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New Announcement: IRC<=>Matrix bridge #leftypol on Rizon
Feedback Wanted! : Designing Transparency by Default
Proposals done until Monday : /meta/


As an experiment in user involvement/accountability, we will try to run a public mod chat on matrix alongside our normal closed matrix mod chat. We agree to give an honest attempt to use the public chat for administrative matters that do not need to be kept secret for security or privacy reasons. However, if the experiment turns out not to work (as informally agreed by the majority of mods) we will reserve the right to return mod discussion exclusively to our existing closed chat.

Regular users will be allowed to post in the public mod discussion, however their posts must strictly remain on the subject of moderation matters, and the chat should not be used as a 'general purpose' discussion, so that mod matters are not lost in a flood of irrelevant posts. Users who become too disruptive (as defined by the moderators) may be warned or kicked/banned from the chat.

Vote ends 21/04/12 10am UTC

(Note, only mods can vote on proposals/votes, this topic is for users to discuss the vote and give their opinions)


No one gives a shit. Go fuck yourself, janny.




it's gonna be jannies justifying and rationalising their actions. any time they can't they'll just kickban the person asking and ignore the chat for a few days, then resume like nothing happened. how fucking new are you?

besides, IJAW


File: 1617961204195.jpg (65.08 KB, 714x480, F word.jpg)

Hi! I am not a staff member here but I am a moderator elsewhere, and have been for a while.
Moderator transparency is great. I mean, don't get doxed, know your OPSEC, but that open communication is important.
However, I don't see why it has to be off-site. I am a /leftypol/ user. I rarely/never go on Matrix, as much as I like the platform. Is instant messaging and pinging really essential for this communication? We have a /meta/ board here, and you know how low-traffic that is.
Mod communication should be here! On /leftypol/! Not in an ill-lit basement in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign outside the door saying "Beware of the Leopard." Even /meta/ is so distant that idiots who aren't you don't read it!
On my other imageboard, which is quieter and less politically heated I admit so grain of salt, no-one uses /j/ or IRC, we use /j/ almost once a year. All staff communication is done in relevant threads and the meta sticky, except for if I say 'check /j/ for my ideas at countering this botspam'. As a privacy advocate, I usually don't say this: your administrative communication should not be private by default. You're anons like us, right?
Not sure of whether to ban a low-quality poster? Discuss it openly with the thread. I've seen a few of you do this with self-proclaimed fascists and it's worked out fine each time, and no follow-up threads saying "wow i got banned for having an opinoin thanks leftist liberal censorship".
While you clearly mean well by having a new public chatroom for adminy stuff and I'm happy for that….. what's the point of this board? Two places for one thing just complicates it. This is the first place we'll go if we want to talk to staff about staff matters or notice updates. You could ask a dev to make a bot to alert your sekrit club whenever a new thread is made on /meta/ if that's the issue.


tl;dr This is where you call jannies dear friends and uighurs.


not a bad idea, but I also dont disagree with >>4097
what about adding a chatbox-like feature that would show the public mod matrix room on the site itself ?


Although I appreciate the utility of moderators discussing with one another in real time the way a chatroom functions, in principle I am of the view that discussions should generally be shared and held on the board itself.

In practice having discussions take place openly on Matrix in place of taking place privately is an improvement on the status quo. (And the two could easily be paired, so that contentious matters in the chatroom can be shared in a thread and discussed there, which doubtless people will do) but I would like to fly the flag for users who use only the imageboard and pay no attention to any chatrooms.

I don't oppose the proposal but it's important to not let on-board feedback ever become secondary to real time Matrix feedback. (which is probably a tendency of the two technologies - the real time nature of chat versus the more leisurely pace of most threads.) If someone who doesn't use Matrix wants to query mod action they should always have an option to do so on /meta/ at as close to an equal standing as they would if they were doing it on Matrix.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


This is surely just a pseudo-democratic ruse to convince us greater transparency exists when the mods can easily congregate in a private chat all the while. And if I am supposed to simply trust the mods not to do so, why have the public chat at all? Saged.


>what about adding a chatbox-like feature that would show the public mod matrix room on the site itself ?
If that's even possible, that would be the best compromise.


File: 1618024739134.jpg (18.49 KB, 680x452, 1d7.jpg)


Hello everyone, we are attempting to involve the users more in our decisionmaking process by making a public moderation discussion room. We (the mods) intend to try use this chat instead of our normal private chat in order to get closer to the user base. Users can also post in the chat but should stay on topic and try not to be disruptive.

I hope some of you will find this to be an interesting experiment.


Hi, you must be new here! We already have a >>>/meta/ board :)


Your crimes will not be forgotten wrecker jannies.



go back lol




stay mad counter-revolutionarysocialismSocialism


Patiently waiting for a hobby room, a tech room, an edu room, a games room, an anime room and a music room on the matrix server.


While I've had my issues with the staff in the past, this is actually a surprisingly positive development that constitutes a complete shift in how /leftypol/ moderation has interacted with the user base in the past. Keeping all discussion behind closed doors and neglecting to keep anons involved in decision making was a policy which continuously caused disaster on every iteration of /leftypol/, and for once I have to say I'm impressed that the mods decided to let anons be involved in the discussions regarding how the board is run and keep us in the loop. It's a breath of fresh air to the closed off backroom dealings we have become accustomed to, and if it is a trend towards more developments like this, then I cautiously look forward to what the future may bring. "Cautiously" being the key word though.

Regardless of our likely mutual disagreements with jannies both present and past, I think even you can admit that actually consulting and involving anons is a good thing. Its actually rather unprecedented for /leftypol/ historically.


Currency, please.


I know this is a joke, in all seriousness, /meta/ doesn't actually allow us to observe mod discussion.


Someone made a /tech/ room in the last day: https://app.element.io/#/room/#leftylambda:matrix.org

forgive me if that link doesn't work I haven't figured out how the matrix room names work yet


There is a tech room, a games room, and a tv/film room


It seems the mods want to kill the site and lure everyone to their namefagging web3.0 chatrooms: >>>/tech/7754


This isn't even sanctioned by the mods you autist.


here's an idea: make a chat thread instead and stop the boards being dead.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Instead of moving to a different chatroom, they could have moved to >>>/meta/.


tbf this has problems for moderation, for example if the site is spammed to the point of being unusable.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


The reason we have not moved all mod discussion to /meta/ is because an imageboard is not a conducive environment to working out issues, it's an environment suited to writing out polemics. The instant feedback of the Matrix chat helps us to confer with each other and come to compromises.

I understand that not everyone wants to join a separate chat, and we will always attempt to ensure that we represent the users of leftypol.org and not just the users of Matrix. However, this is an optional avenue of transparency for those people that are interested in overseeing our decision-making process.

Also yes, the Matrix functions on the rare occasions that the board doesn't which allows us to get it back running.


Well definitely make sure to update the /meta/ sticky so no-one has false expectations of /meta/ and everyone knows where to go to find something.


We will continue to make vote announcements and so on on /meta/, the new constitution obliges us to do so in fact. Feedback of board-only users is still important.


Yet your chat buddies get preferential treatment.


yes because they use a means of communication that is more convenient, this is simple to understand anon


>implying using an off-site matrix that we all know is already a clique for mod team and friends is more convenient than having a thread on the board we all collectively use.
ridiculous. Fuck off.




It is more convenient to you, but not to the anonymous users.


>implying the matrix isn't a hangout for the hyper-autist zoomers.


There are valid complaints to make about the mods, but this isn't it. We've been demanding for years, before even .org, for the staff to be more transparent and make their discussions public. This is exactly what we've been pursuing. With the /meta/, it's just the staff responding to the rare user question, and then discussing things and voting amongst themselves elsewhere out of view. With this, we can actually see their discussions. Even if you don't use it, it's still beneficial to have if only to observe. And it can't be a clique if other anons use it, that's one of the main points to make it public. I haven't ever used Matrix, but I just made a throwaway account to keep tabs on this yesterday.
Matrix is actually anonymous. I literally just put my name as anon, and I would advise others to do the same and not link their's to anything.


There is no difference for anons because the secret mod chat is now public on the matrix, if you are salty that it is easier for other users to see the mods action,while you are left
unaffected then you can just make a throwaway account and lurk. You are no more anon here then, since your ip is recorded



You have to register an account on a homeserver. That's not anonymous.


so matrix.org or whatever server you pick has the ip you post with? That's it no? How is this different than posting on leftypol?


you can access by tor i believeanarchismAnarchism


also element is federated with matrix protocol i think meaning you could host your own server even and still work to join element rooms but idk tbhanarchismAnarchism


If I wanted to use accounts I would be on reddit, not here.


Your account is not actually shown unless you make it shown, you can set a display name. All messages are also encrypted, and account deactivation takes everything with you (save for what messages other users have). Registration also requires no personal info whatsoever, and you can set it to not have recovery as well.


Just set your username and display name as anon, and make yourself undiscoverable. No other information is required. It's mostly just to keep tab on the mods anyway.




The desktop client can be routed over tor as well. Not sure how, check out the operations thread >>152258

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