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Post ITT if you have a gf or a bf
Tell us about her and your relationship if you dare


curious to hear about the relationships posters have. i had a bf as of 5 days ago but the emotional retardation has reached critical mass and i can't deal anymore.


Male with bf. Been going for 7 or so years. Working out great IMO. He's a great person. He loves me a lot, more than I could ever love him or anyone else lol. Open relationship. It's hard, but it works for us, and it develops a very deep trust. I trust him without thinking. Wouldn't recommend it to others. Both of us are tops, and we're both low libido. Idk, it makes sense at the end.

I had to learn to give up my alone time. I like being alone for long periods of time and get tired when around people. I learned to just be alone with him.

I love cooking for him and he loves when I cook for him. That also works out.

We connect on how we think very much. He's basically a leftist, but isn't interested enough to actually read that much or be active irl.

I gradually realized that my relationship with any man will never be fully accepted by liberals. It will always be non-heteronormative. Once we realized we could never be "on script", that really freed us up on shit like "monogamy", marriage, children, etc.

I like to think of him as my partner, in the sense that he's a great person to be around, talk, and go through life with. I don't think of him as my property, and he doesn't think of me as his either. We accompany each other and our lives are attached.


cishet ethnic/brown burger male here. I don't have a GF but when I did I was sort of stressed out, it was a mixed experience. She was a radlib/feminist but also an ex raver who had done alot of drugs and she was into new agey "spirituality" and shit. She went to grad school. We got in a lot of debates about politics because I was an anti idpol commie and she was an intersectional liberal who was an unironic Elon Musk stan.

She was also bisexual who had gotten bullied in school for being LGBT. Also she was like a quarter native and liked to identify as indigenous even though she was literally blonde and looked totally white. But she dyed her hair red. She said she didn't want to be a blonde because she associated it with cheerleader stacies (not her words, paraphrasing) who had bullied her in private christian school and somehow thought it made her too "aryan"/white or fascist somehow. She had a weird self hating complex about wanting to identify as native but looking ultrawhite.

When she wasn't in an anxiety mood or rage, she was surprisingly humble and kind for a girl that hot. She was like a solid 9/10. Once she showed me a picture of when she was 19 and a raver, and she was even hotter back then (like 10/10 body and 11/10 face), like she could have been an A list actress or porn star or something, made Bella Thorne look like a 5.

She smoked a lot of weed. We got in a debate about whether or not weed was good for a baby, because I thought maybe we'd get married someday and have kids (stupid, I know, but I loved her) and she kept arguing that weed was good for a baby and made it smarter, and that women could still get pregnant in their 50s. She was actually smart but had these weird ass beliefs about certain things. I mean this woman had a fucking masters degree and she could've been an official therapist or something, and she had these beliefs - weird.

We were both really into electronic music, esp. drum and bass and she took me to a rave on the beach with her friends.

Privately she was really into BDSM and wanted to get tied to the bed and spanked and choked and nipples pinched and shit. She told me her fantasy was to be a housewife who got spanked with a paddle, and that if we ever got a house we should build a sex dungeon in the basement for her. Also she said she'd deny it if I ever told anyone.

She was probably the horniest woman I've ever dated, if it was up to her we'd have sex like five times a day. She came really easily too, so i'd have to try to eat her out and fuck her in a way which didn't stimulate her clit too much otherwise she'd cum in like 3-5 minutes and it would take me like 10 more minutes (minimum) to cum. She couldn't multi orgasm, she was one and done, but she'd be down to do it again after like a few hours. Sometimes she let me cum in her no condom when she was on her period, but otherwise usually made me wear a condom. She said she didn't believe in birth control pills because it caused women's pheromonal attraction to be screwed up (which is true). I probably should have worn a condom every time because she later found out she had HPV from an ex so i guess i have it now too. She was pretty noisy in bed. Like moaning, even full out screaming sometimes when she came. After sex she'd tell me that's why she doesn't talk to her neighbors because she'd be embarrassed by the fact that they heard her moans at night.

She was really good at sex, not just BJ's but also PIV, she'd often do kegels/pussy clenches when I was cumming to enhance it more by making it tighter, one time she did it when I wasn't wearing a condom and it felt unbelievably good.

She really didn't like certain chores like doing the dishes for some reason. She'd sometimes have mental breakdowns where she'd start crying because she was afraid that the climate apocalypse was going to kill us all and turn our planet into Venus. She also accused me of being a workaholic. Eventually it ended when she cheated on me with her ex. She came back sheepishly a few months later and wanted to get back together. We had sex a few more times after that but then it ended again. Her cheating on me lead me to not trust women anymore, even after I demanded she delete and block her ex's number from the phone after I found out she refused. I was willing to forgive her but she didn't want to budge at all.

This whole experience taught me the value of having a mentally stable partner, despite our compatibility in many ways, liking the same stuff, etc. Her mental state was really a drain the whole experience, dealing with her strange anxieties was really taxing, I think she literally had an anxiety disorder. I guess the old stereotype about "hot and crazy" has some basis in fact.

TBH now I just want to meet a woman thats stable and loves me and won't cheat. I really don't know how to talk to women or where to find them nowdays though.


Hot and also very cool story. Thanks for sharing anon. As for meeting new people, your best bet is making friends (which is hard) and expanding your group of friends. Eventually you'll meet someone. You can do tinder and shit, but that's more artificial and not everyone can get into it.


OP, you are my gf, why don't you talk about our relationship?


Guy with gf. She is a qt, pretty short (5"6') and has auburn hair and jade eyes. Got together with her sorta late into high school, we were both delinquents who liked to start trouble and got into fights now and again. She was into drugs at the time and I was drinking a lot of alcohol. Got together after a more casual relationship with a bit of sex on the side because we ended up developing feelings for each other, though we didn't get to see each other that much cause we lived some distance away from each other. At first we would talk to each other via cellphones for hours on end (mind this was before texting was basically free with any plan), but this was during the onset of video streaming services like skype, so we would have like, awful 140p web streams where she would lay in her bathtub and I would lay under my bed and we'd spend like the whole night talking to each other. Eventually her mom lost custody and she ended up moving in with her grandma, so she was a lot closer to me and I'd go to hike to her house and take her to run off into the woods for a day or two. After long enough we got invested in the relationship enough that we made the commitment to kick our addictions, because it was clearly starting to adversely affect our health. She had heart palpitations and other circulatory irregularities from constant drug use and my memory was degrading and I was starting to have weird issues with my muscles. After 2 years of on-and-off fighting ourselves we managed to kick it pretty well. We still drink and use recreationally sometimes but we don't binge-use like we used to.

For her 18th birthday I think I ended up buying her a big accessory pack for a really nice camera from the 1990s she had from her grandmother, and she got really into photography. So while we did still do our little run-away trips we would go out into the woods and break into abandoned buildings to do lots of photoshoots and scenic shots and what have you. Eventually she actually got a small-time gig with the weather company to get background shots of the local area for their newscasts, lmao. Around the same time I went into vocational school for welding and electrical work, welding I was able to do quickly cause I had vocational training from high school classes that let me bypass a lot of the programs but welding took a year without counting the apprenticeship. We were still living with our grandparents (since both of our actual parents ended up losing custody over us lmao) so the money mostly went towards helping them out, but some of it we started to tuck away cause we planned to escape the state and go do a big tour of the US together.

We were also starting to politically radicalize around this time as well, she was pushing more anarchist while I got into the IWW through a union at my work, where I learned about a lot of good American socialists like Foster and Debbs. We eventually decided that we'd postpone our big tour of the US and instead put our money towards having somewhere we could live and prepare for the revolution at (cause we thought the revolution was neigh, oh how naive we were!) Both of us actually had a house to our name, her family had an old tobacco farm that got shut down 20 odd years before since they weren't FDA compliant and I had inherited a house (and had it held in trust) from my deceased uncle who had no kids, which I had gotten old enough to actually own and live in fully. Both of them were near-dilapidated structures and needed big overhauls, but between the two of them my house was the more intact so we decided to focus our efforts on that one. So while she did a lot of side-jobs with her camera work and tried to do cardio to help fix her circulatory issues I worked 2 jobs, one doing electrical work and paying IWW dues and the other putting our house into working order and fixing up its numerous structural problems. During this process I learned a lot about carpentry and plumbing as well, so I became a decently competent all-around handyman. By the time we had hit 20 we had fixed up the house enough to where we could live in it, though it lacked some basic stuff like AC and proper ventilation in some rooms, and I am still doing bits and pieces of work on it to this day.

With our own home we also got more into sexual experimentation as well - we ended up getting into BDSM and femdom stuff and for a while the guest bedroom was basically just our little sex dungeon lmao. Condoms and different toys and other paraphernalia were unironically one of the biggest expenditures on our monthly budget sometimes, Though eventually the hormonal rage of our early adulthood started to wear thin and we toned down our sexual escapades somewhat, at least to the point where we don't have a dedicated sex room. But still we do BDSM stuff when we're in the mood and have the time for it, and we've brought in some people for 3-somes every now and again. She has a tendency to giggle a lot during sex which is honestly adorable beyond the sex appeal, and she always prefers a more slow-burn approach to sex. She has pretty strong orgasms so she can't do multi-orgasms, after she is done she spends half an hour just relaxing to work herself down from the high.

Now-a-days we're in a fairly stable domestic relationship. I kept working long enough to put her through college before going myself on some state grants they give to people trying to get out of manual labor and into STEM. Between those, some grants from our high school grades, and grants cause we're poor as fuck, we managed to go through college without much debt. She got a degree in engineering and a minor in Japanese language and I got a degree for Toxicology. I tried to get a job in my field but I graduated about the same time as Trump cut a lot of the laws the EPA had set up, so my state ended up trashing a lot of the permanent jobs I wanted to go for. So we've drifted between contract work and odd jobs with all of our different skills to stay financially afloat, while still trying to fix up odds and ends around the house. When we get steady jobs again we're planning to fix up her old place and sell off our current house so we have a nice farm, we try to focus on self-sufficiency with gardening and some animals already but having a farm would make us self-reliant as far as food goes.


>tfw rightist gf
>tfw I had to comfort her when Trump lost


Wow cool accelerationist GF
but yeah if true, tell us a story boss


>pretty short (5"6')
I hate you


oh don't worry brother. lots of girls find short guys cute.




>lots of girls find short guys cute.
now youre just making fun of me


5'6 is probably average for a female (no dick)


at least around here its usually more like, 5'8 or thereabouts. Dated a 6'4 girl back in high school. Maybe we're just an area with tall women, relatively speaking.


There is nothing to tell, she's very rightist but knows I don't like to talk politics and probably thinks I'm a liberal.


Hey, now you feel what short girls feel when they're called "cute". It's not to make fun of you, either.


Wonder how you guys got together


No joke


wtf is f-list


Fetish/roleplay forum, I think.



how does a relationship sustain itself when you guys are so different politically? i can never understand this. how do you feel comfortable around someone that doesn't care about others?


What >>132 said
As I said I try to avoid talking politics but she cares about people in the manner that rightoids do, she wants people to be self reliant; that's why gun rights are so important to her.


the self reliance meme is just an excuse to be emotionally lazy and not care or concern yourself with others. it's really easy to find women that are at least further left than a rightoid, i honestly don't know how people put up with the political discrepancies.


To some people, politics aren't everything dawg

I wouldn't mind having, say, a lobertarian gf if we both kept our ideologies to ourselves or discussed it in a educated manner


Guy with gf. The cutest and smartest girl i've ever met even tho she is an anarchist.
Met her via political organizing and inadvertently almost triggered a huge drama in my org maybe you remeber the thread on /b/.


>maybe you remeber the thread on /b/
Please do tell


yeah explain this


Could GF/BF-havers explain what exactly was the impact of a relationship in their lives? Like, what are the upsides and downsides?


The upside is that you stop caring so much about being single or not and that you learn how to handle future relationships better.
Or maybe you meant like what's the impact of having a relationship at the moment?


assuming a healthy relationship…

as for the material, well, its always nice to have two people bringing in income, it makes emergencies a lot less of a hastle. even if one of you gets hurt and has to go on disability for a while or whatever there is still someone else to take care of you and whatnot, and in america's utterly shit system that is a good lifeline to have. on top of that its good to be able to more reasonably bulk-buy goods since that is overall cheaper in the long run.

on the less material end, socialization becomes a lot less of an issue. not only do you have a gf/bf but also you have an easy way in to their friend group if you'd like. overall though you will probably be socializing out less and socializing with your SO more though, but its always a nice option to have. if you live together, sleeping together is unironically really good for like, mental health and self-esteem I find. its all the good feelings you get from hugging but 9 straight hours of it from when you got to bed until you finally wake up. doubly so if you sleep nude, skin-on-skin even in a non-sexual sense is just weirdly comforting to experience. everything, from eating to playing and whatever else, becomes a social activity again, which for most people probably wasn't the case since they left school. of course, if they aren't asexual, sex is also on the table and is always good as an outlet for different emotions. or rather, it produces enough good emotions that you can sweep away a lot of negative ones with it. it can't cure depression or anything, but the mutual stressful day relief ritual(tm) can keep you sane when otherwise you might've slipped some.

aside from that it varies to person to person, you can have shared hobbies, they can be good cooks, they could be skilled at crafts and trades, ect ect. while there are always other fish in the sea, everyone is at least a little bit unique, as long as they don't ascribe to weird cults like scientology, inceldom, or whatever else.


downsides its a bit harder to say though, I think it comes down to personal tastes. I am a bit of a loner by nature and having another person constantly living with you did take some getting used to. its also a bigger workload for stuff like laundry, you need more storage space for their items, gotta split the budget to accommodate both of your whims, ect. its why I think commonality in interests is a good thing to have for relationships (especially if you are poorer), it makes keeping the both of you happier cheaper and easier. oh, keeping a mutual schedule going can be hard, especially with the current way the jobs market is now, so you can have agonizing periods of time where you don't get to see them as much (tho thats more a fault of capitalism than the relationship). budgeting for someone other than just yourself can also feel mega-depressing sometimes because you aren't just cutting your expenses to make ends meet, but someone who you deeply care about. so yeah a lot of modern relationship problems are mostly just capitalism lmao.


I asked because i recently realized i would be a shitty bf. Given that a relationship comes with lot's of responsibilities, and i always act like an grumpy, ungrateful asshole whenever my mom/sister ask me for anything, so i figured i would act similarly with a gf.


people in here with partners, how did you meet?


I wish I could feel strong emotions for women but i dont know i just cant


through organizing tbh.

touching grass and getting into IRL organizing is a great way to meet someone and make a genuine connection.

the real red pill is logging off


>i always act like an grumpy, ungrateful asshole whenever my mom/sister ask me for anything, so i figured i would act similarly with a gf.
the relationship between mother and son or sister and brother not the same as husband and wife. The reason sex exists other than reproduction is to bond people by releasing Oxytocin in their brains and make them overlook minor annoyances because of love.

So it won't be the same. Also you need to chill by taking some ashwaganda >>8 and vitamin D, drink a cup of good black coffee in the morning, and learn to let shit slide without being grump. Also move out if you live with parents.


I met my previous ones first at anime conventions and then at uni. Haven't met anyone new since then.

Yeah I would also be a shitty partner, that's why I'm single for now.


File: 1631818382344.png (49.09 KB, 720x644, ClipboardImage.png)

>the relationship between mother and son or sister and brother not the same as husband and wife. The reason sex exists other than reproduction is to bond people by releasing Oxytocin in their brains and make them overlook minor annoyances because of love.
That's good to hear, anon. Makes me feel more hopeful.

Though now i'm needy for intimacy, ugh.

>Also you need to chill by taking some ashwaganda >>8 and vitamin D, drink a cup of good black coffee in the morning, and learn to let shit slide without being grump. Also move out if you live with parents.

Some of these suggestions are more feasible than others, but i'll see what i can do. For now, i believe talking about this with my therapist can be a good idea.

Thanks, fren.


File: 1631898943495.gif (1.23 MB, 500x281, 1609549185339.gif)

How do people even get a girlfriend? It happened toe everyone I know just from them existing but I never managed to. I'm almost 26 so I'm reaching the territory where it's likely I'll never be in a relationship.

It kind of sucks. I've been pretty isolated since highschool so there's not a whole lot I can do at this point but the reality that I'm going to grow old completely alone is a lot harsher than I thought it would be.


File: 1631910756204.jpg (122.31 KB, 1076x1254, 10382470132.jpg)

For me, it was basically always like Picrel.
Having a long conversation with her (a friend or just somebody I knew for a while) and somehow ending up in a relationship.


File: 1631911524647.png (339.95 KB, 447x646, 1629150696787.png)

I have long hair and a feminine body. Its easy for me to pick to tomboys and and they/thems, but they're not the same as her :(


>>236 (me)
no I wont show you my bum



>completely alone
Even without friends and family?


Yeah, I have literally no friends. I only have one online friend from over a decade ago I talk to every couple of months. My mom will probably die from COVID because she refuses to get vaxxed, my dad wants to move back to his home country and my sister is estranged, older brother is going to live his own life and doesn't really seem to like me, and my younger bro will probably wind up homeless when my dad dies because he's a NEET

I do not talk with my extended family

basically going to be completely fucked once my immediate family evaporates

That shit is fucking wild lmao
I've met people weirder than me who have been in relationships but I guess I'm just boring

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