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This thread is for investigating occult and magical methods for bringing about a leftist cause.

This is certainly not anything new, as something that promises as much power as magic will always be linked with politics. In fact there are a few interesting stories surrounding this that goes beyond tick-tock ‘witches’ trying to hex trump or something. Rosicrucianism itself had many ties with revolutionary politics, because it’s ideology was based around bringing an esoteric revolution upon the world itself, but one manifestation of this ideology was the Order of the Elus Coen. Now make no mistake, this order was full of aristocrats and slave owners, hardly revolutionaries - but strange coincides were abound concerning this order. The order, unlike orders such as the Golden Dawn, was not only focused on bringing about a change within the members themselves but also bringing about a change in the outside world in order to reintegrate it back from it’s fallen state. They would exorcise demons, bringing them back into the light with power of angels. All in all, they wanted to hurry up the process in which Christ would return and the will of God be fulfilled. That in itself is simple, but there is a strange timing to all of this. The order was located all around France, and was founded in 1767 and officially lasted until 1781 (though it still unofficially existed for some time) - 7 years before the French Revolution. One important member, and close apprentice of the founder (Martines Pasqually) was enthusiastic about the French Revolution despite being an aristocrat, calling it ‘a miniature of the Final Judgment’ and God’s will being made manifest. May I ask, could it be?

Occultist and member of the OTO Grady McMurty wrote a thesis linking Marxism and magic, which you can read here


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We should definetly use any means for producing power in the material world. At this point in time the bourgeoisie is the one keeping secret rituals and knowledge for their advantage.


I have been unironically asking myself if occultism is in anyway compatible with leftism. It always seemed dominated by right wingers, for better and for worse.
I don't count witchy mommies on tiktok.


If the secrets of the universe and reality are present, then you shouldn’t really give a shit who it’s most associated with. Would you say science is left or right wing? Saying science is a right wing thing gives power to the right wing, allowing the right wing to be the sole users of something as powerful as magick and occult methodology would only vastly weaken the left.

Thus I say stop being spooked by what the right wing is doing, and focus on what we could be doing to greater our cause. Even a materialist must understand that investing in occultism will naturally get spiritually inclined people to join our cause, thus making our cause more likely, especially if they see the traditional right get spooked by this stuff.


>if occultism is in anyway compatible with leftism
Not at all.

>It always seemed dominated by right wingers

For a reason. Esoterism is for idiots.


It makes as much sense to claim that as it is to claim that eating ice cream is incompatible with leftism, that is your logic isn’t based on any integral part of leftism at all.

You are simply planting your flag on the ideology and saying ‘I don’t like x but I like y, so everybody who follows y shouldn’t x’ and that’s all it ever was. Like a parasite, you are forcing y and x together for the sake of promoting your views on x even while these two aspects don’t need each other. It’s intellectual dishonesty at its finest. And you can go on and on in a bullshit argument about how x is actually a because of some latent ideas you managed to extract upon it, but it’s all clear bullshit since I can just as easily argue that x is in fact latently y, but we both know that all the worthless theory we spew out about x doesn’t matter because the simple fact is that no one in reality actually cares. If somebody wasn’t to be pro x and y there is nothing stoping them for doing so, and if somebody wants to be pro x and z then there is no stopping them, without practice theory falls about so you shouldn’t bother with theory that fails at practice. See how the leader of the British communist party was Muslim at this point, thus proving any theory the people here sprout concerning Islam and communism is worthless since it was debunked in the practice of reality.


Tl;dr: it’s never incompatible with leftism, just your version of it. Which is fine concerning you and you only, but don’t go around claiming your specific internal philosophy is the only leftism there is.

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