Privacy Policy

Leftypol's Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the ways Leftypol collects personal data.

What data does Leftypol collect?

Leftypol collects IP addresses as part of any action taken on the site.

How does Leftypol collect your data?

Your IP is logged every time you take any action on the site. This included but not limited to:

How will Leftypol use your data?

Leftypol collects your data and can be used as follows:

We do NOT share your data to third parties, unless required by law or as required for security measures and abuse mitigation.

We recommend all users to treat their IP as if it were public information availble on the site.

How does Leftypol store your data?

This data will be stored in a secured server.

Leftypol will keep your IP address tied to a temporary resource (a post, a thread, a report, etc), until that is pruned from our system.

Privacy policies of other websites

The Leftypol website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy applies only to Leftypol, so if you click on a link to another website, Leftypol is not responsible for their privacy policy.

Changes to the privacy policy

Leftypol keeps its privacy policy under review and places any updates on this web page. This privacy policy was last updated on 31 July 2022.

How to contact the Leftypol staff

If you would like to write to the staff regarding anything related to privacy policy, please use one of the methods below:

Write to us using the Matrix Chat or the /meta/ moderation board.