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At the time of my story I lived in rural Massachusetts, to anyone who's familiar that means miles of woodland with spaced out suburban areas in between. I was walking down my grandfathers logging trail getting ready for his funeral. I'm also an avid mushroom collector, so I'm always walking slowly and staring at the ground, friends hate me. So I get to this cool little white capped mushroom and stop to take a close-up picture of it. That's when I heard it; the best way I can describe it was as if someone with a lot of flesh on his knuckles were punching a tree. Now, I know what deer sound like when they stomp to protect their children/are smashing antlers on trees. I've heard bear, Fischer cat, moose, pretty much any animal in western massachusetts that exists. So, naturally, I looked up, freaked the fuck out. It was so rhythmic. THUD. THUD. THUD. it went on for minutes at the same pace. So, being the curios person that I am, I let out a whistle that couldn't be mistaken for a bird. (NOTE: I'm looking in the direction of the thudding, can see out 75-100 yards through my grandfathers well trimmed trees, and see, NOTHING.) right after my whistle, I hear a low quick whistle back. My first though is "oh it must be some asshole logger scoping the land past the no trespassing gate", ignorant, I know. So I yell out "HELLO?!" Pretty much as loudly as I could. Then, whatever it was, ran away faster than I've ever hear a human being run. And using my experience with deer/dogs/moose/bear, I assessed that I couldn't possibly rationalize it being a 4 legged creature. I know what they sound like running, and this was much closer to a 2 legged creature, I'm 100% positive on that. What doesn't make sense, however, is that that 2 legged creature that ran away from me, faster than any two legged creature I have ever heard before, also sounded like it was at minimum, 250lbs. The steps were loud, and frantic. A lot of people believe Bigfoot has a spiritual connection to the forests it remains in, and thus, the creatures in it as well. I do not find it a coincidence that this happened the day of my grandfathers funeral. I ran all the way home.


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What a weird story anon. I don't really believe in bigfoot (my thoughts on it is that maybe thousands of years ago a similar creature existed but it went extinct) but I have no clue what it is you could've seen.

I think the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life was a UFO that looked like pic related and also had a similar size. I have no clue what they're called (in english or my mother tongue) but iirc they have something to do with ventilation, in the roofs of houses, though they may be older technology cause I've not seen any of these recently. I must've been like 6 or 7 in my backyard and I saw it floating above my house, like 30 meters in the air. I barely remember it but I'm almost completely sure it was not a baloon or anything like that. I don't even remember if it flew away or what happened with it but it's the closest thing I've ever seen to a UFO or anything like that in my life.


>What a weird story
Yeah, I made it up


>At the time of my story I lived in rural Massachusetts

holy fucking shit, i'm terrified already



Wow. you're really brave anon, I probably would've shit myself.

I've honestly never had any really weird experiences but I do remember one time I walked into my basement to get something from my freezer and got really freaked out. So there's a little room under my basement stairs where we keep a bunch of holiday stuff and the door is closed almost 99% of the time but this time, it was open (no biggie, someone probably forgot to close it) and as I'm walking down the stairs the goddamn door slams shut. I freaked out and just ran upstairs. It would've been physically impossible for the wind to slam the door that hard and no one was down there.
Me and my sister just joke that "Harold" (just a dumb ghost name we made up) slammed the door but I still get freaked out from walking into the basement alone in the dark.


>heard bear, Fischer cat, moose, pretty much any animal in western massachusetts that exists
Yeah first tell is "Moose" and "bear"
bears are rare as fuck in Mass and Moose even more so. Not even going into the fischer cat shit

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