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We're all riding the Kali Yuga together. ITT worship Hyperborea, denounce the modern world, discuss magick, aliens, theosophy and Atlantis. Only for people of Indo-Uralic and Indo-Aryan origin, no semites and reptilians allowed. Praise Evola (pbuh) and Guenon (pbuh). Praise the sun. This is a shitpost
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You do realize pole reversals occultist/new-age types talk about aren't geomagnetic reversals, but massive, sudden shifts in Earth's rotational axis, right?


>here used to be /vril/ on 8chan, where /leftypol/ was as well before the retreat to the backup Albanian /bunkerchan/, before the present . org
Yeah I remember, I mean there had been some threads on /b/ before the split about Esoteric Nazism and I lost my archive link.


File: 1636944057958.jpg (292.91 KB, 1024x777, slavic hyperboreans.jpg)

I heard Hyperboreans are the predecessors of Slavs


>Fortunately it came to nothing when the board owners' cellphone with key board maintenance info got taken off him when he got mugged at a gas station.
Based time travelling mugger, he stopped Hitler 2


>Based time travelling mugger, he stopped Hitler 2







literally feels over reals


File: 1637360979158.jpg (23.87 KB, 250x375, Wiligut.jpg)

This man told the Nazis:
>germanic history is at least 200,000 years old
>the earth had three suns in this time
>plus giants and dwarves and other magical creatures
>his ancestors ended a long period of war
>the irminic religion of krist, based on christ, became the religion of all germanics by 12,500 BC
>non-believers, called wotans, superseded them and destroyed the irminic religious center in 1200 BC, and appropriated a temple in 460 AD
>his own ancestors were ice kings descending from aesir and vanir
And the SS actually bought it.



Unironically Evola's esoteric shit is up there right behind Land as far as reactionary shit I wanna read, even if Evola fans appear to be genuinely retarded and Evola himself seems to have been an imbecile.


>actually bought it
don't underestimate fanatics.




Land only really became a reactionary when he reemerged after disappearing in 2007. This first third of Fanged Noumena is pretty leftist in my opinion has he clearly expresses anti-fascist and feminist sentiments.


In my imagination it feels like a modern mythology, like dragons and unicorns and shit.
But I'm afraid that if I read him I'll realize it's all porky dicksucking with a flavour if guenon


I'm about 90% certain there is no difference between Evola Guenon and Blavatsky other then their relative obscurity and which specific hitler cults followed them. They are stem from the same colonial impulse of inventing made up bull shit from cherry picked historical sources that were used to justify race based class divisions.


stop looking at zionistic degenerate esoteric nazi schitzo edits comrades


File: 1637474221083.png (1.1 MB, 640x985, maoismevolaism.png)

Uh, bros?


Как же она так прекрасно поёт


>Adorno (authoritarian personality).
This shit was already ridiculed and dismissed by even leftists during Adorno's era.


Land is (was?) an actual genius, Evola is a midwit at best.




See >>1494


Surf the Kara Boga


fuck off cunt


File: 1638708841703.jpg (180.03 KB, 1200x675, pizapcom14628648168111.jpg)

>fights in the German infantry inWWI
>gets decorated for bravery following the first Battle of Ypres
>sees more action at the Battle of Verdun
>gets wounded and hospitalised
>gets posted to the Balkans
>gets shot through the torso
>joins air force, even more dangerous
>gets demobbed before he sees any action
>gets pissed off at German's defeat, drifts into politics
>joins the Thule Society, a German occultist and Völkisch group founded in Munich shortly after the war
>Thule society society sponsors the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP; German Workers' Party), >DAP gets reorganized by Adolf Hitler into the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party)
>gets 18 months in the slammer after Hitler's bollocksed beer-Hall putsch in '23
>becomes good mates with Hitler in prison
>takes up flying again when out of prison
>buzzes his plane near left-wing rallies to drown out the speakers
>starts entering flying races
>Hitler bans him from flying
>supervises state-Party relations in through the Nazi Office of the Deputy Leader
>starts dabbling in the occult
>Martin Bormann takes over much of the work in the office
>elbowed aside by Goring in the Party Hierarchy
>gets obsessed with the danger of Germany fighting a war on two fronts, vs. the West and Soviet Union simultaneously
>thinks he can persuade the British to form an alliance
>flies to Britain clandestinely
>can't find the landing strip
>turn the plane upside down
>opens the cockpit roof
>jumps out
>pulls the parachute ripcord
>hits the ground and falls unconscious
>gets captured and questioned
>gets put in the slammer again
>gets sent to the Nuremburg trials after the war in '46
>claims amnesia
>gets sent to Spandau prison
>kills himself in 1987 aged 93


>kills himself in 1987 aged 93
This part is super sus. Why would he wait until 93 to kill himself. Really sus.


File: 1638831236385.png (47.14 KB, 960x720, db330_fig3.png)

Older people have the highest suicide rates fyi


>Hitler bans him from flying
>buzzes his plane near left-wing rallies to drown out the speakers
Hess's landing in Britain is some suspect shit that nobody talks about TBH.


he is my favourite nazi, based retard in the "interesting person" sense
king of autism and eyebrows


Hyperborea gang rise up!


oh shit was it a psyop?


To an extent. He didn´t kill himself in prison but got Epstein´d and spent the war in fairly comfortable captivity compared to even other POWs. The reasons for his leaving are also very muddled and unclear, especially the fact that for some reason Hitler never even attempted to have him shot down, and neither did the Brits.


File: 1640984199243.jpeg (12.44 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)

>The reasons for his leaving are also very muddled and unclear,
Hess had been elbowed aside in the Nazi regime. He wasn't consulted on Operation Barbarossa to invade the Soviet Union. He thought he could get back in with Hitler if he could bring about peace with Britain. (Hitler had previously written in Mein Kampf about wanting an alliance with Britain against the Bolsheviks.)
There`s a theory by a writer, Dr James Vincent Murphy, that Hess' s flight was under the auspices of the Foreign Organisation of the Nazi Party, which Hess had set up, and it was part of a power move against the more anti-British Foreign Minister Ribbentrop
<the Svengali who practices the art of post-hypnotic suggestion on the Berchtesgaden somnambulist [Hitler]
But Hess just wasn't this influential. The official German declaration was he was a madman acting on his own, and without the knowledge of anyone else in the Nazi hierarchy. If he'd been sent officially to negotiate a peace with Britain then this declaration would have undermined it.
>for some reason Hitler never even attempted to have him shot down
The first he knew about the flight was when Hess's adjutant, Karlheinz Pintsch, arrived at his mountain retreat near Berchtesgaden with a letter from Hess, given to him just before take off. Albert Speer:
<At this moment Hitler descended from his room upstairs. One of the adjutants was called into the salon. While I began leafing through my sketches once more, I suddenly heard an inarticulate, almost animal outcry. Then Hitler roared: "Bormann, at once! Where is Bormann? “
>and neither did the Brits.
Hess zig zagged his flight path to avoid British radar, waited until dark before flying over the coast of Scotland to avoid enemy spotters, and then flew low over the countryside.


Pro tip: if you ever want to have copious amounts of fun, find a random thread on 4chan and start spaming it with Hyperborea pictures, with posts detailing how Jews are Aryan subhumans and must be genocided like all Aryan filth, such as Germans or Anglos, because Slavic Hyperboreans are the one true virtuous master race. Bonus points if you create your owm racial hierarchy where you place where you rank out the Mongolod and Negroid races as shittier than Hyperboreans, but in all ways superior to the caveman barbarian Aryan filth.


Ok glow/pol/


Anyone got any of the CCRU texts on Lemurian time war and it's connections to Atlantis?


File: 1642645265518.png (Spoiler Image, 82.23 KB, 264x255, ClipboardImage.png)

Virgil might



looks like a giant Papua


File: 1642904454000.png (312 KB, 1043x671, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit


TNO was a mistake for resurrecting this dead, pesudo-historical meme.


File: 1644376444054.png (1.4 MB, 1257x595, island.png)

What the fuck is Frifland?



I originally made this thread on /siberia/ but mods moved it here. If this board is going to be deleted can mods kindly send it back to Siberia? That's where Hyperborea is, after all


Nah /x/ definitely has a place


Most of these "Übermenschen" are basing their entire ideology around LARP from 80 years ago (plus the HOI4 mod)


File: 1655692811335-0.png (527.64 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655692811335-1.png (698.42 KB, 710x459, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655692811335-2.png (402.64 KB, 711x533, ClipboardImage.png)

>It is said that only when someone chants the Garuda Vashikaran Mantra will they extricate the Naga Bandham (snake binding spell) & only then can the door be opened. For it is said to be guarded by Lord Vishnu. And anyone would opens it will Die and a curse will be unleashed apon the entire world.

Furthermore it is believed that no sage exists of such holy caliber right now in this world to be able to chant the mantra. And that one day there would be born a holy child who is destined to open it.

IT makes me so mad that unknown riches and historically important stuff is hidden in shit like this and nobody can investigate it because of spooked morons

>muh curse

suck it up and go send an army inside


File: 1656211030920.jpg (347.99 KB, 800x800, Aztlan_codex_boturini.jpg)

According to one of the codices, Aztlan does seem to have been an island. It's also unrelated though because it's located in mainland North America and the Mexica(what the Aztec called themselves) left it in about the 11th century AD, way later than the date people give Atlantis to.


File: 1658030131430.jpg (3.11 MB, 2134x3660, IMG_20220624_201715.jpg)

I WILL move to Hyperborea


File: 1658618291990.png (1.32 MB, 1153x625, vagner.png)

Unique IPs: 36

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