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Updated: Dec.30 10:30PM UTC
This OP will (hopefully) remain updated with the latest information on voting. I won't be explaining too much about the process as it's currently only unofficially being used until a new constitution is written. The basics are that any staff member can create a [proposal]. Two other users approve this proposal for voting, this is not approval of the measure but of the clarity and purpose of the proposal. Once approved it can become a [vote]. Votes finish in 3 days or when a vote has majority approval/disapproval. There are also fast track votes, but we don't need to get into those. With that out of the way, here's the current view:

Ongoing Propositions:
* Proposal: Vote on whether we should use our public names in the mod meeting, if names should be up to moderator choice, or whether all mods should only be identified via numbers.

* Vote: Extension of 3 days on board merger vote. – Vote ends Jan.3rd – 4 yay
* Vote: Have a conversation on switching staff rooms from matrix to another, self-hosted, FOSS software. Possible alternatives include, but not limited to: rocket.chat, session messenger, matterhorn, zulip, scuttlebutt, jabber. – 5 yay 2 abstain – Ends January 8th
* Vote: Merge /games/ and /anime/ into /hobby/ (while keeping a backup of the current threads of each for future use) Vote ends 31st Dec 10pm UTC – 6 yay 3 nay

Recently Completed:
* Get rid when possible of the side bar and the HTML frames in the home page. – PASSED 6 yay
* Vote: delete hidden boards from leftypol – PASSED 5 yay
* Make Dark Red the Default Theme for now. – PASSED 4 yay 3 nay
* Use cloudflare as an anti-DDOS protection for the time being, this choice will be rediscussed if needed with the userbase in the future. PASSED 8 yay
* Vote: make a thread for user feedback on onion access to leftypol.org – PASSED 6 yay
* Vote: make a thread for user feedback on future web ring candidates such as 7chan, 420chan, and possible others. – PASSED 6 yay
* Rename when possible and after the priorities have been taken care of, /gulag/ to /meta/. – PASSED 6 yay
* A thread shall be made about merging alt boards. Open to user discussion and suggestions. – PASSED 5 yay 1 nay


oh i forgot to say that you are all free of course to argue for your own proposals to be taken up by the staff


Until a more fitting meta thread is made a list of some issues with transfer of threads from boards
- Orange text didn't transfer, the <-sign turned into an &-sign
- Spoilered images are unspoilered. So some posts like NSFW and Spoiler content are left open for viewing Ex. my post on Boruto Chapter 52, (the excerpt on Nuclear Fusion)
- Due to the lack of announcements and current spam attack on Bunkerchan by /pol/ news of the split is nonexistent and therefore I and many other users continue to post in threads up til today, so a lot of discussion and effort posts made recently are missing.
Thanks for the effort


File: 1608966494726.png (443.34 KB, 1471x1520, archiving.png)

Since the chan lacks a system like Desuarchive for saving content that falls off the boards, any threads posters may have interest in should be saved at archive.is and web.archive.org (Wayback Machine) if they don't want to lose their content for future reference.
Archiving content lets older posts/threads be found faster (especially if you repost the archive link in another relevant thread).
This subsequently offsets pointless rehashing and other wasteful issues in threads. It also means that images that were once posted here are still saved for you even if they have been deleted in other places on the internet or if your hard-drive goes FUBAR.

When using Wayback Machine/Archive.is to archive pages, remember that any images you wish to archive in full resolution must have their html archived separately. In other words, you have to open the image in another tab, copy the link and save it in the archive(s). This is especially important with spoilered images, since they won't be even visible in an archived page unless saved individually. This may be a lot of work but if you want those images you'll do it, even casually saving 1 image a day per thread will already be helpful. Both Archive.is and Wayback Machine have optional free browser extensions for easier use.


File: 1608967066226.png (563.22 KB, 801x837, rulez.png)

Also, since this a brand new start, I'm reposting my proposition for basic Global Rules of the chan:

A basic skeleton of Global Rules for the site I suggest we implement

1) Do not post anything that violating local or United States law such as, but not limited to, Child Pornography and Snuff.
2) Do not post or request personal information ("dox") of users of the site.
3) Regular pornography, Anthropomorphic ("furry") pornography, Grotesque ("guro") images and drawn pornography must be spoilered outside of >>>/b/ tasteful nudity may be permitted (such as a drawing model).
4) No spamming or flooding of any kind, be it bad faith derails, drama, bait, etc. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.
5) Threads should be created with substantial OPs containing a meaningful topic of discussion outside of >>>/b/. Try to cultivate discussion in threads and don't just dump images or shitpost
6) Do not create duplicate threads unless the prior thread is Bumplocked. If you plan on making a thread, make sure to check catalog to see if a topic already exists. Singular, specific requests/subjects should go in a suitable General thread unless a topic is popular enough to merit it's own thread.
7) Post topics in their appropriate board:
- Political Discussion and News threads belong in >>>/leftypol/
- History, Education and Book reading belong on >>>/edu/
- Discussions of technology regarding computer hardware and software go on >>>/tech/
- Anime, manga, and other Asian-related media belong on >>>/anime/
- Videogames, Boardgames, Roleplaying, Consoles, Arcades, Mobile/Computer games and Toys belong on >>>/games/
- Media - /tv/, /lit/, Art/Architecture, Cartoons/Comics, Character discussions, Outdoor activities (Gardening, Hiking, Hunting, DIY/Survivalism, Martial Arts/Fitness), Weapons/Military, Fandoms (SCP, MLP, Furry), and other HOBBIES excluding those involving /anime/, /games/ and /tech/ belong on >>>/hobby/
- Moderation feedback and discussion of the site goes on >>>/meta/
8) Use archive.is to save images and threads, Guidelines: >>>/meta/14
9) Advertising your personal chatroom, site, server, board, etc. is allowed, but may be deleted if it is considered to be spam. Fed-tracking servers like Discord are discouraged. Use something like Telegram instead.
10) Sage is not a Downvote button, we're not Reddit, Hide and Ignore threads you dislike/are not interested in. Don't go out of your way to be antagonistic or hateful. Rants and rage-posts are one thing, bad faith shitposts are another. Do not engage such posts, Hide and Ignore.
11) Do a reverse image search before you request for the source to an image. Post relevant leftist memes, infographs and photos onto http://lefty.booru.org/


Another issue is that the site doesn't consistently show when a post has been replied to


I remember you. For reasons that are now obvious we weren't having much success with the idea of global rules before.


Agree, I don't believe the server is hosted in the US however.
sounds good but any reason to single out furry and guro from all porn? Might alter the language to save "relevant nudity" or maybe generalize the whole rule to make it "relevant explicit images"
>7) Post topics in their appropriate board:
>8) Use archive.is to save images and threads

some of these veer more into guidelines and advice than rules, but it should be fine. Just my opinion. Most likely they'll be a thread to have discussion over it. I'll see about proposing that. But it might have to wait until after the board consolidation is done.


>I don't believe the server is hosted in the US however.
Which is why I added local as a caveat. Even if the server isn't in the USA, posters of CP and other shit may come from the USA. Also I probably should have added Beastiality to Rule 1.
>any reason to single out furry and guro from all porn
It's more of a standard Chan rule, to be specific in case people want to play at semantics about pornography.
>some of these veer more into guidelines and advice than rules
I just wanted to make sure to cover everything, like I said, it's only a skeleton that can be modified.

thanks for the input.


Different issue, there is no refresh/update button I can see, so I have to reload a page every time to update it…. which is terrible.


We're working on it. Use the tech team thread on leftypol to report those types of problems. >>>/leftypol/30303

This thread is for legislative discussion.


Well I got redirected to /meta/ which is why I posted this here.


We have to start a campaign to get users to use the meta board. I think everyone should check the metaboard at least once a day.


What's gonna happen with /dead/? Last time I checked there apparently Space_ tried to hand over moderation of the board to some random guy from Twitter.

Also, what's the general attitude of the moderation team towards Stirnerites or other post-leftists?


I think we should recreate dead


>Also, what's the general attitude of the moderation team towards Stirnerites or other post-leftists?
For now I guess they can make a thread on /leftypol/.


Don't kill off the alt boards.


Yeah, do keep /anime/ around. Even a slow board is better than no board, with the state of the bunker atm.


File: 1609055922625.jpg (188.76 KB, 552x650, SovietPoster.jpg)

Is voting public to users or internal to staff? If it's public:
Dark Red: yay
Comrade: yay


>9) … Use something like Telegram instead.
Requesting the official recommendation (or at least the first in the list) be changed to Matrix or another open protocol.
Apart from that and the changes discussed from >>17, those rules seem good.


File: 1609108817311.jpg (47.82 KB, 1080x638, twisted fucking cycle path.jpg)

Staff vote is the final call but we are always glad to see user opinions to help advise us.


updated OP


Was there a reason for the demonym receiving majority disapproval? Was it disagreement to the choice of 'Comrade', or changing from Anonymous altogether?
Apart from simply being useful, a custom name adds to the site's unique theme.


I voted no cause I am just very used to everyone being Anonymous.


Could some staff fix the spoilers on /anime/? Content that was previously covered is not spoilered at the moment. The board could also be marked as not safe for work, if necessary.

Also could the default posting name, おたく, and board titles or theme be updated to match the previous ones, from the bunker?


TBH some of the spoilers were accidental or stupid. FFS one of the mods spoilered a pic with a pigeon on it for no reason in bunkerchan


we can spoiler files if you link to them(report system is down at the moment). as for your second request please ask that in the tech thread on leftypol

Votes have been updated


VOTE News anon is to be asked to be brought onto the staff to function as our news agent for the front page. This vote will end on jan 3 at 16:00 UTC


Vote: Announcement of no board changes in the immediate future. Ends Jan. 3rd 0500 UTC


It doesn't affect me, but why move away from Matrix for the staff room?


File: 1609444739993.png (678.05 KB, 2060x1930, bunkerchan homepage design.png)

To be fair we are only evaluating other options. And because Matrix kinda sucks in many ways.

Anyways Proposal: Adopt the following as the homepage design to be worked on by the tech team

oops ignore the filename, old habits


Now that leftypol has it's own server, it's possible to host a chat instance ourselves. There are a lot more options on the table, than there were before.
tl;dr- material conditions


>And because Matrix kinda sucks in many ways.
This is what I am asking about, since I haven't noticed issues and I would like to know since I often recommend Matrix to people.


New votes:

Vote: Make a thread asking for user opinions on homepage designs
Proposal: Multiple choice vote on homepage designs


There should be a canary for the website.



There is a request for this on the github, already.


VOTE: Consult thread asking for users to submit designs for a homepage, to be up for at least week. Grant emergency powers over homepage design to the tech team. Ends in 72 hours


Vote: Official Statement on Closure of Bunkerchan

Vote Ends Jan.13 2021 12:00 UTC


VOTE: To decide whether those responsible for the mass deletions on bunkerchan.xyz should be expelled from the mod team.

This vote will conclude at 09:00 UTC - Friday.


Vote : Filter "chud", if this vote passes, we will have a separate vote to choose the replacement word. Vote ends 19/01/2021 18:30 UTC.


If "chud" does get wordfiltered I think a good replacement word would be "chode" since its an actual insult but sounds similar to chud.


I'm for replacing chud to faggot.

It works best the context chud is used by polacks.


yes please



>VOTE: To decide whether those responsible for the mass deletions on bunkerchan.xyz should be expelled from the mod team.
>This vote will conclude at 09:00 UTC - Friday.
It's Monday…


The vote to expel did not pass with 3 nays 1 yay.








Iirc There was a user proposal that got the requisite support to be presented for a vote to range ban the USA from posting on /leftypol/ in order to improve discussion quality, I understand things have been hectic recently but I'm curious if it's gone to the vote yet and if so what the results were?




This is not going to happen. First there isn't a user proposal, how would we measure support?
Second, we could vote on that but something like this is just not going to happen.


You are absolutely retarded if you believe that users from country X are responsible for the abysmal quality on /leftypol/. It's just chauvinism in inverse and just as fucking meandering and pointless.
Not even an Anglo, use your fucking head moron. If you want to start banning groups of people, do so based on class.


lmao based


Can /anime/ have its default poster names, its headers, and its lack of flags added back?


why would you want to remove flags?
not having all the flags available on all the boards is incredibly irritating when threads get moved. (which in the case of /anime/ isn't that common, but still.)


I'm sorry, but people MUST know that I'm a part of Juche Gang when I simp for Misato


Add a go to bottom button and a go to catalogue button that is always on screen. The fuck I need to go to top for?


>filtering chud
That's literally a leftist word though, I don't see what's so bad about it. Do you want us to use racist slurs instead?


Can there be a flag for Marxist and Socialist Feminism?


It's been almost two months since the last group of flags were requested and it hasn't happened yet.


flags are usually added without a vote, you just have to present them to the mod team and they eventually get around to it
ultimately its on the techie's end to implement them though


Recent votes:
Vote to get more mods: PASSED
Vote to reintroduce filters for nigger->uyghur and tranny-> transhumanist, in progress


These have outstayed their welcome, but you should totally filter twitter to nitter and youtube to ytprivate or whatever.


File: 1618925900752.png (300.21 KB, 500x500, fadf0252874455dc79e12b6c59….png)

Do not delete the old boards that are hidden.


you talking about /b_ref/ and /b_get/?
I would love for them to remain where they are, but unfortunately GETchan don't think there's any use in keeping them so they're gonna be deleted.


I guess they can continue to sit there for now.


File: 1620091269924.png (421.4 KB, 1012x951, Screenshot_2021-05-02 Bann….png)

>no ban appeal


can't find it on the list. were you already unbanned?


I'm unbanned but when I was banned their was no place to appeal?


Sorry about that. Mods should not be banning on all boards. You can always contact mods through the matrix but I know thats not convenient for everyone. I'll remind everyone to not do that.

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