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Should I even bother getting nice equipment if I'm not a "music expert" whatever that means? And if so, what do you suggest?
I want to upgrade the shitty $10 PC speakers and generic headphones I've been using for the last decade but I have no idea where to go from there. Not even sure if I've got the ear for it.


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Investing in nice audio equipment is absolutly worth it
Even more in the price span you are in
10$ speakers and 40$ make a huge difference


I know you asked for headphones but there's pretty good cheap IEMs on Aliexpress like the Tin T2 or the BLON3.




Reminder that center speakers are useless for music.


My personal setup is Sennheiser HD600 headphones JDS Labs o2 Amplifier and Topping D10s DAC



I can recommend for relatively low - medium priced setupchristian_communismChristian Communism


Focus on purchasing good quality headphones, first decide whether you want in-ear headphones or over-ear headphones. If you exercise often you might want to try in-ear headphones. A good model is the Linsoul KZ ZS10 which is cheap at $50. It's quite sensitive though so you might notice some static if you use it with a phone. A good cheap over-ear headphone is the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X which you will need to amplify, the FiiO E-10K is a decent and cheap amp/dac combo that can drive those. Don't worry too much about DAC, 99% of DACs in phones, mobos, etc. deliver transparent sound quality, the only reason why they might be a problem is electrical interference.

If you want to LARP you can get high quality Soviet headphones like Echo TDS 16 and the Amphiton TDS 15 for cheap online.
These are quite expensive options for normal people


IEMs when going outside. Good sound, nice isolation and easy to carry. Cheap recommendations: BLON BL03, Tin Audio T2/T4
Open back headphones when in your room. Cheap recommendation: SHP9500
Closed back headphones if your place is noisy. Cheap recommendation: ATH-M40x
I wouldn't bother with speakers unless you regularly bring friends or other people to your room.


I tried to get into speakers but that was a whole can of worms that I was too lazy to get into. Buying the "right" headphones seemed much easier and straightforward and I'm a lonely autist anyway.


Speaking of ATH-M40X, I just laid my 8 year old pair to rest, my new pair of HiFiMan Sundaras arrived today. Really excellent headphones if anyone's wondering.marxMarx


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>If you exercise often you might want to try in-ear headphones.
When I want to exercise to music I use ear clips.


Is that Abu Lahab's album?



I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD 206s. They've probably put out a similar pair in recent years which'll have a later model number. They come for around $70 to $80 iirc, but this pair will probably be more expensive now since I don't think they make this specific model no. anymore.

I'd go with a model like this with a long, thin cord - better for dancing around than thick, curly cords. Over-ear always.

Past $80 (or maybe $90 but I'm pretty sure inflation hasn't hit good headphones that hard yet) I wouldn't bother. Some audiophiles with more dollars than sense talk about buying headphones in the hundreds, but an $80 pair will give you everything you need.


for pc get low-end over the ear headphones that way you get great quality and won't damage your ears. doesn't really matter if you have the ears for it.

same thing for phone get over the ears


Fun fact: when you buy shitty speakers or shitty earphones or shitty audio components in general people tend to compensate for their terrible quality by turning the volume up.



Sennheiser wired headphones you can get for like $150 are really good and comfy. I use the HD975.

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