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29 results in /leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect


Kek, perhaps for the lulz mostly. It was funny the masks-offs, but Pudgemont was a rightoid (although he met some times with leftist activities to gain some traction and support in his cause)


So what the fuck are you waiting for you absolute faggot? Go and choke out some person the street wearing a mask because your fee fees are offended. Stupid piece of culture war addled shit. Go fucking kill yourself immediately you fucking dumbass.


Social distancing isn't a good thing you retarded faggot. You are training your immune system to turn itself off. Your body is supposed to fight off bacteria, but your cloth masks and social distances stops that so your immune system becomes weak.

Retarded faggot you should be hanging from a lamp post.


In-N-Out Burger's fight over COVID vaccination rules could be start of bigger battle
>As cities up and down the state increasingly move to require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations in an assortment of public places, a cherished California restaurant chain has become an unlikely flashpoint.

San Francisco officials announced earlier this month that an In-N-Out Burger location was forced to temporarily close after failing to comply with such a local rule.

It's unclear whether In-N-Out will ultimately prove a harbinger for a larger pushback from businesses that don't want to screen their patrons' inoculation status. But the issue isn't likely to go away anytime soon.

Communities across California have imposed a number of vaccine-verification requirements in hopes of slowing the spread of the coronavirus and encouraging more people to get vaccinated.

But the rules are a patchwork, differing from county to county and city to city. And enforcement is still another issue.

Contra Costa County, which includes East San Francisco Bay cities such as Richmond and Walnut Creek, has passed rules allowing indoor diners to either show proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test.

But none of the In-N-Out locations in Contra Costa County has publicly come into conflict with public health agencies.
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File: 1634676897576-0.jpg (127.6 KB, 1332x850, TKB-517.jpg)

File: 1634676897576-1.jpg (31.01 KB, 619x190, TKB 517.jpg)

>imagine sitting back and letting Corbyn cop all kinds of smears and then winding up with something like this coming up in focus groups.
Yeah it really tickles my funny bone because in my experience there's a big overlap between Rothschilders and establishment pedo hunters, making this the second leader in a row to get memed on by them for totally unrelated reasons.
Next leader will be an actual lizardman and have his face mask pulled off on conference stage.
>it's worth throwing in that even if we were to accept that hydrogen was say, 5% better efficiency than petrol, equally usable, and more environmentally friendly etc, it still wouldn't necessarily take a conspiracy to suppress it - it's just basic capitalism and to some extent a problem of path-dependency which will apply under any system.
This actually happened to the AK47. At some point after AKM adoption a superior design was perfected but they were already rolling out an incredible amount of guns so they just left it as it was.


If you weren't aware, this economist nyukkha had a wild life:
>post-ww2 he joins the Hungarian communist party because… he's a joo himself, and the most openly anti-nazi party in that time was the commie party
>he pretends to be a diehard commie, up until the point when he learns that under Rákosi several of his collegues were tortured to shit
>add onto this 1956, which he views as a propah revolution, and his faith in the party withers
<Kádár era (goulash communism) starts
>this nyukkah gets several state funds, gets officially acknowledged as a talented dude
>he shitposts a book titled The Economics of Shortage in the 80's wherein he "proves" that soviet-style economics will "always" result in shortages, queues, and so on
>book gets translated to twenty billion languages
>regime change happens
>he goes mask off, starts shilling muh free private enterprise. etc.
>several decades later dies, yet still cites the influence of Marx & Engels as crucialto his personal development
RIP, faggot…


>Deere's response to the strike has been to cancel benefits for hourly workers
mask off


Mask off time! It only took 128 replies for the critics of sex work to admit that it is not that work is bad, but sex is bad.


>mask off
This is a communist board. Anti-gun liberals do not belong here.



mask off


mask off i have health insurance? weird but ok


>fuck it, mask off
well at least you're dumb enough to be honest. you had me going for a bit.


American cope is priceless!

China's quarantines nowadays are a joke - they are quarantining off like dozens of people at a time and enforce masks and temperature check points. That's not going to disrupt shit.

"Shut down their factories" looks like factories cutting their workhours or working at nighttime instead of daytime. Again, nothingburger.


heres a list of things and manufactured goods a country needs to be considered "fully developed"
Roads, railways, pipelines, parks, amusement parks, stadiums, gyms, transmission lines, electric substistent stations, fortifications, apartments, factories, stores, police, court, jail, prison, execution chambers, and fire departments, office towers, schools, hospitals, airports, landfills, seaports, depots, warehouses, water towers, libraries, dams, oil, solar, wind and nuclear plants, hydroelectric dams, farms, government buildings, research labs, bunkers, radio stations, banks, gas stations(may or may not be needed), rocket silos, small town homes(suburbia may or may not be needed), mines, supermarkets, malls, home defence, spy cameras, and basic emergency equipment provided in most if not all buildings
Nurses, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, orthodonists, physicists, radiologists, organ and body fluid supplies, emergency medical equipment, hospital buildings, benches, ambulances, pharmacies, wheelchairs, ppe, vaccines, canes or walking sticks, prosthetics, oxygen tubes, sleeping gas
Landfills, garbage trucks/trains, janitors, chemical cleaning supplies, ppe, filters for waste, recycling sites, incinerators, repairmen, laundry machines, water treatment center(s), garbage bins, window cleaners, safety and health inspectors, pest control
Excavators, foremen, cranes, drills, dynamite, bulldozers, wrecking balls, ppe, heavy load trucks, cement mixers, dumping trucks, metal beams
>fire and emergency services
firefighters, masks, axes, hoses, trucks, nonconductive and nonflammable ppe, fire hydrant, men/women searching for survivors, ambulances, emergency medical equipment, whmis taught in all sectors of public safety and industrial related jobs, safety guidelines on all infrastructure, machinery and manufactured goods
>house supplies
Cleaning supplies, furniture, plumbing electricity and food, laundry washers/dryers, storage, bedrooms
>telecommunication and information services
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I find this image fucking funny because the only way to respond it is
>a: COVID isn’t actually dangerous
>b: we shouldn’t wear masks because they’re not protecting anyone
Pisses the fuck off pro maskers and it’s funny as shit


9 October 1998: The beginning of the international conspiracy against Öcalan
Exactly 23 years ago, the international powers that wanted to eradicate the Kurdish freedom movement took part in a major conspiracy against Mr Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the Kurdish people. The US administration spearheaded this conspiracy. With NATO’s lead, countries like Turkey, Britain, Greece, Israel, Russia and Kenya and several others were actively involved. Pressured by the threat of war, Syria, where Öcalan had been residing, expelled him from the country on 9 October 1998 and he was offered entry into Greece. Despite making promises, Greece did not accept him and he was sent to Russia. When he was not accepted there, he moved on to Italy. Again Italy succumbed to pressure and he was forced to leave, going back to Russia. Despite promising to allow him to stay, he was then sent from Russia to Greece. The Greeks took him to Kenya and as a result of their duplicity and with Kenyan cooperation, Öcalan was handed over on 15 February 1999 to the Turkish State.

The Communist Party of Turkey on the Kurdish Issue
"A small segment of the population in Turkey possesses enormous wealth, while millions of people are struggling with poverty and unemployment. The happy minority consists of the bosses, the large landowners and the parasitic rich off rent. As workers, laborers, and poor peasants work, this segment grows richer, accumulating more and more profits. There are millions of Kurdish citizens among the poor of this unjust system of exploitation in Turkey. Kurds are mostly poor, just like the citizens of other origins. There are also Kurds who exploit others in this country. Kurdish factory bosses, large landowners, moneylenders, contractors are part of Turkey’s happy minority. The interests of the Kurds who exploit and the interests of other exploiters are one and the same. They want the continuation of the unjust order, they look for new profits, and seize every opportunity to become even richer. And the interests of the exploited, poor and unemployed Kurds are one and the same as those of the other poor and unemployed: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Also , didn't IBM recently buy RedHat, the company that's been poisoning the linux ecosystem for years? (PulseAudio, Gnome,Systemd and probably more I don't know about)
At least one RedHat's and now IBM's tentacles, the Gnome Foundation, officially joined the mob of glowing/corporate trash trying to cancel Richard Stallman.

Not to get conspiratorial, but if I had to take a wild guess IBM(as an arm of the US government) was behind RedHat's bullshit all along and the acquisition plus the attack on Free software is the mask off moment


>The 'Golden Age of Capitalism' did occur during the time where most first world countries were succdems, after all. Which, at first, looked strange to me, as i thought anything other than undistilled laissez-faire capitalism wouldn't produce any worthwhile results (a bit of leftcom take, i believe).
>But i guess that unrestrained capitalism is better at creating, expanding and hoarding capital, rather than necessarily providing gibs for the populace (which may or may not happen, as capital is not a conscious entity).
They also only did it because they were under pressure to appear legitimate in the face of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Once the Berlin Wall fell the mask came off.


Far-right American extremists under investigation by the DOJ for Ukraine war crimes: report
At issue is Americans joining, "Right Sector, a volunteer far-right nationalist group that formed in November 2013 and later created a paramilitary force to respond to Russia's invasion of eastern Ukraine in spring 2014," the report states. … Based on the evidence gathered, the DOJ appeal says, the Americans 'allegedly committed or participated in torture, cruel or inhuman treatment or murder of persons who did not take (or stopped taking) an active part in hostilities and (or) intentionally inflicted grievous bodily harm on them.'"

Pipeline company evades questions over a 15-hour gap before reporting oil spill
At 8:55 a.m. Saturday, an emergency response employee at the crisis company Witt O’Brien’s informed federal authorities that a leaking pipeline had sent crude oil pouring into the water off Orange County, turbocharging the U.S. Coast Guard’s investigation of a substantial spill that residents miles inland said they could smell. That was 15 hours after the first reports of oil in the water, at 6 p.m. Friday, began trickling in. This gap between Friday evening and Saturday morning remains one of the least understood and potentially vital parts of the oil spill, filled with unanswered questions and contradictions.

220+ Groups Blast Biden Plan to Expand 'Harmful, Abusive, and Unjust' ICE Prisons
More than 220 human rights groups on Friday sent a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas expressing their outrage over the administration's plans to reopen and expand immigration detention centers in violation of the president's campaign promises. too long. Click here to view the full text.


In the sense that the first world is by definition a group of post-scarcity economies? That the drive toward further profit-accumulation is a result of capitalist superstructure convincing people that they are impoverished if they can't afford the new iPhone?

I agree. It's perfectly viable for current capitalist economies to switch completely to a socialist mode of production without impoverishing the people. Economic growth would collapse, but people are spoiled by the urge to have new electronic toils, bigger houses, etc.

If you look at happiness (orthodox / booj) economics, happiness tends to max around 18,000 GDP per capita before reaching diminishing returns. The United States is around 66,000 GDP per capita, Germany is 44-55k, even France is around 38k.

If the well being of the proletariat is all that matters, we can easily take a 50% drop in per capita GDP without impoverishing populations. The reduction in exploitation will likely result to an increase in gross national welfare and by making people happier, societies would be better off.

However, if you're talking about third world countries, or countries that are attempting to challenge the American-led world system, then maybe there's a point to wealth. Look at India, Vietnam, and China in their response to the COVID-19 crisis.

China was able to afford a draconian response to eradicate indigenous COVID-19 in China itself, saving lives and improving the economy, because it's relatively rich (about 4-6 years away from developed country status), and it still has a Marxist / Maoist system of social control, so the anti-vaxxers / anti-masker idiots could be promptly dumped into labor camps. Vietnam, in contrast, did not have the same wealth as China, so when Delta hit, its Marxist-Leninist system of social control broke down because they couldn't afford any further lockdowns.

And India is just succdem. They could neither produce the discipline intrinsic in Marxist Leninist systems, nor the wealth of high middle-income countries, so the initial lockdown spread COVID, people starved, etc etc etc. If, say, Vietnam had more money, they could have afforded the eradication that China was well-off enough to do so. If India had more money, they could have afforded to pay for the health and social services needed to deal with COVID in a liberal mannePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This. When I was in the army I went full mask off one night at a party with guys from my unit, and had pretty much everybody listening intently to me defending 20th century socialism, contemporary China, etc. I even got a guy whose great grandfather had been a literal Ukrainian white-guardist kulak to acknowledge the nuances that shaped AES. I'm not sure I convinced anybody but at the very least people were willing to engage with me honestly and didn't take offense from my views. Also for anybody who doubts the potential for patriotism to be useful for the socialist cause, I did manage to get some people to reassess their anti-China positions by arguing that the US was a far greater and more immediate threat to our (Canada's) national sovereignty.


They probably said that because they were panicking about a potential mask shortage for medical personnel. When the public health sector depends on the private market to get supplies the only way for officials to dampen a shortage in a crisis situation is to outright lie to the public in order to manipulate market demand.


>This is all disingenuous and half composed of random tangents
I have been very clear on three points:
A) Contrary to your claims, the CFMEU have never endorsed mandatory vaccinations
B) Contrary to your claims, the great majority of Australians, and Victorians, support vaccinations.
C) Contrary to your claims, the "freedom protest" reflects the views of a fringe group, who have been emboldened by conditions that the union had no hand in.

>the union has done fuck all to actually safeguard that freedom of choice

I think you are setting up arbitrary goals and are disappointed when the union doesn't meet them. Do you expect that after having their offices trashed and members bashed that they would simply join in on the protests? Start shaking the hands of those that, before they even got a chance to open their mouth, spat on them? Do you know of any push within the union to make a democratic position on mandatory vaccines? And again, this "freedom" you are arguing for is equivalent to the freedom to infect others.

>Whataboutisms about Melbourne protest organisers and internet personalities being retarded mean nothing unless you put words in my mouth about me claiming they somehow represent everyone or something.

You have done this the entire time we have been arguing, tell me, how many times do I have to point out the CFMEU's official position on mandatory vaccination? And tell me who said that a "CFMEU member would snap you in half"? I understand that calling something "projection" is overused on imageboards, but in this case it seems fitting.

>COVID is not equivalent to workplace deaths

You missed the point. The virus is obviously deadly, but even if it only kills one person in one industry in one year then it is still significant enough for the union to act to make that one into a zero. And how is this achieved, relevant to COVID? Lets see what the Nurses and Midwifes Union have to say:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>(only 11% of Victorians are vaccine-hesitant)

>and the grand majority of workers (even outside the union) support vaccines.
Do they support mandatory vaccinations? Because I'm vaccinated, should I now be favour of forcing everyone else to get jabbed? I think you'll find that is a far less popular viewpoint being forced from the top down right now. It's not a choice, you are being FORCED to sign up for some retarded health passport booster system to keep your job. It's MANDATED and the union purposefully avoided saying anything about it so they could do nothing without copping too much flak, stop being dishonest, it's not "oh they can go get vaccines :3 that's nice".
>The union speaks for its workers
So why does all of Victoria getting vaxxed themselves now suddenly matter? the average CFMEU member could probably snap you in half cunt, I highly doubt you speak for them.

>then maybe you shouldn't use the language of the bosses.

I watched the footage live. There were literally biker gangs working to protect the building from protesters. Not quite Pinkertons but it's not "the language of the bosses" to state what was literally there as it happened, as if the heads of these massive unions aren't virtually bosses at this point themselves anyway. These are the same subhuman managerial types that feed into the ALP which is also compromised and opposed to the interests of the workers.

>What about the nurses who have to take care of the rising number of causalities from this pandemic?

HAHAHAHAHAHA How many people have even died in Victoria from this shit? fuck all. even in the united shartdom of dumbfuckistan deaths weren't even up by a third from march-september 2020 and the CDC only attributed 2/3 of that excess to COVID. Pretty crazy if you ask me. The healthcare system has been overloaded for a decade now across the developed world, ask old mate in this thread who had to wait months to get a vaccine appointment or someone who is actually in and out of hospital for a chronic health issue and they'll tell you the same thing. Virtually every "COVID" fuckup from the economy to the health system is the result of the system itself being a piece of shit and nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


the anticommunist mask always comes off in these christcuck threads


>like i said, a lot of it got memory holed.
this could just be a way of saying it never happened.

>there are plenty of new leftists (you may call them radlibs, sure) who are now reading Marx because they got inspired to do so after almost the entirety of the American right went mask off and was constantly posting about how protestors should be massacred

and? I'm sure vietnam encouraged a lot of people to turn leftism as well that doesn't mean we should support things that hard directly harmful to socialism.

>lots of post-left adjacent fools don't realize this, but the right came off really badly in the eyes of many Americans last year. now don't get me wrong, many normies were aghast at the looting and whatnot. but many rightoids like Tim Pool or /pol/yps assumed that they were the majority opinion and that Trump would have a complete blowout because of anger towards BLM that never materialized.

what point do you think you're making? you really don't know what you're talking about do you?


like i said, a lot of it got memory holed. there are plenty of new leftists (you may call them radlibs, sure) who are now reading Marx because they got inspired to do so after almost the entirety of the American right went mask off and was constantly posting about how protestors should be massacred, they're agents of the CPC, they're capitalist bootlickers burning down shit for Amazon, etc.

lots of post-left adjacent fools don't realize this, but the right came off really badly in the eyes of many Americans last year. now don't get me wrong, many normies were aghast at the looting and whatnot. but many rightoids like Tim Pool or /pol/yps assumed that they were the majority opinion and that Trump would have a complete blowout because of anger towards BLM that never materialized.


lol mask off


Cockshot is pushing against Hegel because he thinks it cuts people off from contemporary scientific advances, he called it "people get stuck in a time warp". He's likely right about this.
>Look at his unequal exchange videos
I did those are excellent, i would recommend those.

>I also have seen the criticism

>Now I have seen his book get called irrelevant
Well Cockshott is a socialist, so you have to account for people masking their anti-socialism when they attack his works, there are many such cases where they really just try to socially discredit him without refuting him. Your post could technically fall into this category, because you aren't really making any attempts at refuting what he said.

Anyway thanks for the visual book selection pic