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Why do a lot of boomers fail to realize that the american education system is garbage and that there are a lot of actual narcissists, lazy fucks, and sociopaths as teachers that should in fact be blamed for the students not doing well? Whats with this whole drivel about how the teachers should never be blamed?


>blaming individual shitty teachers when the fundamentals of the educational system are garbage
read a book




This is top tier


File: 1634071638544.jpg (1.43 MB, 2154x1620, 92542169_p0.jpg)

Tell me more, what is this book about?


long version pls.


as requested


im unironically convinced that the purpose of public schooling is to lobotomize any potential threats to the state while rich kids who probably werent going to be a threat anyway go to expensive private schools


I'm all for reforming ppl instead of sending them to prison, but I'm somewhat amicable to the idea of giving snobby rich trust fund babies that have never had to work a day in their life the Pol Pot treatment.


The methods and ethos behind the current educational paradigm is counterproductive. In this sense schoolmasters today are ignorant. But also, the most effective methods for teaching are to steer students in the direction of curiosity and to challenge them to use their own intelligence to teach themselves, meaning that even a schoolmaster who is ignorant on a subject can teach it.


The model was pioneered by Germans what do you expect.


Do they not realize or just not give a fuck?
It's not like most are looking to improve it.


Oddstan was antiglasses gang?
Amazing, I didn't know it.


It is pretty easy to excel academically if you actually want to. Even if your teacher is useless, you can just read the textbook and still ace the tests. On the other hand the teacher is helpless if the kid refuses to learn. Which is a pretty common thing, I'm sure you can think of a few classes where you did it. I certainly did.


Relying on a teacher is learned helplessness. Formal education is a scam.


Americans don't have any education, only indoctrination to be a good wagie and slave if they're poor, only the rich receive proper education at private schools and universities for the elite (do you remember that scandal about rich people paying top money to rig the entrance exams?)

Even the NK school curriculum is way better, there was a pic, someone post it.



Can't imagine the upper middle class and bourgeois will want their kids with learning alongside the wretched toilers.


Gonna add another to this


The private schools are where the actual lobotomizing happens.
t. attended a private uni and 95% of all courses had a blatant neolib teacher
can guarantee 100% that public school kids were smarter/wiser since I could only find 1 or 2 fellow students not buying into the bullshit (and there were even MAGAtards who thought their teachers were actually left wing lolllllll)

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