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Hello everyone, we have indeed received an offer from d0llars about ending the split, in accordance with what he has laid out on Bunkerchan. Some of us mods are taking the offer seriously and think there is potential merit in it, however others are staunchly opposed to the idea of a reconciliation that would bring d0llars onto the team (along with a few Bunkermods). They have agreed to follow our constitution and to abstain from all voting for two months if they were to join, in return they would redirect Bunkerchan.net and Bunkerchan.xyz to leftypol.org.

We have been given more details about the event which d0llars believes will give Bunkerchan more exposure and we believe his account to be credible. We do not want to give too many details but essentially he has found a way to get a decent amount of exposure for the site, that will launch in a few days. If a deal is to be done it would seem best to get it agreed before this event occurs. However as I said, others reject the idea of any deal and there is no clear consensus on what to do as of yet.

Ultimately, this board belongs to all of you, so we would value your opinions on what we should do.

Original Post

Surprised no one's made a thread about this until now:




File: 1619052785497.jpeg (37.93 KB, 622x352, no.jpeg)

>there will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition


Probably because nobody checks it lol
>importing Space_'s schizo cohort
Hard pass.



This had qanon vibes but lame because it's about board drama


I'm so confused, this looks like a post from months ago? Does anyone even use bunkerchan at all anymore?


File: 1619052957290.png (413.14 KB, 511x595, ayys.png)


yeah, I also highly doubt this. given the disparity in user count between the boards its likely this is some hail mary attempt to worm his ass into the new mod crew.

Jannies would be utter retards to accept this offer.

50/50 chance if this fails, dollars just packs it up and shuts down bunkerchan


Yeah it's such an obvious bluff lmao, he obviously knows hem lost but is trying to save face.


What leverage do they even think they anymore? Hardly anyone even uses bunkerchan at this point.


but anon, didn't you hear? there will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition


What's to stop jannies from voting the other jannie back out of power after the merge?


Is it… Could it be… Finally, the fabled Vaush Endorsement?


File: 1619053161752.jpg (51.1 KB, 1413x161, jtedqarhg.jpg)

giv mod pls


nothing. It would be a takeover of d0llars, space_, and a bunch of rando zoomer nazbol lackeys with nasal discord voices


>there will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition
This is some seriously lame larping. The best we can do is completely ignore it.


Demands for d0llars:
>You will eat the bugs
>You will live in a pod
>You will pay to have bunkerchan redirect here for one (1) year
>You will never be a leftypol janitor
>You will never do it for free
>All you will have in your pathetic life is the "achievement" of former bootleg bunkerchan "manager"


But anon, don't you understand? Bunkerchan HATES Vaush! Why you may ask? No it's not because he's a racist pedophile who repeats CIA talking points word for word, that's actually pretty based and redpilled. No it's because he doesn't support the Based Zoomer Nazbol Ethnostate and makes us uncool in front of /pol/! Pretty cringe and unpoggers, amirite fellow goyim?


Vaush will never endorse any version of leftypol despite stealing a bunch of chan memes he dislikes chans for some reason




Can he get a new fucking image to use? Jesus. How fucking tiny is his folder?


From this clip and as someone who has never watched Vaush's videos I can infer a few things:
>some people in the chat already knew about the meme, whether from the source or through other channels like Discord or Twitter
>some people got mad at him for making a phrenology joke
>he shares his memes and jokes through Discord which is probably also how he learned about le pol face


I went into that thread and saw maybe 3 Bunkfags max


File: 1619057665243.png (168.63 KB, 1320x640, ClipboardImage.png)

lol why would we want to merge with them again? What's the upside?


They only have like 10 posters so it's fine.


But that's 10 schizos we're missing out on!


>What's the upside?
Didn't you hear? There will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition.


Why do people even comment in streams this quickly?


I feel like potentially is doing a lot of lifting here.


15 milliseconds of fame.


this is just pathetic now.


File: 1619066087457.webm (207.62 KB, 480x480, 1614945963189.webm)

no thanks


It should absolutely be done, but retards here are too caught up in meaningless tribalism to understand the benefits. We need to move on from the split, the hatchet needs to be buried for the benefit and integrity of the community as a whole.


File: 1619066360867.jpg (184.64 KB, 720x540, 1460089329044.jpg)

>We have been given more details about the event which d0llars believes will give Bunkerchan more exposure
$10 this is going to backfire horribly.


My opinions:
- ending the split is good and desirable, even if trivial
- i will miss bunkerchan.net being a useful raid-shield… but that's not a big issue
- do11ars and willing mods being on the team isn't a bad thing. they fucked up, pretty hard, but honestly the malice post-heat is mainly just nuke-hate and a couple of vocal mods in each team, not dollars or a consensus from us. they're willing to compromise for the sake of unity.
also we keep backups in case one of his pals believes in grudges so potential loss is minimal, right?jucheJuche


>caving into dollars ego trip just because he is paying for a domain formerly associated with leftypol



File: 1619066745205.png (10.35 KB, 300x100, ClipboardImage.png)

>References to bunkerchan be removed from the site banners on leftypol .org
Can we appreciate for a moment that this is one of their four demands?


dollars ego is so bruised, poor bb


File: 1619066921537.png (99.06 KB, 1887x186, ClipboardImage.png)




I will personally do everything I can to throw sand in the works if this cuck shit gains and traction amongst any mods pathetic enough to consider caving into these absurd demands when we are winning.




epic inspect element


I don't trust him



Watermelon seller… d0llars… currency… watermelon… what do the numbers mean Mason?


Ok, i personally don't see the need to continue the split, but i'm a bit ignorant of the situation. Can someone spoonfeed me on why reuniting with the bunker is a bad idea?


Because there's like 70 users left and at this point it's little more than schizo and nazi containment.


was it worth the time making this screenshot? kek


I would say yes, but I honestly need more information on what exactly is occuring.


d0llars is fine, besides being a lazy fucking jannie and letting bunkerchan go to shit. you guys are the wreckers.


t. d0llars


I refuse until I hear a little more about this 'event'.


What would we even be reuniting with? The 5 nazbol schizos that remain on bunkerchan?


Okay, I'll tell a bit more. d0llars has used his contacts to get an article written about leftypol in a semi-mainstream publication (not specifically leftist focussed) which should go into the history of leftypol, and our unique place in the online ecosystem. This should give Bunkerchan some hits, some traffic, and so on, but I would prefer if it gave us the hits and traffic instead. It's uncertain how many people who read the article will be interested in the site, though.

It would be nice to put a formal end to the split, and there's probably many people who only visit occasionally who still don't know about leftypol.org.


File: 1619067815617.jpg (21.55 KB, 600x506, sassy.jpg)


Just what he said about the banners is enough to know that they do not have the best of intentions, think about it, if it will happen an event in the coming days that have the potential of greatly boost traffic and name recognition, it would be much better for us if we do not merge the sites, their site has no potential for maintain access of this people, and potentially, this access boost would only be received here, I am sure they will not be able to keep these people in their site, this potential boost and these people would naturally come here because their chan is rubbish and ours clearly proves to be better, if this boost happens only we would have it.


>potential boost
is d0llars going to write a manifesto and go out in a blaze of glory?


Fuck bunkerchan.


We're a strong independent board that don't need no d0llars!
We got mentioned in the now defunct Heat St at one point and it didn't have a noticeable effect from what I remember, just how semi-mainstream is it? Jacobin? Morning Star?


>semi-mainstream publication (not specifically leftist focussed)
This is going to go so wrong lol


Both sites staff are insufferable with this growth fetishization. Can we please have another split once these sites merge and this article is published..


Friendly reminder: there's a warrant canary on the bottom of the homepage


no fuck him


Dollars can get fucked. Bend the knee or gtfo


Why bow to dollars now? His site is dead and it's very unlikely the supposed boost will occur, why shit up this site for barely a 100 shitposters?


All that revisionism.


Alright, I'm going to make my thoughts on this known and I hope other mods will follow.

I personally am for this. Dollars and his guys are going to be bound by our rules, and Dollars will never be an admin again or have any control over the sites back end or anything like that. As long as he and his guys can be controlled and watched I don't see the issue. They'll delete /pol/ spam for us. They do it for free!

An article in a major newspaper has the potential to attract a lot of attention here, and as long as us mods are here to ban asshats I don't see any problem with growing /leftypol/. If the article turns out to give us no boost in traffic, so be it. We will have mended the split and I will still have done nothing wrong by nuking bunkerchan.


File: 1619069951402.jpg (22.02 KB, 413x395, 1448959958845.jpg)

>If the article turns out to give us no boost in traffic, so be it. We will have mended the split and I will still have done nothing wrong by nuking bunkerchan.


fuck you dollars I will declare fatwah on leftypol if I ever see your bitch ass using a mod tag


First it was a "semi-mainstream publication" now it's a "major newspaper?" I'm seriously confused where this article will be published and the motivations for writing it.


It's supposed to drop in two days, and I thought foreign policy counted as major. I see their stuff all the time.


Is that hard to post a linkinternational_brigadeInternational Brigade


File: 1619070233808.jpg (41.21 KB, 620x372, 2347.jpg)

It is time for the reunification of glorious of the great homeland.

If it, the mention, was published in some shitty mainstream fake media, that is dotard behavior and not conducive to the diplomatic efforts of best /leftypol/ to reach out to the compatriots of the old bunker.

This is probably a good step forwards actually. The side bords could use the additional traffic. /anime/ should be livelier.



File: 1619070354139.webm (1.58 MB, 514x250, 1618983205841.webm)

>do11ars wants to be a mod
Uh-huh, who is taking this offer seriously?tankieTankie


File: 1619070413678.jpg (28.23 KB, 680x391, 1600843851749.jpg)



did someone say m u h a d j a d e e n t h r e a d ?


File: 1619070438777-0.jpg (225.98 KB, 1080x2037, IMG_20210422_074529.jpg)

File: 1619070438777-1.jpg (201.62 KB, 1080x1860, IMG_20210422_074552.jpg)

>Yea, cool, here's the website in question.
>Search for Leftypol.
>Nothing comes out.
>Search for Bunkerchan.
>Nothing comes out.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


>foreign policy
Snap, that is fairly big. I'm honestly puzzled why they'd be interested in our site though. I also don't think many leftists read it either, for me at least I like to read stuff written specifically for Porky (like Foreign Affairs) if I move outside of leftist media.


whos going to tell the jannies that "foreign affairs" is the major one not "foreign policy"


They have not published the article yet dumbass


did someone say m u h a d j a d e e n t h r e a d ?


i said the article was coming out in two days.


I accept the merger, but make him a janny instead of a mod


I don't even think he would be a poster of any quality.tankieTankie


same thing


>I'm honestly puzzled why they'd be interested in our site though

>Growing Extremism Not Limited to the Right: Meet the Bernie Bros Who Never Gave Up


Yeah, a lot of you guys on this site come across as the equally insane counterparts of /pol/tards


File: 1619070961630.mp4 (1.19 MB, 630x360, 1616284832449.mp4)

we don't even have confirmation if this article will even be made, I believe that HE NEEDS us somehow for this article to be made. Th>>184246
e demands they are making are ridiculous and the SUPPOSED REWARD is not really worth it, I don't think this "article" will bring enough exposure to justify bringing our chans back together, especially the dubious quality of the authors, we don't even know which blog or webjournal will write about us, it's not worth it.


Entryism the postaccelerationAcceleration


foreign policy is still pretty big, not sure why they would want to write about leftypol though, except that we're a bunch of russian bots or something.


Who are these bunkerchan mods? Old mods or new ones that were hastily added? I'm really worried about infiltration by /pol/tards.


And who guarantees that they would write positively about us? everything looks very suspicious


Negative coverage could also be entertaining though


Meet The Left's Internet Hate Machine


File: 1619071262030.jpg (36.67 KB, 234x234, 1345514625338.jpg)

Wait a second…tankieTankie


Why the fuck would any of you think this is a good idea? Who cares about the split, Bunker has like 2 posters left and you would only gain a bunch of Nazi mods and the 2 reactionary posters still there


>d0llars has used his contacts to get an article written about leftypol in a semi-mainstream publication

I see absolutely no way in which this could possibly go wrong whatsoever, this will absolutely lead to a better website and definitely wont just draw in a bunch of teenagers and retarded boomers


sounds like stupid fucking opportunism, hard pass


No guarantees, but any publicity is good publicity.

new ones.


Why do you even want to be in a major newspaper? Are you fucking retarded?


>new ones.
Not old ones wearing a novelty moustache and glasses disguise?


>any publicity is good publicity
Neoliberal koolaid.


I thought this was the real title for a second, not gonna lie. This will most likely be the tone of the article, honestly I'm guessing the author found us from the constant blame of "bunkerfags" on /pol/. Talk about how we are CCP / Putin's puppets, promote "conspiracy theories denying Assad's crimes", have some dank memes interspersed throughout for amusement.


File: 1619071473926.png (295.25 KB, 500x720, nyet.png)

I think this is going to be a mistake. While I don't dislike bunker or it's posters I don't trust Dollars at all. Let bunker just slowly die and keep the door open for them to join our community but don't just hand dollars and some randos power. I want more transparency not another potential mod drama.iwwIWW


>any publicity is good publicity
Yeah if that "publicity" is just them sperging about how we're Putin's paid terrorists and basement dwellers or whatever, then it's not "good publicity". Dude, this whole thing is a big fucking mistake.


>any publicity is good publicity.
If you are a bourgeoisie, this is how you think.
If you are a communist, you do not waste energy or attention on the lying bourgeois media spectacle.


we can throw them out if they are unreliable.


>plz raid us buttblasted Plebbitors and /pol/tards, while Eglin AFB starts posting here
Do you get paid by every IP you ban or something?tankieTankie


>The jannies actually working for money.
Based?international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Has there even been a successful merger after a chan split? I feel like this is a really unique moment.


The article goes out if we agree to this or not. If we do not take the deal, we pass up the possibility of new users and new traffic. If we take it, we lose nothing and can gain much.


That doesn't sound like the kind of reply you'd give if you knew for sure they weren't just Pyongyang's retards in a wig.


New studies show that they do not, in fact, do it for free


>Bunker has like 2 reactionary posters there

exactly, I can clearly see these journalists accessing the bucker and writing about those schizophrenics.


>any publicity is good publicity
This line of thought makes no sense when you're managing a website for free. Unless…?


Also let's use our brains for a second. Supposedly, FP hires journalists or bloggers who are college graduates capable of a little bit of research and investigation. Wouldn't they figure out leftypol.org exists without you having to make a stupid fucking deal with $$$$$$$? So why make the deal, even if you are addicted to bourgeois spectacle and want to prostrate yourself before an imperialist magazine?


>8chan.pl 2.0



File: 1619071724625.jpg (70.42 KB, 300x230, gaddafi.jpg)

damn this is hot


i wonder what they'll write about Eugene.


we do it for free

Only one of them was on old bunkerchan and they weren't Pyongyang. If they somehow are, we can throw them out. We back this site up hourly, there is no real damage they could do.

Again, the issue is that if we pass this up dollars can take a bunch of the traffic that would go to us. We need new users and we need to be higher in the google search results.


New users shouldn't be an end in and of itself. I'd rather keep some semblance of quality than open the floodgates for a bazillion retards ranging from Vaushoids to Nazbols just to get our post numbers up. That's not even getting into the fact that this is just a transparent attempt by dollars to weasel his way back into power.


File: 1619071772501.jpg (23.46 KB, 680x447, b2f.jpg)

>He remembersinternational_brigadeInternational Brigade


>we lose nothing
You fuckin what? Please tell me you DO NOT live in United States.tankieTankie


>No guarantees, but any publicity is good publicity.

I'm sorry but I disagree, this possible exposure would not be enough to even justify the two chans coming together again.

buckerchan is nothing but an appendage to us.


>ranging from Vaushoids to Nazbols
Too optimistic, the outlet isn't even leftist. If it were I might be open to the idea but this is just silly and a desperate attention-whoring moment from the staff.


An influx of new users who are probably mildly retarded to say the least would of course mean we'd tighten moderation standards. Dollars gets no actual power from this - the 'power' remains with the admins of this site who all backed the migration here and never supported dollars.

ok, why? We are taking almost no risks for a possibly large gain.


>dollars can take a bunch of the traffic that would go to us
A bunch of neolib eggheads who read FP? You think that's who communists should be recruiting to leftypol, not workers?

>We need new users

We need better users, including better mods. Better, fewer but better.

>we need to be higher in the google search results

We need to rip people away from reliance on google.

You have not addressed the basic point that the FP reporters should be capable of finding this site without cutting a retarded deal with Dollars.


that any mod is under the delusion that we exist as a community to educate or reform /pol/ and offshoots is pretty cringeaccelerationAcceleration


My god! instead of shilling for Leftypol on a neoliberal paper at least improve our search results, only 0.15% of people who search for Leftypol come here. Think about it a 99% untapped source but instead you want to bring in neolibs and nazbols.


>All this autistic tribalistic cringe
Split was cringe. /dead/ got caught in the crossfire but you dont hear me or the remaining post-lefties/black flaggots cry about it all day
>But muh drama muh camps muh their shit stinks and ours doesnt
Stfu you terminally online chudspiratePirate


It's going to be on the internet, anyone can see it there. Some people will be curious, and come over.

I have no idea what FP is going to publish but when they publish it I want all of the people googling "leftypol" or "bunkerchan" to be directed here where they can find the real thing and then be banned if necessary.

>at least improve our search results
that's what i'm trying to do. If bunkerchan redirects to us we gain in the search results.


Read a thread before posting you fucking retard.


lol these are the people managing this place?


>Split was cringe. /dead/ got caught in the crossfire but you dont hear me or the remaining post-lefties/black flaggots cry about it all day
This is what the remaining userbase of bunkerchan is and what we would have to put up with merging with them


>Foreign Affairs is the premier source for context on matters of American foreign policy and global affairs. Our content comes directly from true experts in their fields, and the depth of their impartial analysis is unrivaled.

>Naturally, this attracts an audience of leaders in business, government, media, and academia to our esteemed content.

>Average Household Income $221,400

>Average Net Worth $1,537,000
>Average Investment Portfolio Value $552,000

Foreign Policy isn't nearly as prestigious as Foreign Affairs, but they chase the same demographic: PMC wannabe intellectual strategists for the empire.


don't care, if it was a physical paper being distributed in gated communities we would have a problem. It's online and anyone can see it.


Several of us moved here. Its the Nazbol crowd that stayed behindpiratePirate


Can't you contact them directly, and bypass dollars?


You fucking morons. Don't give into him. The split is done, no going back. All of this fighting just to let those schizos and nazbols shit our board up again?


File: 1619072436847.mp4 (358.94 KB, 480x360, mc ride.mp4)

I think people who visit foreignpolicy.com would not feel good here, I believe that none of them would return here, and nothing guarantees that this type of people would even visit a chan.


>If bunkerchan redirects to us we gain in the search results.
This is important. I'm in favor of mending the split anyway for the sake of unity, even if it means a few more nazbol posters.


Yes, and they have more posts whining about here on their dead board than we have about them on our alive one


We're ALREADY poorly moderated as it is, to say nothing of an influx of braindead burgers

Look, as somebody who thought that your nuking of Bunkerchan was top tier, I'm gonna be real with you and tell you this is a really bad idea. D0llars has proven himself time and time again to be an opportunistic little shit, and there's no guarantee that his posse that you want to appoint as mods as a compromise wont just try and sabotage us. And as for the "traffic", who exactly would we be getting? Some wannabe managers in their mid 20's to 30's? Who will probably saturate us with endless "zingers" such as "if u h8 capitalism y do u have iphone"? The marginal increase in traffic isn't going to balance out the cucking to d0llars and quality drop. It's not worth it, plain and simple


I think a lot of people who aren't disgusting PMCs will see the article - it's an online paper and anyone can see it. It's not a physical news paper.


You really think leftists read FP lmao


Hang on guys, the avarfag has spoken.


wtf i love this avatarfag now


its gonna be this for at least 2 weeks


how the fuck are they going to cause damage? We can remove them at any time.

opinion discarded


The Only suitable options are
a.Reject the offer
b.Contact FA directly bypassing dollars
c.Strike the deal but remove dollars immediately


>avatarfag opinion discarded


File: 1619072897812.jpg (35.74 KB, 512x384, 1459460522574.jpg)

>c.Strike the deal but remove dollars immediately
You guys should've kept quiet about it and done this.


>how the fuck are they going to cause damage? We can remove them at any time.
I don't want them here AT ALL after all the ill will and strife they've caused us. However if you do let them come back there is no way you could give them any power to effect the board. Such a move would only allow them to wreck the site


>c.Strike the deal but remove dollars immediately


We have hourly back ups - how much damage could they actually do?


After a protracted Arduous March, GETchan carried out a successful reunification. So it is possible to do properly. Though that admittedly was more by an attritional prolonged war.

The posters that warn about low quality bad attention aren't wrong though, and it might be better to have the bunker be the bulwark that defends the homeland from the normalfags, instead of risking the possible subversion of the site by potential infestation of boomers, blue checks, and glowfaggots.

The whole thing does come off to be quite opportunistic.


d. Take no part in any of it and watch to see if anything lulzy happens to 500chan, like the site becoming nothing but glowposting and neoliberals arguing with nazbols


you won't though just like you don't remove every radlib/terf/racist post on here - youll be giving a hundred of people an inch because 'theyre new' and then this becomes the standard post >>>/leftypol/184370
This selfishly puts the onus on the community to educate these people - despite it being exhausting … if you remember the nazbols on bunkerchan - so you can mod a slightly more prominent image board.accelerationAcceleration


the damage is literally endless, any amount of power or influence given to the dollars junta is power and influence given to our enemies


But muh 70 more users (over the course of 3 days)


>c.Strike the deal but remove dollars immediately
Could you carry this out honourable Jannies?


Why are you upset about that thread?


>I'm really worried about infiltration by /pol/tards.
It is my understanding that exactly 0 applied to become staff during our recent intake.
One or two /pol/ users made threads on 4chan inciting a raid of application attempts when we made the sticky, but even they didn't apply. It's an RP, not a LARP.

Even then, we have backups and a democracy. Malicious staff only have any negative power if enough current mods agree with them, or if the NSA nuke our site backups. Anyone deleting legitimate posts after a warning just gets b00ted


report the faggots, jannies can't be everywhere at once. guy is banned by the way.


bls stfu about this sneaky shit u fukin dear friends


Because there are perfectly good communist parties to vote for and every 4 years American leftists are guilt tripped into harm reduction (at home, fuck dem foreigners lmao)


lol fair enough - do what you wantaccelerationAcceleration


Not saying dems are viable in any way, but what good communist parties? There's like over a dozen and they all suck in one way or another.


PSL is the one that gets the numbers


This is the part where the ussr dissolved and liberalized in 100 days with the help of the united states.


The problem is that the american voting system is that its favorable to a 2 party system.


What people are going to take away from that is that the site promotes violence.
>inb4 chad face saying YES


>We're ALREADY poorly moderated as it is
In what way?
Over-reach? Not deleting enough? If it's that not enough is being deleted in time (my gripe), more mods is the solution, not a problem.

Have you tried posting in the /meta/ issues thread or joining the Matrix chats? I've gotten some decent explanation about why some threads weren't merged into generals when I thought they should and reported them.


mods quit regularly but no one can be removed ever. maybe its possible in theory but its never been done despite some attempts.


This is such a blatantly awful idea that it actually makes me worried about future decisions from a mod team that I generally thought were OK
The upside isn't "endless", it's a nod in some shitty rag that'll bring in a few more users at most and a URL redirect that'll get another 50 or so posts (outside of raids). Bunkerchan and its userbase are schizo reactionaries, you've had major problems with the mod staff in the past, and there's very little stopping them from causing more board drama and another split. d0llars has fucked up time and time again, willingly letting someone that nobody on this site likes back into any position of power is really, really stupid.spurdoSpurdo


File: 1619073893493.jpg (48.83 KB, 832x836, fbi.jpg)

> that the site promotes violence.
in minecraftaccelerationAcceleration


File: 1619073935865.jpg (34.57 KB, 480x608, usa.jpg)

Reminder: if you're complaining about shitty moderation and you don't report posts, you're a leech!democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>socdem poster is a lainchan mod


File: 1619074238074.png (794.09 KB, 514x724, nazi anime grill.png)

no don't let the normies in, then I won't be able to shitpost about consensual zoophilia and da jooznazbolNazbol


are you that "dogpilled vegan anprim"? lol


How is that honourable?


yes you can


File: 1619074816133.png (212.02 KB, 680x709, chad face yes.png)

Porky won't give up power without a fight. After communists win a majority in parliament, Porky inevitably launches a civil war, one which he either wins (Chile, Finland, etc.) or loses (the USSR). Claiming that working class rule can be achieved without a civil war, that the bourgeoisie will "recognize their inevitable downfall" (Kautsky) and step down is utopian thinking that leads the left to disaster. Not to say I support minority terrorism like the Red Army Faction, etc. that alienated people, but we should all be prepared for when capital shuts down the parliamentary facade and turns to brute force.


Bro betrayal is totally honorable. Chivalry 101
He'd just boot up his site again and retain the old userbase who would hate us even more. No-one wins.


>retain the old userbase who would hate us even more
Getting hated by a couple guys. Whatever will we do.


There's nothing wrong with splits. Reactionaries can have their little space on bunkerchan instead of risking getting banned here. :^)


File: 1619075136935.png (2.4 MB, 1494x1037, steady as she goes.png)

The point that I would like to make is that the community generally has been through all kinds of different fights and shit for years now, we've been making a point to continually butt heads with about every single enemy we could find for the sake of growing our for fame and glory or whatever. At this point /leftypol/ is like the USA when it comes to proportion of time we've had peace vs war, we've been embroiled in shitstorm after shitstorm for years and that is why we have lost so many people from site move after site move - they just burnt out. We had 1000+ IPs in 8chan daily but its rapidly declined to what we have now, because we've literally just been at war with /pol/ and smaller places since forever. It's also affecting how we think and act like a community, I've noticed from 8chan to now that people have only gotten more absolutist and of the attitude that debate can only win with the absolute destruction of the other side, fine for debating /pol/ but unsuitable for fellow comrades! This period now, we're we have been recovering in .org is the last time in a long while that we've had any kind of peace and respite, and the community has finally been growing again after a long time of losses. This dumb article will most likely do literally nothing for dollars or us, but at worst will be a lightning rod to attract all the worst kinds of posters to shit up the place. Personally, I think we all deserve a bit of peace, which is why I oppose all of this memeing around about the article.

And thats before even getting into how untrustworthy dollars and his cadre of mods are, and just how weak of a position they are negotiating from. It's stupid to say we are in any way ending the split by merging with bunker - the split ended long ago because all of the community came here! Dollars has literally no bargaining chip except the idea that his website will become a lightning rod for fucking liberal boomers and angry /pol/acks that he'd pretend are our community for the sake of negotiations, people that'll post for like a week tops before either getting tired and leaving or waging a low intensity shitposting war.

This is just quite literally a case where we have nothing to gain but a lot to lose, imho. We're better off just continuing as-is, we've already won the war with dollars and co. We can have more organic growth of users by just being a community at relative peace and fostering good discussion, but that is mutually exclusive with inviting a bunch of vitriolic retards into the site and causing another posting war, which would burn out even more of our existing community members. So, the best option is what we're already doing imho, just maintaining the course of things now.iwwIWW



>*clears throat*

I have some comments I'd like to add on this.

I feel this has to be said given the status of the site and bunkerchan.


File: 1619075240335.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 1618310624919.png)

Imageboard Juche is the way forward.


Yes, but it would literally triple the raids.


Have an upvote my good sir.


File: 1619075347882.png (122.94 KB, 511x671, p18v2knqd1c21.png)










<and Most of all






Yeah this poster is correct, don't give an inch to dollars. At most try contacting FA to tell them about us but don't do anything else.


File: 1619075456673.gif (26.23 KB, 468x450, 1443653728072.gif)

Finally someone said it!


you forgot fuck leftypol


File: 1619075893736.jpg (101.07 KB, 720x560, furry chart english.jpg)

yes I'm the resident wannabe dogfuckernazbolNazbol


what a retarded simplification, after the site was nuked most people just fucked off, they've still fucked off, we have less of a userbase in general, merging the bunker with .org might actually show the community that leftypol is alive and well and not some unstable shitfest with splits every other month


File: 1619076068240.png (125.56 KB, 666x507, fed.png)


>merging the bunker with .org might actually show the community
lol how
and what community if they're people who left once 8gag exploded


based, you've baited me so many times


Merging? With who? At this point most everyone is here, the only people from /leftypol/ we'd be bringing back is dollars, who himself had the option to end the split long ago but decided not to in order to have bunker as his little vanity project, and he is only coming to us now cause his plans have all fallen apart. He literally started with every advantage possible, having an existing userbase and functioning website from the word go, and he still lost to a bunch of upstart jannies that had to build everything from scratch. Do you want a man that incompetent and retarded being a janny?iwwIWW


File: 1619076183059.gif (847.17 KB, 280x280, anita.gif)

yeah its pretty funny it caused that much butthurt


>Merging? With who? At this point most everyone is here, the only people from /leftypol/ we'd be bringing back is dollars, who himself had the option to end the split long ago but decided not to in order to have bunker as his little vanity project, and he is only coming to us now cause his plans have all fallen apart
This. Never ask for less than you can take from your' enemy


I'm gonna go as far as to say that I doubt the influx of newcomers will be a thing, let alone necessarily a good thing. I doubt that article will have as meaningful of an impact as it's implied, and even if it did it's no guarantee that people will look past the inevitable spam and derailment that happens all the time on this board. It's barely a bargaining chip, even if the mods can handle the spam and somehow not let this board get derailed.

Assuming that the FP article is a big hit, I'm fine with the other site getting the influx of newcomers. Hang around either board for long enough and they'll probably get the idea that there was a split some time ago, and start visiting this place out of curiosity. We'll get less but we'll also have the benefit of filtering out most of the low-effort shits who don't have the attention span to mount a siege, the clueless liberals who can't endure their fundamental ideas being challenged even once, and others. Of course, maybe that article is a hit and bunkerchan gets an enduring userbase of posters, but I'm not counting on a benefit that will be like winning the lottery.

I don't really have an opinion on the split, and I won't be too upset either way, but I don't think the publicity should be the primary reason we reunite if we do. I don't know the bunkerchan mods so I'll let people who do judge if they're willing to have them back.christian_communismChristian Communism


We can't force D011ars to redirect Bunkerchan to here though. He can only voluntarily do it. Of course, we can continue to go on as we have, and if we reject this offer then we will, but I'm worried we might be missing an opportunity.


>but I'm worried we might be missing an opportunity




So, here's the worst case scenario, when it comes to not inviting ¢urr€ncy back

>Article gets published

>Bunkerchan gets flooded with quality posters, becomes huge
>There's another migration as the users go back to bunkerchan and leave old and busted .org behind

This is the scenario that gives the mods nightmares, but from a user's point of view, it's a non issue. The main threat to be avoided is a non threat to users, who have no personal attachment to either .org or bunker. If you really do care about the user's opinions, don't do it.


dollars actually paid for the article. Do not believe his lies.


You'd have to be incredibly retarded to think this is ever going to happen. But jannies gonna janny.


Arisuchan posters for the most part came back to lainchan after the split.


We're not worried about this happening. We believe that Bunkerchan has failed and this article won't save it. But, it does concern me that at least a handful of people who might potentially think our site is pretty cool, might read the article, click the link, and be instantly repulsed by Bunkerchan and the bizarre topics and posts on it. Now, that doesn't give me nightmares either, but it does seem like a shame.

However, it seems like many people already have their minds set on opposition to the idea of a merge. Ultimately, if that is really what the community wants, then we will reject the terms.


File: 1619076592649.png (444.15 KB, 655x448, ClipboardImage.png)

>I'm worried we might be missing an opportunity


Well, Arisuchan actually had posters.


anyone who says no is a sectarianist and im currently reporting every single one of youraised_fistRaised Fist


Is the redirect alone really this valuable, especially in return for adding like 4 un-vetted mods? Because this is the only thing they are offering. The userbase is already here, the split is effectively over and the article is being written anyway. While I'd love to see a merger for me it looks like the disadvantages outweight the benefits. In a few months word to mouth will spread that bunkerchan is a defunct site and in a year or so it might be closed down anyway, so what's the big advantage? I don't really see it.


That's fair but there's higher chances the mod team is going to have to babysit a bunch of liberals who will leave the site after making terrible posts for a few days.


On the article, can't you contact the writers or something, if they're actually doing research then they'd know how big of a shitshow Bunkercjhan is and would be likely to insert Leftypol instead.


>adding like 4 un-vetted mods?
>implying they wont be vetted


no justice no peace no normalfag creeps


Interestingly, looking at their thread, they're scared that we are radlibs anyone here before the 1 Jan downtime is literally a revolutionary party


The terms of the deal are that they have to be added. Bunker's current mod team gets put on .org as-is. Any vetting would be the vetting previously done by d0llars.


This. If they lurked long enough they'd know about the split and talk about it (at least for a funny bit about leftist infighting if nothing else). If not, I doubt that the article will be particularly insightful or interesting enough to convince anyone to join.christian_communismChristian Communism


Even more reasons to let bunkerchan stay separate so those people have their own place and we have ours.


We would negotiate on the number of mods, plus, many Bunkerchan mods are not active - and the worst mod, the incel mod, has already confirmed they are not interested in coming over.

I am happy to accept 3 new mods including Dollars from Bunkerchan and I think that number is fair to both sides.

Perhaps, but I'm not really concerned with the readers of FP per se, more the secondary 'waves' created by the article. It's likely lots of socialists across the rest of the internet might hear about it (well, maybe not lots, but some).

We would be open to new mods from Bunkerchan but we do have some standards, if we thought that they were wreckers, then we would reject them even if that meant no deal.


>Bunker's current mod team gets put on .org as-is
None of them will want to tbh


That's fine by us if they don't.


>Any vetting would be the vetting previously done by d0llars.
Sure, but if they start deleting posts in a way that violates our moderating practices, then our constitution probably says we then have to remove them. They don't have abuse-tier power.


That's correct, the Bunker mods would obviously be beholden to the same rules as everyone else and if they tried to wreck the site they would be purged.


>It's likely lots of socialists across the rest of the internet might hear about it (well, maybe not lots, but some).
It's FP, this sounds like wishful thinking.


>I'm worried we might be missing an opportunity.


buckerchan is nothing but an appendage to us.


but mind, dollars could always throw a hissy fit in such a situation and re-open bunker for himself and his buddies, part of the deal is that he keeps the domain to himself even though it redirects to us.iwwIWW


The article is probably hilarious if past coverage about imageboard culture is anything to go by.


Yes. I don't see the issue.


If this site goes down for whatever reason we still need a backup as shitty as this sounds. A backup with a shitty admin is still better than no backup at all and risking the community getting completely dispersed in the wired.


>invite dollars back and his gang of drooling autistic zoomer crypto/-pol/tards to be mods, just so a neocon newspaper that glows harder than fukushima can write an article mentioning us to a bunch of PMCs working for the state department with masters degrees in national security leading to the feds yeeting the site 8chan style in the future

Anyone who thinks this is REMOTELY a good idea is an utter retard and the jannies are too if they agree with it


File: 1619077949538.jpeg (23.41 KB, 474x363, DESTROY DIE ATTACK.jpeg)



The article is already written, read the thread



in any case having a "backup site" is for retards who can't into proper infrastructure. Does google have a backup? amazon.com? literally any website? no the only reason bunkerchan needed a backup is because space_'s lazy ass couldn't be bothered to fix shit, now that it's a separate site that isn't supposed to be a problem any more. If they do shit right they literally don't need a backup just like twitter doesn't need a backup. a backup is COPE for running a site SHITTILY


>I checked Foreign policies stats and they are an important site. It's the 6000 the most popular site on the internet in burgerland.



>Similar Sites by Audience Overlap



yeah and let's have the feds and autism contained on bunker instead of directing them here. All this bullshit would be energy and time better spent on increasing the sites SEO so it can grow organically


File: 1619078247461.png (949.47 KB, 1720x720, its a trap.png)

>It's the 6000 the most popular site on the internet in burgerland.
<macron syria
it's a fucking ploy by JVPITER to destroy Ba'athism gangiwwIWW


Isn't alexa shoddy?
This tbh, just fix your SEO you nerds


t. Currency.


Based on the Larpy fucking way d0llars was typing in the chat logs, there’s no way he’s not Gonna fuck us over either way we vote. What’s stopping him from re-directing bunkerchan to leftypol for 2 months and then stopping it after our complaints, thus manufacturing consent for another fucking split and migration? Shit has got red flags all over and we’re fucked any way we decide to move. Fuck d0llars.


Just from reading this thread it seems like most of the mods stand behind the merger but there has to be some opposition, otherwise you guys would have struck a secret deal and let currency rejoin under a false name while he pretended to shitcan bunkerchan for good or something along those lines. Can those that insisted to bring this issue up to the community come forward and voice their thoughts?



I mean you don't have to use your tag or name just reply to this post


Yes, bring out the Opposition’s voices directly. No interpretation


>Just from reading this thread it seems like most of the mods stand behind the merger but there has to be some opposition
Only maybe three mods have posted here and only one seemed openly for, so don't just assume that. This thread is very much not a representation of the moderation team anyway.


Currently the mods are not really trying to push the debate internally too hard, we came to the community to ask just to gauge opinions really
we've still got a few days of negotiation left openiwwIWW


most of the namefag mods at least


It's about half and half. After reading this thread, frankly, I am against it, lol. As far as secret dealings, It's not really fair to insinuate we would strike a backroom deal. Other than a few exceptions…cough…this team has always tried to be as transparent as possible. That's kind of an aside, though. The team was about half and half with a few fence sitters. I was against it then some more info became available and I tilted towards it, but, the thread is changing my opinion. I'm not gonna be for it if no one on the board is just out of principle.


My take:
1)Accept the SEO shit, don't give them back ANY power
2) Bring back the sidebar pleasesandinistaSandinista


sidebar was cancer im glad they got rid of it


>2) Bring back the sidebar please
Take discarded. Just overboard catalog.


Foreign Policy GLOWS AS HELL.
Prepare for a neolib/neocon influx if that is true lol.sandinistaSandinista



I mean if all of that shit can be reversed if things go south again then Mommy and Daddy can try and live together for some time again, I guess, lol.


>Bring back the sidebar.


>hating on frames
Web 2.0 faggots.


>2) Bring back the sidebar please

Worst take in the entire thread so far


frames always sucked there was just no better alternative.


overboard kinda took over the same function tbh, its really nice to useiwwIWW


Actually nevermind, I thought the other guy was talking about HTML frames not the shitty javascript sidebar.


Sidebar sucks. don't bring it back



Are fucking braindead? FP is literal neocon shit.

Sonicposter just miss once challenge


Ungodly based.sandinistaSandinista


How did dollars have connections with a glowing magazine. Is he a glowie?

their avatar is a picture from the wikipedia article for Emo


The bunkerchan sidebar sucked. It wasn't even a nice php one like most imageboards with a link to all the boards and shit. It was literally just recent threads that fucking you could already see on page 1. It was fucking retarded as fuck, lmao.



Yeah my boomer showed, I forgot about that atrocity.



After this someone should make a meme with "Never ask a man his wage, a woman her age, an anon to bring back the sidebar".

Also i apologize if you took this personally lol.sandinistaSandinista


sus as fuck


In the case of normalfag attack, start unbanning shitposters so that the glorious meme magic powers could be unleashed onto the invaders.


>How did dollars have connections with a glowing magazine. Is he a glowie?

Ngl, there is a part of me that feels like this, maybe even the whole drama leading up to this moment, stinks like some kind of glowie infiltration op and dollars called his buddies at FP to have a carrot on a stick, lmao.

The only thing that makes be believe that it isn't one is that fact that otherwise the sites would be way better managed probably KEK


Yeah this shit GLOWSsandinistaSandinista


Just go shitpost on /b/, dude. It's relatively active


the schizos could be unleashed for a while



feds have a ton of money so if it actually glowed there would mysteriously be thousands of dollars for the servers.


This is a bad idea, but the potential chaos is enticing… go through with it, a little controversy could go a long way


Glowie shit can also be done by people which are not explicitly feds but which are fed adjacent.
Its not about having a badge is about acting as if you got one.sandinistaSandinista


>This is a bad idea, but the potential chaos is enticing

The whole history of imageboards summed up in one sentence, really.


excuse me, the FBI is based sweetie


Nah there is internal disagreement over this.


Supporting the merger because it would make the remaining bunkerchanners seethe


Also like imagine having someone mod your communist imageboards with the name d0llars
That's like if I made a sexual abuse support forum and my name was [email protected]spurdoSpurdo


I'm with you sandinistanon, I liked the sodebar


If you think about it d0llars is quite a fed name, like literally.




>worried we might be missing an opportunity.
That is, incidentally, what a conman usually exploits.


I'm a newly added mod and I'm completely opposed to the merger

I thought through d011ars' plan and I've come to the conclusion that there is NO scenario in which a merger is benecial to the leftypol community

>Scenario one: The article goes up and there is no increase in bunkerchan traffic or there is but it shortly fizzles out

This is the most likely scenario and in this scenario bunkerchan goes back to its status quo of being a dead board which acts as an antechamber for would-be /pol/ raiders.
In this scenario it makes no sense to merge since the leftypol.org mod team gains nothing but we have to take on the bunkerchan mod team including d011ars. Plus the site now has to take in bunkerchan's community of retards and /pol/yps.

>Scenario two: there is a sustained increase in traffic on bunkerchan

This is the unlikely option, and even then it still would be a bad thing to merge.
Since think about it, who are the type of people who would be reading an article on foreign policy site behind a paywell, mostly boomer libs. So if there is a sustained increase in traffic it would be libs and also /pol/yps who would completely flood the site increasing moderation work, bringing down post quality, but most importantly killing the leftypol community

It's like how user flood from the 2016 election massively damaged 4chan's community, for example the boomers from r/The_Donald going onto /pol/ making them even more retarded.
d011ars in his myopic plot to increase site traffic at all costs didn't consider how the rapid increased traffic would effect the community, and how it would potentially kill the community's unique culture. His plan is basically getting FP to write an article ,an article we don't knnow the contents of so it could be a hitpiece on us filled with misinformation, on us so that libs and /pol/yps can raid us.
In this scenario it would still be beneficial not to merge the sites since keeping bunkerchan around would act as an antechamber keeping out all the libs and pol-raiders from the article coming onto leftypol.org

Also d011ars hasn't considered that the leftypol community does not want a massive flood as the way the site grows, this thread shows that the users want growth to be slow, organic and sustainable so that new users could integrate into the site and we don't get flooded with shitty posters https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/182290.html
The users don't want a flood of libs who will shit up the site by constantly getting into arguments about basic socialism. If a leftypol users wants to debate basic socialism day-in-day-out to try and reform the bourgeois readers of FP they can always post on r/CapitalismVSocialism
Most users post on leftypol to discuss amongst their fellow leftists and get away from libs and /pol/yps

Finally the mod team has two more days of negotiation after the article goes up, I say we should decide on a merger on the final day of the negotiations so the userbase can actually see the new traffic on bunkerchan and decide whether they want them posting on their site. Plus its likely after a couple days any new traffic is likely to fizzle out and so it would help prevent the mods agreeeing to a merger for no actual gains.


Honestly seem like a desperation move
Its really not enticing. Especially the part where he get mod powers, for having talked to a journalist in a small time reactionary rag.
This offer would be almost acceptable just after the split, now given the current state of things, I don't see any reason to bow to that wrecker faggot who still act like he has ANY legitimacy or weight after successfully killing his board.
Let's not forget many attempts has been made to mend things with him, he auto banned them without care, only now that he has so obviously and thoroughly lost EVERYTHING does he makes this "concession" to try to not disappear completely.
Also lets not forget this guy came to a far left community, filled with tech enthusiasts, to ask for DONATIONS FOR DEVELOPING THE SITE, all cause he couldn't even consider reuniting with the whole mod team who had access to motivated people enthusiast about doing it for free, or even ask his community.
Also, his policy on mod communication prove he was more concerned about keeping a firm grasp on power than any rationale consideration for moderating the board.

Lets sum it up
- the newspaper is small time non left shit, likely mostly read by boomers and conservative burgers
- I doubt we'd get even 10 posters from it, even less likely quality poster
- nobody can trust currency
- currency is a wrecker
- we'd get the resident morons of the bunker
- we loose the bunker distraction shield
- still no good SEO

We do not gain shit at this point, because that overproud faggot wait until we the war is over to surrender, when we have no gain to be had by compromising.
Compromising was strategically sensible for a time after the split, but that time has long passed, and the outright refusal to even discuss with the splitters when it was still acceptable show how much he cared about "reuniting the community".
Well the community is united now, and I certainly don't want him in it.

PS: is that faggot even a communist ?


this tbh




this anon gets it


THIS THIS THISsandinistaSandinista


Yeah I think so too, thats why I think any decisions on a merger should be made after the article goes up to see how much of an "opportunity" this is


Absolutely not if it spills over most of the /pol/yp userbase of bunkerchan. The fact that he demands a place in the mod team is also unacceptable. Just let them die in peace and end the split by him deleting bunkerchan.


File: 1619087449853.png (Spoiler Image, 595.9 KB, 994x989, 064B9BF0-FF7E-42AE-B728-43….png)

Who would be interested in reading something like FP and keeping tabs on world news from an ayrab perspective?
At least we will finally reach our target audience.


d011ars said his connection for the magazine came from Fredrick Brennan aka Hotwheels


I'm not really sure whether that makes it better or worse. haha


opportunistic piece of shit IMO


File: 1619087931310.png (211.79 KB, 2590x3496, alunya.png)

this post should be the end of the thread


Dionysian and jokerpilled


The article will draw parallels between leftypol and /pol/, mentioning how mass shooters have posted there. Then the author will discuss the violent/aggressive rhetoric on the site, but leave the question hanging in the air. Then the author will say people on this website deny genocide (Holodomor) and defend totalitarian regimes. There's gonna be a quip about communist zoomers and talk about the generational gap. After a page of shitting on communists and comparing them to Nazis, the author will say but they haven't committed any violence… yet.

If you think a neolib author is concerned about "the truth" or "informing their leaders" you're naive. Do you think a neolib author wants an article even slightly defending communists in his portfolio? Do you think a writer working/writing for Foreign Policy doesn't want to get published in Forbes or Foreign Affairs or somesuch big name paper and FP is just a stepping stone, a way to pad the resume?

How do I know all this? Because I have eyes and a working brain. Good luck being labeled leftist extremists and getting CIA/FBI to actually start coming here. We joked about it before, but media exposure brings the three letter agencies to the yard. Then it's only a matter of time before they crack this 10yo board software and collect everyone's data. Oh shit, they don't actually have to do that, they'll just get all our IPs from cloudflare.

Fuck this is stupid. And now there's no way to stop the article, all .org can do is distance themselves from bunkerchan and deny everything the article says.


I continue to be disturbed by jannie notions that a web forum's fundamental identity is who the jannies are, instead of the community that uses it.


Do it, if people search for leftypol they don't land on flunkerchan but here, if you accept it




File: 1619088686901.png (44.32 KB, 1131x724, hmmm.png)

>Anyone can see it
Except they can't. Has nobody mentioned the paywall? Picrel comes up after you try and read two articles on the site. Unless other papers pick up on the story, this is kind of a nothingburger.freudFreud


File: 1619088723088.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, glows.mp4)

this is probably correct and many anons have said as much but unfortunately utter retards here have been drawn in by d0llars retardation. Hotwheels is a literal fugitive for cybercrime (hacking 8ch/kun in his feud against Jim Watkins) I wouldn't be surprised if he cut some sort of deal to get us vanned in exchange for not being extradited to the Phillipines. Hotwheels is an opportunistic piece of shit and he and d0llars may have fucked us this time.

The majority of people here advocating this are either naive or zoomers who don't remember how hard the natsecs cracked down on leftists during the early Obama era not to mention the 60s/70s.

FP readers are mostly people who work at think tanks, government, military, or intelligence agents who work for the literal FBI/CIA. These are people who are in or want to be in the washington DC-military-industrial-intelligence neocon/neolib hivemind or adjacent ecosystems. They have more in common with the CEO of fucking raytheon than leftism.

This is literal blacksite bait. "hey fbi id like to report a gommie - its me"


they dont land on flunkerchan now, they get some wikis and other weirdo sites that have nothing to do with leftypol


Mods, don't listen to the retards saying no. It will give us a huge boost I am sure. People saying no only look at the short term gains



t. bunkerchan mod


Absolutely this.


Do it lmao I'm sick of this shit
I don't really give a fuck about whatever harebrained scheme d0llars came up with to get traffic this sort of split just historically isn't great for the boardanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


File: 1619089096255.mp4 (246.77 KB, 480x360, youneedtoshutthefuckup.mp4)

shut the fuck up dollars


Retard you're the one who is thinking in short term gains, this hit piece article MAY increase traffic and PPH numbers but at the expense of post quality and overall community health.

Also how is a paywalled article on a lib boomer site going to be a big boost to us?


>foreign policy

Are you really going to like let the economist write an article about "how China is recruiting the western youth" ??

That's dumb but sounds like mind's are made up. If we end the split can we get the old bunkerchan UI back? It's so annoying that "go to bottom", "got to top" and the catalog aren't on on a single floating bar. Also no quick replying on mobile sucks too.


File: 1619090936747.png (11.78 KB, 199x254, 1618351306302.png)

There's a Fucking tor address for a reason you not.


Sure, accept their deal, only if you purge them immediately. In other words, NO.

Also, if they get the traffic this article is supposedly going to bring who gives a shit? This site doesn't needs it, our userbase has only been growing steadily since the after the split. Meanwhile Bunkerchan's design is sure to turn off the new users who will visit after the article. And if leftypol.org gets that sort of publicity, we're sure to get more attention from glowies. Why are people so obsessed with obtaining more users quickly?


I swear if you motherfuckers do this shit I will forcefully circumcise each and every one of your cocks


>if you use tor you are completely anonymous
The FBI is already here.


True, the only thing the mods should do is increase the SEO, When I came the whole site had 1600 unique Ip's a week, now it has 2200.


File: 1619091184406.png (163.15 KB, 247x270, 1618952953702.png)

T. The actual glow nigger


TOR isn't foolproof but in my experience people who shit on it are general paranoid schizos who lack even a basic technical understanding of how computer networks work.

go read a book anon


File: 1619091366031.mp4 (30.04 MB, 1024x576, lol no.mp4)


No security measure is foolproof, and it should be whether or not it fits the scenario of usage.


Just wanted to respond to some of the concerns in this thread:

Neither myself nor any of the mods has a record of modding that's any different from before the split. We both have pretty much the same rules and practices, we want to ban idpol and spam and so on.

So long as bunkerchan and leftypol.org exists there is always the possibility of a bifurcated community that polarizes itself, which only puts us at a disadvantage versus our common enemies.

Also, while it's impossible to know until shit goes live - I've been told the article will portray us in a positive light.

As for why I've demanded to merge the mod team, I could not in good conscious hand over the site and redirect it unless I thought the mods of leftypol.org could be trusted - previous history has shown many to be immature and untrustworthy. These steps will help create the trust we'll need to do this.


Most of their articles are not paywalled. And the surge in numbers doesn't come from the inherent readership, but from people sharing it around in different places.


File: 1619091839669.png (261.41 KB, 785x1000, soyjak.png)




File: 1619091874945.png (134.55 KB, 487x316, 1617389437440.png)

First off. You a hoe.

Second off, we ain't accepting shit.

Eat shit faggot. I hope you kill yourself.


>Neither myself nor any of the mods has a record of modding that's any different from before the split.
Your mods have a record of modding? Fucking news to me.


honestly, this whole newspaper stuff is making me preemptively cringe, there's no way in hell this is going to end in anything but embarrassment.


Stay confined to the hidden services (don't visit .com links or w/e on the browser)
Don't change your browser window size
Stay on "Safest" mode (albeit this breaks a few convenient features for this website, but it's not nearly as bad as it is for other sites)
Don't post in the same threads or as the same flag, trip, name, etc. as you do off of Tor (if you use both), scramble filenames before sending through Tor (you can copy a file to a temp folder, rename, send, then delete)
Don't put extra extensions on the browser
Make good use of the "new identity" function in the browser.
There you go schizo you're good. Ive heard that one vulnerability in the Tor network which glowies utilize is DDoSing any uncompromised nodes whenever they want to deanonymize people, but this is really resource-heavy for them and they basically only use it to go after high-level targets like pedo rings or terrorists etc.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


Hey Dollars, why is your portrait on the wikipedia page for 'emo'?


Yeah let's talk about bexgia…

This is so untrue and in-factual. You're transparent like water.


File: 1619092103046.png (389.35 KB, 540x810, lenin laugh.png)

Dollars, my man. I honestly am amazed that you have just been this shit at everything - you literally started with all of the advantage in the world, a pre-existing community, an already-running site, even a few dedicated mods from around the split that decided to stick to bunker for a while, basically a complete recipe for stability and growth.

And you managed to lose to a bunch of jannies that split off on their own website with no name recognition and a code base they had to build more or less from scratch, all while they had win over the community to their side from what already existed on bunkerchan.

And now, you are coming here, and asking the users and jannies to take you back?


It's an anime reference. Doesn't have anything to do with american currency.

As I mentioned, people will be sharing this article all across the internet, twitter, 4chan, fb ect. If you don't want to grow then bunkerchan will gladly take the inflow and make it into the kind of /leftypol/ we had originally.

I never actually asked for donations m8. It proved unnecessary and I did all the fixes to bunkerchan myself or out of my pocket.

And in case you forgot, I've been a poster on /leftypol/ since just a few weeks after it was founded in 2014, and irl I spend most of my free time writing theory, reading Marx, Althusser, Cockshott ect for this purpose.


>I've been told the article will portray us in a positive light.
Nah they are fucking with you. FP is a glowie outlet. Journalists pretend to be more of your friend than they really are to get you comfortable. I've seen mainstream journalists do this very frequently with reactionaries only for the resulting piece to be quite hostile.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


Bexgia has elected not to be involved in this.

>few dedicated mods from around the split that decided to stick to bunker
These were the mods that sabotaged the site.


even so, if they loose their minds about us all it does is increase our infamy


yes, clowns are indeed very scary


If nothing else it'll be kind of funny. I don't think any decisions on whether to merge should hinge on what some piece in FP is going to do or be like. Reconciliation was always the way to go regardless IMOanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


>These were the mods that sabotaged the site.
they did more for the site than most all of your nu-mods lmao


bro this is such a transparent play to worm your way back into modship that its embarrassing. Are you really THAT confident that this one article will increase your userbase to even make it half competitive with .org?

The bottom line is if you thought that was true you wouldn't need the .org users at all since apparently you're about to inherit a windfall of new users anyway.

How fucking stupid do you think we are? You are nothing but a careerist opportunist shill, go back to your bunker and stay there for all I care.

In 3 months or less you will be back to being a dead site with few, if any new users.

screencap this anons


No, the entire site is paywalled after you read one article. I've tried every article visible on the front page.


>The bottom line is if you thought that was true you wouldn't need the .org users at all since apparently you're about to inherit a windfall of new users anyway.
That was my original plan, however, I realized the maximum benefit would come from a united community. I'm more than willing to take this windfall if we can't come to an agreement.

So you can just archive it.


If your plan to grow Bunkerchan fails will you redirect the site anyway as you said before in the Bunkerchan Public matrix room?


This is my offer to redirect - I never said it would be free. I'm not going to redirect to a site controlled by ppl who can't be trusted.


what happened to your original concession where you said you'd redirect with no strings attached?


File: 1619092927532.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1611959451747.gif)

d0llars and his clique including Space_ have literally been wrong about everything, and they're still wrong now. This is like at the end of lord of the rings when Saruman shows up in the shire and tries to take shit over despite having absolutely no power left other than the power of his voice.


You seriously have a lot of Gaul coming here and talking about trust when you did absolutely nothing to get bunkerchan to where it was pre-split and everything to sit, wait, and bide your time like a snake in the grass in order to strike and achieve your ends. You did nothing for 2 years and the second you had the chance to take control your crawled out of the shadows like the fucking goblin man that are. Siding with space, a sysadmin who literally refused to so much as lift a finger to update the website, who lies and manipulates people who he has known for years and the worst part is you have the audacity to fucking call yourself communists in any way; of all people. And now, after the shoe has dropped you come her proclaiming that you are going to get a right wing rag to promote your revisionist ass form of history when you did jack shit to get bunkerchan to where it was when people like rat literally lost hours and hours of sleep over this shit only to loose it all and loose friends he had known for years. You are a horrible human being and deserve time in a gulag.

How about you go fuck yourself. I will be voting no to your gay little proposal.
At least try not to lock yourself out of your own webserver again when you close .net after this flops.


File: 1619093088692.png (17.56 KB, 442x231, dollars-reminder.png)



What's stopping us from just contacting the journalist after the publication and talking to him about the fact that the community has abandoned the site, that he made a mistake, while making him add this domain name with an edit?


literally nothing, and it's a regular occurrence for journalists to update their articles like this.

That being said I doubt the article will even have enough reach to matter either way


What the hell's your problem Coma, If you had actually talked to me about these things we probably could have worked them out. I did my job and modded the community, sorry I didn't always have time for modchat.

I fixed the website, and I put a lot of fucking work into it, you left without trying to convince me to give up or anything. Why didn't you just talk to me? I lost hours of sleep getting that shit working. I'm sorry I threw a wrench in your plans to subterfuge and shit - if you had been open about this none of it would have ever happened.


hey retard
what about >>5568


lol'd, at dollars but also at you.
>pre-existing community
being torn apart
>an already-running site
on a horrible-to-modify platform (lynxchan), so people who understand tech like me noped the fuck out on day 1
>even a few dedicated mods from around the split that decided to stick to bunker for a while
Very few, many joined to fill the void out of fear of /pol/
>basically a complete recipe for stability and growth.
It literally had an upper limit lol. The site was shit and that's a major trigger for the space_ split.

>no name recognition

'go back to leftypol'
>and a code base they had to build more or less from scratch
as a lainchan user and FOSS enthusiast, I resent that
>all while they had win over the community to their side from what already existed on bunkerchan.


Yeah, this is what this offer is, a chance to redirect the site. This is why I'm not asking leftypol.org to be shut down lol.


File: 1619093463837.mp4 (2.77 MB, 640x360, national bruh alert.mp4)

if you'll ratfuck and connive your way out of one deal, what is stopping you from doing the same now?


Look at this post and let it be remembered that the Bunker team cannot be trusted on their own words.


What about this deal:

You can redirect the site and in exchange you don't get permabanned on here kek


Anyone else find it funny that d011ars is on .org responding to people but hasn't responded to a single user's concern on his own site's thread


This is an offer you gave before your plan has even taken effect. The question is whether or not you will redirect if your plan fails. You previously said that you would, more than once.


well to be fair, what posts is there to respond to lmao


Only weirdos that were banned are still on bunker everyone, including $s and his mod team are reading and posting on org


You don't get it because you are a selfish prick who is only concerned with his immediate and myopic self interests.

>I actually did work

I looked at the logs for 2 years bro and your name never glanced my eyes now that I am thinking about it.

Infact, the only time your name came up was by other mods to remind eachother who the fuck you were when you actually did do something.

You didn't just throw a wrench in our plans you moron you fucking damaged a leftist community and fucking continued the longstanding tradition of leftypol gaining relevancy and then getting fucking kneecapped and having to start all over again. The move away from space was needed and necessary. It was a matter of "when" not "if." Space held the power; I don't even owe you an explanation. You know what you did. You destroyed a leftist community, left it in shambles, destroyed friendships, and even had people manipulated in order to achieve your ends.

As many people have pointed out here, you sir, you are the one who cannot be trusted and I do not trust you.

Don't @ me faggot.


Ok, but the plan is succeeding?


based toast


>You didn't just throw a wrench in our plans you moron you fucking damaged a leftist community
Then why didn't you talk to me honestly about that instead of trying to subvert me? that's all it would have taken to resolve this




>the plan is succeeding
I have not noticed any drastic increase in the activity of Bunkerchan. Not yet at least.


bunkerchan still at 3 pph


Yeah his retarded "plan" of raiding the community with neocons and /pol/yps hasn't even started, also did d011ars even consult the community with whether we actually wanted to ahead with the plan and have an FP hitpiece written about us.


File: 1619094722245.png (85.92 KB, 500x353, shoetaste.png)

By Allah, behave yourself. I will give you a taste of my atom bomb.


>Why didn't you just talk to me?
I've seen screencaps of a bunch of .org user coming to the bunker to try to discuss how to reunite. They all ended up banned.
Or are you trying to say that when that moron space banned all the mods, and you were put in charge and nicknamed a scab, none of the mods tried to sway you ? Because that sound very unlikely


I'm just talking about Coma here. He was still invovled in bunkerchan after the split.


Alright look, me and melon were about the only ones supporting the deal as you outlined. I will offer this as a more realistic counter-offer:
We promise to take on your staff, cause after talking to them they seem like bystanders who were caught blind. In exchange you shut down bunker and end this. We would still do the removing banner thing as well, as it was getting old anyway. It would be a sacrifice on your part, but you would have done right by those mods and right by leftypol.


ok so I'm just an anon nobody but I still want to say that d0llars taking this deal will indeed redeem him as far as I'm concerned


this, its a last ditch attempt. he's bored and wants an out. and why ask us what we think if youre just gonna tease us with an epic habbedig user boost without saying what it is?


I for one would welcome re unification


Where is theKingNoticer when you need him?


I wouldn't


Probably /monarchy/


File: 1619096685302.jpg (69.17 KB, 1366x768, 1616307242633-3.jpg)

>the deal is to have an article on FOREIGN POLICY DOT COM

while it would be objectively hilarious to see what they have to say about us they are literal fucking feds lmao how is that supposed to be a BENEFIT

please stop this gay drama and just leave dollars dead in the water, if its true he didnt help out on bunkerchan then hes probably just bored of modding in general and is trying to weasel himself into a position where he has some relevance without having a prominent role. the fact that they approached .org with this doesnt mean they changed their tune it means theyre desperate




Grudges are fucking stupid.
Stop being sectarian drama queens.
There is literally nothing to lose.marxMarx


this is an actually fair deal and if dollars wants what he says he wants he would take it


Scroll up bro, lots of people have written reasons why there is no benefit in accepting the merger no matter the outcome of dollars' shitty plan


>I've been told the article will portray us in a positive light. nazbolNazbol


One less bullshit petty drama source. More useful staff. No crabs in a bucket.

United as one, divided by zero.marxMarx


ignoring the unknown event,
>If this offer is not accepted there will not be another one.
It sounds like he's just stirring a sense of urgency to force us to productively think about his lame offer
Maybe the only way to hinder our growth is to try and collaborate with that scum


If you sincerely, truly belive those mods are non-aligned (which I productively doubt) then I'd be fine with letting their forces join ours, as long as they are kept under watch and work to babysit their own community coming over


File: 1619098272022.mp4 (7.67 MB, 1280x720, glow2.mp4)

How the fuck did d0llars even get the connections necessary to get the article written?syndicalismSyndicalism


He said his connection was Hotwheels


hotwheels likely gave him the hookup due to leftypols participation in the "get hotwheels on chapo" write-in campaign.

However what hotwheels couldn't know is that leftypol is not bunkerchan so he gave the prize to the wrong people on mistake


Literally no one wants this why are you guys trying to convince us lmao




NO. Keep them on their containment board.


>Literally no one wants this


man, you jannies really have no lives. No one cares, take this to /meta/.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Fine. ALMOST no one wants this.


if you dont care browse one of the other 350 threads my man


actually, no


Why not keep the other site up as the bunker, so befits the name? It is a place that can be used in case this site goes down. And it can disperse the force of potential raids.


So let me get this straight. You're entertaining the idea of
1. Giving mod power to the retards from the former site
2. Bringing their reactionary users here to shit the board up again
3. Doing 1 and 2 for publicity from a newspaper owned by the guys who owned WaPo and Slate??????

The fuck is wrong with you mods, this is a stupid idea.


Everyone must be tired of browsing two sites


fuck off, there's only like 2 schizos that yell at each other on bunker, what the fuck are you talking about?


yes, merge, there's no point in staying splittankieTankie


File: 1619104008540.png (103.62 KB, 1178x207, glow.png)

Assuming it was posted on 4/pol/ it's fake: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/314412488/


common anon these are journos they aren't even gonna be able to use bunkers catalog


He's gonna commit a mass shooting


>however others are staunchly opposed to the idea of a reconciliation that would bring d0llars onto the team (along with a few Bunkermods
Tell the
>muh bunker bad
zomer retard mods to fuck off, literally how hard is that?
Anyone who has been trying to demonize Bunker on the mod team and still continue to despite them offering reconciliation should be removed.
The fact that they have not shows how incompetent you all are, Why must you toe to the whim of the worst moderators constantly?anarcho-nihilismAnarcho-Nihilism


File: 1619105266919.jpg (82.11 KB, 540x324, 1619096336747.jpg)

d0llars sold out to glowies, I swear to god I will kill you if you let him anywhere near this site


that would generate more traffic than an article in a glowing shitrag


Bro, sorry all these retards will constantly attack you for providing a service to leftypol but the newspaper idea was a shit one. One off press converge rarely makes a noticeable difference to IRL groups, let alone obscure websites. Everyone will mock you for this here but literally every leftist org in the world makes the same retarded mistake again and again and again, so just ignore them tbh.

This was a bad, naive plan and you should keep running bunker btw, it was a good backup before we migrated and sorry but it makes a good meatshield against pol retards


Actually Dollars my question for you is why do you WANT to be here?

Bunkerchan was good to serve it's old purpose Since we have moved, that is to be a backup board lie before, and yet since everyone moved the mod team has taken every step available to them to disown, attack and denigrate both you, bunker and the mods there and push there naive, easily led zoomer users along with there shitty wrecker opinions. It seems strange to me that you would want to be re-intigrated with people that have been so hostile to you for no other reasons than wanting to blow the flames of petty internet drama.
So. Why?


hello caballo


Reminder the guy is a wrecker that was put in place by space_, the admin of former leftpol who deliberately refused moderation to attract unironic nazbols, to the point the original users even abandoned the place and in which spirit the wrecker keeps moderating,
who broke all board merger agreements, covered for his personal friend against the boards wishes and refused to kick him off,
a wrecker that has slandered the mods and users here, lies about the reasons of the "split", and installed further unaccountable mods, amongst them such great personalities like pyongyang, that hold the door open for incel posting and cp spam.
His intentions of this move are not hidden either
>perhaps this will work out such that bunkerchan will replace .org
That you're not just removing mods who are pushing this idea of reuniting with known wreckers shows the weakness of this site, nobody can be this stupid without bad intent.
That said, i fully expect you to follow through and open the doors for him and his clique. If leftypolacks were able to learn the place wouldn't be run as it is.


>we want to ban idpol

then why was there constant reactionary bait that went completely unchecked on bunkerchan? for a year or so a visitor could be forgiven for thinking bunkerchan was welcoming to fascists because it sure seemed like the mods treated fascists with a soft hand


This. Stupid fucking clout-chasing jannies. Let dollars keep his site, complete with reacationaries and feds.


Nice revisionism Jannie cuck. Now fuck off.


File: 1619107428018.png (16.79 KB, 510x359, ClipboardImage.png)

I am a man denied his memes


Hello fellow leftypolers it's me, epic meme flag. You all of course remember me from my many posts here. I vote yes to the merge!ndfpNDFP


looks like the response is an overwhelming FUCK NO, huh? big surprise!


>As for why I've demanded to merge the mod team, I could not in good conscious hand over the site and redirect it unless I thought the mods of leftypol.org could be trusted

This website runs better than bunkerchan ever did because of the jannies. Fuck off do11ars.lenin_capLenin Cap


I'm fine with ending the split but this article thing makes me nervous. I rather we get a shout out from a podcast or something. That has a better chance at attracting serious user. Some glow rag who at best will give us the "meet the problematic left" woke treatment and at worst "we found the Chinese cyber hackers that propagandize western youth into commusim". If this is a hotwheels hook up then what the fuck? He easily could have had the qanon anonymous podcast do a whole episode about us and have experience with image board culture.


>not specifically leftist
that's a no from me dog


All facts, stay mad bunkerfaggot.
You should go back and post there to emulate traffic, maybe bump some CP thread.


Is your memory that bad you mong?
we were all bunkerfags… god how is your zoomer brains so fucked?


bunkerchan wasn't always used, I'm a newfag and even I know this. bunker is just a spare tire.


no, after 8chn /leftypol/ fell apart with the rest of 8chn, bunkerchan was /leftypol/s primary home for a couple years.

that doesnt matter tho because the majority of the board moved here, .org has a much better claim on continuity at this point


>we were all bunkerfags
And yet some slugs prefer to remain so, and come here to moan about it! Very curious.


Okay, point to the people who didn't come back until we migrated from bunker. 'I will wait' as you faggots say.
>everyone i don't like is just one of the bunkerchan nazis
fuck off faggot.


As someone who was involved with the GETchan mod team's campaigns to increase traffic to the site during the years of stagnation, I can say increasing traffic isn't quite as easy as getting an article written. Hell, the best thing that came out of those efforts was the GETchan YouTube channel. 50k+ subscribers to that and the site itself gets barely any additional traffic from it. The layout of chans simply isn't intuitive to people who haven't used them before. People look at it, get confused, and then leave. The best we get is the occasional person who actually figured out how to make a post (complete with filling out the name, email, and subject fields, of course) and then they leave because they can't figure out how threads work. And that's of people who are already pretty online. Your chances are even lower with an actual publication. This won't lead to anything major, most likely. It's more like Bunkerchan's death rattle. The Junta needs to realise they've lost. And I think they do realise that at least to some degree, considering this offer. If they truly believed they were going to get a sudden burst of popularity, they could have just gone through with it and kicked /leftypol/ into irrelevancy. But that's not going to happen, obviously. So it's more a bluff than anything. If they really had the advantage, this offer would not be happening. I strongly encourage /leftypol/ to not give in to the demands of the Junta, they're in a bad spot right now and this bluff is their last gambit to try and remain relevant. Let them have their little article and then fade even further into irrelevancy, I can only hope one day d0llars will stop playing Juan Guaidó and realise it's over; but regardless of what happens there, /leftypol/ will continue to live on here. Best of luck, comrades.


File: 1619110242859.gif (1.01 MB, 498x381, tenor.gif)


File: 1619110359776.png (90.62 KB, 300x130, ClipboardImage.png)

Just throwing my +1 in. There's some concern about inviting back the handful of /pol/yps still lurking bunkerchan but I'm not too concerned about that, with an actual mod team to watch them they will either get contained or get out. However there is some value in presenting a unified face to the rest of the world, this constant splitting looks really terrible and makes us a joke to outsiders, so resolving at least one split would be a positive. I just don't want it enough to let currency weasel his slimy ass back into power, it's giving off vibes of wormtongue.


Bunkerchan was a temporary
just as the name says, you retarded mongoloid faggot.
The board merger agreement was as such that space_ would not be involved in /leftypol/s (and GETs) internal affairs, among other things.
He broke all agreements and removed all mods indiscrimately and installed his own clique.
/leftypol/ was never bunkerchan, it merely was hosted there for when the mods were retarded enough to keep up faith in space_s lies.
The mods are retarded, but you are even more so to lick space_s ass, faggot assmunching shiteating little cunt.


I forgot that place exists


what a retarded moron
>for no other reasons than wanting to blow the flames of petty internet drama.
you really are a stupid motherfucker


Without detail on the nature of the event in question I instinctively think we should tell them to fuck off. The risk of letting people with such dodgy judgement onto the moderation team is a massive one. Never forget that when there was even the faintest hope of their site retaining double-digit PPH they rejected and censored all talk of ending the split, suggesting only that the way to end the split was to stop posting here.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


its been revealed the "event" is an article in Foreign Policy about leftypol


wtf? absurdly based soccdem poster.


Is it even confirmed an article ABOUT leftypol? It seems just as likely to me that it could be a passing reference in an article about something else


dollars himself said it'd be specifically about leftypol and in a good light
100% I bet its going to be a hit piece though lmao


File: 1619113454430.png (609.44 KB, 607x794, ClipboardImage.png)


This thread is what mod comms are going to look like post-reunification, kek


d011ars is a stupid niggerathiesmAthiesm


>you really are a stupid motherfucker
You are free to believe that but we all know
>>for no other reasons than wanting to blow the flames of petty internet drama.
Is true.
>He broke all agreements and removed all mods indiscrimately and installed his own clique.
You people nuked the board and tried your hardest to wreck it. Do not try to take the 'moral high grund', it is sad and childish.


File: 1619114079217.png (569.8 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Bunkerchan? Never heard of it.


File: 1619114357036.png (5.73 KB, 634x108, stop.png)

The more I dwell on it the more unacceptable term 3 becomes. Take the fucking L.

We have moved on from the split. We have more unique IPs on /b/ than they have on their entire site.

I doubt this will have much long term effect. This seems more like opportunism than sustainable growth.
Ultimately "leftypol" is the brand and this site is leftypol.org, it's not going to lose out to Bunkerchan.

There is a 0% chance this site is our route to mainstream awareness. It would be a big "if" were the article to be in the New York Times, the Guardian, or whatever, but FP isn't going to lead to anything appreciable.

This seems naive. If there's an explosion of interest in /leftypol/ it won't take long for people to realise this is the real site. If we take the deal we'd be letting 3 people who've previously demonstrated highly questionable judgement (and who we know to be deeply offended by the highlighting of their failures! boy, i can't imagine that will lead to any revisionism!) take up positions of power.

dangerously based

how is it going to "show the community" anything or bring back posters who're gone? when they're gone they're gone. it's not like CNN is going to report "Bunkerchan-Leftypol split ended! Everyone go back!" to people who're no longer posting on either website.

Don't fall for FOMO, it's the oldest trick in the book.
We don't need a redirect, there wasn't a redirect last time. Just a succession of failures, background knowledge, and .gif images that hurt the admins feelings so hard they had to be banned.
Ask yourself: If this was all really going to pay off hugely, say, 100PPH, do you think d0llars would be offering a merger now or do you think he'd wait until he actually had a position of strength? If the potential gains were meaningful, why would he trade them away before they were realized?

He is selling .org a pig in a poke.

>Neither myself nor any of the mods has a record of modding that's any different from before the split.
Except, of course, banning all discussion of the split or moving it to dead boards. Get fucked.

If I might paraphrase your own moderation team: There's an easy way to end the split, stop posting on flunkerchan.

You are the only person here who cannot be trusted.

The windfall is going to be nothing but hot air, mark my words you clown.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>However what hotwheels couldn't know is that leftypol is not bunkerchan so he gave the prize to the wrong people on mistake
See here:
He gave you a signal and you missed it. Hotwheels didn't make a mistake; he sided with Space here.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


How retarded are you.
This is about bringing literal scabs into the moderation.
And wearing a marx flag on top. I swear some of you retards should be forcibly educated.


The nuking came far later, and you know it.
When you remove all mods, involved or not, from all boards and even a neighbouring community, for them simply creating a backup because you refuse to do your job on the technical end while having already broken a dozen other merger agreements, such as board creations by his personal friends, you are not in the position to bitch about retaliation.
Lying faggot bitch.


is space actually still owner of flunkerchan or did he just do the honorable thing and commit seppuku without updating his twitter account.


File: 1619116430969.png (129.23 KB, 360x450, ClipboardImage.png)

grow up you massive glowfaggot.


Yet more proof that AJAB.


Space is pretending to have given up, but he is a lying piece of shit who is holding dollars hands in all this faggotry, waiting for his moment to make another attempt at shitting up the place.
It has been his goal when administrating leftpol and when he hijacked leftypol under false pretense from naive dipshits like caballo and watermelon, who are still sucking off dollars as you can see in this thread.
Zul is just the most obvious reactionary shill who is most likely already doing it for free in service of dollars incel shed.
>i can't read
Just kill yourself. Nice avatar, faggot.


Look at those trips


How you get from "space_ is a narcissistic retard and the mods are faggots for falling for his shit repeatedly and still do it to this day" translates to taking a side here for either one.
You actually can't be this fucking retarded unless you actively try to push some shit and throw it to cover what you really try to push while having no actual target presented for you.
Telling you to kill yourself is a waste of time, you fail at the most basic shit and probably can't even tie a noose.


Bunkerfags are deeply attached to the narrative that leftypol is the product of radlib jannies wanting to destroy bunkerchan for no reason.


They will derail our high level discussions about Confucianism, going fast, and fucking each other's mothers with their constant complaints.


I'm a former janny who stopped moderating after the split.
I don't hold any grudge against d0llars nor the modteam here, even though in retrospect, the modteam was right to split, considering this place is comfier. I think the move to another backend could have been handled better, but that's beside the point, the past is the past.

I'm not against reuniting in principle, HOWEVER I think it's a terrible time to do so, because as other anons mentioned in this thread, this board will be invaded by neolib boomers and the retarded /pol/yps who are still spamming bunkerchan to this day.

I'm sorry d0llars, I don't doubt that you've tried your best to make bunkerchan a nice place to shitpost after the split, but the matter of fact is that the bunker userbase is pure cancer now, and I guess this is why you've made this proposal to being with.
Moreover, as this thread shows, you still have shit to deal with comatoast and the rest of the modteam before you can work with them in peace and harmony, as our Chinese overlords would say.

One united /leftypol/ would be pretty nice, but I'm not sure if now is the right time. Maybe give it at least a few months, and be more diplomatic this time you janny faggots.


>if we tell everyone we had good reasons enough they will believe us
lmao. never change jannies and their cheerleaders.




let us cast aside reasons, then, and look only at outcomes. which board stands strongest today?democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


what are you even talking about?
Are you one of those special people who believe our jannies are raiding your pathetic corpse of a board daily?


>There is a 0% chance this site is our route to mainstream awareness. It would be a big "if" were the article to be in the New York Times, the Guardian, or whatever, but FP isn't going to lead to anything appreciable.
I think it's still plausible that this could lead to a major influx of users, although not from the state department wannabes that read FP. Imagine a headline of Seize the Memes of Production: Meet the Internet Communists Radicalized on Leftist Politically Incorrect. It's the perfect headline to generate controversy and rise to the front page of /r/politics, /r/worldnews or similar. It'd be akin to the catgirl drama that hit the reddit front page back in 2017 that brought a ton of traffic to the site, myself included.


File: 1619118192650.jpg (37.28 KB, 550x337, 1369711977615.jpg)

d011ars went silent. Looks like deal is off. Issue is settled. 500 internal server error.giftankieTankie


Posting this image will get you locked up in Bunkerland. Really makes you think.


File: 1619118293591.png (3.81 KB, 586x161, 500 error.png)



Bro. Of course this board 'stands strongest' ???? We all migrated here.
How is that any reason to act like an actual troglodyte with your myth making 'red vs blue' football team, muh community, etc. etc. shit.
Jannies were dramafaggots. We moved for better or worse. Bunker still exists and it affects this web site in no way. Grow up.


>implying the good posters don't post on both
>implying the rest aren't just deplorables


>. It's the perfect headline to generate controversy and rise to the front page of /r/politics, /r/worldnews or similar. It'd be akin to the catgirl drama that hit the reddit front page back in 2017 that brought a ton of traffic to the site, myself included.

go back


File: 1619118734296.jpg (36.95 KB, 296x386, 1344741259094.jpg)

>implying you're a good postertankieTankie


I'm a random mod here to give my opinion and answer questions if anyone has any.

Remember we are available to be shouted at on several leftypol matrix rooms. There is now a room for direct mod feedback.

Caring so much about not caring about drama is a retarded self-own. If you don't want to participate in "drama" then simply don't. There's many other threads.
>the move to another backend could have been handled better
We didn't have the resources or the time. It had to be rushed, unfortunately.


When history is maintained simply by word of mouth, revisionism becomes absurdly easy.
What dollars did is unforgivable. The only reason anyone should have any sympathy is because of ignorance of his actions.

Please contribute to expanding the history of the second exodus of leftypol to assist in the resistance against revisionism.


File: 1619119186830-0.png (30.18 KB, 1155x309, property.png)

File: 1619119186830-1.png (41.81 KB, 1179x514, Liar.png)

The only offer I have to d0llars is for him to suck my dick. Even assuming this isn't some hit piece that is going to humiliate everyone involved, it is a Hail Mary from a desperate mod. d0llars isn't going to apologize over what happened and neither will we, so I don't see why we got to get together for a hypothetical boost in posters. It is a loveless marriage for cynical selfish reasons.


>Caring so much about not caring about drama is a retarded self-own. If you don't want to participate in "drama" then simply don't. There's many other threads.
You are not wrong tbqh, I should just minimize this post.
But why must we let this drama spill all into the board for months and months? It encourages the most toxic understandings of web forums as shown ITT. Can you not keep this to either /meta/ or Matrix?




Divorce. You divorced and took the kids, remember? Why the fuck would you remarry?tankieTankie


Take a moment to notice how every response to pointing out the shit space_ and dollar did is nothing but soyjack and accusations of "being a janny cuck", even when the post calls out the mods for being liberal retards who will never learn and without any need fall for the dumbest schemes and lies these bunkerfags can cook up. Other than screeching "revisionism" there is not even an attempt to #CorrectTheRecord, they are lazier than a fucking shillary bot campaign.
This is who watermelon, caballo and zul are getting in bed with, over the naive hope that some news article is actually going to create traffic on an imageboard. Nobody can be this delusional and if you believe them that this is what it's about then you completely lost the plotline.
It is unbelievable that this story is worth a sticky to these morons.
The agreement was for space_ to remain a host and maintaining the site, not to get involved and being in possession of the communities hosted there, GET and leftypol. This was the initial "hands off handling" he claimed for himself.
It was an agreement on their independent running of the board and resolving site wide issues on equal standing of all parties involved.
He kept none of his words, installing dollars does not make that faggot the new owner of anything but his impotent failbunker. The mods creating a backup away from space_, who again had no involvement in leftypol other than hosting it, was entirely within reason and the agreements.
There is no reason to accept dollars or any of his bootlickers here. And yet the mentioned mods will keep on providing a foothold for this wrecker cunt. Far from their first time to do so.


File: 1619119936667.png (78.93 KB, 900x900, deliver the goods.png)

Bunkerchan started with the advantage and lost it only due to comical incompetence. the success of the move validates the case put by the janitors, that if given administrative power they could deliver a much better website. they were given the power and they delivered. overboard, cytube, (you)s, post searching, moderation tools that don't crash the website, regular backups, and on, and on, and ariston.

i have no interest in myth-making or tribalism, only what works. if you want to disingenuously decry what i say, the charge of opportunism would fit far better than the charge of tribalism.
when .org first started i posted on both sites (mostly the then-faster bunkerchan) arguing for reunification, and i was decried as a bunkerchan shill on .org for saying that in the absence of reunification, dramatic action or luck, the odds were that this site would die a slow and painful death regardless of how righteous they thought their position was. the challenge facing both sites remained the same as always: deliver the goods.
when the posts were deleted (a dramatic action i entirely endorse) the situation was destabilized. with competent administration bunkerchan could probably have gotten itself back to a usable state and retained its advantageous position over .org, but as we know it didn't have competent administration and the site remained a usability mess for long enough that most users jumped ship to the site that actually worked. the site that demonstrated that it could indeed deliver the goods, the only thing that matters.
today bunker affects nothing in any way. it is irrelevant, it started with the advantage of being the incumbent website and it utterly blew it. now they have the gall to offer magic beans in exchange for a position of power they have demonstrated they are unfit to wield.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism




I broadly agree with you tbqh. My issue is this nonsense ITT of painting the jannies as some good guys out to save leftypol and bunker as the evil bad man website, at best everyone involved in this drama is a massive cunt that's far to invested in there internet petty theifdom.
It's infantile and i'm quite frankly sick and tired of the jannies trying there damn hardest to push this narrative to all of us, even though it's shit that happened 6 months ago and all this could be dealt with internally..


>i'm quite frankly sick and tired of the jannies trying there damn hardest to push this narrative to all of us
Bunkerschizo detected


>My issue is this nonsense ITT of painting the jannies as some good guys out to save leftypol and bunker as the evil bad man website, at best everyone involved in this drama is a massive cunt that's far to invested in there internet petty theifdom.
Nah, melon did nothing wrong


Positively not. After all that he has done, he should not be allowed anywhere near /leftypol/. This opportunist knows Bunkerchan is almost dead and is trying to get back in. From what I've seen of him, he's the kind of person that would collaborate with the Feds.


File: 1619121217672.png (548.79 KB, 2544x1290, ClipboardImage.png)

I seriously don't understand this weird narrative.
You simultaneously think this is irrelevant and shouldn't involve the community,
but also anything that that jannies do is bad and reprehensible.

If it's all petty drama, then why even complain? And why do you pretend this doesn't affect you personally, when it clearly does. You're posting on leftypol.org aren't you? If the mods hadn't made a huge deal out of the whole thing, people would've believed dollars lies about what had happened. There are still retards on bunkerchan spreading misinformation. And might I remind you that once dollars acquired his incel mods, any mention of the events in an unflattering manner (meaning, the simple hard truth), was banned, while retardo lies were completely allowed.

Just check out pic related. Literally nothing here is true. This is a direct result of active suppression of truth and active spreading of misinformation.

AND on top of all that, this was all done to stroke dollar's ego. Please tell me why you think it's not important for everyone to be aware of how things went down. There are retards in this thread who are okay with having dollars me a mod again, and on top of that are SMUG about their stupid uninformed opinions.


>all this could be dealt with internally..
i'm not convinced it could've been. the attitude we've seen again and again from those who stayed behind has been one of intransigence to the extent of even censoring discussion about the split.
everything may have seemed fine below the surface up until the split, but with jannies who lacked any administrative power and space_ even more do-nothing than d0llars you have to ask: what would've happened if something on a similar scale to the mass post deletion had occurred in a world where there was no split? (i.e. where the jannies compromised and accepted nothing) on a long enough timescale it's all but inevitable that something of that magnitude would happen, whether hardware failure, admin error, disgruntled mod, etc…
bunkerchan would be caught unprepared (as it was post-split) and the competent staff would be able to do nothing but watch while the incompetent ones would have the reigns, and there would be no alternative site for everyone to jump to while the main one sank.

one shouldn't sycophantically worship the jannies just because they're in a position of power, but it is worth giving them credit where what they've done has worked out and paid off for the userbase of the site in addition to saying when you think that they've got things wrong.
let's say that everyone involved is a massive cunt, and let's say that they do all regard the sites as their petty personal fiefdom: we've still gone from a petty personal fiefdom lacking in basic features and with big underlying risks of failure to a petty personal feature with those features on a far more stable footing. it would be churlish to not give some credit for that.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


good post, agreed


File: 1619122888168.png (131.31 KB, 1478x406, ClipboardImage.png)

I love how the filename is "truth.png"

You can read and contribute to the history here:


Finally a chance to post this


File: 1619123468031.png (94.02 KB, 1512x278, ClipboardImage.png)

>LMAO, they think this will be recognized as some authoritative tome in the future. When anyone that listens to them for a few posts realizes that they're super crazy malignant narcissists.
the amount of projection is insane


Damn, you just posted a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.


>no replies to uncontroversial link


File: 1619123977489.png (1.48 KB, 196x23, 7 PPH.png)

be nice, this is the fastest their board has been all year


File: 1619124281689.png (53.85 KB, 1318x216, ClipboardImage.png)

>meanwhile, in the bunkerchan discussion of the deal…


We should do this conversing with one another across two boards via screenshots gimmick more often, it's fun :)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1619124420590.png (95.72 KB, 899x504, ClipboardImage.png)

Well most of them are this schizo's ramblings (hello retard)


I literally havent thought of the bunker until now
But I really should have shitpost there at least
Oh well


Damn he stopped the live updates. Now how will bunkercels know what an active board looks like?


File: 1619124750282.png (536.96 KB, 1000x910, Space building socialism.png)

Never forget.


File: 1619124902622.png (19.76 KB, 487x132, ClipboardImage.png)

Get a load of this triggered loser lmao


These people have no sense of reality.


File: 1619125382158.png (86.35 KB, 1616x268, ClipboardImage.png)

lol, no sense of self awareness.
There is no bunkerchan. nobody can attack bunkerchan because leftypol is ALL here.
go back to leftcel


File: 1619125462709.png (100.1 KB, 2562x252, ClipboardImage.png)

thank you Mandel Peterson.
Very cool.


>Get a load of this triggered loser lmao

but you're the one furiously screencapping and posting


I'm doing it ironically kiddo


File: 1619126388282-0.png (55.64 KB, 1320x165, ClipboardImage.png)


Even tho I was completely anti-$s when the split happened, I'd like to say: just let the fucker back in. We have our constitution, our delegation of power, and so on. At worst he'll vote autistically and be downvoted for it eventually.

I have enough trust in our current system to believe that this idiot couldn't do much harm (when closely monitored), so what's the point in NOT accepting his cease-fire?

Just think about in terms of what we have to gain vs. what possible harm this faggot could do. If these possibly readmitted fags could do damage they would be purged immediately, moreover would reinforce the community in their sense of "we the good gais." Worst case scenario? They sperge out. Then what? They'll be purged.

In actual, concrete terms, what do we have to lose here? Yeah, fuck em, but still, they'll be doing the job *for free,* WHILE being under close scrutiny.

I'm calling this position of mine /PRAGMATIC-GANG/ and I uphold that we have nothing to lose. Our already established mods would be IDIOTS if we took back $s &co. and they didn't monitor them.

Let them. We are ready. Reunification under OUR terms!


File: 1619126842946-0.png (735.3 KB, 1272x480, leftypol simpsons.png)

File: 1619126842946-1.jpg (220.7 KB, 1022x749, Jannies Must Go.jpg)

>In actual, concrete terms, what do we have to lose here?
given term 3 of their merger proposal and the other ways you can track that this has been a long-standing sore point (500 error images literally being banned for example) I wouldn't put it past them to attempt to cover up that this period ever took place.

an excuse could always be found under the current constitution to quietly delete images like pic related for being "off topic" or whatever (even on a thread discussing the split, maybe because someone is interested in the history), relying on posters not being interested enough to fight about it.


They are gonna just lie through their teeth right up to the bitter end, aren't they?


File: 1619127298022.jpg (8.78 KB, 300x137, 1492639737937.jpg)

Why on earth would you want to bring in cancer with no benefit? All you would be doing is moderating other schizo mods brought on by Space instead of moderating posts?


Consensus reality is totally detached from fact on bunkerchan so who is to say what's a lie there


Speaking pragmatically how much are we actually getting? How much is the bunkerchan.xyz really worth in terms of SEO and shit? There are people still looking for it? Is it still ranking high?


We are missing out on the dozens of schizos that have posted on bunkerchan for years. DOZENS!


This. There's really no benefit to letting them onto the mod team. In fact, would be a net loss more than anything. As of right now, the userbase is all here and Bunkerchan remains a containment board for a select few people we shouldn't want here anyways. I see that as a good thing. There's no "split" to be mended, the userbase has migrated and the Junta has lost. Adding known wreckers to the mod team will only cause more problems. They can keep up the act all they want, but the people have spoken and have made their choice.


Nobody has ever been banned for using the word "fag".
You know exactly what he really means by "tiny quantities of right-wing idpol" when he covers it up with this bullshit.
Caballo really has a thing for hugging it out with seething incels. He should be send back to his friends back on bunker instead of having those here.


File: 1619128753564-0.png (60.44 KB, 200x195, 1612401258729.png)

File: 1619128753564-2.png (211.52 KB, 640x480, cmm-21.png)

>allowing greater quantities of radlib idpol like posting femboys


File: 1619128955394.png (46.13 KB, 1318x183, ClipboardImage.png)

I am beginning to unironically think bunkerchan should redirect to an internet benzo and lithium pharmacy


File: 1619128988583.jpg (34.86 KB, 279x580, 1617903289736.jpg)


File: 1619129130831.png (212.89 KB, 1450x531, mandel.png)


>wanting to bring in not only people from bunkerchan but also their retarded mods while also a theoretical flock of newbies that will most probably be neocon boomers
Our staff is filled with either masochists or idiots.


>tighten moderation standards
That's Watermelonese for deleting several thousand posts without reading any of them.
Have there ever been Google ads on Bunker at any point?


File: 1619130120171.png (296.77 KB, 450x441, 97a.png)



You know, I understood the entire split/janny situation the second I was told that Space_ was the guy that created /leftpol/. Who the fuck did we leave behind in the bunker? Who are these people? I don't think I'm asking everyone here to be part of Old BO's NKVD, but what the fuck.tankieTankie


he was the only person who could fix the various bugs and quality of life improvements, and he never did
basically just gookmoot but less than 1% effort


I'm talking about the posters, not Space_, ya ding-dong.tankieTankie



Hey d0llars was right after all, the PPH of Bunkerchan was about to explode. 36! 36 PPH!
Granted most of it is from .org and not from Foreign Policy magazine, but what can you do?


>he was the only person who could fix the various bugs and quality of life improvements, and he never did
>basically just gookmoot
I don't think Hiroyuki can program, like 2ch was in danger of shutting down in early 2000s because of how shitty his code was until the UNIX board optimized it.


File: 1619131527237.png (43.86 KB, 2294x150, ClipboardImage.png)

I was eating, asshole.


I don't think Bunkerchan users realize that not everyone is a terminally online Nazbol LARPer like them and that most people actually have lives outside of the internet.


They stopped saying funny schizo shit and started whinging like babies, shockingly not as interesting.


File: 1619131696467.png (98.39 KB, 1724x272, ClipboardImage.png)

christposter was so triggered by me looking for nazi nudes that he took a screenshot months ago, saved it on his hard drive, and posted it to prove the degeneracy of .ogre, on the incebunker.net….. you stray farther and farther from God's light.


Also very important comma there.


File: 1619131960664.jpg (142.71 KB, 905x1338, cat.jpg)

I enjoy the reflected image.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1619132639710.png (26.78 KB, 1058x160, improvement.png)

Mods you better fucking not be preparing to sell us out on d0llars terms.


d0llars is doing Q&A on flunker, go tell him what you think of his merger proposals.


FOREIGN POLICY?????!!!! One of the most important publications on international politics?! This is insane if this is true!


Can't, not downloading that PoW captcha shit


He's good at productively selling others out on his site being better than it actually is
Just remember their user force numbers about 5-15 PPH


Tell christcuck there that USSR was also ill-gotten.


The USSR was the last based nation until the corpocaust


didn't read past that


File: 1619135911801-0.png (20.97 KB, 897x112, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1619135911801-1.png (22.39 KB, 1323x111, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this true?


We got 10k posts off of being the more productive and objectively better site, the notion that space forced this site into life is as retarded as it gets


not true. we scraped the site.


File: 1619136631435.png (65.97 KB, 2116x208, ClipboardImage.png)

why the lies?????


Thank you very official moderator


uwu I'm lazy. just believe me lol. their backups were months old. ours were much more recent.


I will get schizo'd at for writing it myself if a mod doesn't post it


we had trouble scraping certain threads because of our shitty software, but one of our mods wrote a nice scraper and we used that. we also tested it before. there are archives like b_leftypol and b_tech etc from where we were testing the scraper.


I back up what they're saying but am also too lazy to log in. Not even sure a database would help when we are using different board software


>Not even sure a database would help when we are using different board software
oh yeah that too. One is a non-sql database and the other is a sql database. completely incompatible.


>non-sql database
Please tell me they aren't using flat files.


File: 1619137840791.jpeg (24.13 KB, 480x360, ibuhybub.jpeg)

No. You don't even need access to the database to rebuild threads. You just have to crawl the website. The information is publicly available, ffs, lol. It's not hard at all. Dude has no idea what he is talking about.


File: 1619137845757-0.png (97.62 KB, 908x581, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1619137845757-1.png (96.75 KB, 1179x525, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1619137845757-2.png (44.97 KB, 1080x281, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this what getting into QAnon feels like? Am I getting second hand schizophrenia?


File: 1619137904597.png (36.23 KB, 1320x181, ClipboardImage.png)



our mods already said they'll never get admin status, so…

the "benefit" is ending the "split"


>I'm doing this because there will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition.
<I will redirect bunkerchan.net to leftypol .org and announce the merger on the declasscucking memes fb page if the following conditions are met:
Is that it?


When the fuck was that site infested with so much schizos?syndicalismSyndicalism


File: 1619139547833.jpg (85.95 KB, 244x260, 98h9h978h.jpg)

Truth be told it was owned by them: Not the mods here, but, the ones prior, excuding coma, clearly; Pyongyang, for example, space himself. Skitzos from hell and back and historically pyongyang stoked this type of paranoia.


Do we really want these people here lol


When you put it in context, a loud minority. At anyrate we can just supress them if we have to.



They're perfectly fine being suppressed where they are though.
Yeah it was teeming with schizos when we moved over from 8ch. I'm happy it seems most of them have stayed there or just left both sites entirely.


no, it was mongo.


lmao they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about


d0llars should claim that bunkerchan is the new home of Q and start posting as Q to drive traffic. they can study past Q posts and write in their style.

the glowing shitrag can then write about this and boost traffic to d0llars' site. After all, it is their connections so they should get the gains from it.

Q has realized tthat the perspective of dialectical materialism is correct and that the cabal of pedophiles depends on capitalism in order to harvest adenochrome

the two sites should remain separate.


File: 1619141206016.mp4 (1.44 MB, 800x450, maniacal_laughter.mp4)


their minds literally can't comprehend the tech skills of the jannies


File: 1619143620883.png (2.64 MB, 2000x2000, Lmaoas.png)

Very good.


i was pretty active in the old 8chan days and left when there was a split. you people that run this site literally need to touch grass and talk to people outside, maybe even sniff some cooch, i mean it. Drama is the single most pathetic thing you can spend your life in, and thats saying something as someone that likes using imageboards for their annonymity. this is the only space where i can discuss these things outside of a tight-knit community where i live, dont fuck it up


I can't help but feel bothered about this whole split thing and even the reconciliation being about who's modding who.

Demod everyone and recruit again. Year Zero.


If you want to dig up that old drama, there was no split, only a purge of retards cheering for Syria to suffer the same fate as Iraq. kystankieTankie


go drink diharrea


>"don't start drama"
>proceeds to start drama


two pints of liquid shit for you


I'm doing chill tbh.


>you people that run this site literally need to touch grass and talk to people outside, maybe even sniff some cooch
excuse me sir, we have a constitution to write


t. literal boomer who probably watches cable tv for his entertainment.


>pretending most channers arent terminally online neets/homebodies

you're really in the wrong place bro


File: 1619146350677.jpg (84.99 KB, 640x480, 1618848696188.jpg)

We could strive to do better, you know.


What show is this?


File: 1619146527237.jpg (155.03 KB, 334x334, 1521653871854.jpg)

>poor, poor retard




Yeah, Bunkerchan could be the new Qanon hotspot.


the source is Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
This scene is basically BTFOing class collaboration. The character getting rekt here was going along with the parasitic rulers thinking moderation and supplication would be best for the underclass and is learning the hard way how that goes.




Yeah Neftlix is absolute dogshit when it comes to marketing their original content.


Reminder that this remains the only good take about the split. The mods do a better job now about consulting the users and being transparent, but the initial reason for the split back then was that none of the staff consulted the users about what was occurring behind closed doors and treated the board like it was "them" instead of "us".


IMO, that take misses the forest for the trees. And your take doesn't really reflect at least what I thought at the time. The modocracy represented for the first time a leftypol that wasn't "ruled" by a single person. We had our issues with space (the pyongyang incident), but he was mostly absent. When dollars became the owner of leftypol, I saw that a step backwards. Besides, dollars wasn't really an active mod. In fact, he went missing for months at a time.

The migration for me was obvious because the people who were putting the effort and the actual painful work of cleaning up the site (remember we had a shit ton of spam, the great poljack wars, thai government DDOS, technical problems exacerbated by space, etc.). The choice between a leftypol governed with internal democracy with a large team, and a dedicated team that lost sleep to keep the site running and clean, that were putting proposals forward regarding user feedback (matrix rooms, publishing voting, making new boards, making the /gulag/ board, the constitution, etc), basically that actually gave a shit, vs the mod that was absent for months and suddenly took over the site with the express intent of establishing his style of moderation, with very little experience in modding for the past couple of years, with little coding experience, with very few old mods backing him up, etc.

First of all, we were somewhat prepared for a migration, and as long as ALL mods agreed, space would have been forced to yield because he is online like 1 day a month, so moderating the site would not be feasible. We would migrate and be done with it. The problem was that dollars was given the site and the split was created. We tried to reason with him, but he was steadfast in his desire to rule leftypol as his personal fiefdom.

This is where we had to choose between letting the leftypol community be split, where a large portion was in the hands of dollars, and hope that his little experience moderating was enough and his personal politics were compatible with the rest of the board, or ending the split. As "stewards" of the community it was basically our responsibility to use the powers we had to end the split and finalize the migration. And that's what we did. There was no way to ask the community if they agreed to these conditions, because if we revealed it, that would mean dollars would've found out and we would lose the ability to do it. And because we had a mole on our team, a very small group conspired to do it behind the entire mod teams back, hoping only that history would absolve them.

Personally, I think that lamenting posts that were deleted is missing the forest for the trees. Threads get cycled every few days, and our posts basically get recycled. The actions taken that day were extremely important to end the migration and unify the community. I think comrades should be ready to sacrifice their shitposts for the greater good of unifying the community. It's a small price to pay.

So in conclusion, it wasn't an "us mod team" vs an "us community", it was an "us community, except you're in the position to actually do something about it, will you take up this task or cross your arms?". And to be clear, when this happened, I was on a month long break and was thinking of never ending the break and quitting modding for good. It was cut short because of the split bullshit. Never an "us mod team" always a "us community and how can I make it a place people enjoy posting, including myself" which is why I became a mod in the first place.

tl;dr, don't fall for this anti-social anti-janny bullshit. At least not all jannies are in it for clout, or in it for power or whatever. Some of us are there because we like the community and we want to see it continue and flourish. We're not political geniuses, we're just jackoffs like any other here.


Assuming that posters would just be okay with having their "shitposts" deleted for the sake of some moderator politicking, even if one is to agree with the Long March away from Bunker, is somewhat presumptuous of the moderators however, and to do so without first copying the newer threads or some similar action was a mistake.


the virgin currency cuck vs the chad gun


As an oldfag who initially sided with Bunkerchan, I grew more and more disappointed with them until I quit the site for good a few months ago. Space did to Bunkerchan the same shit he did to /leftpol/ (I actually wouldn't have supported him if I had known it was the same person). Whoever he left in charge apparently didn't learn anything, because there was a clear influx of /pol/ and liberal retardation and low effort threads on Bunkerchan that mods ignored as the board started bleeding users. This site, in comparison, is more clean and stable and moderation is more responsive. I also enjoyed that mods here have responded to my requests, like the request to enable a search function, or that they added my old banners to the board.


File: 1619160742517.png (208.1 KB, 419x424, threeletteragent.png)

>Foreign Policy
>The glowie's favorite soapbox controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations


>The glowie's favorite soapbox controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations
You're thinking of Foreign Affairs. FA authors actively set the agenda for imperialist strategy, FP authors wish they could.


I haven't read any of this thread, but having to check two websites is annoying, so I'm in favor of unification.4th_international4th International


Can someone actually do the translation properly?


Oh also, I think concerns about overgrowth are unwarranted. That's a problem for sites like Reddit, where there are a bunch of normies and politically illiterate hipsters, but imageboards generally attract the terminally online and the terminally online tend to be (relatively) politically advanced.4th_international4th International




>>5752democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>no idea what's going on
>hear my opinion on it



Most issues resemble other issues. If you can't get a general idea of where you stand on a topic just based off its similarity to another topics that you already have a stand on, you might be retarded.4th_international4th International


>imageboards generally attract the terminally online and the terminally online tend to be (relatively) politically advanced.
lol no


It's VERY relative. Most people, in general, aren't politically advanced in the slightest because most people, in general, have the class consciousness of a turnip.4th_international4th International


then why say that in the first place when imageboards are filled with retards especially when it comes to politics


>generalizing on an issue you have not read up on
you're not the one to lecture people on what retarded is other than being an example of it


nu-Ultra with the worst take again


>lol no
My thoughts exactly upon reading that idealist drivel


this nigger clearly hasn't gotten into voice chat


File: 1619181037204.png (1.14 MB, 1246x924, fp.png)

can't wait for the article. it's gonna be a puff piece, I'm sure.


what does it say?



Lol, can't we Jacobin to write an article on us, they get like 3 million visitors a month.


Something with the title like…..
"Meet the communist cousin of /pol/"
that'll attract users far more efficiently than any hitpieces in a glowie rag.


>Adding known wreckers to the mod team


Google Translate says:
>The picture is so beautiful I dare not look at it


being mentioned in glowing jacobin would be better since it is a left wing audience. but glowing jacobin is designed to restrict the left-curious to safe and harmless ideas




>thinks generalization is somehow a bad thing
Ah, so you’re confirming your retardation then4th_international4th International


>idealist drivel
Confirmed having no idea what the word idealist means but using it as an insult anyway because that’s what all the other cool hipsters do4th_international4th International



I mean, it seems accurate to call that idealist to me.


Holy shit, please no. Foreign Policy is the absolute pinnacle of glowniggery. Let bunker claim all the military intelligence personnel that read that paper, we don't need or want them.brocialismBrocialism


I want them though. If we convince them that marxism is the future we'll have infiltrated the military


Saying “people who use imageboards generally have different personality traits than people who use Reddit” is only idealist if you think people literally don’t have personalities, i.e., the most mechanical of mechanical materialism possible4th_international4th International


This sounds idealist because it sounds like you are ignorant, or, not taking into account the materiel and historical conditions of these sites respectively.


File: 1619203712399.png (28.13 KB, 899x159, call me maybe.png)

Say what you will about Bunkerchan, they do seem to occasionally read a fucking book…


File: 1619205369457.png (634 B, 45x74, 121 PPH.png)

leftypol bros… it's over…
Bunkerchan won…
actually we've got 129, so we still win despite not having the help of the Herman Melville appreciation society to boost our numbers…


>Currency getting an #ad for bunkerchan pinned on org's frontpage by the mod team itself

All of you were played like a fiddle, congrats


This would actually be a pretty clever idea if their site had anything going for it. (features we don't have or such.)

If that was the idea this time it was too clever by half.


>Hello everyone, we have indeed received an offer from d0llars about ending the split, in accordance with what he has laid out on Bunkerchan. Some of us mods are taking the offer seriously and think there is potential merit in it, however others are staunchly opposed to the idea of a reconciliation that would bring d0llars onto the team (along with a few Bunkermods). They have agreed to follow our constitution and to abstain from all voting for two months if they were to join, in return they would redirect Bunkerchan.net and Bunkerchan.xyz to leftypol.org.

As a former mod, take my words:
Force d0llars to commit not violating and place the term agreements. Jesus, if I could spend time designing an Ethereum smart contract in its blockchain locked with a timer so any agreement should be placed under the agreement, or else the blockchain releases powers to the affected part, I'd do it just to force d0llars to be committed.

He sent a spy just to know what the mods were doing, and the team was just mad that he wasn't committed at all, and decided to split before having all the mods against him.


>He sent a spy just to know what the mods were doing, and the team was just mad that he wasn't committed at all, and decided to split before having all the mods against him.
(wut to the rest of your post too but this is what is most relevant)


Of course, it's the christcuck lying so blatantly, lmao.


My intuition says go for it for what it's worth but see if you can avoid removing the banners that dollars wants removed simply because these are meme recordings of board history that should be kept, the other conditions are fine imho

Having a backup bunker board good to go in case just as bunkerchan was for 8/leftypol/ and leftypol.org was for bunkerchan would also be handyaccelerationAcceleration


He did that. There wasn't any "confidential agreement" about what we should or shouldn't be exposing to the public eye, but yeah, I was watching the evolution of things and that was what happened. I am just telling you what happened.


I agree with this. I am in.
Just force d0llar to be committed or you are going to be betrayed again, you morons.


Can I get some sort of timetable of what you're talking about? I don't really get when or what we're talking about


Could you clarify what you said?
Sent a spy to the /leftypol/ chat? Who was the one who leaked the plans to space?



That happened just weeks prior the split, mods main mods were mad about the constant failures from d0llars to meet the agreements. Also, what happened months after that about a rogue jannie that also d0llar gave the supermod option to that rogue jannie after a major effort to contain the rogue jannie, the rogue jannie even created a parallel site with the avail of d0llars; with all that happening the guys were uptight and tired and wanted to take a proactive stance: Or you comply or we take actions (namely massive quit, pack and leave, protest, etc). So he sent someone before the mods were organizing that and when the point reached an organizational level and was close to be presented to d0llar he took out all the credentials.


I am still in a state of wut


Well, yeah, I was a newcomer mod, I was also in the state of wut by the time.


>As a former mod, take my words:
>abfkahsfkjhsdxethereum smart contract in its blockchainajfasjdfhjsdgdgd
What does it feel like to be more insane than Leninhat?


And what was the name of these rouge/spy mods?


I had to work harder so I never knew who was the spy, I am not sure if it was discovered who was. I don't remember the rogue mod. I remember he was national Juche if I can recall , tho.


I am actually getting more confused the more you try to explain.


Go to your chat logs and share screenshots or at least share more context.


>It's supposed to drop in two days



Good news, then. Ending the split is splendid. Sectarianism is a curse after all.


I agree.
I am sorry, I won't exhibit the chats that I was in. I am telling the part of the private stories that were made partially public story that was lost through the public posts, now erased, but there is some other information that is more sensible in those chats. I can't do that.

I think that there is a place where all that stuff was registered, like knowyourmeme if I can recall lel


There are some threads on meta about it, it was used as an archive board early on.

Or search "split" on the booru




Ah, some lagunas are clear now.


Afaik there was someone who leaked shit to space. I don't know if the mods ever found out who it was. That's my question.

And who built a site besides the back up board and the new bunkerchan? And who was the spy?

If this information is public I have not seen it published anywhere and I followed this shit pretty closely.


so where's the article?


dollars says it’s soon, any time between right now and next week. It’s up to the editors over there, he says.

Other stuff is happening that I can’t put out in public right now though for ending the split.


You best not end the split, nobody wants that shit. Not even the bunker schizos.



yeah but itll be funny laughing at you allgroucho_marxismGroucho Marxism


>any time between right now and next week
lol and the lies never end. oh wait, it's not lies, we're just a bunch of retards for not assuming "in two days" means "in two to nine days", right?


God! Just give it up, I doubt that an article is even going to be written.


File: 1619252634034.png (986.98 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

hmmm… this type of chained postponing almost reminds me of something… or someone…


space_ and d0llars are the same person

There I said it


>Other stuff is happening that I can’t put out in public right now though for ending the split.
Why, and with what reference to the userbase?
The Bunkerchan userbase appear to be almost universally against and opinion in this thread is at least split
So while obviously you can't say the specific reasons in public, I would hope you can say how the desires of the userbase of both sites are being taken into consideration, given that "make d0llars a mod and push Bunkerchan users to post on leftypol.org" is something that would please nobody.




Their writing style is different


>dollars says it’s soon, any time between right now and next week.nazbolNazbol


What if they are also Q?




File: 1619269426623.png (689.41 KB, 1368x1041, Event.png)

democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1619270182300.png (227.8 KB, 520x528, CeauSUScu.png)


so like
is the site gonna die because hte mods are gonna bring back some actual wreckers and its gonna get flooded by glowie pieces of shit from a magazine artilce?


i doubt the mods are gonna bring dollars back, the most likely scenario is that the article is a nothingburger so the jannies do nothing and let bunkerchan die on its own like we've been doing


Imagine being called baizuo by a maga boomer… the future is now.




seconding this
it's uncomfortable being kept in the dark about what's happening. the more time goes on the more i worry that mods are going to tie up a merger behind closed doors on terms that i and other anons would find unacceptable.



That guy sounds like an unproductive nameflagging force


is that even a proper mod account? it looks like he just types "Mod" into the namefield, don't mod flairs typically show up as red?


Good if true
>B-but the userbases dont want it
Fuck this sectarian bs. Ending petty drama is the sort of maturity Che and the retards that ran revleft into the ground should have hadpiratePirate


File: 1619298302988.png (62.52 KB, 1511x230, let 1000 flowers wilt.png)

>decide to go check the bunkercuck thread about the offer
<lots of posts have broken links to other now-deleted posts
>decide to check the public logs
<dollars is deleting all comments speaking ill about him

lmao, how low can they get? they are ruled by a fucking petty tyrant retard.ddrDDR


It was a migration, not a split. We have 500 daily IPs. Why don't they just come over and be done with it.
Sectarianism implies they aren't allowed to post. It's an anonymous imageboard.


No. The wreckers will bail to /leftcel/, and probably get banned if they don't.


It's not sectarianism to want to keep d0llars as far away from power as possible.
(And while that still leaves open merger agreements that have him resign, our experience so far suggests that such a magnanimous gesture on his part is the only thing less probable than an article in Foreign Policy being the thing to kickstart a /leftypol/ revival.)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>It was a migration
Why did that migration take so long then? Don't you think a sensible explanation is that a significant number of people drained from Bunker are gone for good now and a significant number of posters here are new to /leftypol/?


Then why are they still butthurt over effortposts (that they were totally gonna read) got deleted?
There are bigger issues plaguing the site, aka, the reason why the split happened in the first place.


There's no way to know. But if the mods take in a mod that literally killed at least half of the population of leftypol by betraying the mods and saying it was "for the good of the community" is 100% retarded and I really hope mods don't do this.

If dollars gave ANY shits and seriously wanted to do something that "is good for the community", he would have made the redirect months ago. Every second the redirect is not set up is a second that dollars is betraying the community.

It's like when your partner beats you up and says its for your good. It would be peak stockholm syndrome to bring dollars back on the mod team.

Che's damage to the community doesn't even COME CLOSE to what dollars did.
Let that fucking sink in. In fact let me rephrase it so that it sticks.

The damage Che did to the community is NOTHING compared to the irreparable damage that Dollars has done and CONTINUES to do, to the community.


>Then why are they still butthurt over effortposts (that they were totally gonna read) got deleted?
How is this an argument against the hypothesis in the post you reply to?


lol I didn't read the chain


>significant number of people drained from Bunker are gone for good now and a significant number of posters here are new to /leftypol/?

while its possible there is enough oldfags from as far back as 8chan even for there to be fairly vivid memories of our past, its not a stretch to say a lot of bunkerchan people are still around then. sure, there are a good deal of newfags, but we'd always get newfags in a period of growth and stability.ddrDDR


>Why did that migration take so long then?
Did it really? In an acrimonious split such as this having this site 70-80% of the way back to where we were before after 1-2 months seems like pretty good going. (I'm happy to be corrected on precise dates and rates here.)
Did we probably bleed some users? Yes. Did we probably take up some new users? A few, perhaps, but I don't think we got any significant numbers. Unless I've completely misunderstood the Infrared thing I can't imagine many obvious sources of large numbers of new users.
But any users we've lost and who now post on neither board are gone. If you want them back you'd be better posting on 4chan to remind them that /leftypol/ exists than you would unifying Bunkerchan (which they don't use) with Leftypol.org (which they don't use)

There seems to be a sort of magical thinking that seems to go around the idea of reunifying - "If we only reunify, the people will come back!" - of a style that seems to subconsciously imagine that there's a sort of "media coverage" of the stuff going on, such as reunification. The imaigned scenario is something like: "People who post on 4chan who once used Bunkerchan/Leftypol but left will see the reunification and come back." But in reality there is little to no such media coverage. People will only know these things if you tell them about it, and few people are going to be posting in random 4chan /co/ threads going "Wow, so glad the /leftypol/ split is over and the two sites have reunited!", so little to no such coverage of these events. Posters who left during the split are gone - you can reunify the sites, but you can't undo the split. If you want people to remember this site exists then you don't need reunification to remind them, and the act of reunification itself won't remind them. If you want users, new or old, tell them we exist! Tell people making good posts on relevant subjects to go to /leftypol/, talk about the existence of /leftypol/, etc! There's no "media" out there who're going to advertise on our behalf, unless /pol/ is inordinately fond of Foreign Policy magazine.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1619303358110.png (161.54 KB, 1523x728, bunkerchan bans.png)

>this is what Bunkerchan considers to be "trolling"






>people actually post on the chan with fucking caballo leading it
Lmao imagine having a furfag as your leader


>Che's damage to the community doesn't even COME CLOSE to what dollars did.
That is not exactly true. Split has cost about 300 users. Che's austism cost about 3,000


Stay mad bunkercuck


>imagine being sex negative
problematic comment


File: 1619313017485.jpg (139.87 KB, 1280x960, furfags.jpg)

>Stay mad bunkercuck


What about bexgia? Doesn't both team have their share of autismos?


>comparable to caballo the IDpol/furfag king
Toppest of keks


Incels are peak idpol


Bexgia we know it's you.


Bexgina? The men's rights activist who can figure out how to log out of his mod account?


Yeah the incel mod. Search him up on thr booru lel


At least our resident furry can run a website.


File: 1619315125480.jpg (562.73 KB, 1280x914, leftypol org meetup.jpg)

>Incels are peak idpol
>Bexgia we know it's you.


File: 1619319562234.jpg (15.02 KB, 474x316, bunkerchan net meetup.jpg)



File: 1619323900176.gif (596.14 KB, 618x648, furryious.gif)

Ah yes, the fascist who got banned for promoting furry killings on the internet.
Based Caballo for killing cancer.
I still have that gif from the day.
Also, he's not the only leader lmao


File: 1619324003448.jpg (30.2 KB, 600x413, do-you-guys.jpg)

Other threads:
>are you getting modered?.jpg


>leading it
He's just one of the many mods.
I invite you to lurk around the site and find all those furfags that supposedly make up the entirety of our userbase. I mean, at least we have a userbase, so you won't feel lonely anymore.
Many furries are good at tech stuff all things considered.


File: 1619325835995.png (634.25 KB, 500x740, furrypol banner.png)

>Based Caballo for killing cancer.
furrypol.org I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.


File: 1619327869576.gif (227.35 KB, 200x140, faggotcope.gif)


Even the Neko pet reveals part of the movement nature.


File: 1619328137012.png (651.61 KB, 620x675, u7utyfvu8ii99oh98u.png)

Saging in a sticky


great thread everyone


ay lmao
That speech was so cringeworthy.


File: 1619337385238.jpg (23.26 KB, 377x264, 1483656807433.jpg)

Obviously furrypol doesnt care that their furry leader is one of their own.


File: 1619337620088.jpeg (461.36 KB, 1063x1363, wefwefewrf.jpeg)


You do realize that it doesn't even need to be someone from bunker at this point?
Leave it alone replying himself and being mad because someone was banned for genocide apologist.


File: 1619339333115.png (1.12 MB, 1280x731, current leftypol.png)

Never was a fan of bexgia incel rants, but the first half of what he says is true even if IDpol radfems screech against it. Anyone who thinks women are "oppressed" is completely delusion at this point. Still I would rather read 100 of bexgia's sperg posts than have the king of IDpol caballo who is not only a disgusting furfag, but a power tripping furfag who bans people who disagree with him. The strangest thing to me is back when I was active on bunkerchan months ago (pre split) is that you wouldn't be able to scrounge up a single person to defend Caballo, yet on furrypol.org there seems to be endless simps ready to ride his cock into yiff heaven kek.


File: 1619339490882.jpeg (29.88 KB, 474x441, rgergerggrge.jpeg)

>Never was a fan of bexgia incel rants, but the first half of what he says is true even if IDpol radfems screech against it. Anyone who thinks women are "oppressed" is completely delusion at this point. Still I would rather read 100 of bexgia's sperg posts than have the king of IDpol caballo who is not only a disgusting furfag, but a power tripping furfag who bans people who disagree with him. The strangest thing to me is back when I was active on bunkerchan months ago (pre split) is that you wouldn't be able to scrounge up a single person to defend Caballo, yet on furrypol.org there seems to be endless simps ready to ride his



File: 1619340354842.jpeg (34.76 KB, 474x447, fgdgdfgd.jpeg)



caballo is a massive faggot
but being a furry or whatever other retarded shit a bunkerpolack things is an epic own is none of the reasons
he licks your guys ass like it's sugar coated donuts, sticking his tongue deep in the hole
and he loves it when you talk shit like this
for that reason he should move back to bunker and join you faggots



The only thing caballo loves is power tripping as a moderator since IRL he is a disgusting furfag loser, which lines up perfectly with this split, poor furfag wanted more internet janny power.


yeah yeah keep talking yourself into your delusions
he, the nigger watermelon and the nazbol zul are the only ones who want your kind even here
throughout the thread he does nothing but shill for "ending the split"
when in fact there is no such thing, it's just you faggots being a tick more retarded and less moderated with lack of competence in maintaining the site
it's hilarious how you dumb cunt attack one of the few faggots who actually do everything to drop on their knees and suck you off


>implying I want this split to end
Caballo wants to end the split so he can lord over more people on the internet since he is a impotent power hungry furfag. It's actually hilarious that somehow we went from 99% of leftypol users hating our clique moderation team, the same moderators who would hide away from the user in hidden chat rooms while refusing to ever be accountable, to now having the worst most cancer mod of all being the ring leader of the new site. Hilarious honestly, but also pathetic at the same time.


caballo and your retard dollars want to end it you fucking mong, caballo is just a small little retard, he is just the cocksock of watermelon and dollars


the confused shit you talk just looks like you are caballo shitposting as a troll to make himself look better, fuck off retard


dollars is an impotent and useless nigger who gave up, but he isn't a power tripping and backstabbing nigger like Caballo so he has more of my respect.

Take your meds instead of the mod semen you keep guzzling down with joy.


>It's actually hilarious that somehow we went from 99% of leftypol users hating our clique moderation team, the same moderators who would hide away from the user in hidden chat rooms while refusing to ever be accountable, to now having the worst most cancer mod of all being the ring leader of the new site.
I wonder why people would have a change of heart about an unaccountable mod team just because that mod team has taken continuous steps to become more accountable, including a publicly accessible moderator chat and consultation threads on most major discussions on the site.

You seethe about being moderated by a furry (A furry who, ironically enough, hasn't revived the furry thread on /hobby/, which is the only thread more alive on Bunkerchan than here) while joyfully throwing yourself into the arms of a traitor and an imbecile who censor actual discussion and criticisms of their actions. The only thing that could possibly give you the slightest credibility is if the mods let your preferred clique join them in a merger.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Do is it going to happen or not?


And is the article coming or what now?


It's probably a Scam, at this point it would be better if we contacted Jacobin to write the article on us. Jacobin is Socdemish but it would work better then this rubbish.



Do it on Monthly Review.


Yeah, surely the post rate differences between leftypol and bunkerchan shows who betrays who.


Nice selfies.


We should deff do this




The site would get 404'd


>he isn't a power tripping and backstabbing nigger
how fucking retarded are you? hilarious. Crawl back to your shithole and stay there you moron


I personally have nothing against furryy's they're all very good people.
Jacobin would be the best option as compared to FA since they get like 3 million visitors a month and they are Socdems who can be radicalised.


Hating on furries is just an old meme which vestiges pop up every now and then. The out rage Bexgia has for furries is no longer relevant. That's why he has to resort to slander. This is the same under handed shit we saw durring the pyongyang happening that had the board going full on skitzo.


Oh no, where-ever would we be without childishly edgy posters making off topic and barely-on-topic rants about fandoms?

Boy, it sure is good that on Bunkerchan I'm free to randomly talk about wanting to execute everyone who plays Yu-Gi-Oh! competitively with a big axe because they're all worse than Hitler… In the Cybersocialism thread.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


I had a chuckle reading the last two lines.
>Jacobin would be the best option as compared to FA since they get like 3 million visitors a month and they are Socdems who can be radicalized.
Exactly my point: If we get a chunk of those 3 million visits, the CIA would sound the alarms, and 404 Leftypol: We are too radicalized to influence that group. I am not saying it mustn't be done, tho. Would worth the try.


File: 1619371788021.png (59.45 KB, 1324x456, demands.png)

zero evidence this is legit but if it is then: these terms are shit and shouldn't be accepted.
d0llars and Bexgia should never have any position on .org under any circumstances and the "anti-bunkerchan" banners shouldn't be removed. they are a part of our history and anyone worth listening to would be able to have a laugh about it when burying the hatchet. neither is worth the tiny gains that come from reunification.

furthermore, any merger agreement that was accepted without first letting the userbase discuss whether they accept the terms which have been negotiated would completely fly in the face of the idea of any notion of democratic accountability.


Yeah it sounds too retarded to be true.
I'm not going to trust any posts by Anons about any deal terms, only gonna trust official mod posts


I agree we shouldn't give mod status to dollars and crew. However I'm ready to end the split and the banners should be retired. Maybe we need a leftypol history page or something. One anon pointed out we lost a lot of anons from 8chan and even more so during the /lit/ days. Might be a good idea to Catalog the history of the site and community regardless. I doubt this will be the last split abd reunification.


You are a socdem your opinions don't matter


This sounds like a good idea


File: 1619399351712-1.png (567.65 KB, 1480x1727, erwer2342343242309483.png)



mucho texto


first picture is 100% unfactual. Ask you mods, retards. And post results. If bexnigga is lying about that shit, I would really like to see it.


File: 1619399764709-0.png (461.15 KB, 1561x1630, On Goons - Allegedly.png)

File: 1619399764709-1.jpg (612.36 KB, 1691x3026, On SRS - Supposedly.jpg)

Goons mad. Who is mad?



Fake and homoerotic, goon


Bruh, how long ago was SA? It's been dead for years. I doubt there's many users who still know what SA is. Let alone who browsed there. And didn't you have to pay for that shit? LMAO who would do such a thing.


What the fuck does SA have to do with Bunkerchan and us?


>first picture is 100% unfactual. Ask you mods, retards.
You aren't even reading the thread you are posting in. The mods of course copied threads and that is openly talked about and it was a sensible strategy. Later, Watermelong nuked the contents on Bunker and that's also something openly talked about on both sites (and the mods here gloat about it). Problem with that this content was not scraped before the nuke. The questionable thing about that post is that there is no admission or proof that mods were involved in DDOS shit. The mods have repeatedly claimed Space_ wanted to implement Google ads in order to convince the users of moving, but there is no statement by Space_ even hinting at that, so they aren't entirely trustworthy either.
These people sadly didn't kill themselves, but have networked together and are part of the media landscape. I have seen no evidence that the mods here have links with SA history, it's just similar shitty and cliquish behavior (but that's also streamer cliques and Reddit mods etc.).


ok so circumstantial shit.
You didn't even address the bullshit in the picture.


File: 1619406509570.jpg (51.26 KB, 625x469, 1475373062605.jpg)

>Spaceist Junta (Pyongyang–Bkeys Clique)
>leftypol moderation (also known as the janny vanguard, or the Jannguard)


SA hate is peculiar when they like you said have pretty much defined the social media landscape, and I'm including 4chan in this too.

>I joined in 2010 and then joined 8chan blah blah blah



You haven't read the thread and you haven't read the screencapped post, amazing. The bit about copying threads and the bit about Watermelon mass-nuking posts are true.


>>5994 was referring to >>5988


Where is the article?


yeah, i dont see any articles

guess d0llars was lying again


DAYSdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


fully worded article by 2050!


>>5871 (posted Saturday)
>dollars says it’s soon, any time between right now and next week.


>peddling this retarded shit
I was there moron, how can you hope to make me swallow this pile of bullshit lies ?


ths is retarded. If the article is real DOllars will have literally no way to know if/when it is being published.
>everything outside of my perspective is just objective lies! jannies did nothing wrong! reeeee-.
You people are cancer. just fuck off would you?


>If the article is real DOllars will have literally no way to know if/when it is being published
But he told us: it's going to arrive in the coming days and it will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition.
Trust the plan WIGAWIGAdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


You appear to not even be in the thread you are posting in. We have already established that some of it is true since the mods themselves have said it (the scraping and post nuking) and some of it dubious (no evidence that the DDOS came from here and no proofs that there's overlap between the mods and goons).


Anyone explain whats going on. Shouldn't the article be released by now?



TFW editor removes the reference in the final draft


So the article is out or what? Link pls


It's never coming out.


there was never any article you dumb fuck.


>some of it is true !
and 90% is retarded bullshit. Fuck off moron


>and 90 % is
Stop talking and start reading. Count the total number of statements, count how many of them you know to be true, count how many of them you don't know the status of, count how many of them you know to be false.



File: 1623702390742.jpg (24.29 KB, 380x380, smug.jpg)

bumping to gloat

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