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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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What era are you from?


Early 2015, came from 4chan's /lit/.


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All of them.
Post the original at least.




Oh God what the fuck am I doindoing with my life


>realising this board has been cringe now longer than it has been based
We must return


First couple months of 2016


I'm a basic pumpkin spice bitch from 2016.


And it's great that you can admit it.


i came this yr, but i browse 8ch before 2016 elections


early 2015 kept getting banned from 8pol so i came to leftypol


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2019 bunkerzoomer


File: 1631634348247.png (46.75 KB, 245x267, ClipboardImage.png)



2017 newfag


Just how long have I been shitposting with you bastards? Unknowingly crossing paths over and over again? I'd never get rid of anonymous culture but it makes you thonk, doesn't it?




File: 1631655166694.jpg (72.87 KB, 640x425, lenin face palm.jpg)

2014? jesus im autistic


Mid 2017. I was starting to think I was an oldfag, but apparently not.

I think the only times that the board has been really good were my first year in 2017, and the year before the Space split in 2020. All times other than that the board has just been the least shit space to discuss politics.


Late 2016 to early 2017 was the best, sorry lol


Was a /pol/tard moot did the 8steps-of-cuckholdy and eveyone went to hotwheels-chan


Yeah, while I was there the oldfags were constantly complaining that the board was going to shit. Sometimes I think I liked the 2017 days just because it was my first introduction to the world of leftist thought, but on further inspection I realized that objectively, huge swaths of leftist thought are no longer represented here. There are practically zero threads dealing with Marxian economics anymore. A lot of these were started by /liberty/ raids, but I'm disappointed that there hasn't been a Keynes thread in probably over a year, for example. The Ancoms are all but gone, the Stirnerites are gone, Leftcom posters are gone, 60s SocDem nostalgia posters are gone, etc. There just isn't the ideological diversity that there used to be, and I think being on 8chan helped support that.

Of course, moderation policy is important too - while the current mod team is infinitely better than OldBO, I think they've been overly strict in banishing threads lately. Seemingly shit OPs can morph into good discussion and vice versa. There needs to be a revival of the sage culture we saw on 8chan so the community can police the board index itself to an extent.


File: 1631661533104.png (1.45 MB, 1301x2226, capgod.png)



Has it really been 8 years?




Is anyone from 2015 still around? I'm from 2016


Late 2015 here. Heard about 8chan through gamergate in 2014. I used 8chan for a bunch of boardd and I had noticed /leftypol/ existed but it actually took me many months to visit it. I just assumed it was a shitfest of a board being raided by /pol/ 24/7. I thought it was impossible for a leftist board to exist in the heart of all that stormfaggotry, surely it must be a joke board.


Late 2015 although not strictly a leftypol user back on 8chan


2021 newfag here and this is my first image board.
>inb4 lurk moar


2020, a month before the BLM riots started. I feel like the board started getting a lot of reactionaries in the last month or two before the split, then was chill for like about a month on .org, then a certain Arab Youtuber became intertwined with this board and we got a new wave of reactionaries, which got even worse with merger with Bunkerchan. I still see some great effortposts/discussions here and there, which makes me stick around, but tbh a lot of the time this board feels like it’s populated by /pol/acks who decided to join the left because they thought Lenin was “based and trad-pilled”, edgy shiposting tourists who just want to call people “subhumans” on the internet and don’t give a shit about communism, or LARPers who are extremely sectarian and basically have the mindset of “my team good, your team bad.” After the split with leftychan the board was so comfy again for a few days, but then it seems all the people I described above returned.
>no /pol/jak


same, glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been here for the best part of a decade
some of you uyghas were posting on /leftypol/ before I was even born





>some of you uyghas were posting on /leftypol/ before I was even born
Y-you’re 7 years old???


Five, but I'm mature for my age.


Can any 2014 oldfag remind me who Checkers was?


2017 but casual





Imagine you're in a chess club


Late 2022. Shits wack.




I stumbled upon this website.


knew about /ref/, browsed there as early as 2014, knew about leftypol as early about 2016. Actually browsed it in summer 2020

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