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I had sex with an 18 year old virgin, a few months after she graduated from high school. I was 27. Am I picrel?


Some people might consider something like this morally questionable, but nah. You're not a pedophile, don't worry.
Unless you wanted her exactly because she was the youngest you could find, in which case I'd definitely find you at least suspicious, but I doubt that's the case since you're asking for other people's opinions.


not legally but you were pushing it TBH


Depends, are you American?


did you go to the prom, you sick fuck?


no, we matched on tinder and went on a movie date.


Holy based


>be 33
>talking to a 18 year old on tinder
>can't bring myself to close the deal or schedule a date

she's so hot but i remember how dumb i was at 18
i'm probably gonna do it


You are a sigma male for doing that dog, congrats


Do it, who gives a shit, some 30 year olds look like they're in their early 20s anyway
Once you're a young adult, you realize that 18-30 isn't that big of a difference


this girl just got out of high school, there's a huge gap. intellectually, just be me being around longer and having read a lot more, culturally, cause she's a zoomer, or gen alpha? and life experience. i've gone to school, been a wagie, had people around me die, seen the changes that life can bring, etc.

but she's very hot. i just feel like a total groomer because i can't view her/act with her as my equal.


She probably has a bigger sexual and relationship history than you and already has dated older guys before you.


why do you like her? if it's not because she's 18, who cares if you date her


Post pics


fuck off


Lame niqqer


draw pics


yeah, if he's your typical channer there's a chance she's already fucked more people than you will over your whole lifetime. Most women in urban areas have fucked and sucked more guys than their age by 30 anyway.


Heh, that's something you almost never hear when things like this are discussed. I think you're right.


lmao this is a good point

i like her because she's sexy and not an idiot. youthful energy, alive, wants to experience things. alright i'm gonna commit.


I mean while he just might be a late bloomer or something the whole framing by this guy of the that young adult woman in a Western country being some innocent and inexperienced child while seeking out hook-ups with older guys on dating apps just reeks of a certain type of (former) shut-in-style naïveté.


it's not her age as such that makes me think that, it's things like "not having a lot of friends growing up", and her having certain hobbies. anyways, we'll see.


I mean you say it jokingly, but there is an argument to be made that in laws like that, it's supposed to represent a societal norm. A typical person assumes that an [insert your age of consent] person has the capability to consent to sex so long as it's not through coercion, like a boss.
Everyone with a working brain should know legal =/= moral but it's often intended to approximate average morals with a society.


Look man, do whatever you want, it's alright. In certain societies, it may be considered wrong, but dating an older man like you, who shows some concern, isn't gonna traumatize her or anything like that.


Just verify her real age and don't get yourself into legal trouble if you are living in a jurisdiction where this might be an issue.

Have you ever come across those profiles where girls are like 'haha I'm not actually 22 I'm 21/20, I just put down the wrong age by accident, when I signed up teehee' That's because they signed up under a fake age when they were 16/17, so watch out.


>can i see some ID before I enter the crevices?


That's not how you do it. You make up some shit about zodiac signs or alternatively you talk about driving then driver's licenses and how embarrassing your picture is show yours, you ask her whether her picture is embarrassing too and to show you hers and by doing that you check her age.


ask her if it grip the meat


no the poops just slide straight owut mamn she in the diaper zone


>only retards think that they know better than mother nature itself
antivaxx gang antivaxx gang


Pretty much yeah. Anyone younger than 26 has an undeveloped brain.


This unless OP is like in his fucking 30s or something no ones gonna give that much of a shit about whatever the hell hes fucking especially if that woman is an adult


its weird but honestly just fucked them and go, no relations or anything


Just do it faggots.


I don't think this boils down to merely sexual experience. It's about mental maturity overall and how easily manipulated the younger partner can be. As an 18 year old girl she might very well had more sexual partners than some overly online person on an imageboard, but that doesn't make her mature or less able to be manipulated.


I was with a 35 year old woman when I was 25, it was definitely a power thing for her, but she was BPD as hell. Is there a reason you’re not with somebody closer to your own age?


I kneel. I've missed out on plenty of action being weary of women 4-10 years younger than me. Obviously don't fuck kids n all but don't make my mistakes either.

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