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File: 1617271699867.jpg (236.88 KB, 1106x1012, 1598529066312[1].jpg)


What is the most autistic genre?


Minimal techno


twee pop


Progressive pisscore.






Prog metal 100 percent.


Sampling-based hardcore techno. The amount of work put into getting all those samples together and arranged just right is insane.


Unironically its modern country
>muh trucks
>muh depression
>muh gf stolen by a black man
it's literally like if you turned the inner ego of a /pol/ack into music, only funny in abstract and pitiful in the moment.


Something about modern country pop deeply fascinates me, it’s like they’ve discovered a perfect pop song formula that they just paste country themes/lyrics on to over and over.


100% Noise music. I say this as the OP who made the noise general.


Panic music is literal autismgorroGorro


Djent is pure autism.


File: 1617301493386.jpg (50.52 KB, 743x676, 20210325_010956.jpg)


You’re on to something here


Electro Swing
Math Rock
Prog Rock (for their album art)


Classical duh


examples of 60'70's country?


yeah it really makes mainline pop radio sound innovative and interesting which is hilarious considering how many "country fans" who swear by copy/pasted toby keith songs talk shit about how artificial country music is lol

but theres also a ton of overlap between pop country fans and mainline pop fans which is something that a lot of /mu/ yuppies seem to be unaware of


in terms of making it, electronic music before DAWs
in terms of who listens to it, metal




NTA but here's Roy Clark


idk whatever you listen to lol


Either integral serialism or new complexity




The process is autistic but the final product is not


Black MIDI beyond the first few songs created.


Scratch that, serialism is the lest autistic music possible since it tries to avoid recognizable patters


For sure, I just meant from a compositional POV. Something about writing music using a bunch of rigid, paint-by-numbers guidelines seems like it would appeal to someone on the spectrum.


That's not just a feeling


that's literally normie "alternative" shit


christian death metal


File: 1618733780841.pdf (165.29 KB, 232x300, klf-book-manual.pdf)

Read the manual


I'm sorry but electro-swing is the most autistic shit ever, I fucking love it for bringing back swing sorta, but it's a genre mostly comprised by weebs and furries. The most popular electro-swing compilations on youtube are "hosted" by an anime fox girl. Most autistic form of Jazz in a long time.


This isn't true. I went to several electro-swing gigs and they do the festival circuit. normie shit bro.



what if billboard charts are the most autistic music cause most people listening to it are musical illiterates (which makes sense given that the industry tries to target as many people as possible) just like most autists are illiterate at expressing and understanding emotions or communicating in general - sure it sounds counter-intuitive but just think about it for a sec

>most autistic shit ever
> most popular electro-swing compilations on youtube are "hosted" by an anime fox girl
what is nightcore then?



Unironically post-rock. Came out of math rock (which came from prog rock of course), which is by itself already an autistic rock genre and combines with post-rock, post-hardcore, extreme metal and metalcore to form mathcore.

Post-rock can be very emotional and energetic, and then very calm and slow, the intensity of the emotion portrayed in the sound shifting from somber melancholy to screaming, crying grief. Alternatively, from hopeful and tranquil to mood-elevating and elated. It's atmospheric and ambient, then hard and heavy.

It goes further in breaking rules than progressive or experimental rock put together, which it does, as well as other musical genres instead of just subgenres of rock. It has often a curious rhythm to it IMO.


Filk and there's no competition.


Black MIDI

KLF are weird. They make such generic music for who they are. I'm honestly disappointed.


Sounds based. Any recs??tankieTankie




it's the best



That was beautiful. Thank you comrade. Reminds me of "Deck the House" by Akufen.tankieTankie


It's weird that I can recognize many of these samples.


File: 1628046839568.jpeg (92.37 KB, 640x635, 97f.jpeg)

Easily metal. It's an entire genre constructed around refusing to groom yourself and owning epic posters of wolves howling at the moon.


for actually existing autism? second wave black metal
otherwise it's either mathcore or powernoise


>>2587 (me)
or whatever the fuck this is supposed to be






>t. never heard of pisscore
>t. never heard of progressive pisscore (not attached)




File: 1633643305244.png (37.79 KB, 596x406, varg.png)

black metal


Depends on what you mean by "autistic"


I LOVE The Locust. I still hope they will make a comeback.




Opera (if your not high on LSD its the most psychedelic experience in your lifetime).

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