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Have any anons had spooky, apparently supernatural, or otherwise strange experiences?


I've told this story before but I'll tell it again
Once I slept over at my meemaw's house and woke up in the middle of the night. I rubbed my eyes and saw something outside.
It was a bright orange fuzzy ball.
Everywhere I looked, it was in the middle of my vision.
Even closing my eyes couldn't save me from its everlasting gaze.
Then it just faded away.


I'm really sure I have some sort of dream-eater spirit in my house.
Like, when I go to sleep, sometimes, in rare occassions, I have like this spiritual intrusion that I feel on the vertebral column, like on the neck but also the nape and a little lower. It's quite uncomfortable, and it's like I have to fight it off in order to keep it at bay (in fact, if you think about it, it will come to you faster).
It will make you go to sleep, and then the dream will be something like "you gotta recover something from somewhere and put it in this specific room" (can't remember that well, I've learned to fight it off so it doesn't get into me) and you keep searching snd searching, and if you don't find it, you don't wake up, simple.
After finding it and putting it on its place, you wake up, but feel exhausted.



File: 1639683045625.mp4 (76.63 KB, 360x360, american football.mp4)

Not me, but one of my roommates swears to God he saw a ghost or some shit once. He supposedly got up in the middle of the night to take a piss, and while walking to the bathroom he happened to glance outside the window to the house across the street, and happened to spot a woman staring directly at him from inside the house. He stopped dead in his tracks and just gazed at her for like 10 minutes and she just wouldn't even flinch or blink. He said fuck it. went to piss, and when he walked back the chick was gone. Woke me up in the middle of the night cause he was scared shitless.Thing is, the person living across from us is a dude in his 80's who lives by himself, his wife died like 10 years before we moved in and the only people who come visit from time to time are his son and his 2 grandchildren, both boys. Either he's completely bullshitting me or the old dude found a girlfriend, can't explain it otherwise.


Stop gaslighting me I know what I saw okay it was an alien life form


Does deja vu count? I think it's the closes I ever got to questioning the sanity of my mind.


I have that a lot, I sometimes have vivid dreams that come true, like in 5th grade I'd dreamed about entering my middle school, going to the 4th floor and entering a classroom near our spiral staircase, for context I'd never been in said school at the time, 3 years later that exact room from my dream turned out to be my Geography classroom, and I'd dreamed it in every detail, having never laid eyes on it before.


i can imagine things in the dark and scare myself


i thought i was being haunted by a hot ghost so i slept naked. nothing happened.


Ok only minor things.
Once when I was biking home at night. It was very late and I was sober. There was someone else biking the other direction, and my lights reflected in his eyes like a cat or a dog or some other animal. Really freaked me out.

Another time at a punk party. I was in the kitchen with one dude and two ladies. They were being kind of flirty and standing really close to me. Then I realized that they had very very sharp canine teeth (like vampires) so I bolted out. I know you think I'm stupid for believing in vampires. It might have just been a trend. But I wonder, what would my life have been like if I hadn't given in to cowardice?


I was out on a prayer walk with some fellow Christians, and one said he had Jesus inside him keeping him from committing sin, i had just met this man. He prayed over me and named the one place of my primacy sin which was masturbation in my room. Kinda scary how God can tell people about the bad things you have done.


one time I nutted so hard I had an out of body experience


he stands outside your window and watches you jerk off, there's no other way he could know something that specific


There is no rational reason he should know that kind of information about me, when i fap i close the blinds.


U prolly just look like a masturbator desu


That has happened to me so many times as a child, not so much now. I heard deja vu happens because you aren't actually living your life but your conciousness or self recaps and watches all your memories so you are basically going along on the ride, and sometimes it fucks up the time stamps on some memories making you experience stuff before it actually happens so you remember experiencing it later. Hearing this for the first time made me question my life like never before.


File: 1645045232178.gif (20.4 KB, 478x200, ads.gif)


you should have staked them if you know what i mean


File: 1648167241593.jpg (74.07 KB, 800x534, road.jpg)

Was followed for a bit by what I half believe was a phantom car on a stretch of rural road. It literally vanished into thin air in the few seconds it took me to look down at my dash then back up at my rear view. This was in an open field with no turnoffs and where I would have seen it quite clearly if it had pulled off onto the shoulder or done a u-turn.

I'm normally a skeptic but that drive's always weirded me out.


File: 1648168625086.png (343.17 KB, 1200x801, ClipboardImage.png)

I think you saw a road mirage, probably reflecting your car, or a car farther down the road… although it could be a literal phantom car.


>deja vu happens
deja vu happens because there is a slight delay between your two eyes at some point,so instead of just thinking that,your brain start doing mental gymnastics where it wasn't an actual problem,it just was something I already saw before ! and retroactively change your memory to correspond to that.
so you can never know if you really were precogniscient or if you're just on brain juice wild ride unless you somehow wrote your dreams somewhere before and then it happens and it correspond to what you have written.

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