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File: 1624308966503.png (37.9 KB, 300x100, banners.php.png)


>a picture of a namefag showing his butthole is a banner
This is a new low, even for youleft_communismLeft Communism


I had no idea that was a banner. That's hilarious and cool.


I was on the fence about it but OP has convinced me this banner is good.


File: 1624336208874.jpeg (11.47 KB, 536x572, images.jpeg)

>>7661left_communismLeft Communism


what do you expect when you let trаnnіеs in charge of shit



proposed replacement


File: 1624454242461.gif (1.23 MB, 254x254, soytard.gif)

>Can I just get a free subscription to your onlyfans?


don't they use different pronouns currently since HRT


it should scroll down slowly and stop just before the risky partsalbaniaAlbania


The original BO, "Che" was a transhumanist


I'm pretty sure that's just a meme spread by asshurt /pol/yps, I don't remember any actual proof of Che being trans.

Also that's a terrible example since Che was the one who ruined OG leftypol in the first place,


It's a meme that started on the board and retarded /pol/yps ran with it because they are OBSESSED


I can confirm that Che was a cis male (not that it matters)


are you a polyp ? no he wasnt


WTF? How do we escape the problem of only absolute psychos would want to become jannies?sabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


File: 1625387989012.png (70.01 KB, 1174x304, untitled.png)



That banner's still fucking active.


Of course he is. They stick out like a sore thumb when they attempt to talk about leftypol's past and/or trans people.




File: 1625842800984.jpg (127.68 KB, 1152x1256, still_here,_still_awkward.jpg)

Is there, like, a process we can go through to have this get formally reviewed by the mods and get an explanation of why the banner is still here if they don't remove it? Finding some asshole supporting white supremacy in a post that doesn't get deleted due to a policy centered around containing rightoids to the threads they start is understandable to me, but this banner gives me the impression that the site itself is endorsing white nationalism. Sketch vibes.


Lurk moar


They update the banners like once every 2 months


oh no it's just keep happening! it's almost as if having competition is essential for power hungry dramaqueens to remain in balance


He doesn't need to "lurk moar". It's inexcusable behavior rooted in virgin mods being hard for a fucking idiot. It's a despicable situation and a low point for the community.


File: 1625848110306.png (51.07 KB, 337x255, july-9-still-there.png)

July 9
Still there




It's just a fucking flag, stop being such a faggot about it


>he doesn't
don't lie, op


I will not support the erasure of the distinction between /leftypol/ and /pol/.
You do you, simp.


>/pol/ is when funny flag


Not OP, leftcom is a joke.
>don't lie
It's true. The implication behind him needing to "lurk more" in this case, concretely, would entail keeping oneself up-to-date on the lowest form of board content on this website, which is /b/, the home of Shay and the rest of the most disturbed anons in this community, but here specifically the porn threads. Why would this be a necessity for anyone finding a leftist (communist) imageboard community? Rhetorical question; it fucking isn't.


File: 1625850869487.jpg (89.83 KB, 1152x962, not_same,_schizo.jpg)

We're not even arguing from the same place, the other poster is upset about the sexual desires of the mods and I'm concerned that this site is culturally drifting towards more acceptance of white supremacist imagery.


The crux of my argument isn't that the mods are gay for Shay, it's the fact that this then clouds their judgement enough for them to think that having this as a banner is somehow excusable. I agree with you that this could only be interpreted as far-right appeasement signaling by most mentally sane visitors that we want to attract to this site.


lol the only reason you'd bitch about a banner is if you were a big stinky virgin lol


Yeah brah, you don't even care lol, that's why you're so adamant in defending a reactionary banner on /leftypol/!


idk why you're so mad I think the juxtaposition of a bbc addicted femboy spreading his cheeks for the Internet while having a Confederate flag hanging in a McBedroom window is pretty funny


You can probably join the congress chat and ask about it if you want to be certain mods see it, or even just posting here like you did.
There is a big difference between:
>OP: i dont like this
> >>7936 : i dont like this
>You: (actually explaining why you object)
The first two are shitposts that will be ignored.

The banner is a reference to a famous picture of a known leftist who took nude photos of themselves for bunkerchan and later leftypol.org, in front of a gifted Confederate flag they keep as a cover.
Within context, the image is obviously not an endorsement of conservative Confederate beliefs, if anything it is a mockery of them. The banner is not reactionary.

>>7944 makes a decent point; for those without context, this image is a confederate flag being given a place at the top of the site. It is a poor first impression.
A counterpoint is that /leftypol/ is not a hugbox. It's literally titled "Leftist Politically Incorrect". Reactionary users and ideas are allowed to be posted here, and always have been, so long as good faith discussion is possible. Memes like Nazbol Gang are /leftypol/ originals. And surely people will realize the irony in a nominally leftist site featuring an symbol of a right-wing ideology with the text "leftypol". It's a reference to site lore, a traditional role of banners.

It might be possible to replace it with the newer picture of the pan-African flag next to the confederate flag.


>It might be possible to replace it with the newer picture of the pan-African flag next to the confederate flag.
Of course it is possible. It is also widely supported. The mods simply aren't doing it. That's part of the frustration expressed in this thread.


People are just too lazy to do it. Fuck it, I'll do it myself I guess


The pan african flag better fly higher, and on the right because that is god's side

who gives a fuck


Okay I did it myself, this might have gotten done faster if somebody complaining in this thread made one though, just saying.

t. Caballo


>It is also widely supported.
Quote more than three posts prior to yours supporting that proposal.
This should be easy if it was widely supported.



No prob, it's in the next pull request.


>>7677 >>7677 >>7677 >>7677 >>7677
this ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
simple as


It was already made


Now fixed, anchoring.

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