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File: 1626901007188.jpg (689.69 KB, 1648x821, 1619648626281.jpg)

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Post muscular women, 2D is welcome as well as 3D
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File: 1636878669866-0.mp4 (6.21 MB, 640x800, Aspen Rae.mp4)

File: 1636878669866-1.mp4 (2.79 MB, 480x600, Carla Inhaia.mp4)

File: 1636878669866-2.mp4 (770.79 KB, 640x640, Joss Galeg.mp4)

File: 1636878669866-3.mp4 (3.94 MB, 640x800, Katherine Zuluaga.mp4)


File: 1636878831679-0.mp4 (8.56 MB, 1920x1080, Maria Tingbacke.mp4)

File: 1636878831679-1.mp4 (677.9 KB, 640x800, Mimmi Olsson.mp4)

File: 1636878831679-2.mp4 (2.27 MB, 640x640, Rachel Scheer.mp4)

File: 1636878831679-3.mp4 (19.73 MB, 1920x1080, Raquel Hernandez Olmo.mp4)


I thought it would say Serbia…


how can normal w*men even compete with this?


by getting swole themselves?


unfortunaly most women are lazy af and dont realise how powerfull they could become by lifting weights


Laziness is fixable.
Also most people are lazy, not really a woman thing. It would be good for more men to get fit, but this is a pretty hetero thread and men being built is already normalized.


ive been thinking about strategies to normalize women being muscular, but cant think of any, you?


more media representation?
a more encouraging culture?
I'd rather not shame anybody for being skinny.


>more media representation?
>a more encouraging culture?

give some examples


More buff chicks in movies/fashion/etc


Encouraging would be like saying the safe stuff about getting swole to women as people say to men. Also this >>177192


how buff are we talking about bro


sounds great


Anyone saw the absolute sticc that is """She-Hulk""" in the new She-Hulk show?


i did, i got pissed off, like where the fuck are her muscles??? Holy shit i truly hate normalfags


Isn't She Hulk like 7 feet tall? Surely they'll CGI her. They are probably going to do the obligatory origin story and need a non-bulk woman for that. I know she hulk is in hulk mode most of the time, but doesn't she sometimes go around like a human? It makes more sense to cast somebody with a regular build. Mark Ruffalo didn't get jacked to play Hulk.


There was a short trailer released like a week ago and She-Hulk mode was just a very slightly fit green girl.


Think that was just a fan trailer. Don't see any official one. It's capeshit anyway so I wouldn't have high expectations for it.



File: 1637624826942-0.jpg (193.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1182514.jpg)

File: 1637624826942-1.jpg (295.03 KB, 1508x2048, 1667086.jpg)

File: 1637624826942-2.jpg (133.27 KB, 1440x1509, 1668161.jpg)

File: 1637624826942-3.jpg (194.85 KB, 1080x1350, 1670796.jpg)

File: 1637624826942-4.jpg (166.05 KB, 828x1472, 1670850.jpg)


File: 1637624954902-0.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 1673191.png)

File: 1637624954902-1.jpg (122.11 KB, 1080x1349, 1674682.jpg)

File: 1637624954902-2.jpg (137.07 KB, 1080x1350, 1674860.jpg)

File: 1637624954902-3.jpg (122.77 KB, 1080x1350, 1674861.jpg)

File: 1637624954902-4.jpg (207.18 KB, 1080x1350, 1675140.jpg)


File: 1637625150631-0.jpg (245.25 KB, 1080x1349, 1675207.jpg)

File: 1637625150631-1.jpg (141.35 KB, 1080x1080, 1675310.jpg)

File: 1637625150631-2.jpg (69.22 KB, 1058x1058, 1675486.jpg)

File: 1637625150631-3.jpg (1019.53 KB, 1080x1350, 1675530.jpg)

File: 1637625150631-4.jpg (231.88 KB, 1080x1350, 1675582.jpg)


File: 1637625401356-0.jpg (118.76 KB, 750x750, 1675596.jpg)

File: 1637625401356-1.jpg (115.41 KB, 1080x1350, 1675624.jpg)

File: 1637625401356-2.jpg (199.88 KB, 1080x1350, 1675725.jpg)

File: 1637625401356-3.jpg (74.22 KB, 640x640, 1676007.jpg)

File: 1637625401356-4.jpg (1.08 MB, 1125x1270, 1676086.jpg)


File: 1637625995144-0.jpg (159.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1676182.jpg)

File: 1637625995144-1.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, 1676220.png)

File: 1637625995144-2.jpg (89.66 KB, 1080x1350, 1676269.jpg)

File: 1637625995144-3.png (1.36 MB, 703x879, 1676286.png)

File: 1637625995144-4.webm (3.79 MB, 718x868, 1637425016952.webm)


File: 1637626144671.mp4 (698.6 KB, 576x1024, Meyra (zeironn__).mp4)

one more for good luck


Where did her organs go?


File: 1637687073856.png (462.72 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)

overweight westoids genuinely think it's organs that take up all that space.


There must be a limit to how thin you can make your torso


…while still being healthy you mean.
Not gonna post some Auschwitz prisoner photos but you get my point.
What I'm saying is that people have a skewed idea of what the human body normally looks like becuse obesity is so normalized. They see someone who is skinny but healthy and they think "starving," which just isn't true.


>filled with poop


File: 1637772582482.jpg (207.18 KB, 1080x1350, 1637624954902-4.jpg)

Omfg who is this goddess?.


>the muscle twitch shaking her breasts
Hot damn!

It's someone from https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/images/1/?show_imgid=493542


>>the muscle twitch shaking her breasts
lol did you just discover this?
There's a fuckton of it around. It's literally just the "pec pop" but with tits. You don't even need to be muscular to do it. There's a classic routine from like the silent film era where the performer has tassles on nipple pasties and twirls them around by flexing her pecs.

literally just search for this and you will find tons of videos my dude



File: 1637870558121.jpg (276.38 KB, 800x1200, Women_are_weak.JPG)


File: 1637870859466.jpg (29.9 KB, 505x431, huh.jpg)

>did you just discover this?
Am I not allowed to point it out in a musclegirl thread?


File: 1638064743452-0.jpg (108.35 KB, 681x681, 1038365.jpg)

File: 1638064743452-1.jpg (136.17 KB, 1080x1279, 1038370.jpg)

File: 1638064743452-2.jpg (127.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1038372.jpg)

File: 1638064743452-3.jpg (250.68 KB, 1080x1350, 1062510.jpg)

File: 1638064743452-4.jpg (112.25 KB, 1080x1339, 1111520.jpg)


File: 1638064982165-0.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1349, 1510600.png)

File: 1638064982165-1.png (1.2 MB, 744x1194, 1576398.png)

File: 1638064982165-2.png (633.5 KB, 490x910, 1576399.png)

File: 1638064982165-3.jpg (116.11 KB, 828x810, 1576627.jpg)

File: 1638064982165-4.jpg (160.4 KB, 1080x1919, 1601827.jpg)


File: 1638065113790-0.jpg (220.34 KB, 1125x2000, 1650794.jpg)

File: 1638065113790-1.jpg (175.58 KB, 1080x1350, 1650873.jpg)

File: 1638065113790-2.jpg (203.8 KB, 1080x1349, 1657881.jpg)

File: 1638065113790-3.jpg (536.56 KB, 828x1015, 1663899.jpg)

File: 1638065113790-4.jpg (342.55 KB, 1440x1800, 1663906.jpg)


File: 1638065242844-0.jpg (324.54 KB, 1080x1349, 1667702.jpg)

File: 1638065242844-1.jpg (563.61 KB, 828x1470, 1667735.jpg)

File: 1638065242844-2.jpg (215.92 KB, 1080x1349, 1674215.jpg)

File: 1638065242844-3.jpg (153.87 KB, 1080x1349, 1674773.jpg)

File: 1638065242844-4.jpg (246.93 KB, 1080x1350, 1675079.jpg)


File: 1638065401625-0.jpg (226.85 KB, 1080x1350, 1676039.jpg)

File: 1638065401625-1.jpg (1.05 MB, 2316x3088, 1678258.jpg)

File: 1638065401625-2.jpg (110.15 KB, 1080x1349, 1678474.jpg)

File: 1638065401625-3.jpg (45.08 KB, 1080x1245, 1678638.jpg)

File: 1638065401625-4.jpg (1022.6 KB, 1434x2541, 1678664.jpg)


File: 1638065554120-0.png (913.28 KB, 1135x828, 1678745.png)

File: 1638065554120-1.jpg (181.47 KB, 1080x1350, 1678756.jpg)

File: 1638065554120-2.jpg (49.53 KB, 1080x572, 1678775.jpg)

File: 1638065554120-3.png (1.71 MB, 1236x1757, 1678820.png)

File: 1638065554120-4.jpg (119.15 KB, 1080x1295, 1678823.jpg)


File: 1638065708941-0.jpg (109.23 KB, 1078x811, 1679095.jpg)

File: 1638065708941-1.jpg (120.41 KB, 1080x1346, 1679192.jpg)

File: 1638065708941-2.jpg (200.33 KB, 1088x1280, 1679228.jpg)

File: 1638065708941-3.jpg (102.05 KB, 640x800, 1679333.jpg)

File: 1638065708941-4.jpg (65.16 KB, 670x670, 1679568.jpg)


File: 1638066005960-0.jpg (269.35 KB, 1440x1440, 1679587.jpg)

File: 1638066005960-4.mp4 (3.19 MB, 720x1280, Karina Nicoldine.mp4)


That's it for this thread


You've done it. A toast to the OP.


Based and functional. Make sure to link-back in the OP and we can web archive this.


File: 1638137242099.png (98.29 KB, 326x341, 52d.png)

no idea what you're talking aboot m8



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