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This thread is for feedback related to administration and management. For technical issues use >>>/tech/6724
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>>4817 >>4809


[ code ] … [ / code ]
Y = lambda f: lambda *args: f (Y (f)) (*args)


File: 1616718987023.gif (7.83 MB, 500x375, 1616485182_red army.gif)



File: 1616780328414-0.gif (1.58 MB, 585x325, 5d932e32a310cf3e979f5d86.gif)

File: 1616780328414-1.jpg (1.05 MB, 1500x1000, CHINA-NUCLEAR.jpg)

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Can we remake /crisis/? ( >>30493 )
I forgot it was even on the catalog. Frankly it seems to have died and its time in its current form has sort of passed as the crash did arrive last year, with perhaps some tremors to come (though that's speculative).

I propose remaking it as /markets/, a spiritual successor to /crisis/. A cyclical general for observing market trends, talking about things like profitability, stock markets, assets, market speculation, cryptocurrency, etc. That's basically what /crisis/ evolved into near the end anyway and I think that has utitlity. We can try to map the financial sector from a leftist perspective.

Also can you add my flag back. Pic related, it was on old /leftypol/ on 8chan.


Might as well just do it in /USA/ general as it was always just about the DOW anyway and it'd probably make that thread more useful.


>it was always just about the DOW anyway
No as a regular there, something that did interest me was there was some discussion about the NIKKEI and european markets too. As well as oil markets or whatever the fuck else happened to be a hot topic


I disagree, as an on off regular there it was a shit thread because it's interest was always in DOW, important things was consistent glossed over in non yank markets even when you post about them.


Well, jannies, look like the schizo /pol/yp is at it again.


What the text options for here?


Is it the same for bunkerchan or different?


The same.


How does this site detect and count IPs? Is one post enough, to be counted? Or is just a visit enough?


It counts unique IPs of posts. So one post is enough.

As for unique IPs that visit the site. We had a 30% increase of average unique IPs visiting the site (not necessarily posting) at some point in the past month.


/pol/ raid?

Mods.. do something?


then fucking use it already


Does Taiwan filter to Taiwan as an April fool’s joke?


oh cool timezones
thanks mods


>seeth(e) changes to i agreeing
why the -ing though?



Guessing Jannies made banana theme default for Marx's birthday.




Mods, can we keep this "non-default" font thing permanent? That is, I'm seeing the font that I have setup on browser instead of leftypol's default font.


Will anti-IdPol posts such as the following be allowed or not?
(Note: this was banned from Bunkerchan)
(I do not endorse the opinions of this poster)


Dang it. It won’t let me post photos via mobile.


Can you go answer these questions please? Thanks.



The music threads on /hobby/ should be transferred to /music/


On it, should be done by the time you read this. I was just waiting for the wordfilters yesterday to end so they didn't get messed up.


Mods delete: >>149635




Music board isn't showing on overboard.


File: 1617416930746.jpg (55.27 KB, 500x500, artworks-mtbRF5fyOKNdi8nW-….jpg)

>Feedback and seedback thread


Actually, apparently it is, but not on the catalog. Maybe it's just me.


No, I see that too, I have passed it along, thank you.








Since we’ve already filled up three threads about the Donbass war, and it’s likely to go one for a long time, can we make a cyclical thread?


Oops, forgot to take my OP tag off.


I don't think there is major opposition to the idea, its just that cyclicals erase posts after a while so its not useful for keeping an archive of actually meaningful threads where having a historic record of them is actually useful for keeping track of the trajectory of events.


Oh, checked and that makes sense.


Just realized that when a thread gets moved from /leftypol/ to /b/ it now changes the numbers people replied to the /b/ number. Thanks based jannies!


>>4859 (me)
*people replied to to the /b/ number.


>No Reactionary or Identity Politics
>Have a national socialist flag available anyways


yes you retard, nazis always go for it for shock value without knowing that most users have a filter for automatically hiding posts with the nazi flag in them lmao


File: 1618034074251.png (1.53 MB, 1170x2532, 04B3C35E-E97F-4FFC-AA81-0C….png)

This is what leftypol looks like on mobile w/ the Bunkerlike theme


Are you hiring? :3 I was one of the mods on bunker, but I was working hard and decided to keep aside the split thing after all.
If caballo is still there, awesome. He was funny lel


Hello, yes I'm still here, thanks!

We will be recruiting new mods shortly though I can't promise a place to anyone obviously. If you were a former mod then you can mention that in your application, thank you.


Bump so this doesn't fall off the catalog.
Some complaints still need to be addressed, IE.


Wait thats a complaint? What's wrong with it exactly?


I assumed it was related to this issue

Unique IPs: 36

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