left wing about it.

There is less and less reason to post here. Less and less of interest.

queue the

>heh it would be better if you stopped posting heh

which is precisely the mentality that leads to the dead board we see, and they know this, yet they continue, this is what we are dealing with. Its basically incurable until the collective ass stick dislodges, but I really don't think it will. At this point, the board has been declining for longer than it was growing.


>it would be better if you stopped posting
Well, it's true


Epiiiig burn meanwhile your board circled the faecal pipe ever faster


I never noticed how much of an ESL-tard you were until I actually sat down to read a post of yours thoroughly.
I agree wholeheartedly but goddamn, it's either that or you're drunk out of your mind lol.


Don't think I didn't notice the jab at non-anglos
Of course he has ingested the al guul but he isn't smarter regular-like, or he is always drunk, who care


I have an old keyboard with sticky keys and am I fucked gonna proof read a post dunking on mods
I am in fact tee total


But I am non-anglo.


Good for you, I am quite skeptical of the truth of that statement.


I'm flattered you think my eigo is that good.


When mods made that thread asking for people's opinions on banning 4chan memes, I saw little agreement on it. However, the ban was approved. This means that ultimately the mods can decide anything they want regardless of whether the /leftypol/ community agrees or not. The mods simply have their own agenda and there is nothing we can do about it.


Almost like we need a union


File: 1678296861118.jpg (33.43 KB, 1080x800, 1677613722054.jpg)


you mean larping


>The mods simply have their own agenda
why are metaposters always so dramatic


They are absolute drama whores, it's actually hilarious


reminder the better boards of 4chan have banned wojaks and pepes on sight for well over a decade already


How am I being dramatic? For stating a fact?
Imagine calling anyone a drama whore when you ban memes that offend you.


I'll reply to the "banning of offensive ideas" once
Buddy, I've done much, much more than you, I've talked to a lot of people, seen a lot of things. It's not me that is easily offended.


Why don't mods post with their capcodes in here?


I don't even know what that is


>when we ban a certain genre of meme that is normal and grass touching
>we refer to ourselves as “the janguard” even though nobody else does
>we even wrote a long and boring constitution that we don’t follow
>but if you think the users of the board should have a place to discuss it that is larping
Nobody larps harder than a jannoid shut up.
Classic gaslighting tactics “you’re just being dramatic, crazy, we don’t have an agenda”

You literally discuss your agenda all of them time, and anybody who has been here for longer than a couple of months knows it. You are completely transparent.
>drama whores
Like you haven’t split the board over your lovers tiffs on multiple occasions.


Reminder that at its peak leftypol was a place you could discuss pretty much anything and post what memes you wanted, and it began declining as soon as the manager cops changed that policy and has been declining ever since


What do you want to "speak freely" about that you feel you can't?


>certain genre of meme that is normal and grass touching
This is a shit standard to judge memes by, but you're still wrong because there's nothing "normal" or "grass touching" about


I want to be able to post memes in common formats


I couldn’t give a shit what you think is a good standard. how much of a goddam dork so you have to be to want to enforce meme standards. Literally the point of memes is that it’s just low quality shitposting. It’s not meant to be high art, and neither are you capable of such


All memes should be banned but this is a good start.


So you admit they're "low quality shitposting". Discussion is over then.


The little thingy that says #mod besides your Name.


It's not about art merit, it's about the active detriment that mindset has to a forum where people want to have serious discussions and share things they enjoy freely without having 4chan/reddit consensus enforced by the same handful of ad hom jpegs spammed ad nauseum. The site doesn't want to softlock itself to being another clone of /pol/ like it was during the nazbol psyop.


>serious discussions
Why ban it in /siberia/ then?


We're both engaging in judging memes by certain standards. Yours was that it's a normalfag thing therefore it's le good and I disproved that soyjak in particular fits this.


The majority of the site is low quality shit posting, there is very little serious discussion and what serious discussion there is has become less and less since the moderation adopted this attitude.

Nothing is forced on anybody, you are perfectly free and able to disagree with the arguments presented. The existence of somebody else memeing does not stop you from speaking. If it’s spam, it’s spam, that’s different. It’s not always spam.

Also see above, serious discussion used to happen before you adopted this attitude, now, less and less of it happens. Why? Because people want fun with their serious discussions. The site is not a university lecture or seminar, far, far from it. You believe you can increase quality by arbitrarily banning things according to your tastes. Now, this might be true, assuming that you’re tastes were good, but, we cannot assume that, and in fact there is ample evidence to the contrary. What evidence? The quality of the board right now is as you made it according to your tastes, the mods have adopted this posture for years now, and the quality is low, there is nobody else to blame, they are in control and always have been, it is their fault. They have the board they have been pushing for, this is it, well done.

I have standards sure, the difference is, I’m not enforcing mine by getting rid of political content.

You say all of this above, it’s about serious discussion blah blah, and yet dog porn is allowed on the board.

The two things simply do not cohere.


>getting rid of political content
It's not because the hecking frogs and soyjacks are fascist or something, they're just shit.
>You say all of this above
who are you quoting


The other nutter in his head, Nutter 2


^ Why don't mods post with their capcodes in here? ^


u wot m8


everyone i dont like is a mod


>they are just shit
According to you, who the fuck are you?


>who are you quoting
This right here obviously you obtuse moron


That's not me doe.


Probably because this person doesn't want to be held accountable for his stupid ass posts. I made a post in the sticky the other week asking why I'd been banned and my thread deleted and his response was to call me a schizo. It's incomprehensible behavior for a mod, really.


Moss are made up of the dregs of regular posters, what do you expect?


It doesn't have to be this way.
The mod team back in 8gag was nowhere near this insufferable, not even a fraction.


Then why are you responding you fucking moron. I quoted that person and responded to it. You are genuinely a brain damaged retard


What they are is the worst possible posters. That is the reason they became mods, they got dunked on all the time and couldn’t handle it

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