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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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No lord in the heavens made this cosmos,
No worldly lord the prosperity of humankind.
The cosmos is an eternal evolution of the material,
This material shaped for mankind's use by many a laborer.
The work of your hands, laborer, was mankind's yesterday.
On your hands also rests tomorrow.
When the temple of Solomon was being built by an army of laboring
Slaves, meanwhile Solomon was inside
His palace, solving the quarrels of wives.
When the nobleman in France was cursing his failed expedition to
The Russian land, thousands of wives wept for their fallen husbands.
The work of your hands, laborer,
Were the treasures of the lords,
But inside your fist now grows a different kind of tomorrow.
Your hands built the factories and the mines of the land.
Where from dawn to dusk you labor on,
Watch the treasures get carried away.
But if your hands stops laboring, the chimneys go cold,
The machines standing as idle as those who you labor for.
The work of your hands, laborer,
Are the treasures of the lords,
And only your hands can act to bring forth justice.
But for the exploiter,
You alone are not enough, for he will always be hunting on.
And if he meets resistance, he'll point his guns at your brothers.
And when you rise against injustice,
You'll quickly find out,
The exploiter is not just a leech but also a murderer.
Your hands once build the tombs of the Pharaohs.
Yet to be dug is the grave for the exploiters of this entire world.
Inside your fist lies a seed to your freedom eternal.
And it'll once grow into a forest that covers out all injustices.


The ghosts of white power again
Fat in front of me.
Huge dreams of freedom again
Excites me to the song.
Those call, command, and demand
A thousand painful moods.
Anger, love phrases,
Oh, listen to the people and the land.
Oh, listen to the song internationally,
Mink 'oppression gives birth,
Like his cold shackles
The Red Prisoner is now glaring.
They shackle them, press and weigh,
The grooves of anger they eat on the forehead.
Do you see the whip's line,
It blows and beats in every air.
And you, brethren of strange lands,
The sound of blood rings there too.
If you know the strange axes
There are broken doors, oh.
You hear when my song sounds,
The Red Prisoner is singing this.
As true as brotherhood lives,
The axles to be removed are as follows.


Kätten työtä · Kristiina Halkola

Work of Many Hands · Kristiina Halkola
Punavangin Laulu · Arja Saijonmaa

Song of the Red Prisoner · Arja Saijonmaa


Lyrics to Ievan polkka:
You could hear the beat of polka coming from the neighbors
It made my feet titillated.
The mother of Ieva was keeping an eye on her daughter,
But Ieva did fool her for prohibitions don't matter
When dancing to the full.
(Nonsense;last word of this phrase means

Ieva was smiling widely
When people were giving their best wishes.
Every one was sweating
And that violin kept screeching and mourning.
Wetness doesn't bother this guy
When going all out.
(nonsense again)

Mother of Ieva was
humming hymns in the chamber,
When this guy was verging the wive's girl
In the neighbor.
Wives don't bother this guy
When dancing to the full.

There was fun after the playing
I once managed to grab her in my arms.
When going home that witch was arguing
And Ieva started crying.
I told Ieva what's the matter
We will fall across the board again.

I tell the granny to shut her mouth
So I won't ruin her health.
You'll get away in full health if you get the fuck out
And go lie to you bed.
Gentleness ain't bothering this guy
When bitches are all around the place.
I must say
You can't swallow me without chewing.
You may go from west to east
But I ain't giving up Ieva,
For modesty ain't bothering this guy
When dancing to the full.


Pieni Suomen kansa katkoo kahleitansa
Kärsimysten malja se jo kukkuroillaan on
Raakaa sortovaltaa vastaan nostaa maastan, armeijastaan
Jalon kansan parhaat pojat taistohon
Hallitus on vankka, kätyrlauma sankka
Se kauhun tuskaa levittää yll' onnettoman maan
Urhojansa kansanvalta työntää esiin kaikkialta
Elämästä kuolemasta kamppaillaan
Kiihtyy yhä taisto, vapauden vaisto
Köyhälistön keskuudessa kasvaa yhä vaan
Ei nyt auta hallitusta piinat, kidutus ja tuska
Urhot kaatuu vapuden laulut huulillaan
Virkavallan huolena vankilat ja tuonela
Tutkimatta hirttäminen, mestaus
Kumouksen sankari sydänveren antavi
Kallis on se vapuden lunastus
Kumouksen myrskyt, kapinat ja tyrskyt
Riehuu valtakunnan äärest' äärehen
Siellä hirmuhenget saavat, sydänverta janoavat
Särpiellä hurmejuomat kanssa korppien
Kuinka kauan vielä teurastusta siellä
Ennen kuin kansalle koittaa vapaus
Eipä taiston tuoksinassa tiedä kumpi voittamassa
Vallankumousko vaiko taantumus
Kylvömme kun tehdään, kasvaa kerran tähkää
Sadoin kerroin kirkkahampi onnen aika uus'
Silloin pieni Suomen kansa muistaa sankarpoikiansa
Ilon kyyneleitä palkaks' saapi sankaruus



Lenin lives far away from ho chi minh


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