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All I'll say as someone who used to be part of a union and who watched dues disappear while being told by reps that it was "illegal" to go on strike and that I should just vote for succdems to make a difference, is that the Trots are 100% right concerning the Final Solution to the Union Question.

It's very easy to distinguish between the "academic" left that hasn't finished school and sticks to this 20th century view of unions when they were run by socialists/communists and actually helping, compared to modern day reality in which unions have sold out and are now merely another link in the chain of capitalist exploitation holding down workers.

Unions nowadays:
>Don't go on strike
>Steal funds meant for strikes to reproduce a literal labour aristocracy instead
>Tattle to management about "problematic" (read: those who actually want to improve their lives) workers
>Brag about sellout contracts in which management gets everything they want

Now your workplace experience may be different but I'm willing to bet anything that my experience is far more common and has resulted in much of the modern antipathy towards unions that has been misleadingly blamed on Rightoids.


I think the blame depends on the country. In the US it seems like everything is cucked, but here in the UK unions are part of the factional forever war and the ones the left control tend to be more radical and will push legislation to its limits to the point courts are frequently involved.
Of course the right is primarily useless opportunists and total cunts looking for resume fluff so they can go be a parasite in some consultancy or electoral politics.
I know you're both talking about the US most likely but the UK is massively overrepresented on here so it could be biasing the discussion on them.


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Seriously, imagine paying for someone to write that ad.
I could do better in one hour. But I would probably make something like shit instead to try and make people realize how stupi



unions in burgerland are cucked by taft hartley its not like the 1930s


At least you guys have unions…

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