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The difference between a horror and an action movie is literally only if the main character has an assault rifle and 1000 rounds

You know it’s truth


maybe if you only watch gore shit


i can easily imagine a scenario where an assault rifle and 1000 rounds are functionally equivalent to being unarmed


Yeah if the writer shoves in enough plot armour


…or maybe the scary thing can't be shot?


Action movies generally dont use the Dutch angle that much, because the filmmakers want you to focus on the action, not how little you can see


Many differences actually
>Action focuses on power fantasy, horror is powerlessness
>Action presents violence as adrenaline pumping and glorious, horror presents violence as awful and terrifying
>Action will have unrealistically invincible heroes, horror will have unrealistically invincible villains
>Horror is a much broader and more varied genre in general than action


What if I don’t give a shit about the theme or plot, what if I just wanna fill anything that pisses me off or tries to kill me with lead then fucking what huh?


I’m stating how the genres are different, this isn’t a value judgement, calm down burger boy


No. It's which direction the camera's facing and how 'innocent' the victims are (no, defending your nation isn't innocent, defending your family is)


m9 i modified cod 2 once to the point my gun became an overglorified musket

it vvasnt scary at all


Stupid analysis. The difference changes the whole situation. Compare the ideology of Alien vs. Aliens.


you're going to shoot a ghost ?



You don't watch movies? do you?


that is survival horror


what is the source of this image? I burst out in uncontrollable laughter every time I see it


why don't they make a horror movie where the monster gets stronger from lead


Do you consider Aliens an action film or a horror film?


File: 1637901863086.png (116.06 KB, 500x621, i cant control myself.png)

i mean i often have these weird "action dreams" that most people would think it's horror because it's pretty frenetic
but most of the time all i have are knives and spiked boots
i once had a shotgun that shot .410 shells that i had to fill with crayons
the other time i had to curb stomp a bunch of ninjas that hid in every corner of where i was living on
and the last time i had to open massive chest wounds with a knife on wignats in a college for problematic teens

the only nightmares i usually have are just sad dreams
anything else is just manic frenzy

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