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File: 1617288745897.png (460.09 KB, 950x916, Kanye ML.png)


Just Kanye




I haven’t listened to anything since Yeezus have I missed anything good? I really did not enjoy that album.


oh my god it's the "fingers in his ass" guy


Life Of Pablo has some good songs. Kids See Ghosts is 10/10


what's wrong with that?


Is he overrated or is he actually that good?


he is genuinely a great producer and has strong vision which gives his music a lot of earnesty and weight despite it being usually equal parts silly and self serious. that earnestness is really fresh in a music industry that often leads to standardized mechanical shit. as far as that goes he's not a meme at all

when it comes to people thinking his lyrics are coded or he's a genius renaissance man thats changing the world and everything that seems dumb is 4d chess, yeah thats a total meme

the man is actually insane, probably has some severe emotional disorder if not unironically autism. he is fucking funny tho


he’s bipolar and that doesn’t mean he’s not a musical genius





File: 1617342447966.jpg (57.25 KB, 612x765, Yeezy.jpg)

Hey leftypol.org/music, who was in Paris?


same person who was houngry


i've actually worked for him on & off since 2016 as a PA, im in wyoming these days. he's basically a well-intentioned but dumb guy who's lost his creative juice as he's gotten older. he suffers from 'great man of
history-itis' in a bad way and like most wealthy celebs, surrounds himself with grifters and yes-men. he won't ever get help for his *severe* BPD cause everyone he speaks to day-to-day is on his payroll. He's also mostly broke but he's in denial, he asked for forbes to be investigated by a PI after they nixed the 6 billion valuation, even though he knows full well he's hurting financially


even if he's bipolar that doesnt in itself explain his bizarre messiah complex and huge ego. i know that things like that can be associated with manic episodes but his fame and other shit has clearly brought it beyond that

i do think he is brilliant with music, though Kids See Ghosts was probably the last really great thing i heard from him. Daytona's production was also predictably great.

beyond that he is delusional and does not have much intelligent shit to say and his non-artistic pursuits are clearly just vanity projects enabled by the mythos his fans build around him


having impeccable taste has always been Ye's forte - if that's not some form of genius idk it was nietzsche's forte as well


>having impeccable taste
taste in what?


> introduced murakami to plebs
> has a le corbusier lamp as his muse
> rebuilt kardashians as a fashion icon
> fashion icon himself
> talented producer


Sometimes I wonder what his hard drive looks like


How to make a kanye beat


I liked Jesus is King mainly bc of the beats and not klanyes parts but neverthless its good musicchristian_communismChristian Communism


top 10 kanye for sure


I miss the old Kanye
The pink polo Kanye
The soul sample Kanye
The no cursing Kanye


stronger is still just so unimaginably good
2024 kanye and graduation 2accelerationAcceleration


woops wrong tag


Most Kanye songs sound better without Kanye's rapping in them.


File: 1617396958272.png (50.43 KB, 645x729, slowjak.png)


File: 1617397141204-1.jpg (37.16 KB, 640x482, kanye-west-595124.jpg)



More early kanye produced songs
This one made it into a black romcom in 2002


File: 1617478276768.mp4 (4.46 MB, 1280x720, Hazbots in Paris1.mp4)


so you miss JIK Kanye? minus the pink polo


American Boy is nothing without the rap verse.


File: 1617496960664-0.jpg (40.06 KB, 548x365, MC_Serch.jpg)

Fuck MC Serch


who’s MC serch


Some wigger who leeched off of nas, and got dissed by jay z



what is gospel at the ye ranch is just kanye playing 808s over psalmsaccelerationAcceleration





(fuck kanye tho)



Kids See Ghosts and Pusha T’s Daytona
TLOP extremely extremely hit or miss
his gospel era is boring depressing trash


Is that pharrell in the hat?




Region 4


Didn't he become a trumptard?


he also played an overcompensating white maoist in bamboozled


Kanye was a Satanist did you hear his song where he chanted Donda Donda Donda. I think it means something in Hebrew.



yeah but only because he's a based retard who likes people with "dragon energy" or some shit. He realized he had been bamboozled after a while and pulled back from it.

>Kanye was a Satanist did you hear his song where he chanted Donda Donda Donda. I think it means something in Hebrew.

Donda West was an American professor and chair of Chicago State University's Department of English, Communications, Media and Theater. She was the mother of musician and designer Kanye West.


It's called Donda because "Donda Buy It".


File: 1654199173920.png (650.16 KB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

this album is now the right age to listen to itself


surprised this didn't get bumped when he went full retard


Yeah this hasn't aged well


Eh, it was a boring conversation anyway.
I, for one, didn't care for him back in 2016 so this is just a nothingburger to me


honestly he's obviously going full JQ not just because of his weird Christian Nationalism (which dates back to Jesus Walks) but because he got cucked by a young Jewish guy lmao. Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live is Jewish and like 16 years younger than Kanye and started dating Kanye's ex wife. That's when all this started. So he's just butthut about that. Also Kanye was on infowars talking about how it was suspicious no Jewish people died in 9/11 even though pete davidson's dad died in 9/11. It's all very sad. Hitler was mad about art school, Kanye is mad about getting cucked by a young dude


What's he up to nowadays
Did he just drop out of the public space after going Nazi and that's it?


he's running for prez and got milo yiannopoulos for his campaign manager


Music wise
Well he got dropped from UMG and none of the other big label groups are gonna touch him with a 10 foot stick so I guess his career is as good as over now


File: 1677120216929.jpg (35.5 KB, 1111x426, 1632720127416.jpg)

Ye's twitter was so fucking good lmao


lyrical genius voice of generation


His clothes are either shit, derivative, or both. What a hack.


Bro, it sucks asssss



This didnt age well.

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