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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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Hello citizens of /mu/ I would just like to remind everyone that A comrade of ours is hosting his own radio-station called ProlesWin and we feel this would be a good way to get this radio station some traffic. You can listen in your browser, or, you can listen with VLC Media player @ http://proles.win:8000/radio.ogg Please give it a listen and support your fellow comrades!


>Please give it a listen and support your fellow comrades!
Im gonna do that


Good stuff. How many songs are there?


Pretty sure it just plays indefinently. Heard rage on there. Really enjoying it.




File: 1622721216172.png (2.49 KB, 349x45, ClipboardImage.png)

im the only one having the same problem?


Nah, I got the same issue here.


File: 1623319171880.jpg (151.36 KB, 976x1077, 1623213782867.jpg)

The own of the server is having technical difficulties. He'll be bringing it back up with in the current weeks. You can also find them on their board @ board.prolesphere.one or alternatively the onion http://hbovvpi5bursxxga7excdp6axzf3zna3gy2pgvmlobrd5pqxj6sq2zad.onion/

Also it's worth nothing that the program was actually designed so that multiple people could host their own music.
Worth noting.


the problem as i understand it is that the scripts available online for running and updating the radio service are ass, and so the owner is trying to write new files for the radio and juggle life.
The eventual plan is to allow people to host their own music that they stream through the radio, multiple stations, talk shows, and scheduled broadcasts of radio dramas and fun stuff like that. Once there are more channels and the service or config files or whatever the problem is gets set up from scratch.
If you want to help (and know how to work these stupid matrix invites): https://matrix.to/#/!xwpPcsZLwcQDxfvTPq:matrix.org
or it's prolesphere.one hosted on matrix.org, to ask any questions or offer help



They didn't have to ask for anything, I'd support them either way



File: 1631571870856.png (210.32 KB, 600x800, proleswinradio.png)

Radio is back up. Decided to split the trash, death, doom metal and the rest.

http://proles.win | http://proles.win/dead/
streams are:

Always looking for people willing to help. Last time it died I got distracted by IRL stuff. More hands on deck would help its longevity. Next step, I need to expand the storage capacity. Turns out gigabytes are easy to fill. The room on matrix is #proleswin:matrix.org. Most likely a temporary room, because I am looking into better ways of communicating, like XMPP/Jabber.


What happened to the board?


Same thing that happened to the radio, I forgot to renew the hosting because I got distracted by IRL things and I missed the deadline. If you want to prevent that from happening in the future, come help!

The board will be up, in a slightly different configuration, soon enough.


File: 1631836559222.jpg (57.01 KB, 640x480, Goat.jpg)

fuck yeah


What kind of help is needed?


- I am currently the only one managing playlists and music files, it would be nice if someone else was helping with that.

- I'm not great with javascript and web design, someone could make a nicer front page for proles.win, so that all radios are on one page, and selectable. When you select a radio, the background should change. I imagine that for someone good with JS this would be trivial to do.

- People can do radio shows or DJ music straight from their PCs, too.

- Would be awesome if someone ran a text-to-speech over news headlines/summaries for the day (or biweekly) then those could be played throughout the day.

You can find me on Matrix,
or preferably on XMPP, my address is [email protected], room is [email protected]



This is great, I discovered a bunch of great music thanks to this. Great taste.


Hello you have satisfied the red army faction


>>Did you kown that anarcho egoists have their own revolutionary music…

Depth Of My Ego by Matt McGinn


i came across this on youtube years ago. it's terrible ngl


So is proles.win dead now?



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