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I saw there were a lot of old school hip hop threads so it made me want to put up some of my music. This is some old stuff from years ago. No names because I'm actually not trying to promote my brand.

This is a song I recorded five years ago with a rapper from my neighborhood. Project fell through because of complications so I just have a handful of songs in various states of completion. Beats/recording/mixing all me.


Here's a video of the rapper doing a different song.


Yeah that's a real Crip set and yeah many people have been shot and died right outside that liquor store. Yeah I've been going there since kindergarten


I'ma transcribe the lyrics since maybe you can't hear. Track 1:

So cold,
how it all unfolds,
if you listen to it,
it'll touch your soul,
have your mind spinning,
yeah, outta control,
too much stress,
carry the heavy load,
in this thing called life,
hardwork and sacrifice,
mad decisions,
and at times it ain't nice,
but sure it ain't right,
how they scream at night,
the birth of the fiends,
lost with no sight,
his eyes tell lies,
hurt ones they cry,
lost souls, get tortured by the fire,
some thoughts inspire,
never altered my desires,
my destination, yep,
I'm only going higher,
words spoken,
like priceless art,
constructed brilliance,
how I carried on,
from a division,
to another dimension.
and so I stay,
bidding the competition,
I never knew,
it would be like this,
from the 2-16s uygha,
living through the 90s.
Still right here,
Up in the cut,
yeah, doing my thing,
and still living it up.


Simple how it is,
how it all gets done,
we get it how we live,
shorts, we taking none,
I give it to you live,
for real with live spit,
cuz all I do,
I came to catch wreck,
It get's cold, when you looking out the window,
hands get froze, girl when the wind blows.


that last track is really good, like some madlib thing


>that last track is really good, like some madlib thing
Thank you. I'm from LA and been been involved/around the "beat scene" Madlib, Flying Lotus, etc. I know Mr. Dibiase, the most famous person I know, former Red Bull beat comp winner from LA


I'm also friends with the guy who played the drums on Phaycyde's 'Runnin'

I know them both from this "beat cypher" that they hold in Leimert Park which is right by Crenshaw Mall.

I saw Madlib live one time at this Coachella party. It was a Stones Throw/Brainfeeder party. It was the shit. I just searched for Coachella parties, and all you had to do was RSVP on twitter. I drove out for just that one day but at the party they gave me free shoes, free BBQ, free bar service, all at the backyard of this mansion. Amazing. I saw Madlib, Mono/Poly, Flying Lotus, Madlib, Erykah Badu!


I didn't make this beat. I believe he told me his nephew who died prematurely made this beat and other earlier recording he had. I think his nephew might've gotten shot.


Feel freee to post your stuff. What kind of music do you make anon?



Lord, it looks like a bunch of my posts got purged and I have zero clue why. I mostly post in /siberia/ so it's weird that this would happen.

I'll reiterate - all really good, 3rd best.

I mostly make some lo-fi quasi-country stuff with minimalistic percussion now (could just call it folk rock) 'cuz my last two bands were destroyed by COVID and mania respectively, but I'd kinda rather post the band shit. When there's a band to work with the material always leans more into deathrock with psych elements.


The playing sounds really good to me. I'm not sure what kind of microphone set up you are using with the drums, but I can't hardly hear the kick drum. I'd definitely play around with what kind of microphone you are using and/or try boosting the bass on the kick. The bass as well could stand being a little more bassier. Turn up that guitar too, I can barely hear it.

I'd probably turn down the delay effects alot. I think having it that loud with that long a delay could sound interesting in parts but having playing at that level throughout the whole song kind of smothers the instruments/drums/vocals. Manually turning up and down the delay for various parts would probably be the most optimal for a finished record, but for a live setting or if you just want an automatic way to cut through the delay with the instruments would be to duck them with the vocals or something.

Reminds me of some late 60s psych rock. Arthur Brown or Steppenwolf or something. The playing sounds really good and the vocalist too. Just those things I would do different with the mix.


>long a delay
Meant feedback. Be careful with that high of a feedback. Starts creating sonic mud at a certain point.

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