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File: 1637265272618.jpg (157.82 KB, 690x826, junko.jpg)

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junko thread
last one dead
i love bread
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that is not what i said Anon


junko do you have magic powers and if so why aren't you using them to create a proletarian revolution


>the struggles of prostitutes in GTA V is comparable to the struggle of irl prostitutes


Proletarian revolution is not necessary, I will do my best to bring G-d's heaven to earth. This happens to align with some socialist principles


So this is the power of a Junko, eh?
Not bad…


File: 1637710194667.png (1.22 MB, 1023x601, ClipboardImage.png)



I wonder how far you'd have to scroll to get the junko riding soyjak image




sorry mate, but I got it from /r9k/ and can't remember the thread. Have you tried reverse searching the image on yandex? that usually works for me



junko, shut up
you're the URL courier now


Because of this board, found that even leftist men are degenerates.


>simping a trans not humanist


all that goes through my head is wondering how you amass such a fat tranoido-fascismo folder


Have my children


Yes, sex with your partner is good. Being a porn addict or fantasizing about fucking every woman that you look at is not.

No, he's not right, and you're retarded. Simply being annoyed at male behavior does not make one a "femcel". Wanna know about an actual femcel?


Sad that you needed to look at an anonymous imageboard to realize that, though.



i made a lot of oc back in the day
but that one's new, someone posted it here and i just edited a frame of it so i could share it on a facebook wignat group because i like flexing on wignats and just see them cope


>Christine Chubbuck
i want to give her a hug


File: 1637801239692.jpg (43.25 KB, 623x464, 1619024109717.jpg)


>Simply being annoyed at male behavior does not make one a "femcel"
With 90%+ of males behaving the way you don't like, I doubt you have more sex than most men in this site.

Or maybe you fuck troglodytes and just ignore it, 'cause you don't wan't to be framed as femcel.


That WEBM has been around since forever, you should know this, you ain't a newfag.


ive literally never seen it


you did not miss much


File: 1637825888658.mp4 (1.36 MB, 1280x720, l.mp4)


File: 1637826572884.mp4 (3.8 MB, 1280x720, miku_dayo.mp4)


are you making fun of me for having stomach fat


There are male fatfags here though I doubt he's one of them
You have mentioned that you're thin after all


i dont remember saying that but a lot of my memory self-purges so maybe i did say that i dont know, im not thin though. average at best


>im not thin though. average at best
<gives no proof of this




this is honestly worse than when you kept saying i had a penis you wanted to choke on. are you trying to fuck up my eating disorder recovery or some shit


this is what he posted. nothing escapes me.

No we're just trying to get a tummy pic but you're being retarded about it. Drop the victim complex and post tum pls mommy


>>181626 (me)
forgot to add the image. Was too busy thinking about junko's tummy uwu


nah moids just have a fetish for absolutely everything like the degenerates they are
doubt they're NOT thinking with their dicks and intentionally making you think about your weight, the only way they can think to make you feel bad is by throwing weak insults at you


I want to be spitroasted by you and junko wearing strapons


idk i've seem some on 4chan get up to some insidious things like that


File: 1637867999920.png (63.76 KB, 650x666, ClipboardImage.png)

>I want to be spitroasted by you and junko wearing strapons

thankfully we're not on 4chan
not that many schizoautistpsychos here that would do something like that imo


I don't mind being portrayed as soyjak. Back in July junko said that she would happily have sex with soyja, if he had a nice personality (which I do).


File: 1637869119066.png (363.08 KB, 1892x1464, ClipboardImage.png)

You'll get to be fucked only by Junko then. I don't want any soyjak, just Dr. Soystein.


I thought Soystein was dead? Or is that Dr Soyberg? I need to refresh my knowledge of soy lore smh


those hands are backwards


File: 1637873318566.jpg (18.11 KB, 280x187, Pagan drawing.JPG)


>the first thing she declared on the phone was that she was simultaneously jesus and satan.

ignoring the fact that she's jewish, even in christianity how does that make sense.
It's a bit of a stretch, but the Romans accused the first Christians of worshipping "the god with an ass's head." pic related. And there's one like that in the Egyptian pantheon, Set, a kind of proto-Devil.
>It's hard to find a decent man who's not horny all the fucking time, or some other kind of disgusting person.
They do exists. I'm mates with some! I get on fine with them, despite being a lowlife type individual myself. But they all have wives or girlfriends.


I'm starting to believe junko may have a big meaty dick



>They do exist
anon said it's hard to find them, not that they don't exist. Then the good ones tend to all be taken.


File: 1638117719940.jpg (120.02 KB, 1200x730, Cr2h_JsWYAEw0oa.jpg)

>Because of this board, found that even leftist men are degenerates.
Next you're going to discover that male feminists are the biggest sexpests.


last night I had a dream that junko was trembling and chaste


Is that picture Roman graffiti of a witcherman?


What I meant to sat with that is that I would make love to you even if you had a penis bigger than mine


File: 1638233773396.gif (112.17 KB, 319x561, Moloch_the_god.gif)

>>183663 (me)
This is moloch some sort of Phoenician God

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