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7 results in /leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect


Learn to use /QTDDTOT/ you massive retard.


If it was the baby leftist thread on "why anarchism is hated on the left," it was moved to the /QTDDTOT/ thread >>1585964


>just fucking dump 100 posts from a bait thread into QTDDTOT
way to go mods


Isn't there already a QTDDTOT thread


/QTDDTOT/ stupid jannie faggot.


I asked >>1555430 in QTDDTOT first, and they told me to bring it here:
Linear Programming helps in maximizing outputs, but how does it help in optimizing organization of how capital is expended? Are these steel reserves best put toward building ships for transporting goods, more machinery, or more cars? Would this city be best served by one big new hospital or two smaller hospitals? Is there one particular book or article in the reading list that covers this topic that I can look to?


I was told to come here with my question in QTDDTOT; my question is how a society of private property decides what person deserves a particular share of the commons, and how much; besides that, how does this allocation scale and fluctuate with a growing population?