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Where do you get your music? Ideally lossless.


Redacted.chchristian_communismChristian Communism


/mu/'s sharethreads.




Did you get invited to Redacted.ch or did you pass the interview?gentooGentoo


bros I miss what.cd so badly…







The amount of new music I've discovered through Spotify recommendations is worth being a data pig.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Yeah but have you considered the act of go fuck yourself?


Ah, I forgot to mention Bandcamp. Also very good site to get music I like to use.



All the cool netlabels upload their stuff there.


Lossless music is peak PMC


Breathing is peak PMC


Youtube. Really that simple


There seems to clues on the site that they have a mirror site running somewhere but I was afraid to prod around because it leads you to a bin file download once you get past first clue and I wasn't sure if there was something on it malicious. My assumption is the bin file may contain a message converted into binary code.

Spotify is terrible for musicians especially any that aren't top 10 charters.


>terrible for musicians
>t. someone who pirates their music

lolinternational_brigadeInternational Brigade


Pirating is better for musicians than Spotify because it doesn't use your money to contribute to the record labels of other artists you don't even listen to that helps keep the status quo of what is popular which helps keep them lesser known outside their niche genre. Musicians primarily make their money from live shows these days because how much their record label takes from music sales and sometimes merchandise. Though ticket sales are unfortunately controlled by corporations too so they still get screwed there too. Point was if there is an ad revenue and subscription setup for listening to music you should use something that actually distributed to the actual music you actually listen to not other unrelated artists and record labels. If you aren't using some ad or subscription based service then if that saves you money from using less of your internet assuming if you pay for your internet that means you can spend more on shows. Spotify has a retarded setup even beyond the standard, it's shaping a new standard.


>Pirating is better for musicians than Spotify
No, it's not. Whereas an artist would get at least cents from Spotify, the same artist gets nothing when you pirate their music.


Interview, why?christian_communismChristian Communism


>pirating is better for musicians
holy fucking cope
I have nothing against pirating, but faggots like you who try to "morally" justify it are worse than normie moralfags who think it's stealing.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Pirating is pretty based. You're basically ripping off the suits which is awesome in and of itself and as for artists, they appreciate it more if you even listen not to mention promote their songs instead of pocketing a few pennies, at least if we're not talking about huge names who boosted their egos to the point of thinking they're the second coming of Christ.

My first time pirating was a cool drum solo collection with an extraordinary orchestral piece left in there for some reason, it was pretty great finding that gem.


Interesting! Thanks for sharing!


>My first time pirating
This was my first pirated song


mine was soulja boy


>pirating is better for musicians
>pirating and direct donation is better for musicians
triple based by gorillaz


Demix, soulseek and rutracker.



Oh no whatever shall they do without the tiny fraction of a penny they could have gotten for you playing a song on Shitify that those generous porkys bestowed upon them as they swim in their sea of money? If you pirate music there is literally nothing that says you can't have money go to the artist later on by other means. There even are artists that encourage people to pirate their music.



site:rutracker.org flac + whatever you're searching for


>Lossless music is peak PMC
Shutup faggot zoomer. Side note. Will we ever get over the MP3 faggotry of the 00s? Before, every generation of recorded music release, the recordings get higher fidelity. Vinyl to CDs. Then a downgrade because 00 data storage capabilities were shit. But still a decade plus later. Still the same garbage.



>Lossless music is peak PMC
Retard pseud, lossless is mainly for archiving because it can be converted to any format without any issues.




and? if you want to be supported, do shows and try to sell physical. all spotify does is give false/untrustworthy inputs for record labels trying to figure out what's popular or not


I made three musics. Also, piracy and occasionally buying from indie musicians


This, and/or editing/production.


That's how torrenting and P2P works.


you have to dox your home IP
nope, you should be allowed to use a VPN or you're fucking weird
also you probably shouldn't be mentioning the principles of P2P when talking about private trackers. glasshouses and all


Youtube to mp3 converter


I mostly listen to Japanese doujin music these days:
For the most part I'm happy if I find non-bitraped versions of the songs I want at all… lossy, lossless, piracy, online, physical cd, I'll take anything so long as it's high quality (and I can afford it.)

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