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How does /spooks/ feel about the empty internet theory?
All I see and read about it it's really shallow and sometimes feels like cope. Here we know capitalism just want ti turn the internet into a cattle farm but nobody else want to admit it.


Its typical solipsism

Unfortunely for you the majority of braindead idiots you meet on the internet exist in real life( although yes bots exist)


I think it depends on the website and forum, twitter and reddit are filled to the brim with bots and shills, particularly on popular political subs in reddit's case. The shift on r/politics from normie, but diverse, politics before the 2016 election to the most obnoxious democrat circlejerk on the internet was not organic, to say nothing of the reddit line on Ukraine. On twitter its known that most of the like are fake and paid for, or that bots accounts are used to repeat the same identical tweets on some special interest, or artificially inflate tweets that are in line with the agenda of whoever paid for the bots. Even when I made tweets critical of US foreign policy in some way I would have obvious bots like and retweet it.
On forums, including imageboards, and in threads here, certain types of discussion about certain contentious issues or conspiracy theories tend to draw an abnormal amount of posts clearly seeking to derail the thread in a variety of ways.
Dead internet theory is an exaggeration of the real issue of digital astroturfing and the corporate-intelligence state's goals of controlling the internet to prevent the masses from being more informed and organizing.


Dead Internet Theory seems to me to be a mystification of digital-age capitalism. It's easier to imagine the internet being secretly taken over and replaced by a malevolent deep state Illuminati AI than it is to imagine the blind idiot gods of STEM Valley and the market being fallible. Everything DI "theorists" point towards such as
>corporate social media platforms unseating individual and independent websites
>the attention economy
>walled gardens
aren't mysteries at all, in fact their origins and mechanisms are easy to trace. It's not surprising that DI is so popular with rightoid-adjacent schizos, as it allows them to acknowledge their experience on the internet has gotten less enjoyable (it has for everyone) without having to admit it's /theirguys/ (capitalists) who are responsible for it.

A lot of DI argumentation is also extremely shallow. Just like Flat Earthers, they commonly seem to fall into imploring people that "something just feels wrong" and if they just "really look" hard enough they'll see the truth. There is something almost charmingly boomerish in how they're convinced internet comment sections aren't real because "no one can really be THAT stupid, right?"

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