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They had the last laugh after all.


is this the dialectic in motion


I think someone did tell d0llars and he did laugh at their predicament. He won.


Watermelon nuked the bunker and these guys made him a mod just to get their whole site wrecked by him later on.

Absolute madman.


Sounds pretty dumb honestly.


File: 1628930210074.png (150 KB, 1656x285, 1610464750851.png)


I mean, the /leftypol/ with the older moderators haven't taken an L yet.

/leftypol/ vs /leftpol/? /leftypol/ won.
leftypol vs bunkerchan? leftypol won.
leftypol vs leftychan?


Leftypol mods try to hard to be based boomers


Literally what many of us said would happen. Some of the biggest criticism from users the day after the bunkerchan nuke was directed against the fact that they were rewarding a dubious wrecker with a mod position, and look now. You really can't make this shit up.


/leftypol/ always wins


If the server owner hadn't betrayed leftypol, watermelon wouldn't have had any power.
The weak link was the server owner, not the nuke-ist.


That does not justify nuking the bunker then get rewarded a position of mod. As >>10008 mentioned many were criticizing having watermelon on the mod team to begin with. I remember this very well, and so here we are where Watermelon once again tried to seize power for himself larpping as a junta, and now look. If the warning was heeded long again well there wouldnt be here now.


yeah or maybe it would have happened sooner, since the vote to kick him as mod was what precipitated this whole fiasco to begin with


A mod said that "rewarding watermelon for nuking the bunker" is false, check out the thread on leftypol or meta (I don't remember where the mod said that)


They got caught spamming Nazi shit on the other board though, that's some nasty-shit no matter what side you are.


There's literally no proof of this, that will be the site's own holodomor.


Posting proof of that gets you banned though


Have you not learned any lessons from false flagging?


They literally weren't. One of the leftychan mods even capcoded to say it known /pol/ spammers from back in the FP raids.
[citation needed]


>Dindu nuffin!

Nasty people tbh.


I'm not white.


create a megaoverboard for all 3 of the sites


That would imply cooperation and the autists in the staff of all three sites are unaware of how that works.


Nah, you can just write a scapper that takes the posts and puts them all together.

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