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File: 1644242100929.jpg (39.88 KB, 1280x720, ufo.jpg)



Harvard professor Avi Loeb has long been outspoken about taking the search for extraterrestrial life more seriously. In an eyebrow-raising quest, he’s often even exhorted his colleagues to take UFO research more seriously.

Now, Loeb says he hopes to collect a “high resolution image” of a UFO within the next couple years, according to a new interview with the Guardian.

“I really want the next generation to be free to discuss it, and for it to become part of the mainstream,” Loeb told the paper. “My hope is that by getting a high resolution image of something unusual, or finding evidence for it, which is quite possible in the coming year or two, we will change it.”

Last year, Futurism talked to Loeb about his book “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” which purported that an interstellar object that drifted through our solar system in 2017 may have been an alien probe rather than a boring space rock. At the time, Loeb said many of his colleagues held UFO research at arm’s length and generally dismissed findings as natural events or the stuff of conspiracy theory.

“The scientific community can address a topic even if other people address it in a way that is not scientific and doesn’t make much sense,” he said.

Loeb heads the Galileo Project, in which a team of more than 100 scientists are establishing a network of sophisticated telescopes to scan the skies for extraterrestrials. According to the Guardian, Loeb’s first telescope will begin operation from the roof of the Harvard college observatory this summer, equipped with infrared cameras rolling 24/7, a radio sensor, an audio sensor and a magnetometer to detect non-visual objects.

“We’re taking a road not taken so there may be low hanging fruit, that nobody else picked because it was not taken,” Loeb told the Guardian.

Loeb says capturing strong UFO evidence, including the high-res image he hopes to snap within the next two years, will attract younger scientists scared away by the older, more cynical crowd. If he manages to pull it off — a major if, to be clear — we may finally have to take UFO research more seriously.


File: 1644270541432.png (7.07 MB, 3264x2448, ClipboardImage.png)

I believe these things are ayyyys some other non-human entity, not a psyop or forged videos, or whatever. Seems the most logical thing to me if we accept the source material we've been shown.
The "it's a psyop" is more fanciful than "it's aliens". The US already has consent for any stupid wars it wants to do without needing aliens, already plenty of funding, etc. The people are already confused and dazed, generally unsure of themselves. What benefit would faking this provide?


I really think it's holdover Christian dogma that keeps people from existing the possibility of Ayys. People have to feel that humans are absolutely unique in the universe or their world-view implodes.


Christian (and other religious) dogma is holding back history/anthropology. They got BTFO in geology but there's enough of them in the "soft" sciences that they can pretend that civilization began about 6000 years ago and preserve their young earth dumbfuckery that way. Even though there's been a lot of evidence showing "primitives" and hunter-gatherers were actually vastly more sophisticated socially and technically than generally accepted. The bull-headed denial of the new evidence in mainstream narratives of human history has unfortunately allowed hucksters to interpret that new evidence as pointing to shit like hyperboreans, ancient aliens, etc colonizing the world in the far ancient past. The increase in pseudohistory about shit like that is a direct consequence of historians' refusal to reckon with that new evidence, probably because so many of them are at least tacitly influenced by abrahamic dogma and a lot of them are outright conservative creationists.

Truly the influence of these religions is a bane on anything they touch.


File: 1644376192504.png (124.96 KB, 700x507, glowpol.png)

Pretty sure the glowies that have been pushing this are trying to raise the possibility that it's China, and because China would be more advanced, they need more funding.
>The company was founded in 2017 as a public benefit corporation by Jim Semivan, a former senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA; Harold E. Puthoff; and Tom DeLonge.
>Three videos from the VAULT taken during the USS Nimitz UFO incident and the USS Theodore Roosevelt UFO incidents were publicly confirmed by the US Navy in September 2019 as authentic videos taken by Navy pilots.[16][17] The videos were part of a campaign by former intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, who at the time was associated with To the Stars


We do need actual research i to ufos. Why do I say this is because then we can see how life outside of Earth has evolved. This would be a huge boon to the astrobiologists, then there is the physics-based parts of inderstanding near speed of light to ftl. So many questions and answers would open up from this research alone. So I agree with Professor Loeb and I hope he gets the photos.


File: 1645827700478.pdf (199.96 KB, 197x255, age-of-earth.pdf)

>Truly the influence of these religions is a bane on anything they touch
<I'm totally not being one-sided and ignorant about a religion by treating it as a monolith and not a multifaceted cultural phenomenon
<It's all doz durn diddly christiunz!
Tell me, are the Christians in the room with us now?


Question: If aliens seek to probe people, why don't they select them from scroller image sites like https://nsfw.xxx/ ?


According to abductees they're taking DNA to make hybrids for some fucking reason.


Ah the old X-Files plot huh?


No, X-files took its plot from UFO community and its conspiracy theories. There's nothing essentially original in X-files.


X-Files popularized existing alien conspiracies and its central plot over the series kind of unified separate incidents and theories into a single story, ergo my statement.


It would make sense for UFO occurences to start appearing more frequently after the first nuke was dropped right? I mean, that would be noticable to a possible interstellar civilization, enough to pique interest the same way we would be interested in a monkey learning how to use a stick.


That may be true, but don't you go getting any Posadist ideas


I'm no Posadist. I don't have anything involving aliens in any real life plans or political goals. It is still fun to ponder their existence though. I really hope the UFOs were legit. There's no way we're at our scientific limit.


>There's no way we're at our scientific limit.
Yeah, we have yet to even reach Kardeshev level 1


>its central plot over the series kind of unified separate incidents and theories into a single story
It didn't though, the paranormal and conspiracy communities were already doing just that. In fact, those communities as they existed during the 80s and 90s were arguably defined by that trend.


Move along, nothing to see here.
<Famous Navy UFO Video Was Actually Camera Glare, Evidence Suggests


>What benefit would faking this provide?

If they're faking it, it's probably for a false flag to unite us against a fake alien threat. I'm not believing it's aliens until we get tissue samples distributed to universities worldwide. If they're faking it, they've have had a massive black budget to do that with for a long time. Apparently novel biology seems harder to fake than apparently novel technology.


>Camera glare is actually dark!


Honestly, I think this video is of a craft that goes faster than the publicly recognized air speed record – but also, I think it's of a heat lens flare seen through an infrared camera. I think the heat lens flare is getting reflected off of a craft that is travelling faster than human vehicles supposedly travel. The pilot of the craft this video was taken from called the object on screen a heat lens flare, this isn't the gotcha that deboonkers believe it to be.


Adding to this: IIRC the pilot said that the black part is actually where the heat is so intense that it's off the charts, the white aura is the part that it is recording a specific on-the-charts value for.


File: 1647567570262.png (70.06 KB, 540x540, ClipboardImage.png)

Are these images of flying saucers really ayy lmao space ships or even human-made craft? Or are they something else. The saucer shape looks like it might be good for aerodynamics, but the sightings often describe maneuvers that should break the sound barrier yet produce no sound. In general, the descriptions often involve maneuvers that seem to defy conventional physics, so one wonders if aerodynamics are somehow a concern when conservation of momentum doesn't seem to be.

If they are moving by warping space, maybe what we're seeing is a result of some kind of warp bubble. It does have a similar shape to black holes. The craft, probe, whatever inside the bubble could be any shape, but the bubble would still look about the same. Maybe that explains the apparent uniformity and very specific shape.


File: 1647567698478.png (125.87 KB, 973x621, ClipboardImage.png)

Lookup the US Navy patents for an air/water/space vehicle that has zero friction.


even if we posit a new physics, aerodynamics could still matter; airplanes fly, yet they still have wheels for takeoff and landing


>the apparent rotation is due to glare
What's the source of the glare though? The other examples of glare in the video have a source.

That's not really the point. The description is already consistent with something that doesn't follow normal aerodynamics, but people tend to assume that the craft has an aerodynamic shape. I was just pointing out the contradiction.


I'm saying that even if this thing navigates great distances by warping spacetime and therefore avoiding a sonic boom, it may still be useful to be able to navigate with normal aerodynamic principles in some circumstances. For example, maybe the warp drive can turn on a dime but the exact moment of turning is so unpredictable that crashing it would be a concern when navigating near obstacles, so the warp drive gets turned off when approaching said obstacles and relatively normal principles of aerodynamics are used. I'm hot saying this is necessarily the case, I'm saying it could be. New physics being used doesn't rule out aerodynamics being used at times as well, just as aerodynamics being used in planes does not rule out wheels having a useful purpose.


The shape of the craft could be related to it's propulsion system or something else rather than for aerodynamics.


Could be! I like your spacetime-bubble-as-saucer-shape theory. It could help explain why the pics are always blurry. I've always liked the idea that the shape and blurriness were actually the result of some sort of photography disruption technology. I've also always felt like a saucer or cylinder (the object in the video was described as a tictac by the crew on the craft filming it) is an excellent shape for putting a large centrifuge in. This could be used for artificial gravity-like-effects on biological systems, if you didn't have another source of gravity. I'm not convinced these are necessarily bending spacetime. If we're positing technology that bends spacetime, positing technology that avoids or directs sonic booms through others means seems reasonable as well. Sonic boom shaping is a known thing, though not perfected to the extent that would be needed here. Perhaps the disc shape is due to the existence spinning disc for some sort of gyroscopic effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactionless_drive#Gyroscopic_Inertial_Thruster_(GIT)


File: 1658964090251.png (141.17 KB, 900x506, ClipboardImage.png)

Craft with extraordinary capabilities are present in our skies. They exhibit five unique characteristics identified by the Pentagon’s discontinued Advanced Areospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which are
1) Anti-gravity
2) Sudden and instantaneous acceleration
3) Hypersonic velocities without signatures
4) Low observability, or cloaking
5) Trans-medium travel

Assuming that the craft using an inertial mass reduction device, as described in this patent (https://patents.google.com/patent/US10144532B2/en) filed by the US Navy is technologically feasible, would it be able to account for all these observables?
Could the cloaking mechanism be a result of bending light as the craft bends spacetime, and would that fit what is observed in pic related released by the Pentagon, which looks like the craft seen in this video, which further shows its cloaking mechanism in action: https://streamable.com/zft7g9

This apparently not yet declassified video of a UFO caught on camera by a Homeland Security Helicopter in Puerto Rico also seems to fit the observables and also demonstrates trans-medium travel. https://streamable.com/774g8s


File: 1658964966289.png (125.36 KB, 399x272, ClipboardImage.png)

>Electromagnetism and mercury are the key
Yes. IMHO oldschool UFOs used a mercury plasma vortex, which was basically a fluorescent tube with electrodes and magnets an' sheeeeit which caused the mercury to spiral around the tube in both directions simultaneously (toroidal and poloidal). Spiral it fast enough and it causes some weird extra-strong frame dragging effect that does not occur with either rotation alone. It probably comes from some cross term that pops out when using a double rotating reference frame. I am not smart enough to write down this term. Maybe some highly autistic anon can do it? The big clue is on the first Wikipedia page I found on the subject. See the section on "higher-order effects" halfway down:


If it works, the mercury plasma vortex would be surprisingly low tech. It would be within the reach of a lone genius like Nikola Tesla, or perhaps within the reach of an advanced ancient civilization. This would explain certain oddities about "aliens", most notably their ability to interbreed with us. Pic related is us.

The p3rmanent m46n3t m0t0r may provide fr33 energy by using the double rotation principle with electrons in a metal.


If it really was something that low-tech then it would make more sense that the ayys are just humans from some kind of secret cabal or breakaway civilization who figured out the technology. If it's something we could achieve, we probably would have achieved it.


If it were as low tech as what anti-gravity cranks and conspiracy theorists claim the tech is then it wouldn't be secret, though the US military (and probably other militaries) would certainly have secretly constructed such craft.


>>2116 (https://archive.ph/gwA92)
Wtf? Virtually exact copy of these posts on cuckchan days ago:
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/388239153 (https://archive.ph/YsRqN)
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/388239153#p388246154 (https://archive.ph/gwA92)

Are you a fed? Who pays your bills?


Take meds schizo.


It might be the same poster copypasting their post.


That is eyebrow raising and it's not schizo to point it out.


I'm back
Yes I reposted these, but I added and removed content not relevant because I thought them to be neat posts and so I reposted them on this thread that I liked.


As long as you're not a bot or glowie. They are interesting posts.


That patent just described a weird kind of EmDrive. In fact, all of the patents and the Navy's unusual openness about them reeked of a disinfo-op meant to trick adversaries into wasting time, money, and brainpower on pseudoscience.


That does seem most plausible. If they had discovered something even close to that significant they would obviously keep it as secret as possible.


Saying they have it doesn't actually tell people anything and doesn't give away secrets, But more likely its some theoretic shit that they tested in labs and are trying to flaunt.


aliens are real but the recent videos are absolutely not and the military does has no contact with them and no special crafts


How would these probes(?) even make their way to Earth? Interstellar travel seems pretty impossible


tachyon drives, duh.


>zero responses
shame, go read Jack Vallee to cut through the nonsense and psyops


File: 1665946700837.png (139.64 KB, 220x259, ClipboardImage.png)

I read his book a while ago but I was really stoned tbh. His theory is that these things are basically dreams manifested physically right? Like that's why their appearance changes so drastically to conform with the times.


Yeah, something of that nature. My take-away from his work was that the cosmos is actually a simulation or panpsychic-mental matrix in nature and that whatever the phenomenon is, its rooted in this fundamental nature of reality which human consciousness is also rooted in. It's like an alien arm coming out of the metaphysical and epistemological shadows to prime our beliefs and culture.

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