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>No music thread
Step it up lads

>Boards of canda - 5.9.78


>Blackmores night - Journeyman



&gt&gt45Astrobrite are good


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File: 1608525417922-1.jpg (2.26 MB, 1884x1996, 1467602456413.jpg)



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>Gravebomb - Rot In Putrid Filthhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWvBhtS-yQEJust found these guys through Ross Wolfe; claim to be commies.


&gt&gt64If they're commies or not; they are nevertheless fucking great. Thank you, comrade!


&gt&gt64Good shit.Ross Wolfe's work is pretty good as well by the way for those not familiar with him. https://thecharnelhouse.org/




&gt&gt68Death Metal, my friend. A whole other story.


&gt&gt45Some swedish songs>Dan Beglund - De mördades fria republikhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-EEZxIDLmc>Knutna Nävar - Hallå där bondehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N50LekSfcd0>Hoola Bandola Band - Keops Pyramidhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMYxUqa-Uac


>Rights Reserved - Self Titled - 1996 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIAdBSg7CiY


&gt&gt104A really nice listening.Their name is quite hard to google, at least last.fm has some info.


Some good music with lefty themes:>The Pop Group - Where There's a Willhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ9cjNafWvg>Stereolab - Ping Ponghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_XswHm514w>Gang of Four - Natural's Not In Ithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpTnE8DT9wU


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>Russkaja - El Pueblo Unidohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WFbSp_KYH8Apparently the following band is (was?) popular in Russia. It makes me happy.>Molotov - Gimme Tha Powerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50-vH5kakj8>Molotov - Frijolerohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iJMOBcPQygIt's a shame that the only upload of the music video is censored, since the video is pretty cool, so have the uncensored song too:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI5vf_Bo_j4There's also a documental (Gimme The Power) about this band which also explains the political context in Mexico at the time of its creation and some other interesting historical stuff.


school shooterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAluux1J7M8think he might be fash tbh


>tfw they'll never be a left wing version of mf doomgotta make do with shitty subpar left wing lyricism till then, outside of the coup and arguably milo have never heard of good socialist rap


reccomending heccrasome good posthardcore - emo made by a dude who fried his brain on 4chan, mastered his songs on a vhs player apparently, surprisingly good. all his albums are freehttps://heccra.bandcamp.com/single song samplehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF-aXegZkmo




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>>64Anti-commie propaganda posters were so badass, they just beg for a ML crustpunk band or something. Anyone in the Seattle area wanna give it a go, I'm up.


File: 1608525440498-0.mp4 (5.92 MB, 640x360, RatPack - Searching for my….mp4)

File: 1608525440498-1.mp4 (11.05 MB, 256x144, Slyder - Neo (exotek's Sta….mp4)

File: 1608525440498-2.mp4 (13.78 MB, 640x360, Alice Deejay - Lonely One.mp4)



File: 1608525453187-0.mp4 (7.75 MB, 640x480, Infected Mushroom - Pink N….mp4)

File: 1608525453187-1.mp4 (9.54 MB, 640x360, nervous testpilot - Hello ….mp4)



File: 1608525453784-0.webm (8.42 MB, 640x480, 808 State - Pacific 202.webm)

File: 1608525453784-1.webm (15.92 MB, 640x360, 999999999 - X0003000X [NT….webm)

File: 1608525453784-2.webm (9.29 MB, 854x480, Airscape - Sosei (F&W Rem….webm)



File: 1608525454555-0.webm (8.4 MB, 640x480, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke -….webm)

File: 1608525454555-1.webm (11.33 MB, 640x480, Alphazone - Forever.webm)

File: 1608525454555-2.webm (14.16 MB, 640x480, Aquatica - Operatic (HQ).webm)



File: 1608525455108-0.webm (12.94 MB, 480x360, Astrix - Closer to heaven.webm)

File: 1608525455108-1.webm (5.72 MB, 320x240, Basshunter - Bass Creator….webm)

File: 1608525455108-2.webm (12.59 MB, 240x160, Bliss - Groovatron.webm)



File: 1608525455664-0.webm (13.36 MB, 426x240, Bizzare Contact & Vibe tr….webm)

File: 1608525455664-1.webm (9.48 MB, 1920x1080, Bizzare Contact vs Phanat….webm)

File: 1608525455664-2.webm (13.56 MB, 480x360, Chicane - Saltwater.webm)



File: 1608525456390-0.webm (12.59 MB, 1280x720, Coburn - We Interrupt Thi….webm)

File: 1608525456390-1.webm (11.75 MB, 640x360, Digger - Church Of Ra.webm)

File: 1608525456390-2.mp4 (10.35 MB, 480x360, DJ Dejan - Be My Dream (Du….mp4)



File: 1608525457012-0.webm (9.05 MB, 654x480, Donk - Ghetto Blaster.webm)

File: 1608525457012-1.webm (13.29 MB, 854x480, Galen Behr vs Hydroid - C….webm)

File: 1608525457012-2.webm (13.95 MB, 640x480, Hard Trance - Finally (Le….webm)



File: 1608525457588-0.webm (10.81 MB, 640x480, Hardstyle Preacher.webm)

File: 1608525457588-1.webm (7.62 MB, 320x240, Indra - its Good Again.webm)

File: 1608525457588-2.webm (4.96 MB, 320x240, Jeff Mills - The Bells.webm)



File: 1608525458179-0.webm (11.57 MB, 854x480, Kalysto - Obsession (Fren….webm)

File: 1608525458179-1.webm (13.51 MB, 320x240, Kamasutrance - Ran Gi La ….webm)

File: 1608525458179-2.webm (13.03 MB, 854x478, Larry Heard - And So I Da….webm)



File: 1608525458850-0.webm (10.99 MB, 426x240, Low Tape - Göteborg Elect….webm)

File: 1608525458850-1.webm (14.69 MB, 1280x720, Maduk - Vermilion.webm)

File: 1608525458850-2.webm (4.15 MB, 640x480, Martillo Vago - Que Es La….webm)



File: 1608525459497-0.webm (15.76 MB, 640x480, Mauro Picotto - Iguana (B….webm)

File: 1608525459497-1.webm (9.64 MB, 640x480, Nathan Profitt - Accelera….webm)

File: 1608525459497-2.webm (7.71 MB, 320x240, Nish - Sagittarius (Alpha….webm)



File: 1608525459974.mp4 (4.53 MB, 1280x1280, hiddenmemory.mp4)

can you AT LEAST do some sort of writeup instead of spamming the thread with the same mp4s all over again


File: 1608525460371-0.webm (12.57 MB, 426x240, No_4mat - 1992.webm)

File: 1608525460371-1.webm (11.25 MB, 256x144, Nørus - Make A Move.webm)

File: 1608525460371-2.webm (11.27 MB, 854x480, Paul Van Dyk - For An Ang….webm)



File: 1608525460976-0.webm (13.2 MB, 854x480, Rank 1 - Airwave.webm)

File: 1608525460976-1.webm (11.86 MB, 854x480, Robert Miles - Children.webm)

File: 1608525460976-2.webm (12.21 MB, 640x360, Sash! - Ecuador.webm)

>>503>same mp4s all over againSure i can do some writeup. I just decided on a whim to inject some more music into the thread anyways though.Astral Projection - Chaoshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mOl0qf5fm4WestBam feat. Inga Humpe - Götterstrasse No 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC7dTQkMS8MAstral Projection - Let There Be Lighthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlDOUfxKCLAAstral Projection - Enlightened Evolutionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRgj2qtSXlUZentura - Sonic Masalahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiGuJ--EfmAKalki - Varanasihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6B9tBRFEeESample Rippers and Brooklyn Bounce - Louder & Prouderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0sRI6U-WVAMr Oizo - Flat Beathttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmsbP13xu6kGigi D'agostino - Bla Bla Blahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6t8g6ka4W0


File: 1608525461832-0.webm (9.02 MB, 1920x1080, Scatman John - The Invisi….webm)

File: 1608525461832-1.webm (15.91 MB, 640x480, St. John vs. Locust - Min….webm)

File: 1608525461832-2.webm (12.62 MB, 480x360, System Nipel - Lift Me Up.webm)

>>505Electro Sun - Higher Than Everhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CxLXZloHAMJ-Cut & Kolt Siewerts - The Flute Tune (Soulpride Remix)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwLSrNu1ppIHard Trance - Black Spider (Yusef Kifah Remix)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGkWEPX2z2cIndra - Batucadahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHujxL9f-8sNitrous Oxide - North Polehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K12xcf-elsk


File: 1608525462530-0.webm (13.29 MB, 320x240, Talamasca - Speaking Robo….webm)

File: 1608525462530-1.webm (14.37 MB, 192x144, Tehnaz - Panic Attacks.webm)

File: 1608525462530-2.webm (13.78 MB, 454x340, Видеоприветствие для вече….webm)

>>509eh i'm done anyways


AlrightPostan' what's bumpin'Daughters - You Won't Get What You WantAn excellent sounding and interesting album about hopeless ambition, some of the cuts seem anti-capitalist as fuck like Satan in the Wait where one of the best moments in the track is where the chorus is both the oppressed looking forward to when they can stamp their boot on another's face, and the one's currently doing the stamping.


>>512Sorry forgot linkDaughters - Satan in the Waithttps://youtu.be/tSl4w6PXVbY


>>61https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVWfqOSdzs4russkaya is lit af. I don't care if this post is 8 months old.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTPGpBBwt1wHave some Deutschrap. It's a leftist apocalyptic vision. I can't believe they played this on the radio.


Am I the only person here who lieks ambient noise? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTHF2Dfw1Dg


Any of you listen to synthwave?


>>539I dun get it. When do they start playing?


>>539lol nopeMusic for Airports is dope as hell


Alright Satananon, stop spamming with bad music, move aside for some REAL taste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gG9YSaf4Mghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfhp1-69Y8U


File: 1608525465427.jpg (23.97 KB, 300x300, 1526214578217.jpg)

>>543lol haha what is that even supposed to be, get with the timeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpSnQ30QtKA


>>544why is she wearing Kana's shirt?


File: 1608525465583.jpg (37.69 KB, 432x432, 116.jpg)



File: 1608525465674.jpg (83.25 KB, 1280x720, e2073b1aa7eb7a122aeea40bfa….jpg)



File: 1608525465787.jpg (1.07 MB, 1141x1141, 1db075c5e5b9769056dedbfc69….jpg)

>>547My music is good and pleasing to the ears with specific melodies and it helps me sleep at night.




>>539Nope, also plenty of early krautrock is ambient as hellI think you might like this, Brian Eno has worked with them beforehttps://youtu.be/cC7vjYN9o2o


>>539A friend just gave me a mix of hours of ambient aphex twin music so we'll see if I end up a fan.


>>544>>547>LOLI SHIT >BOTTOM TEXTlmao do people actually listen to this shit. I feel like the bullying should have been the other way around


File: 1608525466402.png (117.07 KB, 372x351, 1518288118074.png)

>>555what's wrong, are you stuck with your evolution and cannot keep up with modern internet culture and art? i bet it's too fast for you old fartshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPXhcrlcQa8


File: 1608525466519.jpg (7.24 KB, 235x238, 65babc372e259e56920719f815….jpg)

>>556I DON'T LIKE MY EARS BEING RAPED WHEN I LISTEN TO MUSIC BAKA!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r30D3SW4OVwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmuFOuh3QHs


>>543>>546>>548Post more actual soviet composers and musicians tbh I know nothing about soviet music.>>556>GORESHIT>hyperspeed anime shitok this will be the second and last time I ever acknowledge music like this


>>558It's literally all just Shostakovich doe.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZqbrEY_rZghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWa077iLGH8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBsKplb2E6QNo but seriously, Shostakovich made his 7th symphony during the Siege of Leningrad and the orchestra showed up half dead to perform it and played it across the street from the German trenches, it's hard to beat that.


>>561That's pretty fucking badass. All I know about composers in russia is that they existed.


File: 1608525467086.png (415 KB, 654x702, 1518288065446.png)

>>558even i know at least Prokofiev despite being bad with nameshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F6e9mI1bGUand since you old farts are so overwhelmed by the real shit, have something classichttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx76YPgZviE


>>561oh and i forgot to put that in my postthis performance was only 1948 but it's still a sight to behold, the red army choir performing in the ruins int he midst of berlin for its populationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP8hMnGVSSsi think there was a better video of it but i can't find it now




File: 1608525467756.jpg (313.47 KB, 720x699, 5c7bbd63127498de354cf4ff5c….jpg)

>>570yeah, but "radio" sucksUlbricht did nothing wrong, fuck RIAS


>>539That makes me so nostalgic for some reason


File: 1608525467969.jpg (27.7 KB, 332x515, Captain_Beefheart_in_Toron….jpg)

>always hear that beefheart is meme "supposed to be good but actually sounds terrible" music>I actually really like itIt's like crazy bluesy punk or something and the lyrics are fun.https://youtu.be/lKOGgH40d_0Also his famous trout album was made because zappa basically threw a studio and crew at him and said "ok do whatever the fuck you want". That's basically like self contained anarchism right?


>>575I've never understood this meme, there's so much thay's waaaay more unlistenable music, and Trout Mask slaps.>Zappa post scarcity'd Beefheart >tfw every album can be Trout Mask Replica under communismI'm in it to win it boys.


Disintegration loops, feels.https://youtu.be/mjnAE5go9dI


File: 1608525472189.jpeg (36.75 KB, 646x350, frankyzappy.jpeg)

>>575Zappa is probably on of the only few Conservatives i like, he is a musical genius and had some good takes about music stagnation from the 70 and onwardHe was quite anti-communistic, and famously believed "Communism doesn't work because people like stuff" and had the "rebel" libertarian outlook on the worldHot Rats is probably my favorite album of his


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viFJdDzZ9TAAre we just posting random music we like or leftist music?


>>614He may have labeled himself a "practical conservative", but anyone who makes a music video of Reagan getting electric chair'd deserves to be an honorary comrade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75DbkiZvxX4


>>614Socialism is when you live in a society- Frank Zappa.


>>614>Hot Rats is probably my favorite album of hisGreat taste.>>623yeah he literally said the same thing about capitalism his whole career without ever saying the word capitalism but he never connected the dots. weird dude.


File: 1608525475740.gif (753.91 KB, 317x423, 1518298406262.gif)

>>621i'd like to see both, so far the mix in the thread is coolRammstein - Links 2 3 4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph-CA_tu5KA


File: 1608525476236.jpg (88.89 KB, 600x1175, tumblr_inline_mqrh26jIU11q….jpg)

>>614Hot Rats is my jam. It got me into branching out, listening to music that wasn't just dad rock (even though Zappa is deffos in every boomers collection, and for good reason)


File: 1608525476379.jpg (40.73 KB, 300x300, 61Fg3X7f2nL._SS500_.jpg)



File: 1608525479997.jpg (1.16 MB, 3120x2707, IMG_20191017_171917.jpg)

I'll be honest, I'm here to shill my work. Pic related is the thumbnail from a song which I've got scheduled for release on my YouTube channel.–https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgMIFTSTBIC9dp2QirOwZTwIt's on there yet. It'll be there 6.00PM (U.K. time) 31.10.19. As this a general hobbyist board, I thought posting some self-advertising for music might be ok. (It's production was a D.I.Y., not-for-profit operation, but it's not particularly left-wing in content.)


File: 1608525485260.jpg (161.84 KB, 600x582, R-3947101-1352660006-8237.….jpg)

Just finished listening to Big Black Songs about Fucking and it's a really funny album. It has a really good sense of humor, the aggresive distorted cover of The Model is hilarious. This album slams it's aggressive, noisy, and catchy.https://youtu.be/vIt42jQzzcg>>666I mean I wouldn't mind people posting their own work if they want to share it.I would of I wasn't so shit at music tbh


>>719Every time I put on "Columbian Necktie" everyone around stops talking and is like "yo what is this?"


File: 1608525489296-0.pdf (6.89 MB, Rick Snoman-The Dance Musi….pdf)

File: 1608525489296-1.pdf (7.75 MB, Joseph N. Straus-Elements ….pdf)

I'm going to post some music related ebooks, if that's alright.>>741I need to try this, last couple of times I've tried to show some people some songs, it hasn't gone very well.


File: 1608525489526-0.pdf (6.05 MB, MusicTheoryForComputerMusi….pdf)

File: 1608525489526-1.pdf (4.64 MB, Nicolas Collins-Handmade E….pdf)



File: 1608525489670-0.pdf (1.03 MB, AGENTLEINTRODUCTIONTOSuper….pdf)

File: 1608525489670-1.pdf (9.68 MB, LoadBang - Johannes Kreidl….pdf)

>>767God damn, do these post limits suck


File: 1608525489817-0.pdf (1.14 MB, evolverguide.pdf)

File: 1608525489817-1.pdf (7.89 MB, []_Electronic_and_Experime….pdf)



File: 1608525489976.pdf (16.79 MB, Andrew Surmani, Karen Farn….pdf)





File: 1608525490695.jpg (58.13 KB, 948x534, 1d9dc5eaec793ffcb8059b47f0….jpg)



I was just listening to Ceschi, Mike Eagle, and Jonwayne and I noticed these supposed art rappers doing loads of talking about how they aren't doing it for the art but for survival. That got me thinking if all we got is will to power or survival reified into familiar contortionist sounds do we even have music at all? Can music be made by someone who's had their soul ripped out, and been forced into hedonistic pursuits?


File: 1608525494127.jpg (158.91 KB, 680x530, dcf6cab13b081373ef656f5f25….jpg)



File: 1608525495406.jpg (32.95 KB, 600x600, ae983dd69a1157ab7f7342a603….jpg)



Any heshers or noise fans here?


File: 1608525496161.jpg (381.76 KB, 1680x1140, jerry-lofaro-jl-ke2-4-25-1….jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKNOlDtZluUSo, Tarkus is the "west" since armadillos are new world animals and manticore is the "east" since the myth is Persian?


>>842Found this literally right after posting:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81JaE2SDWe0That's some kaiju/Monster Hunter shit. Who knew prog could sound like japanese film and vidya music. Aquatarkus is quest clear theme material.Reminds me of one comment in a prog-related video where they said they didn't have any trouble getting into prog probably because of video games. Of course, some geezer or boomer just had to chime in telling people to stop comparing high art to kiddie shit.


File: 1608525496648.mp4 (9.21 MB, 320x240, oHg5SJYRHA0.mp4)



File: 1608525496843.webm (8.9 MB, 640x480, NWA Fuk Da Police.webm)



File: 1608525497122.webm (13.93 MB, 480x360, Righeira VAMOS A LA PLAYA.webm)



File: 1608525497344.mp4 (10.17 MB, 320x240, Life Goes On.mp4)



>>839Ubetchyahttps://youtu.be/bRbWvLKWS1k>>848>>849>>850>>851Very nice, thanks for Vamos A La Playa


File: 1608525498401.gif (1.22 MB, 255x199, 1553191279345.gif)

>>850That's catchy as fuck.




>>850Just like edgy Russians in the 90s praised Stalin So did Serbs, for similar reasons.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl6xLrPobLA


>>850I saw this before as a slowed-down vaporwave thing on youtube, but i can't find it anymore.


File: 1608525500147.mp4 (3.91 MB, 512x288, Im Very Glad As Im Finally….mp4)



File: 1608525500363.mp4 (12.92 MB, 640x480, Eduard Khil Walking Street….mp4)



File: 1608525504846.jpg (748.64 KB, 1200x1200, a4102039767_10.jpg)

Anyone else still like folk-punk?https://holylocust.bandcamp.com/releases




>>946that clarinet is fantastic


File: 1608525518931.png (488.41 KB, 445x713, untitled.png)





I'm just gonna continue linking german songs but there's also an english version.Kraftwerk - Das Modelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0QlPfTmwcw


>>931I do!


File: 1608525525858.jpg (2.16 MB, 3200x2868, 1558815445814.jpg)

>Otis Redding - Sittin' On the Dock of the Bayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuUlJlxcQ2QNothing inherently lefty about this, it just makes me think of the sad state of monotony that America is in.


>>1160here we go againhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNmK2hNa5gs>>1175yo this also plays on the radio station I listen to. very nice.


File: 1608525526601.mp4 (13.57 MB, 492x360, Оргия Праведников. Наша Ро….mp4)



How about some Electro swing?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv4ShX6ukJQ


File: 1608525529081.jpg (9.14 KB, 176x232, 1455976857803.jpg)

>>1203I like the idea of electro-swing, but really it's just Stelar and Caravan Palace occupying the entire "genre". Wish there was more out there.


>>1206I believe that's what makes the music exciting, because it's something new and there is not much of it.


File: 1608525529346.jpg (69.71 KB, 1200x630, АнимациЯ – Ильич.jpg)



>>1210what's up with the gopnik pigeons?


>>1211Modern Russian youth shitting on Lenin, part of the theme of the song.








Did a cover to the song of storms from the legend of zelda. :^)


File: 1608525544958.jpeg (26.78 KB, 740x416, CharlieBrownXmas-main.jpeg)

>Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time is Here (Instrumental)

Although the special itself has sort of been perverted into consumerist christmas culture, the soul of it's thesis still lives on in the music. I'm not even religious, but something about it gets to me.


Here's some OC music from a /leftypol/ oldfag


…and here's one for the provos





Damn, that first song is good. It has everything I like about stuff like blues and jazz without the stuff don't care for.


Something in the same vein you might like anon.


File: 1608525555050.jpg (63.83 KB, 1280x720, Enjoykin.jpg)





breddy gud
name a more iconic duo




File: 1608525587989.jpg (42.23 KB, 225x229, 091d6009-4491-428e-86ba-65….jpg)

stoner doom is so fucking gay


no I like it and I make stuff of my own




Steve Albini rules but he's been having boomer fits lately


File: 1608525588301.jpg (441.98 KB, 1921x1080, d4a9e089b447df8a723ff19b92….jpg)

Anyone else just leave this fucking thread open and listen too the chill ass beats while surfing?


I would if I wasn't listening to other stuff at the moment. I'm a huge music fan.




youtube recommends some really good stuff sometimes.


also why did yugos make such good music?


File: 1608525595784.png (168.27 KB, 343x345, 43w543345634.png)

Don't knopw how many people have heard of this guy. I just discovred him a few weeks ago. Dude is fucking sick as fuckkkkkkk.






Thanks anon!


File: 1608525595923.png (114.9 KB, 556x473, 3434r34r.png)





File: 1608525598011.png (341.36 KB, 1365x682, dfdfgdbfdfb.png)

William Basinki The disintegration loops part 6



What genres are you guys into? I've been listening to a lot of folk punk, ska punk, and hardcore punk lately. I've always had a soft spot for classical music, though.


At this point I don't even compartmentalize things into categories. I just listen to the shit I listen too.


File: 1608525615021.jpeg (276.78 KB, 900x900, Collage.jpeg)



File: 1608525615115.jpg (313.29 KB, 1024x524, gold star.jpg)

Anon I hate people like you. I bet if you ordered a hotdog at a restaurant and they brought you a taco you wouldn't complain.


But…I like tacos anyways… :^(


Been listening to Wire 154 which is great


It is more like, I go into a restaurant I have been to many times before and say "surprise me" and they bring me a food that I like and it is nice, and I don't understand why you are so upset about this.


File: 1608525619916.jpg (65.59 KB, 770x513, drab.jpg)

I mostly listen to a lot of industrial and goth rock or at least stuff that orbits around those genres. I'm not a huge stickler to genres though.



Twin Tribes:

She Past Away:

Boy Harsher:

Drab Majesty:

Multiple Man:

Street Sects:

Chrome Corpse:

The last band, Chrome Corpse, is almost like a self-aware satire of the whole genre. I love it.


Made a new CHOOOOON Bois :^)
Posting here for backlinkz


Made me check if my speakers were craping out.
I don't understand, why make it sound glitchy or noisy or whatever the term is?


>Why make it glitchy/noisy
A e s t h e t i c s


Christopher Tin - Sogno di Volare


We All Lift Together [Warframe] | Freya Catherine


There's a War Going on for your Mind - Flobots


Song of the united front.



File: 1608525629318-0.jpg (890.47 KB, 3091x2261, Top albums of 2019.jpg)

File: 1608525629318-1.jpg (725.22 KB, 2557x2191, Top 100 2010s.jpg)

My top albums of 2019 (Special mentions to 100 gecs, teitanblood, meth, devil master, and miscarriage)

also my top albums of the 2010s


Can't fucking stop listening to this

Thundercat - Dragonball Durag



Video is shit and stupid (and the title irrelevant to the song) but its smooth boogie


File: 1608525642823.png (772.5 KB, 637x635, shlohmo.png)

Been listening to a lot of Shlohmo lately. Anybody else here a fan?




Так выпьем за дедов по чарке русской водки
И снова в интернет – оттачивать умы,
Развешивать флажки, терзать друг другу глотки.
А наши не придут… Все наши – это мы.





Who /bowie/ here? The year is 2020 and Lodger continues to be underrated af. This band did a tribute album of it and it's actually really good. Fantastic Voyage is a beautiful song.


Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.


he became a fake antiqe desighner with an 9-5 job,what he hated




File: 1608525716633.png (30.28 KB, 1920x960, Yugoslavia.png)

Tried my hand at writing Yugoslavian Turbofolk :^)





I didn't know Samael was redpilled


I like it!


File: 1608525751905-0.jpeg (561.06 KB, 1200x1200, Mach-Hommy-Wap-Konn-Joj-1….jpeg)

File: 1608525751905-1.gif (756.63 KB, 480x270, 20-E8-DB7-C-0851-456-F-B52….gif)

If anyone in here is familiar with the late rapper Prodigy from Mobb Deep and enjoys his work, I recommend checking out this rapper I've been listening to called Mach Hommy. He's a Haitian from New Jersey who's heavily inspired by him and carries a lot of his message in his work.
It's not on some Coup shit, so his themes and messages are a lot subtler, but he's an extremely skilled rhymer with an impeccable cadence and flow, so I'm in it more for the music than anything. But when it comes to theory he absolutely knows his shit just as good as anyone else on this board, even if it's not lyrically his focal point.


File: 1608525753162.jpeg (10.32 KB, 245x184, rt4345t3453453455rt54.jpeg)

Jesus christ, be honest with me /mu/

Did the 80's have the best fucking music there ever was?




Seriously, you listen to this and you tell me this isn't a god damn masterpiece this fucking song is GOLD.


really like the freya catherine song is it from a video game or something?


File: 1608525769017.jpg (43.9 KB, 640x710, Skater-duck.jpg)

Wrote this song Yesterday.

>Boards of Canada vibes


File: 1608525840060.jpg (33.36 KB, 600x600, 1589181167004.jpg)

Were Molotov based?
https://wwww.youtube.com/watch?v=50-vH5kakj8 (it has some translation errors)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pke3A2XuBLg (not political but fun)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX6jCQ1q-jI (my favorite song and video by them, really cool)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkGNgodwwzo (really awesome unofficial video)


The ending felt really nostalgic. I like it.

(I didn't know whether to post here or the leftist music thread but this one has more replies haha)


>wish i could help comrades in afganistan



Of course it wouldn't be a /mu/tant thread without at least one band member of Animal Collective.


File: 1608525897763.png (915.33 KB, 1261x670, A.png)





Can I get some 90s techno or trance recommendations?


File: 1608525942028-0.jpg (119.14 KB, 1280x720, A Touch of Class round the….jpg)

File: 1608525942028-1.mp4 (16.98 MB, 640x360, Fergie - A Little Party Ne….mp4)

A list for all 80's/90's/early 00's babies.

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours ( I'll fly with you).
Alice Dj - Better Off Alone
Kylie Minogue - Can't get you out of my head.
Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For.
Moby - Find My Baby, In My Heart, Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday), Honey, My Weakness, Porcelain, and Natural Blues.
Blink-182 - All The Small Things
Deftones - Deftones (album), White Pony (album) and Around the Fur (album)
French Affair - My Heart Goes Boom.
Daft Punk - Discovery (album).
Smashing Pumpkins - Adore (Album), Machina/The Machines of God (album)
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You, Roseblood, Take Everything, Happy, and I've Been Let Down
The Cranberries - Dreams
Creed - My Own Prison
The Cranberries - Zombie
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (album),

These songs were requested to be enlisted:

Cascade - Every time we touch
Real McCoy - Runaway
Eiffel65 - I'm Blue
Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom
Modjo - Lady
Paul Okenfold - Send Me An Angel
Kerncraft 3000 - Zombie Nation
White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
Ebtg - Missing / Ebtg - Wrong
DJ Khalid - Miss Jackson
Bees Jees - Staying Alive
William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings
Darude - Sandstorm
Coco Jumbo - Mr President
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
Backstreet Boys - Backstreet's Back
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler
IN-GRID - Tu Es Foutu
Shaggy - It Wasn't Me
Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa)
Madonna - American Pie
Vengaboys - We Like To Party
Vengaboys - We’re Going To Ibiza

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcbb3fYj7Bz7DH1c80SyATPUR5pKv1HjH


File: 1608525951160.png (221.5 KB, 598x571, tupac.png)



those that don't get the gulag!


File: 1608525966481.jpg (43.47 KB, 388x458, viktor tsoi.jpg)

Yooo, why the fuck is KINO so good? I've listened to other late soviet music but these guys' work is just above and beyond everything from that time.

Some of my favorite songs so far:


Irony is, he's really anti-soviet/pro-burger yet still did well.


>he's really anti-soviet/pro-burger
Was he? I thought he was just apolitical or blackpilled about the state of the USSR at the time.


LOL this dude was like Talkov and Shevchuk and like most rising Russian rock-stars of the time, making a living on trash-talking about the USSR being dull shit and praising the USA as this shiny greatness, through his prose. He's got good beats but it doesn't change that fact.
Despite that I still enjoy his music at times.
Here's an instrumental-loop of his, set to Soviet footage that I like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9p20dxtTkY


New Daniel Kahn music if anyone also likes him



for me, it's extremely obscure underground hardtrap



Something to move the body
>Policias y ladrones-Los Prisioneros
>Ni por la razon ni por la fuerza (disc 1) -Los prisioneros


hello frens

do you like Pavement?

i like Pavement




been listening to tons of frankklepacki recently
no, not into party music






Do you guys like Dubioza Kolektiv? Do you consider them leftist?


Maybe he has changed his mind?


Whoops, ok I'll try from now on


Ska and a bunch of other stuff thrown in

I feel like I posted this back then and didn't realize before making other posts about these bands more recently, sorry.
Forgive my ignorance because I left leftypol for 2 years, but were the early posts imported from the old 8ch board?


File: 1608526213418.jpg (53.98 KB, 1080x1080, 9_43282929_212419529117731….jpg)

I found this while listening to the radio and now I can't stop playing


looks like a jacobin writer took note to him


File: 1608526221933.jpg (75.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>The car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel, and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides. And a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt, and we're on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering, and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles. It went like this: the buildings tumbled in on themselves, mothers clutching babies picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal stretching upwards, everything washed in a thin orange haze. I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful; these are truly the last days". You grabbed my hand, and we fell into it. Like a daydream. Or a fever. We woke up one morning and fell a little further down, for sure is the valley of Death. I open up my wallet and it's full of blood.

Anyone else feels like this is the most 2020 album ever? Holy shit.



Before i forget: It's pop-ish japanese math rock that combines palatable song structures with rhythmically complex guitar/bass lines. The singer is pretty good too IMO


File: 1608526356455.gif (1 MB, 312x176, giphy (7).gif)



File: 1608526366019.jpg (90.93 KB, 500x441, Jewel case.jpg)

Do you think Selling England by The Pound by Genesis was about Thatcherism?

And what about this song from Foxtrot?
Is it saying communal housing bad but still sympathetic to working class?

Any prog lovers here?


Not trying to be rude mate but you gotta do some basic research on those things. Selling England by the Pound came out in 1973, no Thatcherism to criticize. "Moonlit Knight" is just about materialism (in the popular sense). "Get 'Em Out by Friday" is about abusive landlords, specifically this guy called Peter Rachman. It is very sympathetic to the working class.
I don't know anything about Peter Gabriel's actual political views, but he always struck me as a general "Christian leftist" type, though not necessarily a full-on socialist.


That album legitimately gets more powerful with every year.


Sorry, it completely slipped me to check Thatcher's reign date. Well, one can be allowed to be dumb on the internets. But get'em out by friday specifically talked about coercive displacement of people from their homes into something like commiebloks I guess, so I wonder if it's referring to a specific event.


Can I get some Jungle/DNB recommendations?


Have you tried Prodigy?


Not an expert at all but if you're just looking for an intro to the genre some basic ones would be Goldie, Alex Reece, Guy Called Gerald, Foul Play, 4 Hero. A lot of these artists released their most essential or best stuff under aliases but there are too many to list.


Look up k-punks (Mark Fisher's) writing on jungle, specifically this: https://www.factmag.com/2011/02/12/20-best-jungle/
Other than that, LTJ Bukem, Endtroducing, goreshit just listen to the semantic albums if the weeb shit puts you off, sewerslvt, and Shitmat are all worth a listen


Need help finding a song but I can only give a vague description. It’s a Russian song, mentions “Stalin” in the chorus, has a very hard, gruff voice as vocals, sounds vaguely like an ode of some kind (I don’t speak Russian). it sounds very similar to this one:


i will go on vocaroo when i get home and do the short segment that i remember the tune of


File: 1608526381062.jpg (39.85 KB, 478x692, zo1uv8qecrt21.jpg)

When I lived in Ireland, I discovered lots of great old rebel songs about sticking it to the British.

>Fee McGorman - "Erin Go Brah"


>The Wolfe Tones - "Rifles of the I.R.A."


>The Wolfe Tones - "Come Out Ye Blacks and Tans" (I realize this is an extremely obvious pick but I'd be remiss if I didn't include it because it slaps)


>Wolfhound - "Smashing of the Van"


>The Irish Brigade - "My Little Armalite"



File: 1608526381193.png (63.02 KB, 512x384, purification in process.png)


For what it's worth, there IS electro-swing out there that's actually good and classy. You just have to sift through shit like Steam Powered Giraffe to find it. The soundtrack to the RPG "OFF" has a really good electro-swing song with a grim, industrial twist as its battle music.



Yes although haven't listened in a while.
Thanks anons.


guys this is haunting me, pls halp


File: 1608526381650.jpg (264.56 KB, 1200x1200, a0093881531_10.jpg)

I am alive once again.


Some classic leftist britpop:


Do you guys even listen to the shit I post? At least reply so I know I'm not just posting here for zero impressions.


Unavailable in the United States.


Absolutely enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!


I'm slowly working my life at through the thread, keep it up


>Indus Creed - Fireflies

>Indus Creed - Pretty Child


>Indus Creed - THIEF


This really great alt-rock band from India.

Let me know if you like it. I'll try finding a bigger list of obscure artists I had and share them.


The international in Tuvan
Flor de retama


File: 1608526397291.webm (3.6 MB, We Care A Lot.webm)

Formats test (though the songs are all good and relevant)


I'm looking for a specific song, I think someone posted in here a while ago. It's a swedish or danish alt/neo-folk song, about 6-8min long and the lyrics (I guess) are about the historical development of oppression in an abstract sense. I really fall in love with that song, but forgot to save it. Would really appreciate if you could help me out.


Does this site even support .m4a though?








File: 1608526415857.webm (5.95 MB, 640x480, 70238f3a469b6cfc2cc5017c5….webm)

Does anyone know the name of this song?


File: 1608526417257.mp4 (1.85 MB, 640x360, Grinch's ultimatum-PilotRe….mp4)

More music like this?


Reminds me a lot of Darkstar (specifically this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxmY5xpq-zM). Although it sounds mostly like early 2000s amateur gamedev music with warmer sounds, so i guess you could try old PS1/N64-era dance inspired OSTs (if you want any personal reccs, can't go wrong with Tetrisphere, Bomberman Hero, or Osamu Sato/Soichi Terada's stuff) or Boards of Canada (and Fieldtriqp, while you're at it).




The funny thing is that this song is from some Indian movie whose protagonist is named Stalin, but has nothing to do with the actual Stalin.


I'm not really a big fan of most metal, but today I randomly came across this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pG4KLP4UNU

and holy shit, I've never fell in love with a band this fast. Why the fuck have I never heard of this before?


I know, but to give you some relief, it is a South Indian movie, the region has an active Communist movement. :)


Yes it is. merci beaucoup


My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) - Kalimba Cover

Thought about buying a Kalimba but they're like $60 on Amazon and I know I'd get tired of playing with it after a few days. I know because I never played much with the plastic Occarina I bought when I went through a Legend of Zelda phase.


Wow, check out this Theremini player. This futuristic instrument was invented in Russia and should have become the official instrument of the Soviet Union, lol.


File: 1608526447264.jpg (134.64 KB, 1200x1200, stereopolina.jpg)

Stereopolina - Institut kultury i otdyha


"AFRICA" played on vegetables.




then they said jazz music was degenerate and add jazz music to every soviet movie (while officially trying to "fite jazz")

theres even jazz music school in moscow since soviet times



*and added jazz


File: 1608526486306.jpg (526.47 KB, 2000x1125, our_dream.jpg)


Here is some soviet (mostly) synthwave for you, anon.


So what exactly is fascist in this music? Sounds like something the Soviets would've put in one of their Sci Fi movies, and the nazis would've rejected this as degenerate music anyway.



>So what exactly is fascist in this music?
Well there's Evola and Codreanu in the picture and the title refers to a book by Evola of the same name. The artist is a fascist. The music isn't going to bite you though and Yukio Mishima wrote great novels while being a fascist. Xurious' music is just shitty techno.

>the nazis would've rejected this as degenerate music anyway

I think you're accepting fascists' own self-definition too much. Facsism has always embodied the very decadence it claims to oppose. Fascism has always tried to be hyper-modern and futuristic, while simultaneously recalling an ancient, mythic and "lost" past. A lot of the Nazi music from and performance the Nazi regime was very lavish, promiscuous and very modern by the standards of the 1940s. This film below was released in German cinema in August 1944 just as Army Group Centre was being annihilated on the Eastern Front. It was one of the most expensive European products to date at that time. And if you look at it, this is pretty much identical to the most lavish Hollywood productions of the era.


I'll tell you from an art critic standpoint, my problem with fascist art and music is that it's like a cheap imitation of the real thing. Like, when people call Donald Trump a fascist, you'll hear people sometimes reply "oh come on, he's not Hitler." But that's pretty much how these guys are. They're like mafioso guys or like Tony Montana from Scarface with fake gold and fake paintings and tacky taste. What fascism "is," is organized crime and militarism, and Whatever ideology comes out of it is just a bonus.


>Xurious' music is just shitty techno.
Yeah, that's my problem with it. Fascist musicians like to take actually existing music genres and just drape fascist imagery over them and call it a day, without trying to actually evoke any sort of fascist imagery through the music itself. Happened with Nazi Punk and Nazi Black Metal and it's happening now with Synthwave and so called "Fashwave".
>I'll tell you from an art critic standpoint, my problem with fascist art and music is that it's like a cheap imitation of the real thing.
Yeah, and the thing is is that there other better artists who are not fascists that successfully evoke fascist imagery through their art, effectively doing their job for them.
One of my favorite artists is Perturbator, and while he's not a fascist he's made a couple of really amazing tracks that actually have a "fascist" feeling to them without coming off as a tryhard. Incidentally, this might have inspired the whole fashwave pseudo-genre despite shitting on anything that has come out of it.

Here, take a listen:


A couple of kids made some montages with them, that's basically how he got 'incorporated' by them.

I wonder if we could use some genres like these ourselves?


This is an excellent (and hilarious) satire of fascist neofolk that is musically good:




File: 1608526518938.jpg (95.79 KB, 600x600, R-6561884-1521494636-9142.….jpg)

I was surprised by how radical this album's lyrics are. They shit on capitalism, fascism, racism in the US, the recuperation of leftist icons, diet culture and even Britain's precious leader, Churchill.


Ow, this band has been completely erased from my memory up till now. I remember them being pretty rad.


Daniel Kahn's new album just dropped, it's fucking hilarious.


File: 1608526522669-0.png (1.75 MB, 2000x2000, shoegaze-chart.png)

File: 1608526522669-1.jpg (2.07 MB, 2160x4185, mJQdxWs.jpg)

File: 1608526522669-2.jpg (1.17 MB, 3000x4593, 1534949777547.jpg)

If anyone has other music charts, don't hesitate to post them here.


Anyone got some female vocals synth pop recs? New wave/dance pop is good too. Found this group PRIZM that dropped their debut this month, pretty good stuff: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh5SiztgTCQ_gO0bsHJuNgdjs5VUK-63


File: 1608526523117.jpg (1.14 MB, 901x1000, 1494176280023.jpg)

From the /mu/ wiki


Thanks for the shoegaze-chart, will be fun to listen to the ones on the lower right and upper left.


PARIS dropping an album 25 September
He dropped some singles, looks like good shit, especially enjoy this one:
Here's another single:


How do I into music?
I just didn't really get into it as a child or teenager, everyone in school had their favourite bands and albums and I was there with my cheap mp3 player with like, deep purple and a couple other bands my dad liked on it

My music library is a 1000+ video youtube playlist, three cds I bought at some point, and a couple discographys, the only artists i would say I "follow" in any way are Sewer Slvt, Master Boot Record and Uncle Acid, other than that I don't really listen to anyone super regularly or track by releases etc.

I like some jazz, and a lot of old punk stuff, Bruce Springsteen, listened to Bob Dylan and Marley a lot growing up but like, I don't "get" it, I don't get music, I've never been to a gig or anything, except a cheeky girls gig I attended accidentally and a couple local bands


If you already like some jazz look a the last two infographs of >>10053.


that second track fucking bangs though








>Stalinwave - beriaboogie








Did any shit like this come out of the trump admin? Lol. Seems like there's a bunch more leftist stuff that was released under Obama



couple someone clip this up until 1:45? seems like huge meme p[otential


0:27 until 0:45


Cuba Va


thank you


File: 1610422999632.mp4 (2.22 MB, 640x360, guillotine.mp4)

wasn't sure if you wanted it until before or after the vocals start




File: 1610506573160.jpeg (123.09 KB, 1200x1200, OncleJazz.jpeg)

indie rock/pop is niche, and thats kinda the point but i really enjoy Men I Trust's, Oncle Jazz.



Immortal Technique is pretty much the shit. Rebel Diaz is hit or miss and Dead Prez are absolutely phenomenal.


Pavel Chekov is a pretty cool communist powerviolence/hardcore band


>ctrl+f KKB
>ctrl+f kero kero bonito
>0 results


>ctrl+f black sabbath
>0 results
oof guys


Black Sabbath have had the best influence on rock music over any other. Love the rhythm matched with the heaviness/loudness.
Here's a great contemporary mutation of the sound:
>Kustodian - Dusted Emperor (Full Album; 2012) [Industrial Doom Metal]


File: 1613702809371.jpg (241.13 KB, 1200x675, BillWard.jpg)

It's a little light on the drum department, though it is hard to get much better than Bill Ward




them deepcuts
>The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro


Has anybody here ever heard about The Nails?

I want to know more about them beyond the wikipedia page

Also does anybody know what they mean by
>Mary was a black girl
I was afraid of a girl like that
Was that like a racist thing? Were people still afraid to date outside their race in 1980's america?


File: 1614209173638.jpg (494.38 KB, 565x800, 20180915_191853_10330_1057….jpg)

idk where else to post this but here's some surprisingly based megadeth art


I present you- Dayglo abortions, a Canadian band known for its degenerate lyrics describing murdering your girlfriend. Here’s “I want to be an East Indian”


I hate this song, It's very defeatist and liberal




File: 1615163941540.jpg (435.06 KB, 1920x1080, Our Dream.jpg)

Explanation of what Sovietwave means from one of the comments

Imagine a sense of hope for the future. The generation lived with dreams of the future and hopes for progress that everything would be better than yesterday. A huge layer of the culture of the CIS countries is the Soviet vision of the future, where people conquer space, factories are serviced by robots, where everyone gets what they work for. Where everyone has a place. (Look at Soviet posters.)

Now imagine that it all collapses instantly. Now we have no hopes for the future, but only the feeling that everything will be even worse.

This genre evokes nostalgia for childhood, for that former culture, in which everything seemed to go well.

Sovietwave is a type of synthwave primarily focused on nostalgia of the Soviet Union and more specifically a focus of space exploration

Good Starting Points:
Our Dream

NewSovietWave: A channel dedicated to SovietWave Mixes

If you know of any others please do post them


Damn didnt notice someone already linked Our Dream, my bad.


>Celsius - Y5 (Original Mix)


Which version of Am I Evil is better?

>Diamond Head

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ_ze7t0OQ4 (Lightning to the Nations)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlfS-oakUxM (Borrowed Time)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnupfNwf62M (Lightning to the Nations 2020)

The Metallica version was the first I listened to, but my favorite is the one from Borrowed Time, honestly. Oddly nobody will post the correct lyrics for that one.

I listen to Sovietwave when I want to cry for a while


>>817 Yeah it hits pretty hard at times


File: 1615337838956.mp4 (19.49 MB, 480x360, edarem - Feel The Music-36….mp4)

>Why, yes, classical IS my favorite music genre, how could you tell?




No lord in the heavens made this world,
No worldly lord the prosperity of humankind.
The cosmos is an eternal evolution of the material,
This material shaped for mankind's use by many a laborer.
The work of your hands, laborer, was mankind's yesterday.
On your hands also rests tomorrow.
When the temple of Solomon was being built by an army of laboring
Slaves, meanwhile Solomon was inside
His palace, solving the quarrels of wives.
When the nobleman in France was cursing his failed expedition to
The Russian land, thousands of wives wept for their fallen husbands.
The work of your hands, laborer,
Were the treasures of the lords,
But inside your fist now grows a different kind of tomorrow.
Your hands built the factories and the mines of the land.
Where from dawn to dusk you labor on,
Watch the treasures get carried away.
But if your hands stops laboring, the chimneys go cold,
The machines standing as idle as those who you labor for.
The work of your hands, laborer,
Are the treasures of the lords,
And only your hands can act to bring forth justice.
But for the exploiter,
You alone are not enough, for he will always be hunting on.
And if he meets resistance, he'll point his guns at your brothers.
And when you rise against injustice,
You'll quickly find out,
The exploiter is not just a leech but also a murderer.
Your hands once build the tombs of the Pharaohs.
Yet to be dug is the grave for the exploiters of this entire world.
Inside your fist lies a seed to your freedom eternal.
And it'll once grow into a forest that covers out all injustices.


File: 1615490027629.gif (1.67 MB, 450x435, 1517604239000.gif)

Lmao that dude literally looks like a cartoon character in real life



In the night of Tammisaari, the twinkling of the stars are not visible, there the whips and bayonets stick from belts on each side. They want to show their masters how to beat those who have already been beaten down. So they fulfill the task that their masters gave them meticulously.

Under the whip, only few are bent, only a few without strength are exhausted from battles. We walk straight after all this, even though the herd of greyhounds beat us. Go back no step, the night is darker there.

This is not arrogance, nor is it defiance of fate. We walk the path of battles and will always remember: our class is the creator of everything, and the battle for it is enormous. It's also the protection of our battle, that's why the sky is so safe.

Don't worry our class is up, we will never let you down. The struggle in front of us is noble, this is the way we go. The vanguard of us, it inspires the struggle and the victims on the path of the struggles it teaches to give.

In the night of Tammisaari, the flame of hate still flares. Not in the hard work of a slave, our forces should not fall. With our class side by side we will give the last blow. Down with the oppressive parasites, down with their dark executors!


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damn this thread is bumping

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