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I've never even held hands
I can't remember the last time I made genuine skin-contact with someone of the opposite gender that's not a family member, and COVID only made it worse. Or barely eye-contact outside of school/work or formal settings

Communism is all that's left for me
I would self-immolate at this point
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Thinking that they are out there to get you is schizophrenia.


not when it's true


>someone talked to me today
>must be cia gangstalking me


File: 1634140125651.png (201.09 KB, 400x565, smol bean.png)

How do you know they're out to get you THOUGH? How do you know they're FBI or CIA?


What do you suggest?


I can't suggest anything. As the other anon said, I just wallow in self pity and seek attention on imageboards. I'm not in a position to give advice about meeting girls.
However, I can point out when a suggestion is retarded, which "go to a bar" is.


>I can't suggest anything
then shut the fuck up


No I will not.
I'm not going to offer OP advice if the advice is utterly shit. I will call out people who don't have my restraint and still post useless advice. Fuck off. I hope you did.



im in a pretty isolated neighborhood (if you can even call it that), people dont just show up and start fucking with you on your lawn like that, this isnt new york city or some shit where you take a step outside your apartment and every rapey moid, jehovah's witness and black hebrew israelite in a 100 mile radius suddenly wants to strike up a conversation



Knowing what to do is half the battle.
You will not receive motivation to do what you already know you must from internet strangers.
These are just the facts, dont get mad at me about it, because im sure everyone.here has dealt with this at one point or another


Do you ever go for strolls or talk to the statues?


i go on walks however not very often because my neighbors see me when i walk, and i dislike that


That's why I go at night, less people outside plus they are less likely to see my face.


I hate the facts. Why is everything so fucking difficult. There is literally no respite.


that's even worse and somebody may begin shooting at me


I'm European so that's not an issue.


Welcome, my son, to the machine


maybe those weirdo anti-natalist people have a point…
I wish I wasn't born lol
Appreciate the pink Floyd reference as well


Have always loved the song.
Boomershit is so comfy sometimes.


>pink floyd is boomershit
this is more depressing to me than anything else ITT


The song is almost 50 years old anon. But I get what you mean.
Also, for whatever reason, boomer and genx tier music fits way better with being an isolated robot than new music.


There's gotta be a better way to block your sex drive than literally going to a group like that.


>David Jon Gilmour CBE (born 6 March 1946)
fuck man, its literally boomershit.


find a prostitute. no ethical consumption in capitalism, etc.


paying a prostitute makes it all so much worse. The fact I have to pay someone a relatively large amount of money to even touch me is fucking devastating. And I've read r/asksexworkers or whatever that sub's called, I know it's all an act and they just want you out the door.




have you tried starting off with some very light excersise and building from there? Start looking after yourself, get a good haircut, change your diet, improve your sleep cycle, if you have acne, get some treatments to deal with it. If your face is fat and your posture is bad, look up youtube videos of stretches and exercises to correct your posture, if it means that much to you, there are little things you can do to advance your position, in doing them, you can build confidence that will eventually allow you to talk to people, but you have to take it step by step?

Don't try changing everything at once and don't expect results straight away but if you do these things to take care of yourself results will come and soon enough you will be amazed at how far your have come.

plenty people have been at rock bottom. And this isn't some bootstraps thing, its not easy, its hard, developing positive habits particularly if you have been beaten down in life is difficult, you will fall of the wagon and drop back into bad habits, but its quite simple anon you either go forward, get back up, try again, or you go down a path that leads only to killing yourself or something else equally as drastic. You get one life. There is no god, there is no second try. You can end it, or you can make the most of it.

Looks like you're pretty far gone, so I would suggest making some improvements to yourself, then when you feel good enough, go join leftist orgs. NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET LAID, but because you care about the left as your are here on a leftist website.

I know again, not easy, but stop thinking about getting laid, focus on improving yourself and developing some kind of path in life and just.. see what happens, anything is better than fucking chemically castrating yourself.

Do you watch porn? Stop watching porn.

Take us through your average day. What is your lifestyle like? Why do you feel you cannot improve on any of these things if you are resorting to such drastic measures as getting chemically castrated? Surely there are other options first


I think im going to be celibate like Lenin



why do people want sex so much? sex is merely chemicals released by the brain. why not masturbate instead?


>>163544 (not >>163238)
You can follow all of that normie advice and still be at rock bottom. You might reply that you should "go to therapy", but all the therapist would do would be to charge $40 an hour (with insurance) to recite CBT tropes about "irrational thinking". Well, at a certain point you fail consistently enough that your doubts are indeed rational and that you should stop doing things you hate like weightlifting or online dating in hopeless pursuit of maybe getting laid.


I don't know why all the advicefags are wanking themselves into a rage over this thread. The OP never asked for advice, much less the ineffectual normie diarrhea about "bee urself and go out there bro" that is being spewed here. He was just sharing his feels and that's perfectly alright.

Why do normies have to ruin everything?


I personally support his plan to chemically castrate himself for this shitty thread


That's great random normalfaggot. Nobody cares about your personal support.


There is still some modicum of truth to cliché-ism.
What you suggest is to continue self destructive habits instead of doing what you know you must do to turn your life around.
Your self defeatism isnt helping OP anymore than the "normies".


Neither OP nor chemical castration anon ever talked about any self destructive habits IIT


>Or barely eye-contact outside of school/work or formal settings
>I would self-immolate at this point
This reads like a cry for help, and /r9k/ toxic incels like you cannot stand seeing someone like you succumb to their inner monologue, like you so desperately want to.
You would rather everyone be as miserable as you, so you decry any attempt to better the situation. You are a massive edgy faggot, and probably a "nihilistic" teen.
For you, I can only recommend touching grass. It will do you good


>This reads like a cry for help
Well it's not. Give your imagination a rest.
If you really want to """help""" someone who is explicitly asking for advice and help, go to the femcel thread.


File: 1634186812399.jpg (66.45 KB, 498x515, 1634057795646.jpg)



>For you, I can only recommend touching grass. It will do you good
I touch more literal grass than probably most of this board as part of my hobby.

I (>>163793) am not even specifically denying that normie advice is likely to be beneficial to achieving a GF and (possibly) satisfaction with life, only that you can follow all of it and still fail. I've read normie advice posts that were nearly identical years in the past and was actually inspired by them. After years of "self improvement" with no results, every normie advice post makes me more and more cynical.


File: 1634190486218.png (738.19 KB, 982x1200, autismo.png)


the truth is that in most cases any sort of relationship is almost entirely formed by chance. the more time you spend around others and the more you stand out, the more your chances increase, but barring any extreme efforts theres always a possibility that you will never make any new friends or partners. the best thing you can do is learn to enjoy life without a partner.


Doomer nights


Fuggg you made me remember two cases from literature lmao
The monk in The Decameron who convinces a girl/princess about showing devotion to god by "killing the devil" that is on our bodies.
And the monk Brother Giroflée in Candide who just gives up in being a fucking monk and lives the life in Venice for a time.


What self improvement did you do and for how long


Well, I started off with some very light exercise and built from there. I changed my diet and got to an ideal weight, got regular exercise from jogging and the gym, tried out some radically different haircuts, joined all kinds of vague hobby groups, joined a campus communist group, went to psychotherapy, took my schoolwork more seriously, made several failed attempts at online dating, seriously studied a bunch of books on social skills, and more. Basically all the normie advice copypasta you can possibly think of. Time wise, it's probably been five years now fuck. I will concede however that I never looked up youtube videos of stretches and exercises to correct my posture, maybe that's the thing that's holding me back.

I can't think of any more things I could try aside from:

1. Social venues involving drugs and loud music. Sounds like hell to me, but life is painful already
2. Serious bodybuilding where you alternate between gorging and starving yourself and take steroids
3. Some arrangement where I buy sex, directly or indirectly
4. Joining some campus Trot sect and hypnotize impressionable college freshmen with dialectical bullshit so I can get in their pants, Gerry Healy style

I've come to the conclusion that as an ugly literal autist I'm statistically unlikely to ever find a romantic partner, so I should stop trying. I've given up on all the uncomfortable shit I did to "put myself out there" and my life satisfaction has started to improve from "wanting to die" to "wasting my life". Choosing to be a social recluse has been so much less stressful, but it also seals my fate.


Give up on getting a GF


File: 1634260382154.gif (36.02 KB, 200x146, 1407807956793.gif)

All this reminds me that one of the things we should do as praxis, as communists, is to help re-socialize people. It's really starting to seem like Margaret Thatcher was right in that we (don't) live in a society. At least not anymore. The "social fabric" i.e. the structure that binds people together through their relationships has been eroded almost to nothing. Few people are fortunate enough these days to have enduring connections to a community or even to friends. All we have is our role as worker and our role as consumer. And this is clearly not good enough. Everyone is depressed and lonely and everyone knows it. A lot of people are coping and normalizing loneliness because they see no way out. Of course they don't, because they've only ever learned to think of their relationship to society in terms of individualism and as a worker-consumer. The very idea of a collective, let alone a community is somewhere between a boogeyman and an unknown unknown to the average person in neoliberal capitalism.

Maybe one of the places the communist movement of the 21st century begins is by reconstituting the social fabric, resocializing people as social creatures rather than mere neoliberal subjects, and from that building up actual communities. Because we can't really build communism of any description without first having any sort of organized community.

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