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2 results in /leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect


>How true is it that universities have lots of Marxists or lean left?
Lean left, sure. Marxists? not usually.
>And if it isn't true why does the right repeat it over and over?
Because they have made education (or indeed the lack thereof) into a culture war issue. its not even if you are educated as much as if you act educated you are some kind of coastal elite, and if you act the retard you are some hillbilly sister-fucker.
>Do universities have a radlib bias?
I mean they have a "reality" bias usually, since they are empirical institutions, but the problem is that nobody lives in a shared reality anymore. Worse still, the reality bubble of these institutions are paywalled, so even people who want "the truth" gotta pay for it.

anyways fuck you for this shitty thread, use the qtddtot more.

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QTDDTOT - Questions that don't need their own thread. The last one died, so here post your questions here.

I'll start, why is a centralized authority important to achieving communism and why is this seen a positive aspect.