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What's your favorite alcoholic (or non alcoholic) beverage? basically, say what you would order at a bar


Heineken or Tyskie if it's bottled, otherwise I get a pint of whatever lager I prefer out of what they have. Canned Red Stripe is pretty good too.


>basically, say what you would order at a bar
Whatever fucks my shit up the hardest.


File: 1630582464920.png (607.92 KB, 678x615, aintnolaws.png)

do people still drink IPAs? seems like all the hipster drinks have morphed into fratty douchebags drinking white claws


rumchata and fireball maybe? a lemon drop? i don't understand how people drink dark liquors. everyone has to be lying about "growing into" them.


File: 1630584359341.png (115.22 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

>What's your favorite alcoholic (or non alcoholic) beverage? basically, say what you would order at a bar
Two different questions!
Go tos at a bar are probably rum, whiskey, flavored liquor. I've ordered drinks from a bar and confused the bartender because they didn't know what the drink was.


IPAs are disgusting. I don't get why people like them over other beer.

There's a really cheap beer, it's like 1 € a liter. It tastes much better than the IPA shit which Starts around 4 € per liter.


why do people even drink beer when you can drink liquor?




beer is better with a meal, i don't want to be drinking vodka with fried food


but why drink beer with food? you're not going to get drunk or even tipsy, especially if eating while drinking it. it tastes like shit, does nothing, it's a waste of money. maybe it's worth it if you're an especially tiny man or a woman.


the bitterness of alcohol really cuts the heavy flavor of certain fried foods in a way thats enjoyable. But at the same time you don't necessarily want to get totally shitfaced at a dinner or restaurant or w/e


Whisky & Ginger Ale
Gin & Tonic (wouldn't order that at a bar unless very cheap)


File: 1630589988604.mp4 (1.96 MB, 480x480, coom.mp4)

I'll take the Cum cockail.


The cummycock tail cannot be purchased here due to food regulations.

>middle two


Beer tastes great, shuddup fag. You just need to drink it for a few years, then it will be one of the best drinks there is for you.


I was about to go to a bar for the first time with my parents right before the pandemic hit
I'm such a fucking baby and I'm supposed to be working on a personal project where I have to write several scenes in a bar


Costeña is the best beer of colombia but lately I been trying out whiskey on the rocks


i've been drinking beer for like 12 years, it never gets better, no matter the brand. fully believe your tastebuds are fucked or you guys are memeing yourselves into believing it's not piss.




I hope the hipsters have moved out of IPAs because they made them worse. New Belgium changing old school ranger to that awful "voodoo" ranger shit is evident of that.


Just get drunk by yourself to get an idea what being drunk is like then imagine It's like working retail except with drunk customers


Dude just go to a bar and Gonzo that shit. Have a DD or a way to get home though.


File: 1630743467350.jpg (104.33 KB, 800x800, montecristo joyitas.jpg)

At the bar? Whiskey and cola. Or water and ice. I get retarded very fast on alcohol so back when I would go clubbing I would drink until my teenage insecurity melted away and would drink a bit again when I start to feel too self conscious. The only times I have found alcohol to be worth it is when drinking with friends and so have a normie tier drug to use or doing dumb shit and making fun memories with random backpackers/interesting girls. I much prefer pregabalin as far as gabaergic depressants go. Stimulants were always my go to however. Now I'm sober most days and I prefer it

When I'm at a bar I generally will spend more time smoking, usually cigarillos than I do drinking, anyone else here smoke at bars?


opposite. i smoke cigarillos, but only at home. frankly embarrassed to smoke cigarillos or smoke at all in public, it's not a great habit and i feel like i reek when i do it. i also drink only at home. i don't think it's safe to be drunk outside and if i ever get drunk with the intention of being drunk outside, i go to the beach or park. don't really understand the bar meme period, you get to massively overpay and be drunk and vulnerable around loud strangers? unrewarding. been to all sorts of bars, high class ones and shitholes, it's all the same, it's all uncomfortable, even when you're trashed.


Beer is consistently cheap, so if I'm drinking at a bar and not at some get-together in a friends house, I go for that. Sadly beer tastes like shit and you can only learn to tolerate it and not like it.

Wine on its own is too bougie for me, I mainly drink to get drunk. Flavour's only purpose in an alcoholic drink is to get you drunk faster. Spritzers on the other hand are amazing. They are light, refreshing and go down easily. The perfect starting drink. It also makes cheap wine a lot more enjoyable. There is a saying here for things that are still tolerable: "it's fine with sparkling water".

Whiskey cola, vodka and orange, vodka on its own and Unicum or other similar herbal liqueurs are all amazing drinks, but pálinka tops all of them in my opinion. It's strong but comes with a very nice flavour. Sadly despite all the tax cuts it's still very expensive in the store, but sometimes there is that one guy who brings some homemade pálinka from this or that relative.

I'm also starting to like gin tonic. I don't think I like the flavour that much, but it feels very non-alcoholic if that makes sense.


File: 1630760478040.jpg (252.94 KB, 2040x1360, makgeolli.jpg)

Makgeolli is my favorite alcoholic drink: it tastes kinda milky and is slightly sparkly.
It can be very deceiving since it almost tastes like a sweet non-alcoholic drink without being too sugary, and it can give you a terrible hangover, but it's so comfy. My friends either love it or hate it. I've heard it's pretty easy to make if you have glutinous rice and the right kind of yeast at hand.

My favorite liquor is Scottish peated whisky, like Laphroaig and Caol Ila. I don't really like whisky otherwise, but for some reason I love peat which is kinda reminiscent of charcoal and cough medicine. It's also the kind of liquor that I take time to appreciate and not chug 3/4 of the bottle in a night and end up completely wasted, unlike vodka.

Honorable mentions:
- Oude jenever: It's similar to gin, but you drink it straight because it's tamer. Too bad it's only available in the Netherlands and Belgium
- Cider: Very sugary but really comfy
- Chablis white wine: Expensive but worth it if you can find a good bottle, fruity while being pretty dry
- Picon with beer: It brings a perfect amount of bitterness and orange taste to a mediocre beer. This is what I typically get at a bar when I don't feel like spending too much money on some Belgian beers
- Italian spritz: Similar to Picon but for sparkling white wine, awesome to drink fresh when you are doing tourism in Italy
- Gentiane: A bitter from Auvergne, France, which has a pretty unique floral taste, goes great with tonic water
- Sake and Cheongju (served cold): Japanese sake is way too overpriced for what it is, but I still like the neutral taste. Cheongju is the exact same thing for half the price.

I could go on and on about ouzo, kir, sangria, caipirinha, IPAs, becherovka, absinthe… Alcoholism is destroying my life but holy shit there is nothing in the world like enjoying a good regional drink with some friends or hospitable strangers.

>I have wandered extensively in several great European cities, and I appreciated everything that deserved it. The catalogue on this subject could be vast. There were the beers of England, where mild and bitter were mixed in pints; the big schooners of Munich; and the Irish; and the most classical, the Czech beer of Pilsen; and the admirable baroquism of the Gueuze around Brussels, when it had its distinct flavour in each artisanal brasserie and did not travel well. There were the fruit liqueurs of Alsace; the rum of Jamaica; the punches, the aquavit of Aalborg, and the grappa of Turin, cognac, cocktails; the incomparable mezcal of Mexico. There were all the wines of France, the loveliest coming from Burgundy; there were the wines of Italy, and especially the Barolos of Langhe, the Chiantis of Tuscany; there were the wines of Spain, the Riojas of Old Castille or the Jumilla of Murcia.

>I would have had very few illnesses if alcohol had not in the end brought me some; from insomnia to vertigo, by way of gout. “Beautiful as the trembling of the hands in alcoholism,” said Lautréamont. There are mornings that are stirring but difficult.
>“It is better to hide one’s folly, but that is difficult in debauchery or drunkenness,” thought Heraclitus. And yet Machiavelli wrote to Francesco Vettori: “Anybody reading our letters . . . would think that sometimes we are serious people entirely devoted to great things, that our hearts cannot conceive any thought that is not honourable and grand. But then, as they turned the page, we would seem light, inconstant, lustful, entirely devoted to vanities. And even if someone judges this way of life shameful, I find it praiseworthy, for we imitate nature, which is changeable.” Vauvenargues formulated a rule too often forgotten: “In order to decide that an author contradicts himself, it must be impossible to conciliate him.”
>Moreover, some of my reasons for drinking are respectable. Like Li Po, I can indeed nobly claim: “For thirty years, I’ve hidden my fame in taverns.”
>The majority of wines, almost all spirits, and every one of the beers whose memory I have evoked here have today completely lost their tastes — first on the world market and then locally — with the progress of industry as well as the disappearance or economic re-education of the social classes that had long remained independent of large industrial production, and so too of the various regulations that now prohibit virtually anything that is not industrially produced. The bottles, so that they can still be sold, have faithfully retained their labels; this attention to detail provides the assurance that one can photograph them as they used to be, not drink them.
>Neither I nor the people who drank with me have at any moment felt embarrassed by our excesses. “At the banquet of life” — good guests there, at least — we took a seat without thinking even for an instant that what we were drinking with such prodigality would not subsequently be replenished for those who would come after us. In drinking memory, no one had ever imagined that he would see drink pass away before the drinker.
>t. Guy Debord


>>102 (me)
I should have swapped sake/cheongju for vinho verde, a Portuguese wine which is light, fruity and slightly sparkly, it's better than champagne and most sparkling wines while being cheaper, and way more interesting to the palate than neutral tasting rice wine. I love them all tho.


Where can you smoke indoors?
I should get a hold of this Makgeolli. Becherovka, Jägermeister and variants are true terribleness.
Interesting post, however I feel I need to mention Debord drank himself to death.


Actually I made a mistake, he killed himself but he was very sick.


Why would anyone go to a bar just to get a drink that costs more? If i want something from a bar Im having them make me a cocktail.


If I wanted cheap drinks, I wouldn't be at a bar. I can drink a whole full bottle spirits for the price of 7 shots at a cheaper bar.


File: 1630935474473.png (234.96 KB, 351x430, animesmoking2.png)

the whole point of being at a bar is to be drunk and uninhibited and socialize with other people that are also uninhibited and get over your awkwardness. That's why people associate bars with getting laid because people have less inhibitions.

If you don't wanna pay for bar drinks drink some alcohol beforehand to get drinks and THEN go there (pregaming)


Yeah. That's why they also got games for people to play together, like billiards or darts. Back in the 70s, there also used to be arcade machines for couples to play.


File: 1631011036673.jpg (29.74 KB, 633x632, 1630544184243.jpg)

beer, i like to get a little tipsy, and beer is relatively cheap.


Apple cider.

What kind of beer?


generally, whiskeys and bourbons. I like to try new ones where I can. beyond that, I also enjoy rum and brandy. vodka, wine, dark ales, and ciders are fine too.

for non-alcoholic, probably hot teas. I like leaf teas more than fruity teas. also cola, non-alcoholic cider, and lemonade.


Bell's or M-43 beer. I don't like water beer and I stopped drinking liquor


geuze boon or rodenbach. mariage parfait or grand cru (respectively) if im feeling feisty. stella when i want pils. guess which country im from


having some low ABV beer and waiting for a video conference




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