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What is the real story of September 11, 2001? Was it an op? Did they let it happen? Was it actually just gross incompetence? What do you think and why?
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>Jimmy Hoffa went missing decades ago
>not one person was able to provide proof he is dead
>he must still be alive.


Take your own contrived argument and direct it back at yourself. You're the one making unfalsifiable claims. The burden is on you to provide evidence for your made up bullshit, not for me to disprove it. Next you'll tell me about our lord and savior jesus christ?


No you made the unfalsifiable claims.
>Why is it so hard to believe someone hijacked a plane, especially before the post 9/11 impenetrable pilot door? Why is your mind a flashback to the 00s?

Prove your scenario first.


No I'm not going to write a research paper on why 9/11 happened to satisfy some troll.


If all you can do is characterize and use childish insults then you're just cementing yourself as a disingenuous troll who isn't even a leftist.


they're right


Because all the 9/11 didn't happen poster all provided proof in their conspiracy theories and didn't troll at all? Or did none of them provide proof and all of them were trolling?


>Because all the 9/11 didn't happen poster all provided proof in their conspiracy theories and didn't troll at all? Or did none of them provide proof and all of them were trolling?

9-11 didn't happen poster what the fuck are you talking about?


>muh liberals
The only remotely leftist thing you've posted in here is some brief memery about the CIA which honestly I don't think qualifies as leftist.


The one or two posters in here saying 9/11 is the result of George W. Bush and/or the CIA paid a terrorist twenty bucks to kill himself into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. They need to go back to the 00s and stay there.


No, suck my dick.(bad faith)


No you are deliberately misconstruing what people are saying and pretending to be in good faith when you are pretty much just baiting for replies by asking people for evidence and pretending to be sincere and then saying "no that's ridiculous you are crazy" without giving any actual refutation. This is rule breaking on /leftypol/.


Ok I cleaned up my posts that weren't adding anything.


Do you think they actually found passports of the hijackers amongst the rubble?


(Mods plz leave thread alone)


He's like the typical lib. They only know enough about a topic to know generally what the government wants them to believe, but they haven't researched it at all themselves so they can't even propagandize correctly. It's like the Ukraine situation.


The deleted replies are the user deleting his own posts. I banned the guy baiting for 1h as low effort bait/derail is not allowed on leftypol. Please refrain from further derail of the thread and if you want you can discuss in >>>/meta/


Explain yourself my friend


File: 1651234181644-0.png (611.7 KB, 600x610, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1651234181644-1.png (765.09 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminder the supposed "mastermind" has never been put on trial yet.
20 years after 9/11, mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed still awaits trial. What went wrong?

>It should be the trial of the century, but most Americans long ago stopped paying attention.


What episodes?


The hijakers were inside a plane, the victims were inside the tower.

the mastermind was inside the CIA


9/11 was good because it killed amerikkkans. One based thing the CIA ever did.


Eye opening. Thanks Sage



>impyling this is the only time based CIA has killed Americans
they also poisoned Americans with Zinc Cadmium Iodide, which is pretty based if you ask me.

They also forced American troops to have vaccines which caused them to have debilitating health conditions in the first gulf war. At this point, the CIA is basically anti imperialist.

Nah but really if you look my other posts it shows the main points. Really there is a mountain of evidence, from the pilots being trained in a CIA air school, to the places they lived being rented out by a partner of Rudy Guiliani, whats more new evidence keeps on coming out.

The official narrative, when you really look at it, is just patently ridiculous. In which case, why would they tell such a ridiculous lie, such as finding the hijackers passports in the wreckage, after a fired that raged for weeks, which supposedly were blown from the exploded fuselage of the plane, and managed to make their way from the burning wreckage to the ground, completely undamaged. if the truth was they were attacked by terrorists?

The main point, is that Osama had been a CIA asset for nearly two decades at this point, starting of course with the Soviet Afghan war when he was propped up as part of the Afghan Mujihadeen. He then ran herion through Bosnia (you might in fact think of Al Quaeda as the eastern counter part to the Medillin cartel, which was also a fed op and running during the same time period)


File: 1651241022716.jpg (40.92 KB, 306x450, 7346583702_435d536e07.jpg)

Yeah, I posted the reply before I read the thread. Thanks though, I wasn't totally sure about 9/11 before I read through your replies, and k had never done any serious investigation. You are doing a service, you are one of the best posters on this board.


Thanks mods for killing this thread. Very cool.


There is no reason whatsoever this should haven been moved to /x/.


This board could use more activity.


stop making extra boards that nobody will ever use


ok listen up morons.
1) There is a 9/11 and a CIA thread on /edu/
2) This thread is siberia tier /x/-shitposting, literally the theme of the current roulette.
3) Use auxiliary boards and stop bitching about your shit being moved because of its irrelevance to the main board.

This message brought to you by the Union of Board Anons


Shut up jannie


>E-everyone iz le janny!
Go back to reddit.


CIA possibly let it happen.
I highly recommend everyone read “The Watchdogs that didn’t Bark” for more info.


The only interview I can find with the authors is here



>Why didn't they shoot a plane or civilians out of the air

<Vice President Dick Cheney, in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center deep under the White House, authorized Flight 93 to be shot down, but upon learning of the crash, is reported to have said, "I think an act of heroism just took place on that plane."

IT would have absolutely happened. As a matter of fact, if it was an inside job, having one of the planes be on its way to the white house would have given the white house plausible deniability. And wouldn't you know it, that's the one plane that didn't make it to its target. Black box unrecovered. Just a crater in a field.


>binladen family.mp4
>carlyle group
that carlyle group shit is SHADY

youngkin worked at carlyle group since 1995 and became co-CEO in 2018. At the time of 911 Bush Sr was its director, it was heavily invested in war contractors, did business with the bin ladens and in fact was having its investor meeting in DC on the day of the attacks with bin laden family members in attendance. also at least two of its subsidiary companies did insider trading related to the attacks immediately prior to 9/11. One of those companies, Stratesec, was in charge of security at the WTC since the late 90s and its COO, iran-contra guy Barry McDaniel, was also an executive at Carlyle and was influential in stopping the recount in Florida in the 2000 presidential election.

ALSO, funnily enough, beginning in 1996 stratesec worked alongside another company called Ensec (founded by Charles Finkel, an arms dealer to Saudi Arabia) to upgrade security in the 👁️basement👁️ of the WTC. When this deal went through, Ensec brought on as its director none other than Terry McAuliffe, who was Youngkin's opponent in the latest gubernatorial race. In the 00s, between being chair of the DNC and Hillary's presidential run, McAuliffe also worked for Carret Investments having been hired by Alan Quasha who, in the 80s, bailed out Bush Jr.'s oil company, and was also connected to BCCI.

So it was a race between two guys who helped do 9/11 or at the very least were firmly and knowingly embedded in the milieu that did. God bless Princess Blanding for running so that I could vote in the race at all


>doesn't know the difference between intercepting and shooting down
Read a book retarded lib deboonker.


94-99 i think


Nobody has proof because the people in charge of the conspiracy control the investigation. Expecting normal people to be able to produce proof of this is absurd because this isn't an investigation of crimes committed by every day civilians. This isn't some controlled experiment in a lab setting where hypotheses are tested transparently and openly in a peer-reviewed way. This is something for which it is only possible to gather secondary and tertiary evidence. George HW Bush being president of the Carlyle group and the Carlyle group meeting with Salem Binladen on the morning of 9/11 should be enough to justify our suspicion, let alone all the other "makes you go hmm" type things. That's what we have. Things that make us go "hmm" not incontrovertible proof. Why? Because the fucking people we are alleging are responsible are able to cover everything up and impede thorough investigation. How can we prove our allegations when to do so would be life threatening to us?



Furthermore there are several plausible motives for the bush family ranging from "heavily invested in arms sales and oil" to "wanted to destroy records of past crimes held in WTC buildings"


File: 1651613509301.png (12.46 KB, 400x512, ClipboardImage.png)

It's just like upthread.

>you are tin foil right wing conspiritards

>the obvious answer is the oficial explanation of the George HW Bush administration
<ok what evidence do you have for that theory

>No I'm not going to write a research paper on why 9/11 happened to satisfy some troll.


File: 1651614567997.mp4 (34.06 MB, 1280x720, 9_11 In A Nutshell.mp4)



You don't need evidence to condemn an institution if you can show how its mechanisms of operation necessarily establish a pattern of behavior. Glowies have committed so many crimes of the same nature that they are guilty until proven innocent.


> show how its mechanisms of operation necessarily establish a pattern of behavior.
especially a pattern of obfuscating past behavior


man, this video with the fed just "standing by" is really funny, they really don't know how to be inconspicuous


My only hope for this one life is that the truth gets out one day and the US establishment gets lynched over it.


They won't be lynched because the actual people involved will be dead and Americans are deeply servile people despite their LARPing surrounding their revolutionary origins.

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