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How do you fake work experience, education, etc. on a resume and not get caught?


You just do it, not many industries check.

Government work, they'll probably check. Stuff like certificates to handle dangerous equipment, or medical work.. Just use common sense.

For some mid-tier office job, no one cares.



Get a burner phone app and create 4 different burner phone numbers. Put down different names and use different burner numbers for each one as "references". If they call, don't pick up. Wait and then pay different people to speak on your behalf as this person and make them lie.

Work experience can be faked by just researching jobs and then posting details of other people's jobs expertise on your own resume. I would not recommend this if you can't show the skills irl or can't learn quick enough.

Education can be faked by lying but university education is harder to fake.

Government jobs are impossible to fake experience for. Even companies that work with the government are impossible if you choose this route. Any job that involves certification from a government body will be hard but not impossible to fake. You couldn't lie your way into being a beautician for example.

Most jobs don't really check education.


I'm a different anon but based, thanks.
I have heard of sites where you can pay someone to make a fake company for you to put down as a reference, has anyone tried one of them?


common sense. Dont put shit too easily verified or too important to not verify, have basic knowledge about what you claim, have a coherent and complete enough story.


what about work experience? do they look up companies? can you just make up a company? Or how do you find one that went out of business?

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