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File: 1628803700246.png (338.65 KB, 346x480, large.png)

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TL;DR : The "modocracy" is restored, we have a new server, adults are back at the helm, we want to do our best to avoid drama in the future, we are tired of this shit and have better things to do both IRL and on /leftypol/ (like actually moderating), coupers and wreckers are no longer in the leftypol.org modteam. We are working in getting the cytube instance back up.

You'll find here the accounts of the events by the current members of the leftypol.org administration, the drama will be contained here as we are all tired of it and want to move on (while making the necessary changes for this not happen again).

To the /leftypol/ community,

You most likely don't know who I am as I have rarely posted with my moniker and modtag on the site, I never enjoyed the spotlights. I have been mod since Che (aka Old B.O.) stepped-down, admin in Bunkerchan and both admin and the domain owner (with regards to bourgeois law) of leftypol.org and presently on top of this the owner of the server hosting the leftypol.org domain and most importantly an user since 2015, having come to /leftypol/ from the "Marx Vs Stirner" threads in 4chan /lit/. If I am not mistaken I am the second oldest mod after our current sysadmin Antinous who has been in duty as mod for the past 5 years.

I want first to sincerely apologise to the whole community for this pathetic display of drama and immaturity synthesizing the worst of the terminally online left.
After all the event of the past years, especially since the infamous "Rojava" split, this community deserved a modicum of stability and it has been the opposite of

Prior to the events that occurred a few days ago, last april of this year, I had stepped-down from my position of admin, at that time because of the behaviour of people in the modteam back then, some of which being now among the coupers, that had made for me moderating impossible. This behaviour includes secretly plotting to purge mods they didn't like, creating completely false and unsubstantiated accusations, an endless thirst for internal drama and the prioritisation of thereof over basic janitorial duties and finally their recurring protection of the worst schizoposters, thread deraillers and spammers of the site and their opposition against any harsh measure taken against them under the sake of some idealistic and liberal conception of "freedom of speech" (probably inherited from m00t's 4chan with the success to which we have all been witness). I, thus, in that context preferred to step down rather than leverage my position as Admin to get the wreckers out, this lack of ruthlessness to preserve /leftypol/ might have been an monumental mistake but what is done is done.
Fast forward to 4 months later and one morning before going to work at 6am (local time) I discovered while browsing as a regular anon (being no longer in the administration nor being in contact with any of the mods since I resigned) that now the site was controlled by a junta of the very people because of which I had left, and the internal de facto abolished. I immediately checked the registrar account (which was still under my real name and real email) and changed the password, a last ditch effort to prevent the situation from descending into total chaos. I was therefore in exclusive control of the domain, once again. I, then contacted the people whom I fully trusted from the modteam, like antinous. They informed me of the abruptness and chaos of the whole situation and the complicity of the then sysadmin zer0-, who entrusted arbitrarily and unilaterally full power the worst wreckers. After a short exchange by email with zer0- after he asked me if I was in control of the domain (I will post my email response to him below) and seeing their lack of any goodwill to find any compromise, that every techie besides zer0- had left and the only mod left were mentally unstable, drama seeking, terminally online wreckers, we had decided me along the non-coupers mods (the actual majority of the modteam) to get a new server to which we would point the leftypol.org domain.

I, once again sincerely apologise for this pathetic drama and sad series of event and the great disruption caused to a community that helped me forge my political consciousness and made me discover many authors and perspectives. We, the old-guard of mods, bear responsibility, as the wreckers were all mods recruited relatively recently (none of them are were mods in the 8chan era) and brought in by us, we will have to change our recruiting and our vetting process to select against any immature, unstable, power seeking profile.

Finally, I am a card carrying member of my local Marxist-Leninist Party in which I’m fully invested and have new job prospects that will occupy most of my time, the last thing I want or need is more drama. We will work towards that as a priority along actually moderating this site that descended into a worrying and sorry state quality wise.
Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to entrust the domain and the server to people of trust within a structured, stable and democratic administration and go back being a regular anon. Until then I will fully assume the responsibility of owner of the domain and server (which are fully paid for, for the foreseeable future).



Combien de nos chairs se repaissent !
Mais si les corbeaux, les vautours,
Un de ces matins disparaissent,
Le soleil brillera toujours !


"Hello zer0-,

I, indeed, still have the full exclusive control of the leftypol.org domain. I took upon myself to change the password of the njal.la account as soon as I saw the current concerning predicament plaguing, unfortunately, once again, /leftypol/, in order to preserve the site from any reckless act from any malicious agent. Having resigned many months ago, I was not privy of the internal dispute ongoing in the mod team that led to this deplorable state of affairs, the only one I could thus trust was myself, hence the reason why I changed the password. Moreover being the legal owner, under bourgeois law, of the domain, I didn't want any legal trouble if all hell broke loose and still keep the ability to act in last resort. I hope you'll understand the predicament in which I was.
You said you hoped I was well. I don't think I can feel well when, /leftypol/, the community that helped me grow politically and thanks to which I am now fully implicated in my local Marxist-Lenist party, that brought me comfort (thanks to the funny OC and shiposts) when I hit really rough patches in my life, has fell victim to another wave of drama and powergrabing schemes.
The reason I left is precisely because many a time I felt I was one of the too few to try to help reach a consensus in a dispassionate manner, too many times I felt like the only adult in the room.
/leftypol/ is something bigger than any of us and while I think the class struggle is mainly wagged in real life and in a time when the European Union his trying its best to equate and outlaw communists party and their symbols, comparing them to Neo-nazi extremists, where communists are arrested in Spain and Eastern Europe, where Germany is outlawing the DKP, where the last IPCC technical report warns us of the irremediable damage that has been done to the Earth system and that's the worst is yet to come, I indeed think this only place, as an unabashed anti-sectarian class focused leftist space, is invaluable. In fact it's already is, look at the numerous regional threads like /sea/, the brazil thread, the german one, etc… /leftypol/ provides them with a safe haven, I am truly sorry for them and ashamed of the sorry state the board is in right now.
It would be an understatement to say the current situation is unacceptable for me. This community deserves a little respite and stability after all it went through those past 3 years.
I hope, zer0-, a sensible consensus focusing on providing stability and transparency to this community will be reached including both parties minus the drama and the egos. As the sysadmin, zer0-, you have a great responsibility, during those trying times towards /leftypol/, towards this very community comffered to you by the life or death power you have in your end over this site, just like I do by virtue of owning (in bourgeois terms) this domain. Remember, leftypol is bigger than all of us individually.
I have no intentions nor plans of going back into the administration, I am fully focused on my future employment prospects and politically to my ML party and potentially translating in French, to be published, with the help of a few comrades, Cockshott’s TANS in my own language. I will one last time pick up the mantle of Krates (and live up to my pseudonym the Cynic philisopher) and transfer the domain once a reasonable consensus, with the community in mind, has been reached to the selected party that is worthy of trust. Until then I will safeguard it so don’t worry about that.
Once this is, hopefully, achieved, I will go back to anonymity with all the other anons that compose this community dear to my heart, as things ought to be.




well said


File: 1628805069100.png (438.63 KB, 631x472, anime_sposter.png)

I don’t normally post as a named user, but I felt compelled to comment on recent events.

Obviously, we have now transitioned to a new server for the leftypol.org domain. As the person who originally paid for ten years of registration for, and donated the leftypol.org domain during the bunkerchan transition, I had hoped to hand it off to a competent team of moderators and technical staff. Obviously, that hasn’t worked out as well as hoped.

I contributed a lot early on to the development of leftypol.org’s technical side, but eventually dropped off due to real life obligations. I was largely content to comment anonymously, write effortposts and book reviews from time to time, and occasionally log in to delete obvious spam. In short, I really just wanted to grill.

I had no idea that anything bad was going on, as I largely ignored the element/matrix chat and abstained from almost all voting. I also live in a very different timezone from most of the other mods, so imagine my surprise when I log in to thousands of messages in the chat and what looked like all hell breaking loose on the site.

I don’t know what the actually caused this, whether it was some debate over purging someone or a shitpost on /b/. And frankly, I don’t care.

Finding a group of competent, and well adjusted people who are willing to freely volunteer their time and energy to maintain and moderate an anonymous forum is a frustrating and largely thankless task. Given the high proportion of unhinged individuals that frequent imageboards, it is no surprise that the pool of applicants for staff positions leaves a lot to be desired. The normal sectarian mindset of much of the left is compounded by an adolescent cliquishness, and many seem to be more intent acting like the edgelord petit-tyrants of a disco.rd server, than actually running a website smoothly.

After the “coup” happened, I was largely content to roll with the status quo and allow the new leaders to run the site as they saw fit, however at that point, the “coup” folks discovered that the owner of the domain had reclaimed it (by the way, it is associated with his real life information – he assumes the legal risks of domain ownership) by changing the password to the account with the domain name service. They panicked, and began redirecting people to a new domain, with minimal to no consultation of the userbase.

I would have been happy with a situation of stalemate/armistice, with the new people having a chance to run the site their way, with the other side owning the domain, a sort of power sharing. Maybe this is my fault for not communicating this earlier. In any case, at this point, we felt our hand was forced, and I, along with two other staff members, began working on rebuilding the website in earnest. In short, by redirecting the domain, they really forced us to actually do the thing they wanted to avoid.

Unfortunately, this task took longer than expected due to the redirection to the new domain occurring in the middle of the day, without any warning, while most of us were busy with work and other real life obligations. In their few hours of spare time, the remaining members of the tech team worked diligently, and at times without sleep, to rebuild the website, and I can’t be more proud of the job that has been done on extremely short notice.

At the end of the day, the only person I really blame for this whole affair is zer0. It’s one thing to accidentally have one or two maladjusted young men admitted to the moderation team. It’s a whole other thing to have a sysadmin go rogue in the manner he did. At the end of the day, the person who controls the domain and the server controls everything, and all other power is basically an illusion. Without zer0’s help, this whole affair would never have gone beyond the tempest in a teapot that is the element chat. The tech team is really supposed to be above the politics to a certain extent, and I really feel as a member of the tech team, zer0 really betrayed our trust and the trust of the users by participating in this nonsense. I didn’t have as much contact with the man as others on the tech team, but when last we spoke, he seemed to be a relatively well adjusted person. What he gets out of this, I can’t possibly imagine.

Clearly, the people who run the other site were unhappy with the direction of moderation, unhappy enough to spring this nasty surprise on the rest of the moderators and the userbase. If that’s the case, I actually wish them the best of luck with their new website and domain. Divorce isn’t always a bad thing, and sometimes it really is necessary for both parties to progress.

Given that the preponderance of the moderation team has sided with leftypol.org and not the other site, recruiting more moderators is not a goal at the current moment. However, given these events, clearly, there is something broken about the current recruitment process for staff, and this means there needs to be a more thorough and aggressive vetting system in the future.

I’m confident that in the coming weeks and months we will put these events behind us and return to normalcy. I’m looking forward to a better /leftypol/ for everyone.

- barbara_pitt, leftypol.org administrator


Great, so now we have a genuine split again. Thanks, assholes. All of you. How about a new fucking rule: you must be at least 35 years old to be a mod.


so the tl;dr is that we're split between .org and leftychan right?


wait, what the fuck's happening. leftypol.org is broken, but these posts appear on leftychan.org, so we've not got a split?


tl;dr: No split.
Dramafags were ousted from the team. Leftypol will return to better moderation.


Hello, sorry about the week-spanning mess and detestable amount of drama going around right now. I've not really got exceptionally useful skills like the others, but I've been the writer or editor to about every public-facing announcement, poll, mod-created thread, and whatever else (bar these comments of course), along with your standard jannie duties. I was also usually the intermediary between user complaints and suggestions to the mod team, and generally a proponent of public transparency in moderator actions.

While I have vague recollections of the drama underlining what became the coup (it was some petty drama about /b/ moderation) I can tell you that the situation hardly required the actions that were warranted. For whoever claimed that our democratic processes for a LARP, I sincerely apologize that it gave way for an even greater and more retarded LARP in some tinpot janny dictatorship. I can't say I understand many of the technical details with the domain and the servers and whatnot, but I can tell you this: the people in leadership of the coup have used drama to escalate crises many times before and I fully expect them to continue to do so into the future - where they could not get their way through the normal processes, they will always try to cut out a new way by breaking systems and overstepping boundaries.

Whatever short-term stability a system of dictatortotship will provide, in the long term they are going to cause more instability than even the worst periods of drama than the past system ever had. While our system may be slow to act at times and progress can feel incremental, long-term it is meant to synthesize multiple different generations of posters and make it so that /leftypol/ and her alt-boards provide an overall posting experience which is amicable to everyone in our community. I am sure that we would all love our own personal /leftypol/'s, but the logistical reality necessities compromises between what all of the posters want, and that has been what the mod democracy was always about.

If you have found these past few months of posting to be enjoyable, it has come through this process of compromise and dialog between posters and the mod team. We all make sacrifices of what we'd like to see the greater whole work, and it can be frustrating to see something you enjoy go away, I know. But with this system I can promise you the consistency of the posting experience you've enjoyed up to now - with the new system, it will only drift as the coup administration self-selects and enforces their biases without any internal moderation. I can't tell you what their site will look like in a month's time, but I can tell you that we'll still be the same place we were before and improving, so long as you give us the chance.

If you are deciding to stay, then I welcome you home. But if the drama, the fighting, the splits get to you and you feel like you need to walk away - I understand it. We all do, at this point. Remember, no matter how many endlessly self-serious despots hijack our imageboard, at the end of the day it is just a website. Granted, one we put autistic amounts of effort into, but just a site nonetheless. If you need to, take the time off and enjoy a place free of it for a while. We'll still be here when you decide to come back, I promise.


so the mods here also control leftychan?


No, just leftypol.org, and a series of other historic domains.


leftych*n is fake and gay, the real leftypol never died


Gotta be honest, "leftypol.org" was always a horrible domain name. Bunkerchan was way cooler. At the moment I am leaning in favor of leftychan simply because I like the domain name better.


Wreckers get the rope, you're not fooling anyone zul.


disagree tbh. "leftychan" is too 4chan-derived. "bunkerchan" was snappier, but still "-chan". leftypol.org is best suited to an independent website which happens to be an imageboard, while also restating the primacy of the /leftypol/ board over the others.


Solo ummm.. ok
Are you going to accept the new moderator appeals because as of right now there are still shitposts on /leftypol/


File: 1628905492476.png (5.83 KB, 144x296, Capture d’écran.png)

The domains I own are pic related + bunkerchan.net.
I hope normalcy has finally return, we don't want to dwell on drama but get back at moderating.
We apologize for all the damage the wreckers did. We are the ones we recruited them. We have to review our recruiting process and that's an understatement, among other things.


File: 1628905527528.jpg (258.89 KB, 541x728, AKG7238273.jpg)



"leftypol" is an utterly autistic nonsense name taken from a single board on the website.


try this forum, it's awesome:


the single most important board and the name by which the board was known at its prior peak of internet-wide relevance on 8ch.


File: 1628905606140.png (19.19 KB, 790x250, 1628902608154.png)

Who is moderating bunkerchan rn?
Are you….d0llars?


Yes, and? It's still a website named after a board. It's dumb.


No, I am not d011ars, I'm Krates, I have always had the same pseudonym since I was recruited when Che stepped down (see >>>/meta/7)
As far as I know bunkerchan is not directly accessible and it's basically and unmoderated wasteland.


This experience has proven that free time and retardation are proportional. Effective janitorial work requires a lot of time, but must also be of a high quality for the site to be usable. This is the contradiction that led to the present crisis, and it has no resolution, we can only mitigate the consequences. To prevent a situation like this one from reoccurring in the future, every retard in the mod team must have their access to site functions restricted to the bare minimum required for janitorial work.


I was genuinely sincere in what I said when I applied for vol on leftychan. I only want to see this community become better and stronger. I don't expect anything, but I still love this place <3


was it zul that unbanned reactionaries?


File: 1628906887736.png (41.67 KB, 226x223, 1624476469273.png)

>having come to /leftypol/ from the "Marx Vs Stirner"
>he came out of those threads as a Leftist



Hello, I don't namefag, but I was one of the jannies that applied to clean up that place before the redirect by dollars, I remembered my login info and decided to clean up the mess that was left behind for a future where it maybe needed once gain. Do11ars as you know still controls the admin powers of the site but isn't really around much anymore.

So I basically do the job of cleaning up the spam that was left behind and watch over it to make sure that it doesn't become infested. So in a sense I am squatting, in a broken bunker until its needed again. I will stop name fagging after this post or the next to answer the questions.


golpistas BTFO then? did the files get saved? the constitution and regulations, nonetheless, should be clarified after all this shit gets sorted out.


File: 1628907073183.png (76.85 KB, 606x564, dfd.png)

tbh i find it hard not to regard your actions as vandalizing leftypol history by covering up the contempt in which d011ars is held by the userbase for his betrayal.


The fact that some folks says he fucks dogs? Regardless, most of the threads remained untouched and cleaned up what was left behind. We can hate on dollars all we want but it doesn't change the fact that you can't really vandalize a blown up Bunker. Hate me if you wish but that place was considered a home after the retreat from 8chan from the long march. It felt stable until you know the splitting and purging, and the eventual slow decent to nothingness.

I have long accepted that I was going to be hated but that's fine by all means unleash your hate.


We are thinking of setting some kind of trial period for new recruit where the would have a more limited role and power until they are finally approved.
To clarify, I was already a leftist at that time (since age 12 when I first read Bakunin's God and the State) I meant I discovered /leftypol/ through those threads on /lit/.
We will be rethinking the role and reason of /b/ (maybe even renaming the board) and its relationship with /leftypol/ (as in what kind of posts goes where), nothing has been decided of course, we've got lot on our plate right now and of course we won't do anything without informing the community first. But we all agreed that /b/ should stop being a dumping ground for /leftypol/'s shitthreads and be less shy about deleting shitposts and schizos.


He basically systematically opposed any action taken against posters like King Lear or the schizo Lenin Hat in the Covid thread for example among other things. But I'd rather forget about the wreckers and concentrate about the way forward.



>Rename /b/ to /lounge/
>Make it a place for hanging out and posting shit that is not political (personal, random thoughts etc)
>If pennyposter and his retarded friends want to avatarfag keep them all in ONE thread, if they step outside that thread they get banned for avatarfagging
>Ban soyjaks


Also make it clear that /lounge/ is not a place for retarded shitposting like 4chan's /b/, it's a place for off topic discussion.


Thanks for your input, noted. We will open a thread for suggestions when the time comes.


File: 1628909806711-0.png (661.06 KB, 800x806, 1475423723594.png)

File: 1628909806711-1.jpg (212.16 KB, 777x779, 1516551109987.jpg)

I wanted to retire.

I was hoping the previous round of recruitment would have someone from my region so that I could pass on moderation duties to them. I was going to tell the moderation team that the recent changes in my life makes it impossible to do this.

But honestly, that is not the major reason. Every time I look at the moderation chat, it is endless bickering. There is always something to get worked up about, some issue that must be resolved in the name of a higher cause. It gets draining to come home to or wake up to another round of arguments that sometimes spans days. Sometimes I try to play peacemaker and tell them to play nice, but I slowly tuned that shit out like white noise over the months, only deleting posts and banning spammers when I am browsing the website.

This whole thing started because of the coupists were proposing a userbase congress or a posters union like what Sage was demanding. I rolled my eyes and just ignored them till the votes comes. Somewhere along the line, things got so bad that Zul invited Sage and Soy to the moderation chat room, causing a huge stir. Everyone was annoyed at this faux pas, which heightened everyone’s emotions. This led the proposal to remove Zul, which I ayed since that was a pretty cringe move. At this point of time I was still pretty grillpilled about it. They will work it out.

It genuinely sucks to live in a vastly different timezone. I literally woke up to the domain change, even had to be told about it by others. I had to leave for work before I could get the full context. The coupists were accusing others of trying to start coup in order to justify what they did. They decry us as forming a clique. But such allegations comes across as 杯弓蛇影 to me.

I was outraged, not just at the inanity of the situation, but how we already went through one 9 fucking months ago. I offered a compromise towards the coupists but that fell on deaf ears. Neutral no longer, I took part in establishing the original board, while arguing and browbeating the coupists on the moderation chat as cover.

Throughout the conversations, Watermelon comes across as complete tyrant. Constantly asking us to bend to his will. But the real madman in the room is Comatoast, who is in a constant state of hysteria and genuinely believes in the grandiose bullshit he was selling. Labels like dictatorship, accountability, democracy are very cheap to this person, especially to someone who actually lives under a dictatorship. I constantly had to remind Comatoast that this was an imageboard with only 600 IPs, not a revolutionary party on a cusp of taking over the world. I even told Comatoast he need the fucking gulag coz that is the only way for him to touch grass.

This conflict dragged me even further to moderation. I had to use Element in my workplace, making myself look unhinged in front of my co-workers, and speak to the mods in conference calls for the first time. One of my co-worker asked me why don’t I just leave and I felt embarrassed in replying “This shit is bigger than these retards.”

Let this be a lesson to everyone the perils of being terminally online. I beg you. Take normal pills, touch grass, have sex. Stop living such a basic bitch life that you have to romanticize and valorize your posting experience on an obscure imageboard.

I still kinda want to retire and not deal with the terminally online. But I guess this shit really is bigger than these retards.


>nothing matters because it's an image board
Not seeing a lot of good arguments in this wall of text.


>especially to someone who actually lives under a dictatorship.
What country is comatoast from?


File: 1628910181391.png (1.5 MB, 1441x1071, LOGH.png)

Maybe you need to reread it again because I said these things don't matter as much in running an imageboard.


>browsing your LARPy matrix chat in front of your coworkers

newsflash: you're just as pathetic as the people you are deriding


Comet was talking about himself there I think because Coma is a burger.


then what's the country under a dictatorship? I'm curious
Saudi Arabia?


>tbh i find it hard not to regard your actions as vandalizing leftypol history by covering up the contempt in which d011ars is held by the userbase for his betrayal.
What a fruity sentence. The other guy is talking about deleting spam by one or two autists on a dead board. Your response sounds like your home country is Shounen Anime.

>the schizo Lenin Hat in the Covid thread
I don't know why people think he is schizo and not shitting up things on purpose. Paranoid people develop theories that "explain" things and are eager to share them. If he were serious, his reactions to questions (e.g. if it is all capitalist propaganda, why does North Korea think Covid is serious) would be proudly presenting (bad) arguments, but he appears as a very slippery person.


Three decades of experience with shifting mods and communities in image boards (and other web communities) tells me that accountability is actually quite important for stability. Sorry you disagree.


>Three decades of experience with shifting mods and communities in image boards
The fuck are you talking about? the oldest imageboard (futaba channel) wasn't even around 20 years ago.


>and other web communities


>the oldest imageboard (futaba channel)


If you know any older IB that it's still active let me know.


there were a number before futaba which have long since died, but b3ta is both still active and (by a very slim margin) pre-futaba.


File: 1628915744387.gif (376.11 KB, 342x342, spurdo_burger.gif)


Can I make a suggestion? Force avatarfags to use a trip. That's all I ask. Dog bless


Please do a reconciliation or something and get the 3 of the sites or however many there are now, united again or at the least properly operating instead of this borderline wrecking every year, just because staff can't stop their little feuds and get along with each other. Even the previous year's drama, in retrospect, had probably been a bad indicator of the sort of capability of the moderators on the team to restrain their urges to act destructively. It just has gotten so tiresome, this stuff.


File: 1628918237721.jpg (85.58 KB, 695x695, fake.jpg)

If identityfags have trips then how can I keep impersonating them?


ok how does someone become terminally online/so brain damaged that they "coup" their imageboard

like what the fuck kind of person must the coupists be IRL

I'm pretty autistic and have never touched grass but like…..dude, it's the internet


basically they're treating it like a dis.cord server


File: 1628920096684.png (1.07 MB, 998x708, b7jixP6.png)

I have no idea who the people on either side are. The userbase is splitting – again – and this time I don't even know why.


>Clearly, the people who run the other site were unhappy with the direction of moderation, unhappy enough to spring this nasty surprise on the rest of the moderators and the userbase. If that’s the case, I actually wish them the best of luck with their new website and domain. Divorce isn’t always a bad thing, and sometimes it really is necessary for both parties to progress.
They changed the domain because someone changed the password for it, so then they made leftychan out of a emergency during the “coup”.
Was it you who change the password?


>people running leftypol.org
<Krates (Admin)
>people running leftychan.org
<zer0 (Admin)


zul is banned there as well


Then there's only 3 people running leftychan?


File: 1628921164373.png (747.01 KB, 786x523, MO7jjGu.png)

I literally don't know a single one of those names. I'm seeing accusations of being terminally online, and from where I'm standing, both sides qualify.


there were posts before that had the full mod list, it's somewhere on an archive


File: 1628921586634.png (58.49 KB, 1328x602, zul.PNG)

Zul is part of the staff



add discomrade.


Lmao, the watermelon junta banned me for "spreading F.U.D" on leftychan.
The vast majority of the staff is against their coup, and they know that if users know they will return here.


If you don't even know who Comatoast is, that's kinda on you.


File: 1628923218660.jpg (183.28 KB, 1120x630, 161010_a20125.jpg)

Can we not split every year? Like, I don't know what kind of reconciliation has to occur, but if this keeps up we'll have more sites then Trot parties. We currently have three leftypol boards if we count the bunkerchan onion, this is getting out of hand.


What is the bunkerchan onion? Post the URL.


Did anyone also get the ip to the bunkerchan site in addition to the hidden site?



They are getting fucking destroyed lol


So is this the board where the mod team will crack down on nazi-spammers, leninhat and other covid denialist spammers, etc.?


I don't know if I would call that "crackdown", I think it's just basic moderation. But yes I think we all rather agree on that, we might need a few day to stabilize and get back into moderating as we ought to be.


the site which bans the antiblack and antifeminist posts is the better one


On this board you have proper mods, no covid denialist, people post trap porn in /b/ and they like it, on leftychan you get nazi spam, no moderation, people post trap porn on /b/ and they don't like it.



lol did someone just paid a domain just to point it to the bare IP? I have to respect the dedication.


Didn't this sort of crisis by domain name control problem also happen to GETchan last year before the bunkerchan split, in which the lack of properly managed control over domains led to a temporary mirror site set up? But because this site is not an actual organization in meatspace, that's sort of a problem inherently. History sure does rhyme, in any case.


Who controls https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan ? If it's not leftypol.org, where will your sources live?


hhahahahahha I cracked up


File: 1628952034009.png (257.49 KB, 358x520, 1345583359460.png)

What the fuck happened this time?!
Can't you clots keep shit together for at least 12 fucking months?!
What does it take for you to figure out there are grievous issues with the moderation team and the userbase they came from?!


Things are back to normal.
There was a problem for few days because the sysadmin took control of the website with 2 other mods. The site has returned to normal.


Was a rhetorical question.
Nice summary though. The succinctness in particular was much appreciated.


> I immediately checked the registrar account (which was still under my real name and real email) and changed the password, a last ditch effort to prevent the situation from descending into total chaos.
I mean, wasnt it precisely what set off all the public facing drama ? the old "admin" that stepped down and didnt moderate since a long ass time changing the pass without telling anyone, causing full blown "wtf we're getting coup'ed" ? also gonna point out how fucking stupid everyone involved is for letting a guy step down but keep the fucking domain name.
But from my pov, look like you're the one that started shit without having any institutional power

>junta of the very people because of which I had left, and the internal de facto abolished

did you mean the "internal democracy" ? because if not, it just look like you're mad your side lost, and even, you should explicit a lot more

look, your story sounds nice and all, (we got rid of the terminally online wreckers !), but I gonna be honest, for the average anon, who have no way to reliable information, and for whom the whole picture is still pretty fucking muddy because he doesnt know the mods and their fucking internal politics, and we basically only got what the other side is accusing their opposition of, its just another round of uncontextualised drama

I know there were heavy disagreement in moderation, but still not even sure what side were there, defending what with whom in it
in short will you fucking faggots stop trying to propagandize users and start some fucking transparency, which the other side (the ones who banned avatarfags, did I understood that right ? what a fucking mess) at least were kinda trying to push for through technical improvements


Mods got angry. A guy left in protest.
A mod invited random people to the mod chat without consulting other mods. This was seen as a breach of confidentially and more unilateral behavior of this mod.

Mods vote to kick him. Everyone agrees. Then the sys admin logs on, sees that a mod (the first one that left in a fit) left. And the mod that is about to be kicked is basically telling the sys admin to delete his account. The sys admin panics that two mods are leaving in the same short time. The sys admin has very little background on the situation at this point.

To "control" the situation, the sys admin makes a mod the "junta" leader. The rest of the mods are super pissed at this. Half get purged, the other half quit or stop modding for the "junta".

Then the domain registrar password changes. Paranoia peaks in the junta, and they try to change domains. The mods lose hope that the junta will dissolve and things will go back to normal. Meanwhile, the site is descending into chaos and matrix characters are being made mods left and right. Then some mods decide to start a server and see where it goes. The server gets advanced quickly, so they keep at it until it was near feature parity.

Afterwards, the content of the previous site is posted and the new site is pointed at with the leftypol.org domain.

Any further questions?


>I mean, wasnt it precisely what set off all the public facing drama ?
No, what started the drama is the push to set up the user congress or some way to give the userbase more say over moderation. In fact the coupists did not know Krates' role until like the launch of this website.

>did you mean the "internal democracy" ?

Yes the internal democracy we had. We were voting to remove Zul from the moderation team for his faux pas. While voting against Watermelon's military junta shit. This is literally in the /assembly/ board so you can't pretend it isn't transparent.

>in short will you fucking faggots stop trying to propagandize users and start some fucking transparency

Do you want screencaps of the conversations? It has a lot of words.


>A guy
>A mod
>random people
>the sys admin
not a single fucking nick
do you think everyone live in your drama world where we know wtf you're talking about ?
especially since the issues dont even seem really ideological but usual various power play with incomplete information and general stupidity, so naming people involved might help understand.

>We were voting to remove Zul from the moderation team for his faux pas. While voting against Watermelon's military junta shit

>you can't pretend it isn't transparent.
yeah, guess what, go try to read these threads without any prior knowledge, and tell me you'd bother to sift through that shit and get any meaningful insight at all (also, no more assembly here apparently)


>tell me you'd bother to sift through that shit and get any meaningful insight at all
So you don't want just transparency, you want us to constantly inform you about our discussions and internal conflict?

>(also, no more assembly here apparently)

Yea we didn't have time to port everything over.


Jesus my guy, chill. I tried to give you an overview without names because I figured you might not care about the specifics.


the mods have a private copy of the source which they will be uploading to another repo soon


post the logs




So, can i get a guarantees that the bored moderation will be sound and that mod drama will be kept to a minimum?


I don't know what form those guarantees would take, but sure.
We have all the capable people and we don't intend to break our own system.


wow…the lord of cringe and sausagefest turned out to be not just a mod but a supposed oldfag who grew alongside of me. Do consider killing yourself and boy do I pray for your ascend along the corporate hierarchy muddled with architects who stopped coding two decades ago.


hey news anon, yeah. as long as there's a majority of baseline sane mods on the board, we'll be good.


>board moderation will be sound
We'll do our best. We've already started looking into what went wrong (systematic issues, as opposed to just blaming more easy-to-see elements relating to the couping party's individual behaviors and beliefs) and will shortly be beginning an open design process to improve transparency to reduce the likelihood of a small number of users and mods representing the rule-making process.

>mod drama will be kept to a minimum

Everyone is tired of this, especially the mods. We have an active interest in preventing drama.
You might be pleased to hear that there's been no drama so far among the current moderation team, despite a hectic crisis situation. It's refreshing to say the least.

As someone who was still listed moderator on leftychan.org as of 48 hours ago, I would not have supported this site as an alternative if I believed it would fall into the same drama again. Hopefully that's a sufficient personal guarantee.


What do you plan to do with leftychan? The site seems to be on its last legs but a split is a split and a part of the userbase remains there.
And they still control the twitter account and the github repo.
Is there a possibility to make an agreement with the coupists to unify leftypol again?


At first I thought Watermelon was based for nuking Bunkerchan after the split, but it's now clear that I (and many others) should've seen that as a warning sign.

>We will be rethinking the role and reason of /b/ (maybe even renaming the board) and its relationship with /leftypol/ (as in what kind of posts goes where),
I suggest just moving things like "le /pol/ face OC thread" to /b/, things that could be considered "funposting" (inoffensive shitposting without the goal of disturbing the site) but still clearly coming from the leftist userbase, while everything else that doesn't belong on /leftypol/, such as idpol bait, falseflags and covert non-leftist threads, should be outright deleted, or, in very specific cases maybe, locked and not moved.
>nothing has been decided of course, we've got lot on our plate right now and of course we won't do anything without informing the community first. But we all agreed that /b/ should stop being a dumping ground for /leftypol/'s shitthreads and be less shy about deleting shitposts and schizos.
Sounds good.


No. That would mean things like the lefty copypasta thread or the cenzopapa thread would be against the rules. Those are some of the oldest threads in the board, I believe they were made before the soyjaks gained the strong presence they have now.

As for the avatarfags, who are a tiny minority of /b/'s userbase, I don't see why they should be treated any differently, if aside from the avatars, they would be doing exactly what you're suggesting, blogposting and chatting with each other about things that are not politics. If they break any rules about idpol, spam or anything of that sort (and a couple of them do, in fact), they should be banned like any other user would.


>What do you plan to do with leftychan?
A similar question was asked before somewhere in the avalanche of a /leftypol/ sticky, and the answer so far remains the same: nothing.
[the following is my view which I suspect is agreed with among the whole team, but take it as my own view only]
As you suggested, the site is dying on its own. We've already hit the critical mass that took months to regain after the bunkerchan split (as bunkerchan was still the default place grillers landed). They're understaffed, lost most of the users people remember the names of (well, except those lovable Leninhat and Leftcom posters), have no chance of regaining traffic-routing infrastructure, and most importantly by far, have very little to offer that we don't. Unless they somehow become useful or original in a meaningful way to grillers or leftism (and that's not a bad thing if they do, really, good for them), their site will be abandoned by all but ten people.
Besides, no-one in our staff (afaik) has special access to the site as of the .org site launch time, and even if we intended to sabotage we would have wiped their site just as we launched, when three of us had leftychan admin/mod accounts that were still valid. Dirty tactics like that not only unperson useful posts that may have been missed in a backup, but also they support the user disapproval you may have seen after the bunkerchan and keep this useless drama going.


I would be surprised if more than a few people a month would visit via that account. Twitterfags don't care about leftypol, except the ones already here I guess. I believe a replacement is being made anyway.
>GitHub repo
We have local and remote forks of the repository, so data loss or malicious abuse isn't an issue. We just change our upstream to our own, once it's set up. I don't see the significance of them controlling their repo, no-one is visiting the site from there.

>Is there a possibility to make an agreement with the coupists to unify leftypol again?

Watermelon repeatedly antagonized attempts, expressing his goal of 'his team' 'winning', despite even Comatoast calling him unreasonable during discussions. Furthermore, none of the dev team have any trust in Zer0 after him seizing the site on the request of just 2-3 other mods.
Regardless, while I originally pushed for 5 days for reunification, I now honestly believe it would be a harmful outcome for our userbase. Watermelon, Zul and Comatoast (Zer0 was so absent I don't even know his views) have deep-seated tension with many members of our moderation team, and reunification could not resolve those tensions. I believe even a utopian reunification would inevitably lead to the same mod drama happening again, resulting in more fucking over of people who just want a place to post.
No-one has won, no-one wins, but our site is effectively certain to rapidly prevail as will theirs decline. We have no plans for leftychan. They're digging their grave by themselves.


File: 1629058792824.png (366.11 KB, 680x697, 758.png)

Hey guys, I've been kinda busy and I put off making a statement until now. But I actually don't know if I have that much to say, I think other people have summed it up better than I could. For my money, Zul and co were just out of control. They couldn't handle not always getting their own way, which sadly is a fact of life in a democracy. There was plenty of times where I didn't get what I wanted and I sucked it up and dealt with it. It's really not that hard to do.

But, clearly, some people just aren't able to do that, and I think Zul, Watermelon, and Coma are those kind of people. Zer0, I just can't quite figure out. They had some kind of vision of leftypol as a bastion of traditional 'imageboard culture' as they saw it, rather than as something unique that we can make whatever we want out of. But I think /leftypol/ is unique, and I think we should aspire to more than simply aping 4chan, or aping pol and all their shitty memes.

For those who supported me, thank you. For those who decried me, well, that's up to you, but I don't think you really understand what this situation has been all about. I am excited for the future of /leftypol/ and what we can do with it. Expect more reforms in the coming weeks and months.

If anyone has any questions or things that they are still confused about, I'm happy to answer them.


Never leave us Caballo, you'll always be appreciated here.


File: 1629066491519.png (231.27 KB, 1241x1352, ClipboardImage.png)

With all these sudden unexpected changes regarding the community, there is a lot of confusion going around. All these splits and offshoot websites can get confusing, this chart should help clear up all the misinformation.


>what exactly was the reason for the split?
In the most complete sense, different attitude on the role the community should play with regard to moderation and management policies.

In a specific sense, caballo was deleting shit he shouldn't have been(happened repeatedly) and comatoast was ignored when he asked for something to be changed to not allow it to continue. He left at that point, zul brought in two people who were trusted members of the community to talk to the mods about the dysfunction in how they were running things. Some of the mods refused and threatened to kick zul out for this. Seeing that the mod team was in a crisis, zer0 empowered watermelon to reform things so that people stopped leaving and being kicked out. Caballo took the domain hostage to try and stop anything from happening. When that didn't work, they decided to split.

>what about this version of the site will be different from before?

more responsive to feeedback, more transparency, and give this place some more personality from people that actually post here.
>what is your plan to make this site the one that people use rather than .org which is now up and running again?
Anyone that has ideas can contribute and try new things here. Less stagnation as the old team of splitters still has never had an answer to the basic question of where the final word comes from. It's up to whoever in the clique of mods is most popular at that time, recipe for trouble.


File: 1629083387566.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)

Nice copypasta: leftychan.org/meta/res/9860.html

>deleting soyspam is bad (happened repeatedly)

>but banning soyspam is good

>implying comatoast was ignored

>implying caballo wasn't outvoted and then stopped deleting soyspam
>implying mods being mad at an undiscussed security breach of user information is unreasonable
>implying caballo ever had control over any domain ever
>implying caballo is important and not just a namefag on the mod team


File: 1629085181214.png (435.4 KB, 612x455, paranormalscream.png)


leftychodes whole worldview is revisionist schizo-cope. Their whole cope is that "yes, there was democracy, but we lost, because Caballo was mind controlling everyone into a clique, therefore it wasn't real democracy". It's like they think Caballo is some evil mastermind type character who's just telling his henchmen what to do, and they're somehow, in their own schizo minds, the heroes in some 'invasion of the bodysnatchers' type bullshit where they are standing up for "real" democracy by purging like 17 mods and overriding democracy. It's pol/flat earther/conspiracy schizo mentality but applied to imageboard politics, the dumbest kind of politics. I'm not surprised a ton of them are covid denialists, and have accused mods of "stalking". Delusions of stalking and gang stalking are symptoms of literal schizophrenia.

Essentially the relation of leftychodes to Caballo is like that of /pol/ to "jews", one relatively minor janny who namefags alot gets blown up into this secret cabal-clique controlling the world-secretly, type figure, due to probably, mental illness of paranoia.

The mod team really needs to figure out a way of screening mental illness out of staff positions, next time they recruit anyone.


A group of 9 people is not democracy not matter how you twist it.


By democracy we mean "mod democracy" i.e the mods democratically decide how to administer the site which was the system used since leftypol migrated to bunkerchan, as opposed to the BO dictatorship of the 8chan days where BO was in charge of the rules.


Watermelon derangement syndrome


sounds like a LARP


>sounds like a LARP
>mod democracy is a LARP
>watermelon's military tank junta on the other hand is good
>uncritical unconditional support for leftychode.net


The mods voting is not a democracy idiot, since users don’t vote over issues much less elect mods.
Caballo’s clique effectively packed the mod court, keeping anything that the weirdo tankie goon clique didn’t want.
Watermelon is kinda spooked in trying to morally rationalize the purge. Caballo’s clique mental illness was untenable and they’d use every dirty trick in the book inside or outside the democracy to frustrate any reform that took the board in in a direction that diluted their power.
It was an executive unilateral decision that everyone either agrees with or is ambivalent about except Caballo’s sycophants.


>The mods voting is not a democracy idiot
The moderation team was democratic, the junta was just mad that things weren't going their way.


pure projection since melon & co all have Caballo derangement syndrome, meanwhile people on .org just wanna grill


>The shareholder conference was totally democratically run. What's all this talk about the masses?


Even sage, Coma, and Zul are only proposing a 'limited democracy' where you have to be vetted on Matrix and known as a 'trusted person' on Matrix in order to vote. This is an anonymous imageboard, there is no possibility of actual direct democracy. At best, the ruling clique would be slightly bigger, while introducing a whole load of new problems.


Silence, liberal. Take you dogshit takes elsewhere.


File: 1629139403615.gif (106.44 KB, 315x250, propeller hat.gif)

>a 'limited democracy' where you have to be vetted on Matrix and known as a 'trusted person' on Matrix in order to vote.
so democracy for namefags only


Exactly. Which is equally unrepresentative. At least with the mod democracy, it's the people who do the most work on the site that decide, not just the most loud complainers.


>Even sage, Coma, and Zul are only proposing a 'limited democracy' where you have to be vetted on Matrix and known as a 'trusted person' on Matrix in order to vote. This is an anonymous imageboard, there is no possibility of actual direct democracy. At best, the ruling clique would be slightly bigger, while introducing a whole load of new problems.
This is more lies and slander. You only need to be vetted to make sure you aren't a polop. Not to make sure you have the right takes or ideology.


Okay, but it completely sidelines people who only use the board and privileges an unrepresentative minority of users to decide.


Another bad take Caballoid
If people give enough of a shit the avenues are open. It's called the law of averages. Out of any group on 20% or so are going to be actively invested in sed group. The other 80% are just going to want to grill and don't really care what the jannies do. Which is fine. What matters is that those who are invested enough have a legitimate path forward for handling their grievances. Which YOUR team lacks in spades.


holy shit why is there retarded pol trolling meme spouted as history posted on my leftypol ?
che is not trans, the board was still alive enough and of highest quality towards the end despite the endless seething of libs enabler and anarkiddies
saying it was dead and not died because of 8ch closing is pure history rewrite

leftpol was never seen as a better alternative but a lolcow for the most retarded of posters, it died almost instantly to raid, lack of moderation, and general stupidity of its users
marxism was ismail high brow theory stuff, nothing to do with banning of anyone
bunkerchan had no less moderation than leftypol.org, literally same team. It was the backup board for a long time so again all your history account is shit.

space was an unreedemable incompetent faggot, not even a leftist
"some of them were kicked" lmao, all of them except dollars who was his buddy and again proved to be a faggot wrecker

what a full on rewrite of history, is that what happened to ussr too ?


That's exactly what's happening anon.


The "direct democracy-user democracy" faggots are truly delusional, what are you going to do? ask every single one of the 600 users to vote in some matrix room? good luck doing that with anonymous people using aliases, this shit is a big issue even IRL.

If anything I say that we should VOTE FOR THE MODS as in every mod makes a little presentation about who he is, his credentials, beliefs and such, and then people votes if he is good for the job or not, repeat the same shit every 5 months as a referendum so the mods can be held accountable is they start doing stupid shit.


>If people give enough of a shit the avenues are open.
We already opened several. Don't you know which team made /meta/, /assembly/, started the leftypol Matrix chat for feedback, but then made a separate one where mod matters are discussed daily, started a separate open chat to discuss changes to moderation procedures and constitution.
Do you think all of this came from God or has always been here? Before this there was a monopoly of decision making, which we broke free from, and then dollars threatened to re-establish.
>It's called the law of averages.
Self selecting. Who are the people who applied to the coupists thing? Permanently online teenagers, including the infamous Mexican nazbol. The coupists are lucky their shenanigans are basically over. They are putting themselves in an unmanageable situation filled with drama and powerplays.
>What matters is that those who are invested enough have a legitimate path forward for handling their grievances. Which YOUR team lacks in spades.
You keep saying this, but we pioneered democratic management of imageboards. It wasn't the coupists who did it. They have no fucking clue what they're doing.


File: 1629147407142.jpg (2.88 KB, 111x107, wtf_sunglasses.jpg)

>Caballo’s clique
what you keep calling "Caballo’s clique", is in fact, LITERALLY EVERY OTHER MOD. and it's hardly the unified block you present. This is a case of 1-2 autists throwing a shitfit that they cant get what they want
>frustrate any reform that took the board in in a direction that diluted their power
feel free to give any example at all, otherwise this just sounds like some bizarre rationalization for a sense of personal aggrievement


i like the fact that i get to watch a community that i helped grow kill itself


Nah, we're just emo kids cutting our wrists. There will always be a leftypol community.


> weirdo tankie goon clique
i thought they were anarkids


Schrodinger's ideology. We are whatever you don't like.


File: 1629185382591-0.jpg (19.75 KB, 326x352, what.jpg)

File: 1629185382591-1.jpg (121.84 KB, 1000x670, kleroterion.jpg)

>we pioneered democratic management of imageboards
rofl what? leftypol communities have never had anything that could be described as democratic in their entire existence across multiple websites. I suggest you learn what the heck democracy is if you're going to consider yourself on the left.


can't tell if i find your gimmick tedious, or exactly the sort of strange obsession that we need more of.


>feel free to give any example at all,
easy, suppression of the creation of a union


that is not at all what was proposed, actually, a detailed proposal was laid out, which i asked mods to vote on


isnt there already a user congress?


What is this matrix-IRC bridge shit? are you saying that I don't have to use a gay ass matrix account to go to the matrix room anymore?



Where should we set up version control (to replace GitHub)?


File: 1629346394107.png (897.57 KB, 976x927, gudnnice.png)

there are also at least 3 leftypol boards on other sites


hot take: why is this a problem? leftypol is a attitude not a single website. Why is splitting bad and merging good? maybe grow the site instead and let whoever wants to split split. No one fucking cares about disc.ords splitting, why should we care about imageboards?


yeah I dont think its a bad thing it actually makes leftypol p much indestructible even if not very popular


It is better to concentrate everyone for more discussion.


Sorry for the obnoxious post it's necessary and this is the most appropriate place.
For whatever people's opinion it's just not safe in case anyone was curious about browsing the board to compare post quality on both sites like I was. It's not worth it.


I don't see anything, is it the pinktext link on a naked girl? That's a spammer that hits almost every imageboard, residual background noise. Unfortunately, they're understaffed and not diversified in location enough to catch it for hours.


>not diversified in location enough
That's a big understatement, they are all american.


It wouldn't be bad per se. But the issue is when one of those groups lets whatever they have taken control of fall into disrepair, to put it in neutral terms. It happened with space_ / D0llars and it will happen with Zero's clown brigade.


it would only be a problem if sites weren't all growing. bad/nonexistant modding can also kill a site


Force anon


The events: all mods are retarded narcissists who hate the left


File: 1629475122813.png (193.47 KB, 400x400, 124632874581.png)

Cope and seethe. GTFO self important wrecking cuck.


It was a straight up topic image and there's an onionlink that keeps getting posted for an imageboard with it. They must have got it but I saw people complaining in their /meta/ that the mods weren't effectively dealing with it.


Pasq is a little bitch kek, can’t face me like a man


Yeah I am scared of spam, that's it.


>claimed the union hadn’t developed
>tried to pass this off as true
>in fact he himself deleted union threads and inhibited the union
>on this being pointed out to him, muted posters

Yes, spam. Hahaha. You are a little fuckwit


Again never did that.
There is a difference between idea and implementation.
Also get a bunch of wankers in a matrix chat is not a real idea.


Buts that’s what you mods are :-)


Leftypol is going to split again and again and again until there are 5-10 inactive leftist chans because the CIA/FBI demands it.


>The "modocracy" is restored
Evidently not when it excludes some of the mods.


The monumental failure of the mod team is their inability to recognize that the positions of moderator and board/site/server owner is the reason why this retarded bullshit keeps fucking happening over and over again. You faggots aren't willing to take the leap and recognize that a website inherently has a governmenal power structure - shit like voting on policies isn't LARPing and people who say it is are just stick-in-the-mud cucks. Either take the steps necessary to resolving this issue of power for good, or keep doing your "mitigation" and "vetting" until the next drama explosion. If anything, the real LARP is in how leftypol has continuously recreated the same conflicts of 20th century western leftoids, this time truly as a farce.
Of course, there's also the fact that leftism is plagued by power-hungry psychopaths and narcissists, but let's keep quiet on that for as long as possible…


How exactly do you propose we eliminate the positions of site/server owner and moderator, technically speaking? It is a fact that somebody needs to upkeep the server, pay the bills, and so on, and someone will ultimately have control over the accounts.


stfu wrecker cuck, your opinion doesn't matter, back to your dead containment site


Server owner? Not sure. I don't think that particular role can be eliminated without switching to some alternative form of hosting a website. My guess is it would involve P2P or federated networking, or a different protocol even.
As for other staff, there are numerous alternatives worth considering and it's entirely up to debate. One solution I can think of involves users self-moderating - allow users to "locally" censor posters as they see fit (client-side) and let them publish blocklists that others can subscribe to. The only centralized moderation necessary would just be to keep the site running by banning illegal shit. It's not perfect but it would significantly reduce the need for moderation.
Ultimately, whether or not anyone will put in the effort to discussing and realizing such possibilities is the true question here.


I haven't been here for a couple of months and apparently everyone started sperging out again? Apparently Zul was Leninhat? Apparently Comatoast is gone but the dickhead Caballo remains? Can I get a quick rundown?

Also top kek at the Unite election results. The Trots have won and become incredibly reasonable moderates in the blink of an eye.


File: 1629934644861.png (28.89 KB, 482x75, ClipboardImage.png)

Hahahaha maate is this that retarded business owner that calls everyone Tarquin while sending his kids to private school?


This list is fucking hilarious no matter what you think about the bastard jannies.

>probably a lib

>probably /pol/
> a strange one. Certainly lots of legitimate poosts, not afraid to post pro trans or BBC or soyjacks, in moderation when topics arise. My guess is idpol'd 4chan left, generally fine
>deepfake porn of AOC
>more BPD thot spam



lol it probably is. I know who a few of those IP profiles are, including my own. Sad part is that the jannies have been doing this all for free


File: 1629935113463.png (18.02 KB, 556x298, ClipboardImage.png)



IP profiling is sketchy shit on an anonymous board but this guy was a complete fucking anti-communist schizo who would constantly push Blue Labour positions, encourage people to wreck the left, and ultimately turned out to be a medium sized employer. Like I'm not a mod, but I know a few Anon posters, like we have the gypsy guy, the Manc student guy, rug seller, but this guy was basically a completely insane Blairite fascist who would shit up numerous threads in his quest to kill Irish republicans and stop socialists. A total lunatic. It's actually a plus in my case that the mods had a file on him, because he's a fascist moron.


wtf is that?
Is that my new IP profile lol. Don't care because I'm using a VPN, don't trust you glowing uyghurs anymore.


>> a strange one. Certainly lots of legitimate poosts, not afraid to post pro trans or BBC or soyjacks, in moderation when topics arise. My guess is idpol'd 4chan left, generally fine
I feel like this could be me but my notes would certainly include threatening to blow up a hot dog stand to stick it to small businesses and a threat to sexually assault American elected officials in there, which I have been banned for more than posting soyjaks.


File: 1629937661278.png (27.25 KB, 857x452, ClipboardImage.png)



Yeah but he is not cringe as fuck? You retards are happy being a CIA proxy and would rather have reddit tier discussion than doxxing state agents that commit crimes. You're fucking cucked fam.


slower but the mod style is better


how's that user democracy going on leftychan?


the board is slower but the mod style is better we've been through this. Do you know how lame it is coming here in this thread to shill yourself and your actions anonymously?


Oh wow you get more posts, but ignore the problems posted in this thread. You are a bunch of cucks obsessed with keeping a site that has always collapsed and reformed from collapsing.
Why do you cucks cry so much about people doxxing others here? Because you're a bitch.


File: 1629934453988.png (61.56 KB, 538x877, 1629270129789.png)

janny drama basically. There's a new site (which is really the old site) ran by coma, zul and watermelon. Can't name the site because mods would nuke my post. This site currently has more users but the vibe here isn't great tbh. And yes, caballo is still a mod and unsurprisingly he was the janny which initially caused the split.
Don't know the exact ideological divides which caused the split, think it was libs+avatarfags v nazbols. Or at least that's what each side calls eachother anyway.
Oh yeah it also turned out that the mods have been profiling users of this site for the last 6 months, picrel. That was an interesting revelation.

>Also top kek at the Unite election results. The Trots have won and become incredibly reasonable moderates in the blink of an eye.

ikr it's such a meme result, I love it


That was pretty much the reasoning the jannies gave for it. To allow them to distinguish between genuine posters and recurring trolls. Judging by that list they went a bit crazy with it though and profiled most frequent users. I don't want to say glowie honeypot, but that is certainly what it looks like.


nah mate I've had that one confirmed, it's not you


My proudest moment on this site is getting sick of people whining about small business owners and declaring a terrorist threat against random hot dog stands from 2000km away.


tldr, some mods attempted a coup and failed. the coup started because a mod was going to be kicked out for being a drama shit stirrer.
This person is pushing their narrative for who knows what purpose. Probably to maintain a failed split, so beware.

Taking notes on IPs is an invaluable function of moderating effectively. We can also see all the posts you've made with an IP.

The fact that comatoast allegedly "just found out about this" means he's either a liar or such a bad and absent mod that he didn't know we were using these despite mentioning them, and I was even asking mods to remember to leave notes if they can be useful to other mods.

Comatoast is painting himself as a martyr and is taking you all for a spin.

He was also pushing the idea that we're not open source (because we just launched and things take time ffs). Pushing fear, uncertainty and doubt that we might be running malicious code.

1. Even if the source is on github, it is still absurdly trivial to run malicious code and still be "up to date" with the github repo.

2. Their own site was not running what was shown on github. It was revealed when they had to roll back some changes after Coma made some aesthetic fixes.

Don't let yourself be taken for a spin so easily. You're leftists. Get the fact straight and understand what and why things happened.
bruh. This is wrecker behavior.
What, are the feds going to come after you because a mod put "spams soyjak" on your IP? If you visit this site without a VPN or tor that is already more than enough evidence for feds. they don't need our stupid notes.

Your schizo shit is very harmful. You should feel ashamed and do self- crit.


>Cloudfare provides an incomparable and invaluable service to prevent DDOS and spam.
But it's run by the CIA and stops you doing anything like doxxing a murderous police officer?


for transparency, which mod are you?


Is this a janny trying to shock me?


>This post is a current mod
No shit retard.

How's your democratic union going on leftychan? I remember you shilling .net so much, but now I see you quiet.
Cloudfare provides an incomparable and invaluable service to prevent DDOS and spam.
Yes. I'm a mod, as my post clearly implies.
You've been lied to.
Sometimes I write "positive" notes like "a leftist" or "good IP". It takes some time to figure out if someone is genuine or not, so sometimes I just leave short notes to myself that might be useful for others. Otherwise I need to re-read a lot of posts.


Did you actually end up contacting the mods about your profile?
Socdem you're such a sneed lmao


i thought they mostly noted people who were banned or were at risk of being banned because they said borderline things that might get them banned if there wasn't a note saying "this guy's actually alright he just really hates italians"

or at least that's how i've synthesized the explanations given to protect my ego after discovering there isn't, in fact, a secret mod essay about my brilliance.


sounds legendary, shame I must've missed that one


I'm too tired to reply to each point in this, sorry.
But to other anons reading, this post is a biased version of events written by someone clearly dedicated to the .org side of the split. Keep that in mind when reading this.


I brought up Comatoast in my opening post because he has based opinions on how the site should be run. Why are we on the meme American CDN which logs all of our activity? There's no use worrying about wiretaps when the admins have installed one for them. On the other hand we have Caballo, a guy that backed the position that destroyed the British left, having his only public appearance here insulting everyone that leftybritpol consists of, blaming them for the outcomes of his actions.
Caballo is British and disliked by leftybritpol because of his interactions with them. I don't know what anyone else thinks of Comatoast but I like him because he wants to disconnect us from the grid of the Five Eyes. It's honestly sad that he's the only guy that cares about this.
Why are we still connected to Cloudfare?


This post is a current mod spinning their version of events btw. In fact, its a lot more complicated and the mods on here aren't exactly the innocent party


Brits do what they want tbqh fam, we're our own community on the site.


If you have a better alternative, feel free to join the tech team and we can implement it together. We're always looking for help.
You're right, sorry. I'll stop.


the place you seek is called the same as this but with .net instead of .org


you're not even a brit why are you in our brit thread shitting it up with your mod drama


i asked a few times in the threads about it but yeah apparently nothing
or maybe after having asked "this guy reads" was added.


>Caballo is British and disliked by leftybritpol because of his interactions with them
when did this come in?
the only thing i can remember is that time where we were made a cyclical thread which was ages ago. (on bunkerchan?)


really gotta get the thread back up to speed tbh. missing the days where /leftybritpol/ could be the fastest thing on the site.


cloudflare sending all my data to the CIA i can handle but eating my flag's just not on.
legal note: i will "handle" sending my data to the CIA by making full use of all legal recourse available, don't do it cloudflare. follow GDPR to the letter like a right-leaning uni labour society paranoid-ly guiding its sign-up sheet.


Is it not lefty chan dot org ?
I'm not taking a cordial invitation to fix the problem as seriously as you booting the only guy that cared about the problem. You didn't even take it seriously when he was a founder, and I'm supposed to think you care when you have a split? Come on man.


>coma is a founder
lmao. he doesn't even code. He can't do sys admin shit either. He just likes to bark orders and get angry when people don't do what he wants.


>missing the days where /leftybritpol/ could be the fastest thing on the site.
the thing is, its not even funny any more. How much more can you even meme in this meme country? What more meme tier shit could even top how much of a fucking piece of viral content this wheezing, diabetic, high blood pressure, cholesterol clogged country is.

Its not even funny any more. Its just shit. Everything about it is cringe, our shit little shops, our pathetic public transport, roads, hospitals, schools.

It all is just fucking shit and its not even warm like in spain

Name a good thing about the UK, you can't


>when did this come in?
When Corbyn lost the election he blamed every Lexiter. From people that were Lexit from the start to people that thought we should back leave because we would be annihilated otherwise. He went all out and was a proper nasty cunt blaming us for everything that went wrong.


absolutely, the mods on .net are very chill for supposed power tripping nazbol wreckers


not too bad actually, I vote on all the shit in the matrix chat once a day and it gets done. Seems cool to me.


Is .net open to doxxing agents, despite it being nominally illegal at the CDN location?


>not too bad actually, I vote on all the shit in the matrix chat once a day and it gets done. Seems cool to me.
post shit that's been done. post evidence.


no lmao


Mate it's 1:40 in the morning and I'm on my phone. I really can't be arsed posting evidence. Most of the votes so far have been on setting up the voting process anyway and the big shit takes time to implement.

Also could you stop shitting up the brirpol thread with your obsessive janny shit and fix the fucking mobile app. The .org app is completely fucked atm, while the .net app is working perfectly lol


>And yes, caballo is still a mod and unsurprisingly he was the janny which initially caused the split.
Caballo was the main impetus behind the whole thing. Moody and Zul were the main people bickering.


>Caballo was the main impetus behind the whole thing
Caballo wasn't the main impetus behind the whole thing. The fact that Sage didn't counter this lie since their entry to the modchat was the spark that started this speaks volumes.


Reminder that Sage is actually part of the Watermelon clique and partially responsible for this whole thing, he pretty much wants leftychan to annex leftypol and not the other way around.
He should be permabanned in sight


Jesus H. Christ
As I explained to Coma, who ignored the notes the last eight months, before throwing a week-long tantrum or something, a ban is a note too with the IP being hindered from posting additionally (if you wanna look at things upside down like a complete moron).


Look, that is an interesting idea. But is it really fair to call us a 'monumental failure' and so on for not pioneering some crazy never-before-seen type of P2P internet (yes I'm sure there's a few examples of similar things but no big/successful ones)? Our huge failing is that we actually use the internet as it is and not as we might wish it was? Come on, try be a bit less of an idealist.

I didn't cause the split. Sorry to disappoint. My importance is greatly overstated to this whole thing.

Cloudflare is probably compromised, sure, but in this day and age, we couldn't run the site without it, or a comparable tool. Machine spam can make any imageboard unusable otherwise.

Clearly I don't agree with leftybritpol. That's why I barely post there anymore. Coma is not a bad guy but his views are, well, idealistic to say the least.

It's easy to be 'chill' when you don't do anything.

Indeed. I'm done with his whining.


I have never had sexual relations with that namefag.


File: 1630112230807.jpg (48.35 KB, 369x365, 4 plus 1 is CABALLO.jpg)

>you destroyed
>only anti-idpol leftist site in the English speaking world
>some masturbation sessions with an obese autist pretending to be a woman
I have no fucking idea what this post is even meant to be angry at. The first two aren't true and I don't even know what is meant by the third.
>I know how furfag culture works
Then you get the rope along with your furfag friends.


I have a suggestion, other imageboard that I frequent has this "raid/invasion mode" basically what it does is that it blocks all posting from new IP's and only allows posts from old IP's that have been around for like a week, basically a white list that blocks all raiders while allowing a considerable amount of regular posters to keep posting.

This could be very useful when /pol/ or someone else is raiding the site, sure you will lock some new visitors and phoneposters (you can use a message telling people to come back later) for a while but it could be very useful to keep the site safe when raids happen, this is not supposed to be a permanent mode, but something that can be activated when raids happen and turned off later.


I considered a more basic version of this idea a while ago, but like you mentioned, many posters use phone networks or other ISPs where their IP address regularly changes without them knowing, along with Tor being blocked. The collateral damage may even outweigh the benefits in my opinion.
I also thought about the idea of pre-sharing a bypass phrase each week (like 'peruperu') so posters can bypass a total block during a raid. Unfortunately, I feel users grill too much to take note of it and would just not know it when they need it, and a lurking /pol/ user can easily invalidate it by reposting the password.

For future reference, please put suggestions in a more relevant thread or create a new thread if none exists.


>is it really fair to call us a 'monumental failure' and so on for not pioneering some crazy never-before-seen type of P2P internet
>Our huge failing is that we actually use the internet as it is and not as we might wish it was?
the biggest failure of you and your ilk was one of recognition and analysis, not inaction
>Come on, try be a bit less of an idealist.
you don't know what that word means

Unique IPs: 78

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