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File: 1635937919678-0.png (151.67 KB, 600x557, Grace Smile crop.png)


>mundane: "how do we convert /pol/fags to leftism?"
>enlightened: "how do we attain Grace's royal favour?"


underappreciated thread. all hail grace.


love her


File: 1635952054799.jpg (26.16 KB, 300x498, BogdKhan.jpg)

cybernetic mongolian monarcho-socialism forums


Hello I'm a friendly neighbourhood vexillologist which is an expert and five design I can help you


, hello I'm a vexillologist which is an expert in flag design I can help you with your mission


File: 1635954782469-0.jpg (53 KB, 1280x768, Awdflag.jpg)

File: 1635954782469-1.jpg (120.34 KB, 1002x564, IMG_20211103_155207.jpg)

I have redesigned a very cringe and bad looking flag and turn it into posadism which is just a variant of trotskyism I will show you the original and the REdesign


I think I made a better flag for posadism


Kek flag is now eco nazbol flag


File: 1635957995095.png (368.29 KB, 883x822, Grace commie LARP.png)

Hail to the Queen.

Posadist flag army?


use inkscape uygha


>>172109 I redesigned cringe pol flags and turn them into leftist flags


By the way my posadist design is probably the best


Is Grace an environmentalist? What do absolutists have to say about conservationism?


File: 1635960645497.jpg (210.81 KB, 1282x710, IMG_20211103_173016.jpg)

Would you put this on your wall as a poster for inspiration


File: 1635967766114-0.png (1.3 MB, 600x817, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635967766114-1.png (2.48 MB, 994x1418, ClipboardImage.png)

>"how do we convert /pol/fags to leftism?"

with pro-pain and pro-pain accessories of course

>"how do we attain Grace's royal favour?"

i legit don't even know who Grace is
since i came here i keep seeing her and Alunya shipped but i got no idea where she came from


If you got any femdom drawings post them in the femdom thread pls



oh i don't have any more
i just pulled those out of google

i'm more of a "making an example" person


>no idea where she came from
8chan before /pol/ crashed it
monarchist board tan


Grace-chan is amazing


File: 1637488812682.png (539.02 KB, 2000x2000, grace sketch 1.png)

That's right, anon!
Nobody else is so amazing.


Did we forget about Alunya best cat girl.


Yes comrade and now we must punish them for disrespecting



File: 1637565690503.png (608.42 KB, 2000x2000, grace pic 3333.png)

How year was Alunya first introduced?


File: 1637565874657.png (308.36 KB, 1800x1800, 1431207170208-0.png)


File: 1637596866001.png (927.31 KB, 1200x1824, Grace silly look.png)

Alunya may call herself an oldfag.


Holy shit, that is a massive body with a tiny head
Is Alunya wearing a Grace suit??


why do you say that, are her hands too big or the body in general?


File: 1637862882149.png (547.94 KB, 2000x2000, 1637859595501 fixed.png)

Compared to the more cartoonishly-proportioned Grace pics (don't mean it as a bad thing, I just mean the style), Alunya's head there appears smaller in proportion to the body than usual. That might also be why the hands look too big. If the hands were different (closer to a real female hand, not necessarily smaller but more slender and such), you would have more realistic proportions, and that's obviously not what the style is going for.
But, if you make Alunya's head bigger… she looks the same as Grace in the other pics.


Oh, fuck, the ear got cut off at the top. Sorry for that, I didn't notice.


Can that be fixed?


File: 1637864151974.png (551.42 KB, 2000x2100, 1637859595501 fixed.png)

Well I tried, it's almost unnoticeable


I agree with your re-adjustment, so I think that will be the new official pic xD She does look better with a larger head


Are you the artist or are you really paying that much on Fiverr for new Grace pics from the same guy?


we have a special deal


nothing personal against the artist though… I like their style so far


File: 1637864862535.png (551.31 KB, 2000x2100, 1637859595501 fixed.png)

Just fixed one little edit mistake I made on the neck
This should be good


>"Grace can't be the hot new shit. >.< What if I steal her clothes"


More like
> when you wear your lover's shirt after sex

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